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How to Create a O.

F Card So final method of working out a card Do not worry about the name of the card, as we will be filling that in once we get some artwork. Just give the card an appointed number e.g 1 This also includes the Info of a Normal critter card, as the info will be custom to the artwork. First pick the type of card e.g Action Critter which is worth around 1B Next pick the Credit lets say 3B worth which could be 1500C with a 300C difference; this means that the maximum amount of credit could be 1800C and a minimum of 0C. So we could give this Critter an Lov of 700 and a Tol of 400. For every 1B = 500C with a 100 C difference; max C for 1B + 600 and minimum is ZeroC Next Pick archetype, the Archetype decides the abilities; for the first release we are only using 10 of the 20 archetypes to help simply things. Lets say the Archetype is Responsibility with costs 3B+, this effect means that the card can not be ignored once summoned. Most archetypes have a set abilities meaning you wont need to do much working out. The over all total of the card is now 8B Card type 1B + Credit (Lov/ Tol) 3B + Archetype/Ability 3B = 7B (Key) Love [LOV] The attack value of a Critter Tolerance [TOL] The defence value of a Critter Critter [C] A card that only has Love, Tolerance a small description and no defence. It can only be placed in the critter slot (4) Action Critter [AC] A Critter with a Love, Tolerance and ability dependant on its Archetype. It can only be placed in the critter slot (4) Poison - [P] A card that acts as a trap, the ability of the trap is dependent on its Archetype. it can only be placed in Spell slot (2) [Poison card can not have the archetype Caution] Magic [M] A card that acts as an effect, the ability of the effect is dependent on the cards archetype. it can only be placed in Spell slot (2) [Magic cards can not have the archetype Alert] Sorcery [S] A card with both the attributes of a Poison and Magic card, when the card is placed the player must chose if the card will act as a poison or magic card. This

card unlike the Magic or Poison card though will always suffer from summoning sickness. it can only be placed in Spell slot (2) [Sorcery cards can not have the Archetype Self-Control ] Bits [B] An amount of currency gained every turn dependent on the amount of virtues you control, bits are needed to summon cards to the field and activate certain abilities. The bit also determines the value of each card. Info [I] A small sentence about the card, could just be a little background on it or could out line the special abilities of the card. Virtue [V] There are 6 virtues that are always located on the battlefield. You will need to capture all 6 virtues to win the game. You gain Bits for every virtue you do not hold. Look to figure (7) Archetypes [A] There are 20 classes called Archetypes; every card has an archetype. The archetype determines the set abilities of each card. It will also determine the pro and cons of each card. Total [T] The overall amount of points each card has, the points are determined by the bits the card costs and the overall power of each card dependant on the, Love, Tolerance, Type of Card, Archetype and Effect. The total is shard between the ability, Love and Tolerance of a card. Credit [CR] Credit is for the value total value of the shared Lov / Tol a Critter or Action Critter has. Dungeon [D] If your critter is defeated or your item has been used it is sent to the dungeon Banishment [L] If your critter or card has been banished it can no longer be used in the game. How to Consulate the Credit of a Critter For every 1B is = to a potential 500C with a 100C difference. So basically 2B could = 1000C with a 200C difference. Or for a curtain critter it could be a Lov of 800 and a Tol of 300. For every 1B = 500C with a 100 C difference; max C for 1B + 600 and minimum is ZeroC The Values of Each card type Critter 0B Action Critter 1B+ Poison 0B Magic 0B Sorcery 1B+ The abilities and vale of the 10 archetypes Alert 1B+ This type is not effected by Magic cards

Caution 1B+ This type is not effected by Poison cards Punctuality 1B+ No summoning sickness although, low level or high cost Self-Control 2B+ This card is unaffected by Sorcery cards. Truthfulness 2B+ Has the ability to revile facedown cards Dependability 2B+ Gains buffs depending on its teammates archetypes, as well as if your not in position of an virtue. Determination 2B+ When this card is the only card on the field, it receives Buffs Decisive 2B+ Destroys other cards on banishment or confinement Enthusiasm 2B+ Brings back other cards from the dungeon Resourceful 3B+ Earns bits on death, gains bits though battle or over time Responsibility 3B+ This card will have to be destroyed before, your opponents can attack another card or take a virtue. In other words this card cannot be ignored How you calculate the effects of Magic, Poisons, Sorcerys and Action Critters For effects that add on Lov / Tol to another card. For every 700 potential credit = 1B For every effect that sends a card to the dungeon. For every 1 potential card to be sent to the dungeon = 2bits. This does chance depending on the power of the effect and if the ability effects your side of the field. For effects that act as counters to other effects. This type of effects bit cost would range depending on how it is activated. 2B-4B For effects that need to be activated but use of bits. As B need to be used to activate the effect on top of the B used to summon the card in the first place. The Total B of the card should be taken into consideration. Some cards might require you to sacrifice another card to active its effects, this type of card will have a lowered B cost. For an effect that banishes a card. For every 1 potential card to be banished = 4 Bits For all other effects we must use the above guide to work them out.

Taking into consideration all of the implications it would have on both players and other cards.

The other archetypes and abilitys Endurance 1B+ This card is not effected by Action Critters Patience 1B+ Has an extended summon sickness although either will cost less bits or have more power than other cards. Obedience 2B+ For every card destroyed by its hands, it gains buffs, although it will always have a low love and tolerance at the start Initiative 2B+ Can combine its love/ tolerance on top on anothers, although its own Love and Tolerance is very week. Discretion 1B+ Other cards receive buffs on this cards distraction Compassion 2B+ For every card in your dungeon/ been banished, you gain buffs or bits Creativity 3B+ On death or summoning, players hoofs are shuffled/ discarded/ banished/ played with. (effects the felid) Forgiven 3B+ Steals opponents, cards/bits and virtues Wisdom 4B+ Master of all and very powerful effects

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