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Brief Tutorial on MDSolids for Beam Analysis 1. Open MDSolids.

Note Help tab on left and Modules tab on right of window. 2. Define the cross-section: a) lic! on "Section #roperties" icon. b) $ro% the %enu bar& choose the t'pe of cross-section 'ou want (e.g.& flanged). c) )nter the di%ension data (be sure to choose 'our units on this screen). d) )nter the %odulus ('ou can choose fro% the drop bo* if 'ou want). e) lic! "co%pute" and another window shows 'ou +arious section geo%etrical properties. ,n this window& clic! either "' a*is properties" or "- a*is properties." lic! "print" to print +arious infor%ation about the cross-section. f) ,f needed to find properties with respect to another a*is& then enter the rotation angle and clic! "rotate" and then clic! "co%pute." .. Define the bea% length& / & loads0 and deter%ine 12M deagra%s plus deflection: lic! "bac!" on the Section #roperties Module window and then clic! "Deter%inate /ea%s" icon. a) hoose the icon for the t'pe of bea% 'ou want (e.g.& si%pl' supported). b) ,nput length and location of supports (note units3). c) lic! "enter" d) lic! on the icon for the t'pe of load 'ou want. e) )nter the location and %agnitude for the load (note units3). lic! "enter." f) 4epeat for as %an' loads as 'ou want. g) 5hen 'ou are done with loads& clic! "Options" on the /ea% Diagra% Module window. hoose "shear6%o%ent diagra%s"& "rotation6deflection diagra%s"& etc. 7o get the sign con+ention for shear that 'ou want& clic! the 81 bo* on the shear diagra% to change direction of positi+e shear on right face. 9gain note units3 7o print either set of diagra%s& press "options" and then "print." h) Note +alue of shear force and bending %o%ent that %ight be interest (and their locations). :. 7o deter%ine the shear stress and a*ial stress: a) lic! "bac!" on the Deter%inate /ea% Module window. b) lic! the $le*ure Module icon. c) On the anal'sis tab& input the a*ial force& shear force and bending %o%ent that occurs at the cross-section (located at *) where 'ou want to deter%ine shear and bending stress. d) lic! the "Nor%al Stress" button and 'ou will see a picture of the nor%al stress xx distribution. ;ou can use the slider bar on the left of the stress diagra% to +ar' the position (') at which the shear stress is calculated. 5hen 'ou %o+e the slider bar (to change ' location)& 'ou ha+e to clic! the stress button so the stress is reco%puted at that location. e) lic! the "Shear Stress" button and 'ou will see a picture of the shear stress xy distribution. <se the slider bar to deter%ine shear stress at different ' location fro% top to botto% of cross-section. =. On al%ost an' window& 'ou can print 'our results b' pressing the print button at the top of the %odule window. On the /ea% Diagra%s Module window& clic! "Options" first& and then print.