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Church of Scotland St Andrews-Lhanbryd & Urquhart Parish Church Evening Service 1 th !

ece"ber #$1% www&salucofs&word'ress&co" (ev& Andrew (obertson) tel $1%*% +*%,Welcome Prayer 296 While Humble Shepherds PARAPHRASE 37 1 While humble shepherds watched their loc!s i" #ethlehem$s plai"s by "i%ht& a" a"%el se"t rom hea'e" appeared& a"d illed the plai"s with li%ht( 2 )*ear "ot$ he said& or sudde" dread had sei+ed their troubled mi"d , )-lad tidi"%s o %reat .oy / bri"% to you a"d all ma"!i"d( 3 )0o you i" 1a'id$s tow"& this day& 7 is bor"& o 1a'id$s li"e& the Sa'iour& who is 2hrist the 3ord , a"d this shall be the si%" 4 5 )0he hea'e"ly #abe you there shall i"d 6 to huma" 'iew displayed& all mea"ly wrapped i" swaddli"%6ba"ds& a"d i" a ma"%er laid($ Readi"% 399 Still the "i%ht Stille 0acht) heilige 0acht 1riginal 2er"an te3t / 1 Still the "i%ht& holy the "i%ht : 1 Stille ?acht& heili%e ?acht : Sleeps the world , hid rom si%ht& Alles schl@ t& ei"sam wacht ;ary a"d <oseph i" stable bare "ur das traute hochheili%e Paar( watch o$er the 2hild belo'=d a"d air& Holder A"abe im loc!i%e" Haar& sleepi"% i" hea'e"ly rest& Schla i" himmlischer Ruh : sleepi"% i" hea'e"ly rest( Schla i" himmlischer Ruh : 2 Still the "i%ht& holy the "i%ht : 2 Stille ?acht& heili%e ?acht& Shepherds irst saw the li%ht& Hirte" erst !u"d %emacht : heard resou"di"% clear a"d lo"%& 1urch der E"%el Hallelu.a ar a"d "ear& the a"%el6so"%& tB"et es laut 'o" er" u"d "ah 4 )2hrist the Redeemer is here : $ 2hrist der Retter ist da : )2hrist the Redeemer is here : $ 2hrist der Retter ist da : 3 Still the "i%ht& holy the "i%ht : 3 Stille ?acht& heili%e ?acht& So" o -od& > how bri%ht -ottes Soh"& o wie lacht lo'e is smili"% rom thy ace : 3iebC aus dei"em %Bttliche" ;u"d& Stri!es or us "ow the hour o %race& da u"s schl@%t die rette"de Stu"d& Sa'iour& si"ce thou art bor" : 2hrist& i" dei"er -eburt : Sa'iour& si"ce thou art bor" : 2hrist& i" dei"er -eburt : <oseph ;ohr D1792E1858F translated Stop ord Au%ustus #roo!e D1832E1916F a"d 2ompilers o (evised Church 4y"nary) 1927

0hus spa!e the seraph , a"d orthwith appeared a shi"i"% thro"% o a"%els praisi"% -od , a"d thus addressed their .oy ul so"% 4 )All %lory be to -od o" hi%h& a"d to the earth be peace , %ood will is show" rom hea'e" abo'e a"d "e'er more shall cease($

Scottish Para'hrases) 1781St Lu.e #/ +-1*

Prayer 316 3o'e came dow" at 2hristmas 1 3o'e came dow" at 2hristmas& 3o'e all lo'ely& 3o'e 1i'i"e , 3o'e was bor" at 2hristmas& star a"d a"%els %a'e the si%"( 2 Worship we the -odhead& 3o'e /"car"ate& 3o'e 1i'i"e , worship we our <esus 4 but wherewith or sacred si%" G 3 3o'e shall be our to!e"& lo'e be yours a"d lo'e be mi"e& lo'e to -od a"d all me"& lo'e or plea a"d %i t a"d si%"( 2hristi"a -eor%i"a Rossetti D1839E1895F > eri"% 315 2hild i" a ma"%er Leanabh an 5igh 1 2hild i" the ma"%er& i" a"t o ;ary , outcast a"d stra"%er& 3ord o all : 2hild who i"herits all our tra"s%ressio"s& all our demerits o" him all( 2 >"ce the most holy child o sal'atio" %e"tly a"d lowly li'ed below , "ow& as our %lorious mi%hty Redeemer& see him 'ictorious o$er each oe( 3 Prophets oretold him& i" a"t o wo"der , a"%els behold him o" his thro"e , worthy our Sa'iour o all their praises , happy or e'er are his ow"( ;ary ;acdo"ald D1789E1872F translated 3achla" ;acbea" D1873E1931F

Re lectio"

391 Har! the Herald A"%els Si"% 1 Har! : the herald a"%els si"%& )-lory to the "ew6bor" Ai"%& peace o" earth& a"d mercy mild& -od a"d si""ers reco"ciled : $ <oy ul& all ye "atio"s& rise& .oi" the triumph o the s!ies& with the a"%elic hosts proclaim& )2hrist is bor" i" #ethlehem$( 4ar. 6 the herald angels sing) 72lory to the new-born 8ing9& 2 2hrist& by hi%hest hea'e" adored& 2hrist& the e'erlasti"% 3ord& late i" time behold him come& o spri"% o a 'ir%i"$s womb( Heiled i" lesh the -odhead see , hail& the /"car"ate 1eity& pleased as ;a" with ma" to dwell& <esus& our /mma"uel : 3 Hail& the hea'e"6bor" Pri"ce o Peace : Hail& the Su" o Ri%hteous"ess : 3i%ht a"d li e to all he bri"%s& rise" with heali"% i" his wi"%s( ;ild he lays his %lory by& bor" that ma" "o more may die& bor" to raise the so"s o earth& bor" to %i'e them seco"d birth 4 2harles Wesley D1797E1788F a"d others #e"edictio" ;edley o 2arols rom 21 0ea a"d ;e%$s 2lootie 1umpli"%

223 3ice"ce ?o 6278 Acti'ities Wed"esday 18th ?eIt Su"day 22"d 4 Praise %roup meets i" the small hall at 7(57p(m( 4 ?ati'ity Ser'ice E 11(99a(m(

0he Flower Calendar or "eIt year is o" the "otice board at the bac! o church( / you would li!e to pro'ide lowers& please write your "ame a"d telepho"e "umber withi" a"y o the slots o" the 2ale"dar( !o not worry that you "ay forget your chosen date - you will be contacted in advance so that arrange"ents can be "ade6

0his year the 0ic 0acs ha'e made the 2o"%re%atio"al 2hristmas 2ard( *rom today it is a'ailable o" the table at the bac! o the church( /"stead o se"di"% lots o i"di'idual cards to rie"ds i" the co"%re%atio"& e'eryo"e is i"'ited to si%" the card a"d share 2hristmas wishes with all the members o the church amily( The Thrift Shop had a table at the School 2hristmas *ayre a"d raised J97(79 or the shop u"ds( 0he Shop is "ow closed u"til 15th o <a"uary 2915( Stamps : 2hristmas is approachi"%& please sa'e all your stamps lea'i"% a paper border o 1cm all the way rou"d( J3&399 was raised rom stamps last year( 1oris( Messy Church 0ha"! you to e'eryo"e who has co"tributed i" a"y way to ;essy church( Kour co"ti"ued prayers a"d support is 'ery much appreciated a"d a real e"coura%eme"t to all who are i"'ol'ed(

24th December 2013

?A0/H/0K WA3A 2ome with us o" a .our"ey to the Royal #irth: Start with the A"%el at 7(39p(m( at the ;emorial& LrMuhart E"di"% at the ;a"%er at St ;ar%aret$s Hall with :ince Pies and :ulled ;ine6 A33 WE32>;E D*urther i" ormatio" co"tact A"%ie o" 853285F A ter the 2hristmas E'e wal! there will be mulled wi"e a"d mi"ce pies i" St( ;ar%aret$s Hall( 1o"atio"s o both would be 'ery welcome as we re%ularly ha'e well o'er 199 people: Please put your do"atio"s i" the boI at the bac! o church mar!ed 2hristmas E'e wal!( -rate ul tha"!s i" a"ticipatio" o your %e"erosity( Sheila Sil'estri

Scottish 2harity ?o( S2998879