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2 Answer: Company
Name: Friends and Family Restaurant Established date: January 01, 2013 Capacity: Max.: 150 persons No. of Employees: 30 People Location: on the way to BP Highway Service Offering Quality Food Get-together, birthday party, gatherings, meetings and seminars Home Delivery

Marketing Strategies of the restaurant

Providing the huge discount for the first week Create brouchers Create visiting cards Decorated the outer garden as local place Training staffs to understand the customers expectations

To make the restaurant customers oriented and distinctive from all competitive market first it should br noted about all possible strength of the restaurant. Here the restaurant may have the possibilities of having the location at the side of the main road. Anyone can see it. Thus in order to attract more customers, it must go with the outer attractive decoration. Next is that the tagged price is little higher than the competitor though the owner assures that the price matches with the quality of food it provided, it cannot attract the mass group. Move over the restaurant is new and it should go for covering as much customer type as possible whether they are of iron, gold or platinum. Thus the regular price is to be maintained. As the main intention of the restaurant is to make customers satisfied who come for spending some few hours or day on the way to BP highway it is necessary to give more attention to decoration part. For making it more distinctive than competitors, it has already been talked about the decoration. Thus decoration should be there. According to the market of the whole BP highway, it is found that there are very few or no any restaurant who is more concerned towards the decoration and the importance of the internal design.
Assignment on Service Marketing by Sudip

Gap Model in Service Quality

According to the gap model in service quality there are two types of the gap found: 1. The customer Gap The term customer gap in service marketing refers to the difference between customer expectations and the customer perceptions. It consists of the following components: Customer Expectation: Standards of reference points that customer brings into the service experience. Customer Perception: subjective assessment of actual service experiences. Delivery Quality Service: Closing the gap between what customers expects and what owner assures the price matches with the quality of food provided. 2. The Marketer/Service Provider Gap This term can be explained with a simple quotation- Putting in all together, closing the gaps Provider gap 1: Not knowing what the customer expects (The Listening Gap) The gap can be maintained by training the reception or the employee of the restaurant. Provider Gap 2: Not having the right service quality (The Service Design and Standards Gap) This gap can be closed by enhancing the restaurant in its performance to the order in the friendly manner. Provider Gap 3: Not delivering to service designs and standards (The Service Performance Gap) This gap can be closed through maintaining the good structure of the restaurant. The physical facilities, maintenance of the cleanliness, maintaining the peaceful and joyful environment etc. can fall under the activities. Provider Gap 4: Not Matching Performance to Promises (The Communication Gap) The gap can be closed by not over promising the customers.

Marketing Program
Service marketing is the challenging marketing where it is quite difficult to set standardized product, quality and assure the performance. Thus with four Ps there are additional three Ps which would determine the quality of the service. Some marketing technique and programs that would coordinate the service marketing to be the best fit for the chosen service business can be following: Product: Good Quality Food, Well Groomed Waiter, Healthy Drinks Price: Affordable

Assignment on Service Marketing by Sudip

Place: Location of the restaurant, enhancing the current Location and making indifferent than others. Promotion: Opening Discount, Advertising in Local F.M and the Newspaper, Maintaining Good Relationship with the surrounding organizations, Printing Broachers, Attractive Menu, Distributing the Warm Greeting for this festival. People: Staffs, Well Groomed Employees, charming face, good attitude and behavior, good service knowledge. Process: Quick Response, Time of Delivery, Communication between the Employees, Understanding the Customers Expectation and meeting the same. Physical Evidence: Improving the internal as well as outer decoration of restaurant. Neat and clean environment, Good wall Paints, Sophisticated Furniture, Clean Curtains, etc.

Feedback Mechanisms
Feedback regarding the service quality can be obtained at two levels: Customer Level and Managerial Level. Questions asked for Customers: 1. How often have you visited the restaurant? 2. What did you like about this restaurant? 3. Do you think the price matches its standard? 4. If you are the manager of the restaurant what would you do in order for the promotion? 5. Has the restaurant met your standardized demand? 6. Which field do you think should the restaurant improve on itself? 7. Have you referred your friends to visit this restaurant? 8. What would you suggest the manager of the restaurant to in order to improve? Question Asked for Manager: 1. From the beginning, about how many customers have visited the restaurant? 2. Does the customer visit regularly or not? 3. What is the strength of the restaurant? 4. Do you think your entire customers are satisfied? 5. What is your next plan to continue the growth? 6. In which area the restaurant needs to improve for the better income generation? 7. Are you confident that the restaurant can beat the competitor, how can it be possible to make the restaurant distinctive than others? 8. Are all the employees happy of being the part of the restaurant?

Assignment on Service Marketing by Sudip

Assignment on Service Marketing by Sudip