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President: Nancy Niemi, Secretary: Sandra Bauer, Treasurer: Dennis Kilpatrick Trustees: Beverly Ford, Dave Haley, Ryan Duckworth, Emily Reckord, Lisa Fitch, Kathy Caldwell


Our Beloved Dock Standing Stronger

by John Lane

On Saturday November 30th as part of a long planned bracing project, a group of Indianola residents and friends converged on the dock at 10am. After a pre-project safety meeting, safety harness and rope set up, the crew installed cross bracing to 4 pile bents toward the head of the dock. In the months leading up to the work, Lisa Fitch, Connie Reckord, Paul Larson and a host of others worked on getting the permitting complete from the county. Bill Sibbett provided logs that were milled by Paul Smyth at Smyth Lumber. Art Langlie donated other materials, as did Jeff Kanyer, and many others in the work party brought the necessary tools to the project. In just four hours the work was complete and the dock notably more stiff. During the installation process, the group discovered that the piles are in very good shape and were very solid, making for an excellent member for which to attach cross bracing. The next phase of the work will likely take place after June 15 when the next window is open for pile replacement. The Port Advisory Committee continues to work on both the technical approach to that portion of the work and the contracting thereof, as well as the financing of those repairs. Both elements will be ready for the next phase of work that hopefully will be complete before the summer season is in full swing. A huge thanks to the installation team on site: Matt McGinnis, Paul Larson, Donald Gibson, Matt Fitch, Bob Kinnaird, Mark Wiser, Les Fitch, Chris Moore, Travis Moore, Donald Moore, Bill Sibbett, Jeff Kanyer, Andy Wiser, PatrickHatchel, Eric Landeen, Keith Gates & Rob Kinnaird.

THE IBIC CLUBHOUSE IS AN EMERGENCY WARMING STATION In coordination with the American Red Cross, the IBIC Clubhouse opens as a Warming Station in cold weather, during extended power outages. Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa will be provided. During operating hours, signs will be posted at the Clubhouse Front Entry, Post Office and Indianola Country Store. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a recognized Red Cross Emergency Shelter for major disasters. Please: No Alcohol, No Smoking, and No Pets in the building

Indianola Garden Club Indianola Garden Club The Indianola Garden club will meet on December 18th at the clubhouse for our annual holiday luncheon and party.! Note that for this meeting, the start time is 12 noon.! Everyone is to bring a potluck!dish to share, either salad, hot dish, appetizer, bread or dessert.!! There will also be a gift exchage with the theme being either food!or garden related items with a limit of $10 to $15.! Hostesses for this one include Susan Hancock, Marilyn Muller, Kathy Caldwell, Cindy Logan, Darley Holmstrom, Jennifer Hills and Susan Bowers. The special garden sign is retired for the winter, but before that, the nal place was on Shore, for a Halloween celebration of all the wonderful carved pumpkins at Jack O'Neil's place.! !Last month's meeting included a very informative presentation by the people from Wild Birds in Poulsbo.! !If you have garden club questions, call either Hollace at 297-3250, or Susan at 860-1152.! !

IBIC Kids Holiday Party: Sunday, Dec 15 Clubhouse 3 pm Indianola Choir Holiday Sing-A-Long: Sunday, Dec 22 7pm Clubhouse IBIC Chili Cook-off: Sat, Jan 18, 5:30-7pm Clubhouse Regular Scheduled Activities IBIC Trustees: 1st Thurs of each month Library: Fri 1-3p; Sat 10a-noon (except on all day event dates) Port of Indianola Meeting: 1st Tues of each month at 7p in the Indianola Clubhouse Duplicate Bridge: Tues 10a-3p Garden Club: 3rd Wed of each month 12:30p Tai Chi: Thurs 8:30a-9:30a Breeze Deadline: Last day of the month preceding publication

IBIC Bridge Club

2014 Indianola Calendar

Limited quantity available at the Indianola Country Store

The IBIC Bridge Club meets every Tuesday at 10:00 to approximately 2:00.! This is a sanctioned game by the American Contract Bridge League and the game is directed by Gene Alberts.! Partners will be provided and all folks are welcome to join us.!

OLA Stickers Now Available The OLA stickers are available in 2 sizes in 2 styles and in 2 places, the Indianola Country Store and our IBIC Saturday Market.

INDIANOLA MERCHANDISE AT THE MARKET Hey, come see! We are now offering some warmer apparel options in the Clubhouse Garage.!New Indianola zip-up sweatshirts, sweatpants and blankets!!Stop by, say hi and take a look at all of the great items we still have in store!AND (while supplies last) we'll be offering one free Indianola license plate frame with any purchase of $20 or more!

From the Presidents Desk

December 2013
Hoping this December message finds you well, enjoying the holidays thus far and looking forward to the upcoming days. May they be safe and happy while remembering the less fortunate and giving thanks. January 18th will have our next Chili Cook Off. Its hard to believe it will be our 7th, time flies by quickly from one year to the next. Does it not? I remember all the big celebrations for the year 2000, and now its 2014. Where have the last 14 years gone? We look back on them probably with smiles, tears, some good, some not-so-good, but for all, changes. That is the one constant it seems. Change. And how we deal with it is even a bigger question. I recently read something that has really stuck with me and Ill share it with you all. It was like the messenger, dont like the message. In other words, we can like the person (s), but dont like what theyre saying or doing. In light of all the trials that our little community has gone thru these past few months, I found those words really hit home for me. Give those few words some thought, they say a lot. I have. I would ask you to read carefully the By-Law Changes that are being proposed (printed elsewhere in the Breeze) These amendments were drafted by a committee appointed by the IBIC Trustees in response to desires for changes expressed by some members at the August 2013 Annual Meeting. After several weeks of the committee and Trustees working together, six proposed changes have been made. All are agreed on five of them, but one change has two different sides to it. The supporting and against statements printed in the Breeze have been prepared to help you make up your mind about how to vote on this important issue at some time in 2014. The Trustees and committee members will be welcoming your questions about these proposed changes at our upcoming monthly meetings. We will be reaching out to you in a number of ways for your input should you wish to give it. Stay tuned for continued information, and dont forget to check out our IBIC Facebook page for continuing information. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Nancy Niemi

Mary Janice Maxwell, Thank you for a Job Well Done! Our IBIC community would like to thank Mary Janice for her commitment to Membership this past year. She has turned over the position to Kathy Caldwell, Sandra Bauer and Susan Hancock who have chosen to take over. A job well done and very much appreciated by us all, Thank You! WHATS HAPPENING IN INDIANOLA
IBIC Kids Holiday Party The party will be Sunday December 15th @ 3 p.m. We need volunteers for running crafts, the cake walk, donating baked goodies, decorations (donations of, and set-up), and clean-up. We are also hoping to get in touch with Santa, so that he can come visit. Please contact us if you know how to reach him or one of his helpers! We look forward to getting together and enjoying some holiday cheer. We hope to see you there Contact: Emily Reckord Young 297-2702/ Indianola Choir Holiday Sing-A-Long Sunday, December 22nd at 7:00pm in the clubhouse. Come and enjoy the songs of the season with your neighbors and friends. Soup Cook-Off, Oh Yum! Saturday, March 1, 2014 Indianola Days 2014 are August 8-10 Low tide is a -2.2 @ 10:16 am, new moon on the 10th

iSchool iPad, iPhone Class Sundays January 5th, 12th and 19th. IBIC Club House 1:00 to 3:00 Got an iPad? Got an iPhone? These are wonderful devices that are lots of fun. But, only once you're comfortable with them do they become really useful tools. This three session class is designed to help everyone who has an iPad or iPhone or even an iPod Touch. Whether you're brand new to the iPad or a struggling beginner, maybe need help with something specific, or just want to get more out your iPhone or learn about what's new in iOS7, this class is designed to help you. We'll cover all the basics, installing and using apps, synchronizing to your computer and the cloud, photography, messaging, FaceTime and pretty much anything else you'd like to learn about.! We'll start with the basics at session one and progress from there. Each class will be different and we really suggest that you attend all three 2 hour sessions.! What you need to do is bring your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch fully charged and be prepared to take notes the old fashioned way.! What? You don't have an iPad or iPhone yet? There's still time to ask Santa for one for Xmas. He might be able to help with that.! Your gentle and understanding instructors are Tim Celeski, Leslie Newman and Donna Souter. One-on-one help will be available.! To help us plan ahead, add your name to the signup list is at the Post Office.! There is no cost for the three session class. !But, a suggested IBIC donation of $5 per session is requested.

Tai Chi for Energy Class

A Tai Chi for Energy (TCE) class will begin Tuesday, January 7, 2014 from 4:30-5:30PM. This is a new class, no experience necessary. The class will continue for an indefinite number of months due to the once a week schedule. TCE is a 16 movement program based on two styles of tai chi, Sun and Chen. Sun style is very slow moving while Chen has some quicker moves. Some of the movements are directly out of the Tai Chi for Arthritis program. Tai Chi is proven to improve balance, strength, brain cells and concentration. Please consult your doctor before beginning the program should you have concerns. Alternate moves will be given when a movement consists of a leg raise, but as your sense of balance improves these moves may prove possible to do. Movements will become easier with practice. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat type shoes, tennis shoes are a bit bulky. Each class will have 12 warm up exercises, instruction and 3 cool down exercises. Class will begin on time and end on time, with added instruction at the end of class if needed for approximately 15 minutes. I will be set-up by 4:20 and ask that you arrive early to be ready to start at 4:30. There will be no cost to the program but a donation to IBIC would be appreciated. Please call with questions, 297-1245 Nancy Niemi

Eye on


Welcome to December! Eye hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful sunny day and eye spotted many families enjoying a pre-dinner dock walk! Eye am thankful that our beloved dock is back open to enjoy. Speaking of which, eye hear that a crew including Bill Sibbett, Terry Reckord, Art Langlie, Matt Fitch, the Moores, and several others were working hard last Saturday to put new cross bracing in place under the dock! It is a great first step towards ensuring a safe dock to enjoy for many years to come. Thanks guys!

Speaking of sunny weather, eye hear local writer Lisa Martin is offering a one week Writing, Creativity and Cultural retreat in sunny Zihuatanejo, Mexico, January 25 to 31, for 15 lucky participants. Her book-inprogress, 'The Zihua Diaries', takes place there, and she helped build a school for the Aztec and street kids in the region. Cool. See her flier at the post office! Or website Eye know theres lots of other happy news and Kim Rothfus would like to grandchildren identical twins Baylor on September 29, 2013 to Blair and around Indianola this time of year. Chris announce the birth of their first Levi Davis and Briggan Hale Davis born Julia Davis.

Morgan Lenz had an amazing performance as the orphan "Tessie" in the Kitsap Children's Musical Theater 's production of "Annie". Eyem proud to say I saw this production and was very impressed! Also, Sandy Pearson (grandma) is excited to announce that Jason Fisher and "A Far Cry" chamber orchestra will be in concert at the Meany Hall on the U of W campus, Thursday, January 16, 2013. It's been 5 years since this highly acclaimed music group from Boston has returned to the Northwest. Its selling out fast. Jason said he felt the balcony was the best place to enjoy their beautiful music. Hope to see you there! Eye am sure enjoying the whimsical painted rocks being found around town. They bring a smile to m'eye face! What a sweet gesture. And while eye am talking about crafts, the arts and crafts fair was wonderful! So many amazing creations. Eye thinks its wonderful to see everyone come together and share their gifts. Eye cant wait to see Santa delighting the kids at the Clubhouse this year! Eye hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year.

Letters to the Editor

Information printed in recent issues of the North Kitsap Herald and Kingston Community News concerning the Port of Indianola and the Indianola Beach Improvement Club (IBIC) can be misinterpreted and needs clarication. Articles announcing the election of Port Commissioners Cookson and Lane (Herald Nov. 8, and KCN December, 2013) reported that the Port Commission took about $6,000 allocated to the Indianola Beach Improvement Club for security and re-budgeted it for dock maintenance. The erroneous implication is that the Port has been paying for security of IBIC properties. That is not the case. !Payments by the Port for security have gone to a private service for security of the Indianola Dock and nearby properties whose owners are taxpayers of the port. IBIC and the Port have had a cooperative security agreement for about ten years whereby the cost of security for Port, tax payer and IBIC properties has been shared by IBIC and the Port. IBIC, as the primary contract holder, has paid the provider and has counted on the Port to reimburse IBIC for the Ports agreed upon share. In the interest of contributing to the immediate cost of repairs to the Dock, the IBIC Board of Trustees will vote on returning a portion of the Ports share of security for 2013. !The Port Commission's decision to discontinue security services for the Indianola Dock and taxpayer properties is independent of the IBIC's interest in maintaining security for IBIC properties and the community of Indianola. IBIC will decide within the next few months what security coverage will be retained and paid for in the future without participation by the Port. Dave Haley, IBIC Trustee Breeze Editor, Noticed a small error on the notice about Indianola Days for 2014. It says the moon will be New on the 10th. It will actually be a Full Moon then, (and at 99.5% it will be a Super Moon) Thanks, Sarah Runnels


7th Annual Chili Cook Off Saturday, January 18, 2014 5:30-7PM Enthusiastic chili lovers of all ages will have the chance to enjoy once again at our 7th Chili Cook Off. Dont we all enjoy coming together for the fun and food? And if youd like $1 off your admission fee of $4 per Adult, please bring some bread or a dessert to share with others. An Indianola Mug to keep is $6 or $5 if you bring a potluck item. Admission for children 5-12 is $2, under 5 free. All alcoholic beverages will be $3, non-alcoholic beverages complimentary. Mark your calendar and well see you next month. We try to go green using our cups and spoons, but sometimes we run short, youre welcome to bring your own mug and spoon from home (and a napkin , too). Thanks for thinking of our environment! See you on January 18th!

NOTICE: The Port of Indianola needs to monitor and be able to create easier access to!the area under the dock where boats are currently being stored. At some point in the future, maintenance will take place and boats will need to be moved. !To that end, use of that storage space will require that you register your boat for storage under the dock, in a similar manner to the IBIC parking pass on an annual basis, providing contact information so that we may contact you for access help. Please email Lisa Fitch (!or Art Langlie!( for instructions.! Any boats under the dock not registered by January 1st, 2014 will be removed. Thank!you for your cooperation. Lisa Fitch 6

Minutes to the IBIC Trustees Meeting December 5, 2013 Trustees Present: Nancy Niemi, Sandra Bauer, Dave Haley, Dennis Kilpatrick, Kathy Caldwell, Ryan Duckworth, Emily Reckord, Lisa Fitch, Bev Ford The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Nancy Niemi Minutes of Last Meeting: MSPd. Treasurers Report: MSPd. Basically the same as last month. Guest: Pam Perry asked that IBIC waive the clubhouse rental fee for the Kitsap Rowing Club a 501c3 for their fundraiser on February 15, 2014. MSPd. Committee Reports Membership: Kathy Caldwell reported. MSPd membership applications and dues must be received 2 weeks prior to the annual meeting or any special meeting in order for members to vote at that meeting. A single address can include both household memberships of 2 people over 21 and individual memberships. This is a change from no more than two voters per address. Merchandise: Madison Butler reported YTD $19,834 gross income $11,840 expenses Clubhouse: Judy Drew reported that there is a sing a long on Dec. 22nd starting at 7pm and a memorial service for Ben Smith from 2 to 4 on Dec 27th. Generator: Dave Haley reported the generator will be repaired on December 11 by Peninsula Electric. Parts are covered by the warrantee but labor is not. Properties: Emily Record reported. Scott Trueb was awarded the landscape contract for next year (the only bid received). The properties are in good shape. Old Business: Kitchen Remodel: Bev Ford asked that the board authorize planning for a kitchen remodel that would include an updated dishwasher, refrigerator, hand washing sink and other improvements. MSPd. New Business. Budget for 2014: MSPd. Security: A letter from the Port of Indianola stating that no funds for 2014 security would be given was read. IBIC will discuss security in the coming months. Dave Haley moved that IBIC return $3000 of the payment for shared security for 2013 to the Port of Indianola. MSPd. By-Law Amendments: The Pro and Con statements and Recommendations are now ready for the Breeze and Facebook page. Events: Indianola Days next year August 8 to 10 2014; Childrens Christmas Party December 15th; Chili Cook Off; Jan 18th 2014; Soup Cook Off March 1st 2014 Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Sandra Bauer

FOOD DRIVE Indianola Girl scout troop #44260 is collecting nonperishable food for a food drive. There will be a collection box on the Clubhouse porch, as well as in the store. We will be collecting food until January 15th. Please consider contributing to the cause. Any nonperishable food items are welcome. Food will be donated to the food bank in Kingston.
Heres to the Chili Cooks! What could be better than some warm tasty chili on a cold January night? The 7th, yes our 7th, Annual Chili Cook Off is coming January 18th and were looking the special. All types of chili are welcome. Love the tasting, choosing the favorite, not so easy. A new winners system was put in place last year. Last years winner will have a special place of honor in the room, but not be on the ballot for this years trophy award. Look in your cookbooks, recipe les and online for that special chili youd like to enter for all to enjoy and a chance to take home the trophy. 1st Place gets a sweatshirt, a t-shirt and a license plate holder 2nd Place gets a sweatshirt and a license plate holder rd 3 Place gets a hat and a license plate holder

Recommended Amendments to IBIC Bylaws

December 2013 IBIC Bylaw Committee members: Larry Shannon (Chair), Joni Landeen, Connie Reckord (emails:;; The following Amendments to existing IBIC Bylaws, proposed by committee and edited with input from the IBIC Board of Trustees, update conditions of Trustee nomination and election procedures. These amendments are being distributed via Breeze and IBIC Facebook for review by the general Membership in advance of a vote. A special meeting of the Membership will be held in April 2014 to vote on the Amendments. A ballot will be in future publication of the Breeze and members are invited to vote in person, by written proxy, or by absentee ballot. There are two Parts to these Amendments. You will have the opportunity to vote YES or NO on each Part individually. Proposed amendments are underlined and italicized. For brevity, only amended paragraphs are shown below. The full text of the original Bylaws is available in the library, on the IBIC Facebook page, or from any Officer or Committee member.


Article IV Elections (b) In addition to the candidates proposed by the nominating committee [see Article VI (a)], any member of the Club may nominate additional candidates for Officer or Trustee, but such nomination shall be in writing and delivered to the President of the IBIC not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the meeting at which Officers of the Club are to be elected. It shall be the duty of the President in advance of the annual meeting to give reasonable notice to the membership of the nomination of such additional candidates. The candidates proposed by the nominating committee per Article VI (a) and nominations from the membership shall be listed in the Breeze preceding the annual meeting. (c) In addition, write-in candidates for Officer or Trustee may be nominated from the floor at the annual meeting and a space for write-in candidates will be provided on the ballot. Discussion: The purpose of moving the deadline for written nominations being delivered to the President from 10 days to 45 days prior to the annual meeting is to allow for the full list of nominees and an absentee ballot to be included in the last issue of the Breeze prior to the election. The purpose of paragraph (c) is to clarify that write-in candidates are permitted up to, and including on, the day of the election. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Article V Officers (c) In the case of vacancy in any office it shall be filled by election of a new Officer by the Board of Trustees until the next annual meeting. Discussion The current Bylaws do not address the process by which vacancy of an office would be filled. There is additional clarification on process in amendment to Article VII (d) below. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
continued page 9

Recommended Amendments contd from page 8

Article VI Duties of Officers (a) President. The President shall preside at meetings of the members and of the Board of Trustees, shall sign all notes, contracts, deeds or other legal documents of the Club, and generally do and perform all duties that usually devolve upon an Officer in like capacity, together with general superintendence and direction of the affairs of the Club, in the absence of other specific directions or instructions by the Board of Trustees. Not less than two months prior to the annual meeting, the President shall appoint a nominating committee as identified in Article VIII (b) to submit its nominations for Officers and Trustees at the annual election. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Club. Discussion: Reference is made to additional information as to how the nominating committee is selected (see below). _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Article VII Trustees (d) Vacancies on the Board of Trustees shall be filled by remaining members thereof, to hold office until the next annual meeting, until such vacancies result in fewer than nine (9) Trustees, at which time a special meeting of the Membership will be called to elect additional Trustees to fill vacant positions. The remaining Board may nominate candidates to fill such vacancies, and additional nominees may come from the floor when the meeting is commenced. The candidate(s) receiving the most votes for vacant offices will serve until the next annual meeting. Discussion: With the current Bylaw requirement of seven (7) Trustees to constitute a quorum, and recent resignations putting the current Board at nine (9), it would be advisable to allow for a special meeting/election in the event there are additional reductions. This paragraph also addresses process and term. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Article VIII Committees (a) Committees shall include a nominating committee, a properties committee, a house rules committee, a finance committee, a membership committee, an advisory committee, and such other committees as the Board of Trustees may from time to time deem necessary. (b) The nominating committee shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, and shall consist of three persons from the general membership, at least two of whom have not served on the nominating committee in the previous two years. It shall be the duty of this committee to provide a list of recommended candidates. (c) thru (g) remain Discussion: Structure and duties of the nominating committee were heretofore undefined. This provides a paragraph to address the structure and those duties of the nominating committee, and is consistent with provisions for other committees.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
continued page 10

________________________________________________________________________________________________ _

Article VII Trustees (a) There shall be a Board of twelve (12) Trustees, their tenure of office to be so arranged that four (4) Trustees shall be elected annually for a three-year term. All Trustees shall be residents or property owners of Indianola. Discussion: There was disagreement on the inclusion of this amendment with others above, so it is being presented as a stand-alone amendment to be voted on separately. Explanatory statements for and against this amendment are presented below. END AMENDMENTS

Please read statements for and against PART 2 on page 11

Comments Encouraged The IBIC Board of Trustees is encouraging comments regarding the Proposed By-Law Changes as printed elsewhere in the Breeze, on the IBIC Facebook page and in our lending library (open Friday 1-3, Saturday 10-12). Please feel free to attend a Board meeting (no meeting in January), call a Committee Member or a Trustee, and feel free to stop us on the street if youd like to talk about it. You may drop your comments in the mailbox on the Clubhouse porch or mail to the PO address below. Please include your name and phone number. Please send comments to: IBIC P.O. Box 212 Indianola, WA 98342


Statement Against: Indianola is a welcoming inclusive community that values the diversity of those who live here. It is one of our strengths to value long term residents, recent transplants, and members of all ages. We do not set limits or standards on potential IBIC members and we should not do so for Trustees. If someone wants to join, we welcome them. The current bylaws appear to be specific as to the boundaries of Indianola, but they are not. Article I (a) defines the boundaries of Indianola generally accepted and approximate. The bylaws allow that any resident, past resident or property owner can be a member of IBIC and that any other interested person may be a member upon acceptance by the Board. We think this is good policy and it has served the community well. IBIC has had Trustees who lived outside the specific bylaw boundaries who have spent many hours in service to IBIC in many ways. If the bylaws changed we would miss out on the invaluable contributions of non-resident/owners going forward. IBIC, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization is a voluntary club that people choose to join. IBIC is not a municipal organization or a homeowners association regulated by laws or covenants. In a city or HOA you must be a resident not only to be on the Board but also to vote for the Board. In a club it is important that Trustees be invested in the community, and that is more a state of mind than an address. Trustees are elected by the members of the club; it should be left up to the membership to decide which fellow members are to serve as Trustees, regardless of residency. IBIC is about inclusion rather than exclusion. The residency issue for Trustees is a solution in search of a problem. Statement Against by: Nancy Niemi, Board of Trustees Dennis Kilpatrick, Board of Trustees Dave Haley, Board ofTrustees Beverly Ford, Board of Trustees Sandra Bauer, Board ofTrustees Kathy Caldwell, Board of Trustees

Statement in Support Part 2 adds to Article VIII Trustees a requirement that All Trustees shall be residents or property owners of Indianola. Current membership rules allow non-resident interested persons to become members, vote, serve on committees, and serve on the Board of Trustees. While it is certainly true that non-resident members have served honorably in the past, and have contributed significantly to the community as committee members and volunteers, they are not necessarily imbued with the same level of commitment as residents/owners (two recent Trustee resignations were non-residents). Trustees are responsible for making legal and financial decisions and interacting with County government in ways that commit and bind owners and residents. Trustees manage the resources of the IBIC (the Clubhouse, Pavilion, beach access, etc.), compose annual budgets, solicit and award contracts, negotiate and sign insurance policies and represent the community in dealings with local and county agencies and jurisdictions. A requirement for Trustees to be residents or property owners is consistent with other Bylaw provisions (i.e. Bylaw Article III requires that financial/property decisions be voted on only by members who are property owners), and is consistent with other local, state and federal election protocol: Port of Indianola Commissioners must be residents of their districts; Kitsap County Commissioners must be residents of their districts; Local municipal Council members must be City residents; State Representatives and members of Congress must be residents of their districts. Residency is required of almost all representative governing bodies. While the IBIC is indeed identified by name as a club, it is only logical that it, as our governing body, conform to this simple and well-established principle. The risks inherent in not making this change may over time diminish the strong sense of identity and community that has made Indianola the unique place that we all know and love. Statement in Support by: Ryan Duckworth, Board of Trustees Lisa Fitch, Board of Trustees Emily Reckord, Board of Trustees

Larry Shannon, Bylaw Committee Joni Landeen, Bylaw Committee Connie Reckord, Bylaw Committee







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