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Unit Plan for Elie Wiesels Night for the Middle School Classroom Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions How

w does ones view of causality change given different life experiences? How do people maintain ethical integrity in the face of inhumane infrastructures and contradictory messages? What agency do individuals have in oppressive circumstances? Assessment Throughout this unit, students will be assigned a weekly one-page journal based on a passage that they found interesting or the sections theme. These journals will be compiled into a final portfolio; students will have class time to revise and revisit the journals if necessary. The summative assessment at the end of the unit will be an inquiry-based research paper on a topic that they want to explore further about the Holocaust that they have come across in this unit. Students will periodically meet in small groups to discuss their journal entries and for support during the stages of their research process. Additionally, we will have two formal questsone in the middle of the unit and one at the end of the unit. These quests will have short-answer and multiple-choice questions that will assess students comprehension of the text and its themes. List of Supplementary Sources Pre-Reading: Night and Fog Images from Facing History Selections, Daniel Schwarzs Imagining the Holocaust During Reading: Clips, Schindler's List; Fateless Stephen Fry interview Tova Friedman interview

Week 1 Monday Do Now: students brainstorm what they know about the Holocaust. Share out with the full class. Gallery walk of Facing History images. (Primary sources: pictures of Germany pre-Nazi reign, condition of Jewish ghettos, concentration camp conditions, etc.) Write responses to the activity Share out with the full class. Teacher explains any questions students have about images. Begin reading as a full class if time permits Homework: Section 1 and Foreword due Wednesday --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday Watch "Night and Fog" with guided reading questions As a full class, discuss the questions and other essential historical background about Holocaust Introduction to Night and Elie Wiesel Homework: Section 1 and Foreword due Wednesday --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wednesday Discussion on Section 1 and Foreword (reading comp questions and discussion) Guiding question based on the theme of the reading: Imagining the Holocaust First journal due Friday Homework: read Section 2 for Thursday and section 3 by Monday --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thursday Discussion on section 2 (guided discussion) Progress check on journal questions Model quote selection for the journal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Friday Discussion on the journal (discussion poster/tech or pair and share) Debrief on the writing process Homework: read section 3 for Monday