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Tips in Irfanview

(Print this off in colour)

Cropping images Select the image you want to crop. Hold down the mouse and form a box around the bit you want to keep. Go to Edit and scroll down to !"P SE#E $%"& "! P!ESS $!# '()

Rotating pictures $o rotate left press '#) to rotate right press '!) "! go to image and click on rotate left "! rotate right or *ertical flip.

Mirror image the image %n %rfan*iew+ go to image , hori-ontal flip. $his could be used when printing text to iron on to paper etc.
original image .lipped image "riginal word image

.lipped word image

.lipped word image

%rfan*iew has the basic picture editing as well. Sharpen+ Shift S "! go to images and scroll down to sharpen Set the picture as you desktop+ go to options and scroll down to set as wallpaper /oom in and out by using the magnified glass with the plus or minus sign "! click the 0 or 1 key

"pen %rfan*iew .%#E. "PE&. hose the picture Press control ! on the keyboard "! Go to %mage. !esi-e,!esample
%n this you are resi-ing the picture si-e (what you see on the screen) and the file si-e (how many 'kb)or 'mb)it is) if you are still unsure about this2 refer to other .34.

hange the orange high lighted area to 'cm) $hen you can see how big your image will be. $he green highlighted 3rea are custom si-es.

Change appearance of images lick shift g on the keyboard or go to %mage , Enhance colours "! go to %mage and con*ert to greyscale.

5o*e the saturation scroll bar to the left and the colour slowly de6saturates. 7sing the scroll bars can also change the opacity of the picture. $he best way is 8ust thru trial and error.

$here are lots of different effects you can use in %rfan*iew+ click on %mage and scroll down to effects where there is a blur tool2 explosion and many more. 7nder %mage scroll down to swap colours where your image gets some funky colours.
9lur Edge :etection Explosion Emboss





Other funky things Go to image then scroll down to decrease colour;

< colours => colours

Go to %mage and scroll down to 'negati*e)


Add text to image Hold down mouse and draw a box where you want the text. Go to edit and scroll down to 'insert text into selection) "! press $!# '$). $ype in what you want2 to change font2 si-e or colour2 click on choose font.

To make irfanview your default viewing program ?hen installing irfan*iew it automatically makes irfan*iew the default. Sometimes howe*er2 if you download another picture program it may o*erwrite it. $o make irfan*iew the default 8ust means when you double click the picture icon it opens in irfan*iew not print *iew or paint "pen irfan*iew lick on the options tab Scroll to properties lick on the extensions tab 3nd tick the programs you want irfan*iew to be the default picture opener 6 95P,:%92 @PG,@PEG2 $%.,$%..6 are the main ones. lick "A