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The Science of Mindleading

- The Ingenious Free Special issue by Felix Brocker

The Science of Mindleading

The Ingenious Special Issue

by Felix Brocker

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The Science of Mindleading

The Ingenious Special Issue

Under Common License 2012

Felix Brocker u!hor and "ublisher #elsens!ra$e 1%e &1%&' (iersen )ermany *mail+ In!erne!+



The #au!ilus is gro,ing a! a cons!an! ra!e and !hus /orms i!s shell a logari!hmic spiral !o accommoda!e !his gro,!h0 ,i!hou! changing !he shape- li/eline connec!s i!s chambers0 so !ha! !he pre1ious chambers are le/! behind0 bu! ,ill ne1er be /orgo!. !en- The #au!ilus cons!an!ly crea!es ne, ,ider chambers in per. /ec! propor!ion- 2espi!e !he pro/ound changes around i!0 !he #au!ilus con!inues !o !hri1eI! reminds us !ha! gro,!h is par! o/ !he crea!ion o/ !he uni1erseThe #au!ilus is a symbol o/ a rigorous scien!i/ic research and !he in!erdisciplinary na!ure o/ !he sciences-

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

1 2 4 "re/ace bou! 3allace 2elois 3a!!les 5The Science o/ Being )rea!6
by 3allace 2- 3a!!les

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"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

The Ingenious Free Special Issue o/ 7The Science o/ 8indlead. ing7 /ocuses on !he ne,.!hough!.,ri!er 3allace 2elois 3a!!les and his book 7The Science o/ Being )rea!-7 7The Science o/ Being )rea!70 ,ri!!en in 19110 is purely prag. ma!ic na!ure0 ,hich means !ha! his readers are !he simples! possible ins!ruc!ions on ho, he can lead his !hough!s so !ha! he becomes a comple!ely success/ul and happy people- :is books ha1e inspired many people !o pass on !his kno,ledgeThey inspired among o!hers0 !he merican bes!.selling au!hor ;honda Byrne !o her elabora!ely produced /ilm.hi! 7The Secre!7 /rom 200< on,ardsThis /ilm0 ,hich ,as sold as a 2(2 ra!her =uickly o1er six million copies0 is also ex!remely pragma!ic- Thus ,e read+ 7In order !o use !he bene/i!s o/ elec!rici!y0 you do no! need !o unders!and ho, elec!rici!y is no, in de!ail exac!ly does-7 The La, o/ !!rac!ion0 also kno,n as resonance la, should0 as a cure /or e1ery concei1able si!ua!ion assumed ,i!hou! i! !o =ues!ion more closely- lso !he kno,ledge o/ brain research in !he 21s! Cen!ury comple!ely s!ay ahead o/ !he ou!side- Bu! par. !icular brain research has made !remendous progress in recen! years- I! ,ill be in1es!ed enormous sums in !he billions o/ brain research0 ,here e1en !he # S holds a huge research pro>ec!s*1en high.per/ormance a!hle!es bene/i! in men!al !rainings o/ !he la!es! /indings in brain research- The Science o/ 8indlead. ing brings !oge!her !he /indings o/ !he accep!ed science- This special issue complemen!s 7The Science o/ 8indleading (olume 1 The Fundamen!als7 and !he second chap!er :is!ory-

!&"T ' LL %E (EL&IS ' TTLES

3allace 2elois 3a!!les ,as born in 1'<0 shor!ly be/ore !he end o/ !he Ci1il 3ar as !he son o/ a gardener and a house,i/e- Thus0 e1en as his /a!her 3a!!les /irs! ,as /arm ,orker more bad !han good in li/e- ! !ha! !ime0 his li/e ,as marked by de/ea!s0 losses0 po1er!y and /ailure- ?us! problems a! allIn his li/e /or a long !ime no!hing poin!ed ou! !ha! he should a!!ain grea! ,eal!h- 2uring !he Chris!mas season 1'9< 3a!!les 1isi!ed !he age o/ 4< years0 a mee!ing a! ,hich he ,as con/ron!ed ,i!h a kind o/ socialism Chris!ian spiri!- There had raised !he !heories ha1e exer!ed grea! in/luence on him- :e busied himsel/ /rom no, on ou! !o a basic ,ay ,i!h ho, he and his /amily ou! o/ po1er!y and could lead back !o prosperi!y3hen he !hough! he had /ound !he key !o a success/ul and happy li/e0 he s!ar!ed in almos! e1ery /ree momen! !o ,ri!e3a!!les rapidly became one o/ !he mos! impor!an! ,ri!ers o/ !he merican #e, Though! 8o1emen!- :is mos! /amous book 7The Science o/ )e!!ing ;ich7 ,as published in!he year 19100 >us! a day be/ore his dea!h- In 7The #au!ilus 8aga@ine70 !he o//icial maga@ine o/ !he #e, Though! 8o1emen!0 in almos! e1ery issue0 an ar!icle ,as published by 3a!!les3a!!les prac!iced his o,n !heories ,i!h success- :e became a success/ul0 prosperous and po,er/ul personali!y0 /ull o/ energy-

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$


by 3allace 2- 3a!!les

C: "T*; 1+ #A "*;SB# 8 A B*CB8* );* T T:*;* is a "rinciple o/ "o,er in e1ery person- By !he in!elligen! use and direc!ion o/ !his principle0 man can de1elop his o,n men!al /acul!ies- 8an has an inheren! po,er by ,hich he may gro, in ,ha!soe1er direc!ion he pleases0 and !here does no! ap. pear !o be any limi! !o !he possibili!ies o/ his gro,!h- #o man has ye! become so grea! in any /acul!y bu! !ha! i! is possible /or some one else !o become grea!er- The possibili!y is in !he Bri. ginal Subs!ance /rom ,hich man is made- )enius is Bmni. science /lo,ing in!o man)enius is more !han !alen!- Talen! may merely be one /acul!y de1eloped ou! o/ propor!ion !o o!her /acul!ies0 bu! genius is !he union o/ man and )od in !he ac!s o/ !he soul- )rea! men are al. ,ays grea!er !han !heir deeds- They are in connec!ion ,i!h a re. ser1e o/ po,er !ha! is ,i!hou! limi!- 3e do no! kno, ,here !he boundary o/ !he men!al po,ers o/ man isC ,e do no! e1en kno, !ha! !here is a boundaryThe po,er o/ conscious gro,!h is no! gi1en !o !he lo,er anim. alsC i! is manDs alone and may be de1eloped and increased by him- The lo,er animals can0 !o a grea! ex!en!0 be !rained and de1eloped by manC bu! man can !rain and de1elop himsel/- :e alone has !his po,er0 and he has i! !o an apparen!ly unlimi!ed ex!en!- The purpose o/ li/e /or man is gro,!h0 >us! as !he pur.

pose o/ li/e /or !rees and plan!s is gro,!h- Trees and plan!s gro, au!oma!ically and along /ixed linesC man can gro,0 as he ,illTrees and plan!s can only de1elop cer!ain possibili!ies and charac!eris!icsC man can de1elop any po,er0 ,hich is or has been sho,n by any person0 any,here- #o!hing !ha! is possible in spiri! is impossible in /lesh and blood#o!hing !ha! man can !hink is ac!ion- #o!hing !ha! man can imagine is impossible o/ reali@a!ion8an is /ormed /or gro,!h0 and he is under !he necessi!y o/ gro,ingI! is essen!ial !o his happiness !ha! he should con!inuously ad. 1anceLi/e ,i!hou! progress becomes unendurable0 and !he person ,ho ceases /rom gro,!h mus! ei!her become imbecile or in. sane- The grea!er and more harmonious and ,ell rounded his gro,!h0 !he happier man ,ill beThere is no possibili!y in any man !ha! is no! in e1ery manC bu! i/ !hey proceed na!urally0 no !,o men ,ill gro, in!o !he same !hing0 or be alike- *1ery man comes in!o !he ,orld ,i!h a predis. posi!ion !o gro, along cer!ain lines0 and gro,!h is easier /or him along !hose lines !han in any o!her ,ay- This is a ,ise pro1ision0 /or i! gi1es endless 1arie!y- I! is as i/ a gardener should !hro, all his bulbs in!o one baske!C !o !he super/icial obser1er !hey ,ould look alike0 bu! gro,!h re1eals a !remendous di//erence- So o/ men and ,omen0 !hey are like a baske! o/ bulbs- Bne may be a rose and add brigh!ness and color !o some dark corner o/ !he ,orldC one may be a lily and !each a lesson o/ lo1e and puri!y !o e1ery eye !ha! seesC one may be a climbing 1ine and hide !he rugged ou!lines o/ some dark rockC one may be a grea! oak among

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

,hose boughs !he birds shall nes! and sing0 and benea!h ,hose shade !he /locks shall res! a! noon0 bu! e1ery one ,ill be some. !hing ,or!h,hile0 some!hing rare0 some!hing per/ec!There ere are undreamed o/ possibili!ies in !he common li1es all around us in a large sense0 !here are no 5common6 people- In !imes o/ na!ional s!ress and peril !he loa/er o/ !he corner s!ore and !he 1illage drunkard become heroes and s!a!esmen !hrough !he =uickening o/ !he "rinciple o/ "o,er ,i!hin !hem- There is a genius in e1ery man and ,oman0 ,ai!ing !o be brough! /or!h- *1ery 1illage has i!s grea! man or ,omanC someone !o ,hom all go /or ad1ice in !ime o/ !roubleC some one ,ho is ins!inc!i1ely recogni@ed as being grea! in ,isdom and in. sigh!- To such a one !he minds o/ !he ,hole communi!y !urn in !imes o/ local crisisC he is !aci!ly recogni@ed as being grea!- :e does small !hings in a grea! ,ay- :e could do grea! !hings as ,ell i/ he did bu! under!ake !hemC so can any manC so can youThe "rinciple o/ "o,er gi1es us >us! ,ha! ,e ask o/ i!C i/ ,e only under!ake li!!le !hings0 i! only gi1es us po,er /or li!!le !hingsC bu! i/ ,e !ry !o do grea! !hings in a grea! ,ay i! gi1es us all !he po,er !here is- Bu! be,are o/ under!aking grea! !hings in a small ,ay+ o/ !ha! ,e shall speak /ar!her onThere are !,o men!al a!!i!udes a man may !ake- Bne makes him like a /oo!ball- I! has resilience and reac!s s!rongly ,hen /orce is applied !o i!0 bu! i! origina!es no!hingC i! ne1er ac!s o/ i!. sel/- There is no po,er ,i!hin i!- 8en o/ !his !ype are con!rolled by circums!ances and en1ironmen!0 !heir des!inies are decided by !hings ex!ernal !o !hemsel1es- The "rinciple o/ "o,er ,i!hin !hem is ne1er really ac!i1e a! all- They ne1er speak or ac! /rom ,i!hin- The o!her a!!i!ude makes man like a /lo,ing spring"o,er comes ou! /rom !he cen!er o/ him- :e has ,i!hin him a ,ell o/ ,a!er springing up in!o e1erlas!ing li/e0 he radia!es /orceC heis! /el! by his en1ironmen!- The "rinciple o/ "o,er in him is in

cons!an! ac!ion- :e is sel/.ac!i1e- 5:e ha!h li/e in himsel/-6 #o grea!er good can come !o any man or ,oman !han !o be. come sel/.ac!i1e- ll !he experiences o/ li/e are designed by "ro1idence !o /orce men and ,omen in!o sel/.ac!i1i!yC !o compel !hem !o cease being crea!ures o/ circums!ances and mas!er !heir en1ironmen!- In his lo,es! s!age0 man is !he child o/ chance and circums!ance and !he sla1e o/ /ear- :is ac!s are all reac!ions resul!ing /rom !he impingemen! upon him o/ /orces in his en1ironmen!- :e ac!s only as he is ac!ed uponC he origina!es no!hing- Bu! !he lo,es! sa1age has ,i!hin him a "rinciple o/ "o,er su//icien! !o mas!er all !ha! he /earsC and i/ he learns !his and becomes sel/.ac!i1e0 he becomes as one o/ !he godsThe a,akening o/ !he "rinciple o/ "o,er in man is !he real con. 1ersionC !he passing /rom dea!h !o li/e- I! is ,hen !he dead hear !he 1oice o/ !he Son o/ 8an and come /or!h and li1e- I! is !he re. surrec!ion and !he li/e- 3hen i! is a,akened0 man becomes a son o/ !he :ighes! and all po,er is gi1en !o him in hea1en and on ear!h- #o!hing ,as e1er in any man !ha! is no! in youC no man e1er had more spiri!ual or men!al po,er !han you can a!. !ain0 or did grea!er !hings !han you can accomplish- Aou can be. come ,ha! you ,an! !o be-

C: "T*; 2+ :*;*2ITA #2 B""B;TU#ITA ABU are no! barred /rom a!!aining grea!ness by heredi!y- #o ma!!er ,ho or ,ha! your ances!ors may ha1e been or ho, un. learned or lo,ly !heir s!a!ion0 !he up,ard ,ay is open /or youThere is no such !hing as inheri!ing a /ixed men!al posi!ionC no ma!!er ho, small !he men!al capi!al ,e recei1e /rom our par. en!s0 i! may be increasedC no man is born incapable o/ gro,!h:eredi!y coun!s /or some!hing- 3e are born ,i!h subconscious

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

men!al !endenciesC as0 /or ins!ance0 a !endency !o melancholy0 or co,ardice0 or !o ill !emperC bu! all !hese subconscious !end. encies may be o1ercome- 3hen !he real man a,akens and comes /or!h he can !hro, !hem o// 1ery easily- #o!hing o/ !his kind need keep you do,nC i/ you ha1e inheri!ed undesirable men!al !endencies0 you can elimina!e !hem and pu! desirable !endencies in !heir places- n inheri!ed men!al !rai! is a habi! o/ !hough! o/ your /a!her or mo!her impressed upon your subcon. scious mindC you can subs!i!u!e !he opposi!e impression by /orming !he opposi!e habi! o/ !hough!- Aou can subs!i!u!e a habi! o/ cheer/ulness /or a !endency !o despondencyC you can o1ercome co,ardice or ill !emper:eredi!y may coun! /or some!hing0 !oo0 in an inheri!ed con/orma!ion o/ !he skull- There is some!hing in phrenology0 i/ no! as much as i!s exponen!s claimC i! is !rue !ha! !he di//eren! /acul!ies are locali@ed in !he brain0 and !ha! !he po,er o/ a /ac. ul!y depends upon !he number o/ ac!i1e brain cells in i!s area/acul!y ,hose brain area is large is likely !o ac! ,i!h more po,er !han one ,hose cranial sec!ion is smallC hence persons ,i!h cer!ain con/orma!ions o/ !he skull sho, !alen! as musicians0 ora!ors0 mechanics0 and so on- I! has been argued /rom !his !ha! a manDs cranial /orma!ion mus!0 !o a grea! ex!en!0 decide his s!a!ion in li/e0 bu! !his is an error- I! has been /ound !ha! a small brain sec!ion0 ,i!h many /ine and ac!i1e cells0 gi1es as po,er/ul expression !o /acul!y as a larger brain ,i!h coarser cellsC and i! has been /ound !ha! by !urning !he "rinciple o/ "o,er in!o any sec!ion o/ !he brain0 ,i!h !he ,ill and purpose !o de1elop a par!icular !alen!0 !he brain cells may be mul!iplied in. de/ini!ely- ny /acul!y0 po,er0 or !alen! you possess0 no ma!!er ho, small or rudimen!ary0 may be increasedC you can mul!iply !he brain cells in !his par!icular area un!il i! ac!s as po,er/ully as you ,ish- I! is !rue !ha! you can ac! mos! easily !hrough !hose /acul!ies !ha! are no, mos! largely de1elopedC you can do0 ,i!h !he leas! e//or!0 !he !hings ,hich 5come na!urally6C bu! i! is also

!rue !ha! i/ you ,ill make !he necessary e//or! you can de1elop any !alen!- Aou can do ,ha! you desire !o do and become ,ha! you ,an! !o be- 3hen you /ix upon some ideal and proceed as hereina/!er direc!ed0 all !he po,er o/ your being is !urned in!o !he /acul!ies re=uired in !he reali@a!ion o/ !ha! idealC more blood and ner1e /orce go !o !he corresponding sec!ions o/ !he brain0 and !he cells are =uickened0 increased0 and mul!iplied in number- The proper use o/ !he mind o/ man ,ill build a brain capable o/ doing ,ha! !he mind ,an!s !o doThe brain does no! make !he manC !he man makes !he brainAour place in li/e is no! /ixed by heredi!y- #or are you con. demned !o !he lo,er le1els by circums!ances or lack o/ oppor. !uni!y- The "rinciple o/ "o,er in man is su//icien! /or all !he re. =uiremen!s o/ his soul- #o possible combina!ion o/ circum. s!ances can keep him do,n0 i/ he makes his personal a!!i!ude righ! and de!ermines !o rise- The po,er0 ,hich /ormed man and purposed him /or gro,!h0 also con!rols !he circums!ances o/ so. cie!y0 indus!ry0 and go1ernmen!C and !his po,er is ne1er di1ided agains! i!sel/- The po,er ,hich is in you is in !he !hings around you0 and ,hen you begin !o mo1e /or,ard0 !he !hings ,ill ar. range !hemsel1es /or your ad1an!age0 as described in la!er chap!ers o/ !his book8an ,as /ormed /or gro,!h0 and all !hings ex!ernal ,ere de. signed !o promo!e his gro,!h- #o sooner does a man a,aken his soul and en!er on !he ad1ancing ,ay !han he /inds !ha! no! only is )od /or him0 bu! na!ure0 socie!y0 and his /ello, men are /or him alsoC and all !hings ,ork !oge!her /or his good i/ he obeys !he la,- "o1er!y is no bar !o grea!ness0 /or po1er!y can al. ,ays be remo1ed- 8ar!in Lu!her0 as a child0 sang in !he s!ree!s /or bread- Linnaeus !he na!uralis! had only /or!y dollars ,i!h ,hich !o educa!e himsel/C he mended his o,n shoes and o/!en had !o beg meals /rom his /riends- :ugh 8iller0 appren!iced !o a s!onemason0 began !o s!udy geology in a =uarry- )eorge S!eph.

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

enson0 in1en!or o/ !he locomo!i1e engine0 and one o/ !he grea!es! o/ ci1il engineers0 ,as a coal miner0 ,orking in a mine0 ,hen he a,akened and began !o !hink- ?ames 3a!! ,as a sickly child0 and ,as no! s!rong enough !o be sen! !o school- braham Lincoln ,as a poor boy- In each o/ !hese cases ,e see a "rin. ciple o/ "o,er in !he man !ha! li/!s him abo1e all opposi!ion and ad1ersi!y- There is a "rinciple o/ "o,er in youC i/ you use i! and apply i! in a cer!ain ,ay you can o1ercome all heredi!y0 and mas!er all circums!ances and condi!ions and become a grea! and po,er/ul personali!y-

C: "T*; 4+ T:* SBU;C* BF "B3*; 8 #DS brain0 body0 mind0 /acul!ies0 and !alen!s are !he mere in. s!rumen!s he uses in demons!ra!ing grea!nessC in !hemsel1es !hey do no! make him grea!- man may ha1e a large brain and a good mind0 s!rong /acul!ies0 and brillian! !alen!s0 and ye! he is no! a grea! man unless he uses all !hese in a grea! ,ay- Tha! =uali!y ,hich enables man !o use his abili!ies in a grea! ,ay makes him grea!C and !o !ha! =uali!y ,e gi1e !he name o/ ,is. dom- 3isdom is !he essen!ial basis o/ grea!ness3isdom is !he po,er !o percei1e !he bes! ends !o aim a! and !he bes! means /or reaching !hose ends- I! is !he po,er !o per. cei1e !he righ! !hing !o do- The man ,ho is ,ise enough !o kno, !he righ! !hing !o do0 ,ho is good enough !o ,ish !o do only !he righ! !hing0 and ,ho is able and s!rong enough !o do !he righ! !hing is a !ruly grea! man- :e ,ill ins!an!ly become marked as a personali!y o/ po,er in any communi!y and men ,ill deligh! !o do him honor3isdom is dependen! upon kno,ledge- 3here !here is com. ple!e ignorance !here can be no ,isdom0 no kno,ledge o/ !he righ! !hing !o do- 8anDs kno,ledge is compara!i1ely limi!ed and

so his ,isdom mus! be small0 unless he can connec! his mind ,i!h kno,ledge grea!er !han his o,n and dra, /rom i!0 by inspira!ion0 !he ,isdom !ha! his o,n limi!a!ions deny him- This he can doC !his is ,ha! !he really grea! men and ,omen ha1e done- 8anDs kno,ledge is limi!ed and uncer!ainC !here/ore he canno! ha1e ,isdom in himsel/Bnly )od kno,s all !ru!hC !here/ore only )od can ha1e real ,is. dom or !he righ! !hing !o do a! all !imes0 and man can recei1e ,isdom /rom )od- I proceed !o gi1e an illus!ra!ion+ braham Lin. coln had limi!ed educa!ionC bu! he had !he po,er !o percei1e !ru!h- In Lincoln ,e see pre.eminen!ly apparen! !he /ac! !ha! real ,isdom consis!s in kno,ing !he righ! !hing !o do a! all !imes and under all circums!ancesC in ha1ing !he ,ill !o do !he righ! !hing0 and in ha1ing !alen! and abili!y enough !o be compe!en! and able !o do !he righ! !hing- Back in !he days o/ !he aboli!ion agi!a!ion0 and during !he compromise period0 ,hen all o!her men ,ere more or less con/used as !o ,ha! ,as righ! or as !o ,ha! ough! !o be done0 Lincoln ,as ne1er uncer!ain- :e sa, !hrough !he super/icial argumen!s o/ !he pro.sla1ery menC he sa,0 also0 !he imprac!icabili!y and /ana!icism o/ !he aboli!ion. is!sC he sa, !he righ! ends !o aim a! and he sa, !he bes! means !o a!!ain !hose ends- I! ,as because men recogni@ed !ha! he percei1ed !ru!h and kne, !he righ! !hing !o do !ha! !hey made him presiden!- ny man ,ho de1elops !he po,er !o percei1e !ru!h0 and ,ho can sho, !ha! he al,ays kno,s !he righ! !hing !o do and !ha! he can be !rus!ed !o do !he righ! !hing0 ,ill be honored and ad1ancedC !he ,hole ,orld is looking eagerly /or such men3hen Lincoln became presiden! he ,as surrounded by a mul!i. !ude o/ so.called able ad1isers0 hardly any !,o o/ ,hom ,ere agreed- ! !imes !hey ,ere all opposed !o his policiesC a! !imes almos! !he ,hole #or!h ,as opposed !o ,ha! he proposed !o do- Bu! he sa, !he !ru!h ,hen o!hers ,ere misled by appear.

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

ancesC his >udgmen! ,as seldom or ne1er ,rong- :e ,as a! once !he ables! s!a!esman and !he bes! soldier o/ !he period3here did he0 a compara!i1ely unlearned man0 ge! !his ,isdomE I! ,as no! due !o some peculiar /orma!ion o/ his skull or !o some /ineness o/ !ex!ure o/ his brain- I! ,as no! due !o some physical charac!eris!ic- I! ,as no! e1en a =uali!y o/ mind due !o superior reasoning po,er"rocesses o/ reason do no! o/!en reach kno,ledge o/ !ru!h- I! ,as due !o a spiri!ual insigh!- :e percei1ed !ru!h0 bu! ,here did he percei1e i! and ,hence did !he percep!ion comeE 3e see some!hing similar in 3ashing!on0 ,hose /ai!h and courage0 due !o his percep!ion o/ !ru!h0 held !he colonies !oge!her during !he long and o/!en apparen!ly hopeless s!ruggle o/ !he ;e1olu!ion3e see some!hing o/ !he same !hing in !he phenomenal genius o/ #apoleon0 ,ho al,ays kne,0 in mili!ary ma!!ers0 !he bes! means !o adop!- 3e see !ha! !he grea!ness o/ #apoleon ,as in na!ure ra!her !han in #apoleon0 and ,e disco1er back o/ 3ash. ing!on and Lincoln some!hing grea!er !han ei!her 3ashing!on or Lincoln- 3e see !he same !hing in all grea! men and ,omenThey percei1e !ru!hC bu! !ru!h canno! be percei1ed un!il i! exis!sC and !here can be no !ru!h un!il !here is a mind !o percei1e i!Tru!h does no! exis! apar! /rom mind- 3ashing!on and Lincoln ,ere in !ouch and communica!ion ,i!h a mind !ha! kne, all kno,ledge and con!ained all !ru!h- The same is !rue o/ all ,ho mani/es! ,isdom- 3isdom is ob!ained by reading !he mind o/ )od-

C: "T*; &+ T:* 8I#2 BF )B2 T:*;* is a Cosmic In!elligence !ha! is in all !hings and !hrough all !hings- This is !he one real subs!ance- From i! all !hings pro. ceed- I! is In!elligen! Subs!ance or 8ind S!u//- I! is )od- 3here !here is no subs!ance !here can be no in!elligenceC /or ,here

!here is no subs!ance !here is no!hing- 3here !here is !hough! !here mus! be a subs!ance ,hich !hinks- Though! canno! be a /unc!ionC /or /unc!ion is mo!ion0 and i! is inconcei1able !ha! mere mo!ion should !hink- Though! canno! be 1ibra!ion0 /or 1ibra!ion is mo!ion0 and !ha! mo!ion should be in!elligen! is no! !hinkable- 8o!ion is no!hing bu! !he mo1ing o/ subs!anceC i/ !here be in!elligence sho,n i! mus! be in !he subs!ance and no! in !he mo!ion- Though! canno! be !he resul! o/ mo!ions in !he brainC i/ !hough! is in !he brain i! mus! be in !he brainDs subs!ance and no! in !he mo!ions ,hich brain subs!ance makesBu! !hough! is no! in !he brain subs!ance0 /or brain subs!ance0 ,i!hou! li/e0 is =ui!e unin!elligen! and dead- Though! is in !he li/e.principle !ha! anima!es !he brain0 in !he spiri! subs!ance0 ,hich is !he real man- The brain does no! !hink0 !he man !hinks and expresses his !hough! !hrough !he brainThere is a spiri! subs!ance !ha! !hinks- ?us! as !he spiri! sub. s!ance o/ man permea!es his body0 and !hinks and kno,s in !he body0 so !he Briginal Spiri! Subs!ance0 )od0 permea!es all na!ure and !hinks and kno,s in na!ure- #a!ure is as in!elligen! as man0 and kno,s more !han manC na!ure kno,s all !hingsThe ll.8ind has been in !ouch ,i!h all !hings /rom !he begin. ningC and i! con!ains all kno,ledge8anDs experience co1ers a /e, !hings0 and !hese !hings man kno,sC bu! )odDs experience co1ers all !he !hings !ha! ha1e happened since !he crea!ion0 /rom !he ,reck o/ a plane! or !he passing o/ a come! !o !he /all o/ a sparro,- ll !ha! is and all !ha! has been are presen! in !he In!elligence !ha! is ,rapped abou! us and en/olds us and presses upon us /rom e1ery sidell !he encyclopedias men ha1e ,ri!!en are bu! !ri1ial a//airs compared !o !he 1as! kno,ledge held by !he mind in ,hich men li1e0 mo1e0 and ha1e !heir being- The !ru!hs men percei1e by in.

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

spira!ion are !hough!s held in !his mind- I/ !hey ,ere no! !hough!s men could no! percei1e !hem0 /or !hey ,ould ha1e no exis!enceC and !hey could no! exis! as !hough!s unless !here is a mind /or !hem !o exis! inC and a mind can be no!hing else !han a subs!ance ,hich !hinks8an is !hinking subs!ance0 a por!ion o/ !he Cosmic Subs!anceC bu! man is limi!ed0 ,hile !he Cosmic In!elligence /rom ,hich he sprang0 ,hich ?esus calls !he Fa!her0 is unlimi!ed- ll in!elli. gence0 po,er0 and /orce come /rom !he Fa!her- ?esus recog. ni@ed !his and s!a!ed i! 1ery plainly- B1er and o1er again he ascribed all his ,isdom and po,er !o his uni!y ,i!h !he Fa!her0 and !o his percei1ing !he !hough!s o/ )od- 58y Fa!her and I are one-6 This ,as !he /ounda!ion o/ his kno,ledge and po,er- :e sho,ed !he people !he necessi!y o/ becoming spiri!ually a,akenedC o/ hearing his 1oice and becoming like him- :e com. pared !he un!hinking man ,ho is !he prey and spor! o/ circum. s!ances !o !he dead man in a !omb0 and besough! him !o hear and come /or!h5)od is spiri!06 he saidC 5be born again0 become spiri!ually a,ake0 and you may see his kingdom- :ear my 1oiceC see ,ha! I am and ,ha! I do0 and come /or!h and li1e- The ,ords I speak are spiri! and li/eC accep! !hem and !hey ,ill cause a ,ell o/ ,a. !er !o spring up ,i!hin you- Then you ,ill ha1e li/e ,i!hin your. sel/-6 5I do ,ha! I see !he Fa!her do06 he said0 meaning !ha! he read !he !hough!s o/ )od- 5The Fa!her sho,s all !hings !o !he son-6 5I/ any man has !he ,ill !o do !he ,ill o/ )od0 he shall kno, !ru!h-6 58y !eaching is no! my o,n0 bu! his !ha! sen! me-6 5Aou shall kno, !he !ru!h and !he !ru!h shall make you /ree-6 5The spiri! shall guide you in!o all !ru!h-6


3e are immersed in mind and !ha! mind con!ains all kno,ledge and all !ru!h- I! is seeking !o gi1e us !his kno,ledge0 /or our Fa!her deligh!s !o gi1e good gi/!s !o his children- The prophe!s and seers and grea! men and ,omen0 pas! and presen!0 ,ere made grea! by ,ha! !hey recei1ed /rom )od0 no! by ,ha! !hey ,ere !augh! by menThis limi!less reser1oir o/ ,isdom and po,er is open !o youC you can dra, upon i!0 as you ,ill0 according !o your needs- Aou can make yoursel/ ,ha! you desire !o beC you can do ,ha! you ,ish !o doC you can ha1e ,ha! you ,an!- To accomplish !his you mus! learn !o become one ,i!h !he Fa!her so !ha! you may percei1e !ru!hC so !ha! you may ha1e ,isdom and kno, !he righ! ends !o seek and !he righ! means !o use !o a!!ain !hose ends0 and so !ha! you may secure po,er and abili!y !o use !he means- In clos. ing !his chap!er resol1e !ha! you ,ill no, lay aside all else and concen!ra!e upon !he a!!ainmen! o/ conscious uni!y ,i!h )od5Bh0 ,hen I am sa/e in my syl1an home0 I !read on !he pride o/ )reece and ;ome0 and ,hen I am s!re!ched benea!h !he pines0 ,here !he e1enings !ar so holy shines0 I laugh a! !he lore and pride o/ man0 a! !he Sophis! schools and !he learned clan0 /or ,ha! are !hey all in !heir high concei!0 ,hen man in !he bush ,i!h )od may mee!E6

C: "T*; F+ ";*" ; TIB# 2; 3 nigh !o )od and :e ,ill dra, nigh !o you-6 I/ you become like )od you can read his !hough!sC and i/ you do no! you ,ill /ind !he inspira!ional percep!ion o/ !ru!h impossibleAou can ne1er become a grea! man or ,oman un!il you ha1e o1ercome anxie!y0 ,orry0 and /ear- I! is impossible /or an anxious person0 a ,orried one0 or a /ear/ul one !o percei1e

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

!ru!hC all !hings are dis!or!ed and !hro,n ou! o/ !heir proper rela. !ions by such men!al s!a!es0 and !hose ,ho are in !hem canno! read !he !hough!s o/ )odI/ you are poor0 or i/ you are anxious abou! business or /inancial ma!!ers0 you are recommended !o s!udy care/ully !he /irs! 1olume o/ !his series0 5The Science o/ )e!!ing ;ich-6 Tha! ,ill presen! !o you a solu!ion /or your problems o/ !his na!ure0 no ma!!er ho, large or ho, complica!ed !hey may seem !o beThere is no! !he leas! cause /or ,orry abou! /inancial a//airsC e1ery person ,ho ,ills !o do so may rise abo1e ,an!0 ha1e all he needs0 and become rich- The same source upon ,hich you propose !o dra, /or men!al un/olding and spiri!ual po,er is a! your ser1ice /or !he supply o/ all your ma!erial ,an!s- S!udy !his !ru!h un!il i! is /ixed in your !hough!s and un!il anxie!y is ban. ished /rom your mindC en!er !he Cer!ain 3ay0 ,hich leads !o ma. !erial richesgain0 i/ you are anxious or ,orried abou! your heal!h0 reali@e i! is possible /or you !o a!!ain per/ec! heal!h so !ha! you may ha1e s!reng!h su//icien! /or all !ha! you ,ish !o do and more- Tha! In. !elligence ,hich s!ands ready !o gi1e you ,eal!h and men!al and spiri!ual po,er ,ill re>oice !o gi1e you heal!h also- "er/ec! heal!h is yours /or !he asking0 i/ you ,ill only obey !he simple la,s o/ li/e and li1e arigh!- Con=uer ill heal!h and cas! ou! /earBu! i! is no! enough !o rise abo1e /inancial and physical anxie!y and ,orryC you mus! rise abo1e moral e1il.doing as ,ell- Sound your inner consciousness no, /or !he mo!i1es !ha! ac!ua!e you and make sure !hey are righ!- Aou mus! cas! ou! lus!0 and cease !o be ruled by appe!i!e0 and you mus! begin !o go1ern appe!i!eAou mus! ea! only !o sa!is/y hunger0 ne1er /or glu!!onous pleas. ure0 and in all !hings you mus! make !he /lesh obey !he spiri!Aou mus! lay aside greedC ha1e no un,or!hy mo!i1e in your de. sire !o become rich and po,er/ul- I! is legi!ima!e and righ! !o de.

sire riches0 i/ you ,an! !hem /or !he sake o/ !he soul0 bu! no! i/ you desire !hem /or !he lus!s o/ !he /leshCas! ou! pride and 1ani!yC ha1e no !hough! o/ !rying !o rule o1er o!hers or o/ ou!doing !hem- This is a 1i!al poin!C !here is no !emp!a!ion so insidious as !he sel/ish desire !o rule o1er o!hers#o!hing so appeals !o !he a1erage man or ,oman as !o si! in !he uppermos! places a! /eas!s0 !o be respec!/ully salu!ed in !he marke! place0 and !o be called ;abbi0 8as!er- To exercise some sor! o/ con!rol o1er o!hers is !he secre! mo!i1e o/ e1ery sel/ish person- The s!ruggle /or po,er o1er o!hers is !he ba!!le o/ !he compe!i!i1e ,orld0 and you mus! rise abo1e !ha! ,orld and i!s mo!i1es and aspira!ions and seek only /or li/e- Cas! ou! en1yC you can ha1e all !ha! you ,an!0 and you need no! en1y any man ,ha! he has- bo1e all !hings see !o i! !ha! you do no! hold malice or enmi!y !o,ard any oneC !o do so cu!s you o// /rom !he mind ,hose !reasures you seek !o make your o,n- 5:e !ha! lo1es no! his bro!her0 lo1es no! )od-6 Lay aside all narro, personal ambi!ion and de!ermine !o seek !he highes! good and !o be s,ayed by no un,or!hy sel/ishness)o o1er all !he /oregoing and se! !hese moral !emp!a!ions ou! o/ your hear! one by oneC de!ermine !o keep !hem ou!- Then re. sol1e !ha! you ,ill no! only abandon all e1il !hough! bu! !ha! you ,ill /orsake all deeds0 habi!s0 and courses o/ ac!ion ,hich do no! commend !hemsel1es !o your nobles! ideals- This is su. premely impor!an!0 make !his resolu!ion ,i!h all !he po,er o/ your soul0 and you are ready /or !he nex! s!ep !o,ard grea!ness0 ,hich is explained in !he /ollo,ing chap!er-

C: "T*; <+ T:* SBCI L "BI#T BF (I*3 3IT:BUT /ai!h i! is impossible !o please )od06 and ,i!hou! /ai!h

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

i! is impossible /or you !o become grea!- The dis!inguishing charac!eris!ic o/ all really grea! men and ,omen is an un,a1er. ing /ai!h- 3e see !his in Lincoln during !he dark days o/ !he ,arC ,e see i! in 3ashing!on a! (alley ForgeC ,e see i! in Li1ings!one0 !he crippled missionary0 !hreading !he ma@es o/ !he dark con!in. en!0 his soul a/lame ,i!h !he de!ermina!ion !o le! in !he ligh! upon !he accursed sla1e !rade0 ,hich his soul abhorredC ,e see i! in Lu!her0 and in Frances 3illard0 in e1ery man and ,oman ,ho has a!!ained a place on !he mus!er roll o/ !he grea! ones o/ !he ,orld- Fai!! a /ai!h in oneDs sel/ or in oneDs o,n po,ers bu! /ai!h in principleC in !he Some!hing )rea! ,hich upholds righ!0 and ,hich may be relied upon !o gi1e us !he 1ic!ory in due !ime3i!hou! !his /ai!h i! is no! possible /or any one !o rise !o real grea!ness- The man ,ho has no /ai!h in principle ,ill al,ays be a small man- 3he!her you ha1e !his /ai!h or no! depends upon your poin! o/ 1ie,- Aou mus! learn !o see !he ,orld as being pro. duced by e1olu!ion0 as a some!hing !ha! is e1ol1ing and becom. ing0 no! as a /inished ,ork- 8illions o/ years ago )od ,orked ,i!h 1ery lo, and crude /orms o/ li/e0 lo, and crude0 ye! each per/ec! a/!er i!s kind- :igher and more complex organisms0 an. imal and 1ege!able0 appeared !hrough !he successi1e agesC !he ear!h passed !hrough s!age a/!er s!age in i!s un/olding0 each s!age per/ec! in i!sel/0 and !o be succeeded by a higher one3ha! I ,ish you !o no!e is !ha! !he so.called 5lo,er organisms6 are as per/ec! a/!er !heir kind as !he higher onesC !ha! !he ,orld in !he *ocene period ,as per/ec! /or !ha! periodC i! ,as per/ec!0 bu! )odDs ,ork ,as no! /inished- This is !rue o/ !he ,orld !oday"hysically0 socially0 and indus!rially i! is all good0 and i! is all per. /ec!- I! is no! comple!e any,here or in any par!0 bu! so /ar as !he handi,ork o/ )od has gone i! is per/ec!T:IS 8UST B* ABU; "BI#T BF (I*3+ T: T T:* 3B;L2 #2 LL IT

CB#T I#S IS "*;F*CT0 T:BU): #BT CB8"L*T*25 llDs righ! ,i!h !he ,orld-6 Tha! is !he grea! /ac!- There is no!h. ing ,rong ,i!h any!hingC !here is no!hing ,rong ,i!h anybodyll !he /ac!s o/ li/e you mus! con!empla!e /rom !his s!andpoin!There is no!hing ,rong ,i!h na!ure- #a!ure is a grea! ad1ancing presence ,orking bene/icen!ly /or !he happiness o/ all- ll !hings in #a!ure are goodC she has no e1ilShe is no! comple!edC /or crea!ion is s!ill un/inished0 bu! she is going on !o gi1e !o man e1en more boun!i/ully !han she has gi1. en !o him in !he pas!- #a!ure is a par!ial expression o/ )od0 and )od is lo1e- She is per/ec! bu! no! comple!eSo i! is o/ human socie!y and go1ernmen!- 3ha! !hough !here are !rus!s and combina!ions o/ capi!al and s!rikes and lockou!s and so on- ll !hese !hings are par! o/ !he /or,ard mo1emen!C !hey are inciden!al !o !he e1olu!ion. ary process o/ comple!ing socie!y- 3hen i! is comple!e !here ,ill be harmonyC bu! i! canno! be comple!ed ,i!hou! !hem- ?- "- 8or. gan is as necessary !o !he coming social order as !he s!range animals o/ !he age o/ rep!iles ,ere !o !he li/e o/ !he succeeding period0 and >us! as !hese animals ,ere per/ec! a/!er !heir kind0 so 8organ is per/ec! a/!er his kindBehold i! is all 1ery good- See go1ernmen!0 and indus!ry as be. ing per/ec! no,0 and as ad1ancing rapidly !o,ard being com. ple!eC !hen you ,ill unders!and !ha! !here is no!hing !o /ear0 no cause /or anxie!y0 no!hing !o ,orry abou!- #e1er complain o/ any o/ !hese !hings- They are per/ec!C !his is !he 1ery bes! possible ,orld /or !he s!age o/ de1elopmen! man has reachedThis ,ill sound like rank /olly !o many0 perhaps !o mos! people53ha!G6 !hey ,ill say0 5are no! child labor and !he exploi!a!ion o/


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

men and ,omen in /il!hy and unsani!ary /ac!ories e1il !hingsE renD! saloons e1ilE 2o you mean !o say !ha! ,e shall accep! all !hese and call !hem goodE6 Child labor and similar !hings are no more e1il !han !he ,ay o/ li1ing and !he habi!s and prac!ices o/ !he ca1e d,eller ,ere e1il:is ,ays ,ere !hose o/ !he sa1age s!age o/ manDs gro,!h0 and /or !ha! s!age !hey ,ere per/ec!- Bur Indus!rial prac!ices are !hose o/ !he sa1age s!age o/ indus!rial de1elopmen!0 and !hey are also per/ec!#o!hing be!!er is possible un!il ,e cease !o be men!al sa1ages in indus!ry and business0 and become men and ,omen- This can only come abou! by !he rise o/ !he ,hole race !o a higher 1ie,poin!- nd !his can only come abou! by !he rise o/ such indi1iduals here and !here as are ready /or !he higher 1ie,poin!- The cure /or all !his inharmoniousness lies no! ,i!h !he mas!ers or employers bu! ,i!h !he ,orkers !hemsel1es- 3hene1er !hey reach a higher 1ie,poin!0 ,hene1er !hey shall desire !o do so0 !hey can es!ab. lish comple!e bro!herhood and harmony in Indus!ryC !hey ha1e !he numbers and !he po,er- They are ge!!ing no, ,ha! !hey de. sire- 3hene1er !hey desire more in !he ,ay o/ a higher0 purer0 more harmonious li/e0 !hey ,ill recei1e more- True0 !hey ,an! more no,0 bu! !hey only ,an! more o/ !he !hings !ha! make /or animal en>oymen!0 and so indus!ry remains in !he sa1age0 bru. !al0 animal s!ageC ,hen !he ,orkers begin !o rise !o !he men!al plane o/ li1ing and ask /or more o/ !he !hings !ha! make /or !he li/e o/ !he mind and soul0 indus!ry ,ill a! once be raised abo1e !he plane o/ sa1agery and bru!ali!y- Bu! i! is per/ec! no, upon i!s plane0 behold0 in /ac! i! is all 1ery good- So i! is !rue o/ sa . loons and dens o/ 1ice- I/ !he ma>ori!y o/ !he people desire !hese !hings0 i! is righ! and necessary !ha! !hey should ha1e !hem3hen !he ma>ori!y desires a ,orld ,i!hou! such discords0 !hey


,ill crea!e such a ,orld- So long as men and ,omen are on !he plane o/ bes!ial !hough!0 so long !he social order ,ill be in par! disorder0 and ,ill sho, bes!ial mani/es!a!ions- The people make socie!y ,ha! i! is0 and as !he people rise abo1e !he bes!ial !hough!0 socie!y ,ill rise abo1e !he beas!ly in i!s mani/es!a!ionsBu! a socie!y ,hich !hinks in a bes!ial ,ay mus! ha1e saloons and di1esC i! is per/ec! a/!er i!s kind0 as !he ,orld ,as in !he *ocene period0 and 1ery goodll !his does no! pre1en! you /rom ,orking /or be!!er !hingsAou can ,ork !o comple!e an un/inished socie!y0 ins!ead o/ !o reno1a!e a decaying oneC and you can ,ork ,i!h a be!!er hear! and a more hope/ul spiri!- I! ,ill make an immense di//erence ,i!h your /ai!h and spiri! ,he!her you look upon ci1ili@a!ion as a good !hing !ha! is becoming be!!er or as a bad and e1il !hing !ha! is decaying- Bne 1ie,poin! gi1es you an ad1ancing and ex. panding mind and !he o!her gi1es you a descending and de. creasing mindBne 1ie,poin! ,ill make you gro, grea!er and !he o!her ,ill in. e1i!ably cause you !o gro, smaller- Bne ,ill enable you !o ,ork /or !he e!ernal !hingsC !o do large ,orks in a grea! ,ay !o,ard !he comple!ing o/ all !ha! is incomple!e and inharmoniousC and !he o!her ,ill make you a mere pa!ch,ork re/ormer0 ,orking al. mos! ,i!hou! hope !o sa1e a /e, los! souls /rom ,ha! you ,ill gro, !o consider a los! and doomed ,orldSo you see i! makes a 1as! di//erence !o you0 !his ma!!er o/ !he social 1ie,poin!- 5 llDs righ! ,i!h !he ,orld- #o!hing can possibly be ,rong bu! my personal a!!i!ude0 and I ,ill make !ha! righ!- I ,ill see !he /ac!s o/ na!ure and all !he e1en!s0 circums!ances0 and condi!ions o/ socie!y0 poli!ics0 go1ernmen!0 and indus!ry /rom !he highes! 1ie,poin!- I! is all per/ec!0 !hough incomple!eI! is all !he handi,ork o/ )odC behold0 i! is all 1ery good-6


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

C: "T*; %+ T:* I#2I(I2U L "BI#T BF (I*3 I8"B;T #T as !he ma!!er o/ your poin! o/ 1ie, /or !he /ac!s o/ social li/e is0 i! is o/ less momen! !han your 1ie,poin! /or your /ello, men0 /or your ac=uain!ances0 /riends0 rela!i1es0 your im. media!e /amily0 and0 mos! o/ all0 yoursel/- Aou mus! learn no! !o look upon !he ,orld as a los! and decaying !hing bu! as a some. !hing per/ec! and glorious ,hich is going on !o a mos! beau!i/ul comple!enessC and you mus! learn !o see men and ,omen no! as los! and accursed !hings0 bu! as per/ec! beings ad1ancing !o become comple!e- There are no 5bad6 or 5e1il6 people- n en. gine0 ,hich is on !he rails pulling a hea1y !rain0 is per/ec! a/!er i!s kind0 and i! is good- The po,er o/ s!eam0 ,hich dri1es i!0 is good- Le! a broken rail !hro, !he engine in!o !he di!ch0 and i! does no! become bad or e1il by being so displacedC i! is a per. /ec!ly good engine0 bu! o// !he !rackThe po,er o/ s!eam !ha! dri1es i! in!o !he di!ch and ,recks i! is no! e1il0 bu! a per/ec!ly good po,er- So !ha! ,hich is misplaced or applied in an incomple!e or par!ial ,ay is no! e1il- There are no e1il peopleC !here are per/ec!ly good people ,ho are o// !he !rack0 bu! !hey do no! need condemna!ion or punishmen!C !hey only need !o ge! upon !he rails againTha! ,hich is unde1eloped or incomple!e o/!en appears !o us as e1il because o/ !he ,ay ,e ha1e !rained oursel1es !o !hink- The roo! o/ a bulb !ha! shall produce a ,hi!e lily is an unsigh!ly !hingC one migh! look upon i! ,i!h disgus!- Bu! ho, /oolish ,e should be !o condemn !he bulb /or i!s appearance ,hen ,e kno, !he lily is ,i!hin i!- The roo! is per/ec! a/!er i!s kindC i! is a per/ec! bu! incomple!e lily0 and so ,e mus! learn !o look upon e1ery man and ,oman0 no ma!!er ho, unlo1ely in ou!,ard mani/es!a!ionC !hey are per/ec! in !heir s!age o/ being and !hey are becoming comple!e21

Behold0 i! is all 1ery goodBnce ,e come in!o a comprehension o/ !his /ac! and arri1e a! !his poin! o/ 1ie,0 ,e lose all desire !o /ind /aul! ,i!h people0 !o >udge !hem0 cri!ici@e !hem0 or condemn !hem- 3e no longer ,ork as !hose ,ho are sa1ing los! souls0 bu! as !hose ,ho are among !he angels0 ,orking ou! !he comple!ion o/ a glorious hea1en- 3e are born o/ !he spiri! and ,e see !he kingdom o/ )od- 3e no longer see men as !rees ,alking0 bu! our 1ision is comple!e- 3e ha1e no!hing bu! good ,ords !o say- I! is all goodC a grea! and glorious humani!y coming !o comple!eness- nd in our associa!ion ,i!h men !his pu!s us in!o an expansi1e and en. larging a!!i!ude o/ mindC ,e see !hem as grea! beings and ,e begin !o deal ,i!h !hem and !heir a//airs in a grea! ,ay- Bu! i/ ,e /all !o !he o!her poin! o/ 1ie, and see a los! and degenera!e race ,e shrink in!o !he con!rac!ing mindC and our dealings ,i!h men and !heir a//airs ,ill be in a small and con!rac!ed ,ay- ;e. member !o hold s!eadily !o !his poin! o/ 1ie,C i/ you do you can. no! /ail !o begin a! once !o deal ,i!h your ac=uain!ances and neighbors and ,i!h your o,n /amily as a grea! personali!y deals ,i!h men- This same 1ie,poin! mus! be !he one /rom ,hich you regard yoursel/- Aou mus! al,ays see yoursel/ as a grea! ad1an. cing soul- Learn !o say+ 5There is T: T in me o/ ,hich I am made0 ,hich kno,s no imper/ec!ion0 ,eakness0 or sicknessThe ,orld is incomple!e0 bu! )od in my o,n consciousness is bo!h per/ec! and comple!e- #o!hing can be ,rong bu! my o,n personal a!!i!ude0 and my o,n personal a!!i!ude can be ,rong only ,hen I disobeyT: T ,hich is ,i!hin- I am a per/ec! mani/es!a!ion o/ )od so /ar as I ha1e gone0 and I ,ill press on !o be comple!e- I ,ill !rus! and no! be a/raid-6 3hen you are able !o say !his unders!and. ingly you ,ill ha1e los! all /ear and you ,ill be /ar ad1anced upon !he road !o !he de1elopmen! o/ a grea! and po,er/ul per. sonali!y22

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

C: "T*; '+ CB#S*C; TIB# : (I#) a!!ained !o !he 1ie,poin! !ha! pu!s you in!o !he righ! re. la!ions ,i!h !he ,orld and ,i!h your /ello, men0 !he nex! s!ep is consecra!ionC and consecra!ion in i!s !rue sense simply means obedience !o !he soul- Aou ha1e !ha! ,i!hin you !ha! ,hich is al. ,ays impelling you !o,ard !he up,ard and ad1ancing ,ayC and !ha! impelling some!hing is !he di1ine "rinciple o/ "o,erC you mus! obey i! ,i!hou! =ues!ion- #o one ,ill deny !he s!a!emen! !ha! i/ you are !o be grea!0 !he grea!ness mus! be a mani/es!a. !ion o/ some!hing ,i!hinC nor can you =ues!ion !ha! !his some. !hing mus! be !he 1ery grea!es! and highes! !ha! is ,i!hin- I! is no! !he mind0 or !he in!ellec!0 or !he reason- Aou canno! be grea! i/ you go no /ar!her back /or principle !han !o your reason. ing po,er- ;eason kno,s nei!her principle nor morali!y- Aour reason is like a la,yer in !ha! i! ,ill argue /or ei!her side- The in. !ellec! o/ a !hie/ ,ill plan robbery and murder as readily as !he in!ellec! o/ a sain! ,ill plan a grea! philan!hropy- In!ellec! helps us !o see !he bes! means and manner o/ doing !he righ! !hing0 bu! in!ellec! ne1er sho,s us !he righ! !hing- In!ellec! and reason ser1e !he sel/ish man /or his sel/ish ends as readily as !hey ser1e !he unsel/ish man /or his unsel/ish ends- Use in!ellec! and reason ,i!hou! regard !o principle0 and you may become kno,n as a 1ery able person0 bu! you ,ill ne1er become kno,n as a person ,hose li/e sho,s !he po,er o/ real grea!nessThere is !oo much !raining o/ !he in!ellec! and reasoning po,ers and !oo li!!le !raining in obedience !o !he soul- This is !he only !hing !ha! can be ,rong ,i!h your personal a!!i!ude H ,hen i! /ails !o be one o/ obedience !o !he "rinciple o/ "o,erBy going back !o your o,n cen!er you can al,ays /ind !he pure idea o/ righ! /or e1ery rela!ionship- To be grea! and !o ha1e po,er i! is only necessary !o con/orm your li/e !o !he pure idea

as you /ind i! in !he );* T 3IT:I#- *1ery compromise on !his poin! is made a! !he expense o/ a loss o/ po,er- This you mus! remember- There are many ideas in your mind !ha! you ha1e ou!gro,n0 and ,hich0 /rom /orce o/ habi! you s!ill permi! !o dic. !a!e !he ac!ions o/ your li/e- Cease all !hisC abandon e1ery!hing you ha1e ou!gro,n- There are many ignoble cus!oms0 social and o!her0 ,hich you s!ill /ollo,0 al!hough you kno, !hey !end !o d,ar/ and beli!!le you and keep you ac!ing in a small ,ay- ;ise abo1e all !his- I do no! say !ha! you should absolu!ely disregard con1en!ionali!ies0 or !he commonly accep!ed s!andards o/ righ! and ,rong- Aou canno! do !hisC bu! you can deli1er your soul /rom mos! o/ !he narro, res!ric!ions !ha! bind !he ma>ori!y o/ your /ello, men2o no! gi1e your !ime and s!reng!h !o !he suppor! o/ obsole!e in. s!i!u!ions0 religious or o!her,iseC do no! be bound by creeds in ,hich you do no! belie1e- Be /ree- Aou ha1e perhaps /ormed some sensual habi!s o/ mind or bodyC abandon !hem- Aou s!ill indulge in dis!rus!/ul /ears !ha! !hings ,ill go ,rong0 or !ha! people ,ill be!ray you0 or mis!rea! youC ge! abo1e all o/ !hemAou s!ill ac! sel/ishly in many ,ays and on many occasionsC cease !o do so- bandon all !hese0 and in place o/ !hem pu! !he bes! ac!ions you can /orm a concep!ion o/ in your mind- I/ you desire !o ad1ance0 and you are no! doing so0 remember !ha! i! can be only because your !hough! is be!!er !han your prac!iceAou mus! do as ,ell as you !hinkLe! your !hough!s be ruled by principle0 and !hen li1e up !o your !hough!sLe! your a!!i!ude in business0 in poli!ics0 in neighborhood a//airs0 and in your o,n home be !he expression o/ !he bes! !hough!s you can !hink- Le! your manner !o,ard all men and ,omen0 grea! and small0 and especially !o your o,n /amily circle0 al,ays be !he mos! kindly0 gracious0 and cour!eous you can pic!ure in


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

your imagina!ion- ;emember your 1ie,poin!C you are a god in !he company o/ gods and mus! conduc! yoursel/ accordinglyThe s!eps !o comple!e consecra!ion are /e, and simple- Aou canno! be ruled /rom belo, i/ you are !o be grea!C you mus! rule /rom abo1e- There/ore you canno! be go1erned by physical im. pulsesC you mus! bring your body in!o sub>ec!ion !o !he mindC bu! your mind0 ,i!hou! principle0 may lead you in!o sel/ishness and immoral ,aysC you mus! pu! !he mind in!o sub>ec!ion !o !he soul0 and your soul is limi!ed by !he boundaries o/ your kno,. ledgeC you mus! pu! i! in!o sub>ec!ion !o !ha! Bur soul ,hich needs no searching o/ !he unders!anding bu! be/ore ,hose eye all !hings are spread- Tha! cons!i!u!es consecra!ion- Say+ 5I sur. render my body !o be ruled by my mindC I surrender my mind !o be go1erned by my soul0 and I surrender my soul !o !he guid. ance o/ )od-6 8ake !his consecra!ion comple!e and !horough0 and you ha1e !aken !he second grea! s!ep in !he ,ay o/ grea!. ness and po,er-

C: "T*; 9+ I2*#TIFIC TIB# : (I#) recogni@ed )od as !he ad1ancing presence in na!ure0 socie!y0 and your /ello, men0 and harmoni@ed yoursel/ ,i!h all !hese0 and ha1ing consecra!ed yoursel/ !o !ha! ,i!hin you ,hich impels !o,ard !he grea!es! and !he highes!0 !he nex! s!ep is !o become a,are o/ and recogni@e /ully !he /ac! !ha! !he "rinciple o/ "o,er ,i!hin you is )od :imsel/- Aou mus! consciously iden!i. /y yoursel/ ,i!h !he :ighes!- This is no! some /alse or un!rue posi!ion !o be assumedC i! is a /ac! !o be recogni@ed- Aou are already one ,i!h )odC you ,an! !o become consciously a,are o/ i!- There is one subs!ance0 !he source o/ all !hings0 and !his sub. s!ance has ,i!hin i!sel/ !he po,er !ha! crea!es all !hingsC all po,er is inheren! in i!- This subs!ance is conscious and !hinksC i! ,orks ,i!h per/ec! unders!anding and in!elligence- Aou kno,

!ha! !his is so0 because you kno, !ha! subs!ance exis!s and !ha! consciousness exis!sC and !ha! i! mus! be subs!ance !ha! is conscious- 8an is conscious and !hinksC man is subs!ance0 he mus! he subs!ance0 else he is no!hing and does no! exis! a! allI/ man is subs!ance and !hinks0 and is conscious0 !hen he isConscious Subs!ance- I! is no! concei1able !ha! !here should be more !han one Conscious Subs!anceC so man is !he original subs!ance0 !he source o/ all li/e and po,er embodied in a phys. ical /orm- 8an canno! be some!hing di//eren! /rom )odIn!elligence is one and !he same e1ery,here0 and mus! be e1ery,here an a!!ribu!e o/ !he same subs!ance- There canno! be one kind o/ in!elligence in )od and ano!her kind o/ in!elli. gence in manC in!elligence can only be in in!elligen! subs!ance0 and In!elligen! Subs!ance is )od- 8an is o/ one and !he same s!u// ,i!h )od0 and so all !he !alen!s0 po,ers0 and possibili!ies !ha! are in )od are in man0 no! >us! in a /e, excep!ional men bu! in e1eryone- 5 ll po,er is gi1en !o man0 in hea1en and on ear!h-6 5Is i! no! ,ri!!en0 ye are godsE6 The "rinciple o/ "o,er in man is man himsel/0 and man himsel/ is )od- Bu! ,hile man is original subs!ance0 and has ,i!hin him all po,er and possibili!ies0 his consciousness is limi!ed- :e does no! kno, all !here is !o kno,0 and so he is liable !o error and mis!ake- To sa1e himsel/ /rom !hese he mus! uni!e his mind !o !ha! ou!side him ,hich does kno, allC he mus! become consciously one ,i!h )od- There is a 8ind surrounding him on e1ery side0 closer !han brea!hing0 nearer !han hands and /ee!0 and in !his mind is !he memory o/ all !ha! has e1er happened0 /rom !he grea!es! con1ulsions o/ na!ure in prehis!oric days !o !he /all o/ a sparro, in !his presen! !imeC and all !ha! is in exis!. ence no, as ,ell- :eld in !his 8ind is !he grea! purpose !ha! is behind all na!ure0 and so i! kno,s ,ha! is going !o be- 8an is surrounded by a 8ind !ha! kno,s all !here is !o kno,0 pas!0


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

presen!0 and !o come- *1ery!hing !ha! men ha1e said or done or ,ri!!en is presen! !here- 8an is o/ !he same one iden!ical s!u// ,i!h !his 8indC he proceeded /rom i!C and he can so iden!i/y himsel/ ,i!h i! !ha! he may kno, ,ha! i! kno,s- 58y Fa!her is grea!er !han I06 said ?esus0 5I come /rom him-6 5I and my Fa!her are one- :e sho,s !he son all !hings-6 5The spiri! shall guide you in!o all !ru!h-6 Aour iden!i/ica!ion o/ yoursel/ ,i!h !he In/ini!e mus! be accom. plished by conscious recogni!ion on your par!- ;ecogni@ing i! as a /ac!0 !ha! !here is only )od0 and !ha! all in!elligence is in !he one subs!ance0 you mus! a//irm some ,ha! a/!er !his ,ise+ 5There is only one and !ha! one is e1ery,here- I surrender my. sel/ !o conscious uni!y ,i!h !he highes!- #o! I0 bu! !he Fa!her- I ,ill !o be one ,i!h !he Supreme and !o lead !he di1ine li/e- I am one ,i!h in/ini!e consciousnessC !here is bu! one mind0 and I am !ha! mind- I !ha! speak un!o you am he-6 I/ you ha1e been !horough in !he ,ork as ou!lined in !he preced. ing chap!ersC i/ you ha1e a!!ained !o !he !rue 1ie,poin!0 and i/ your consecra!ion is comple!e0 you ,ill no! /ind conscious iden!i. /ica!ion hard !o a!!ainC and once i! is a!!ained0 !he po,er you seek is yours0 /or you ha1e made yoursel/ one ,i!h all !he po,er !here is-

C: "T*; 10+ I2* LII TIB# ABU are a !hinking cen!er in original subs!ance0 and !he !hough!s o/ original subs!ance ha1e crea!i1e po,erC ,ha!e1er is /ormed in i!s !hough! and held as a !hough!./orm mus! come in!o exis!ence as a 1isible and so.called ma!erial /orm0 and a !hough!./orm held in !hinking subs!ance is a reali!yC i! is a real !hing0 ,he!her i! has ye! become 1isible !o mor!al eye or no!This is a /ac! !ha! you should impress upon your unders!anding


H !ha! a !hough! held in !hinking subs!ance is a real !hingC a /orm0 and has ac!ual exis!ence0 al!hough i! is no! 1isible !o youAou in!ernally !ake !he /orm in ,hich you !hink o/ yoursel/C and you surround yoursel/ ,i!h !he in1isible /orms o/ !hose !hings ,i!h ,hich you associa!e in your !hough!sI/ you desire a !hing0 pic!ure i! clearly and hold !he pic!ure s!eadily in mind un!il i! becomes a de/ini!e !hough!./ormC and i/ your prac!ices are no! such as !o separa!e you /rom )od0 !he !hing you ,an! ,ill come !o you in ma!erial /orm- I! mus! do so in obedience !o !he la, by ,hich !he uni1erse ,as crea!ed8ake no !hough!./orm o/ yoursel/ in connec!ion ,i!h disease or sickness0 bu! /orm a concep!ion o/ heal!h- 8ake a !hough!./orm o/ yoursel/ as s!rong and hear!y and per/ec!ly ,ellC impress !his !hough!./orm on crea!i1e in!elligence0 and i/ your prac!ices are no! in 1iola!ion o/ !he la,s by ,hich !he physical body is buil!0 your !hough!./orm ,ill become mani/es! in your /lesh- This also is cer!ainC i! comes by obedience !o la,8ake a !hough!./orm o/ yoursel/0 as you desire !o be0 and se! your ideal as near !o per/ec!ion as your imagina!ion is capable o/ /orming !he concep!ion- Le! me illus!ra!e+ I/ a young la, s!u. den! ,ishes !o become grea!0 le! him pic!ure himsel/ J,hile a!. !ending !o !he 1ie,poin!0 consecra!ion0 and iden!i/ica!ion0 as pre1iously direc!edK as a grea! la,yer0 pleading his case ,i!h ma!chless elo=uence and po,er be/ore !he >udge and >uryC as ha1ing an unlimi!ed command o/ !ru!h0 o/ kno,ledge and o/ ,isdom- Le! him pic!ure himsel/ as !he grea! la,yer in e1ery possible si!ua!ion and con!ingencyC ,hile he is s!ill only !he s!u. den! in all circums!ances le! him ne1er /orge! or /ail !o be !he grea! la,yer in his !hough!./orm o/ himsel/- s !he !hough!./orm gro,s more de/ini!e and habi!ual in his mind0 !he crea!i1e ener. gies0 bo!h ,i!hin and ,i!hou!0 are se! a! ,ork0 he begins !o mani/es! !he /orm /rom ,i!hin and all !he essen!ials ,i!hou!0


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

,hich go in!o !he pic!ure0 begin !o be impelled !o,ard him- :e makes himsel/ in!o !he image and )od ,orks ,i!h himC no!hing can pre1en! him /rom becoming ,ha! hem ,ishes !o heIn !he same general ,ay !he musical s!uden! pic!ures himsel/ as per/orming per/ec! harmonies0 and as deligh!ing 1as! audi. encesC !he ac!or /orms !he highes! concep!ion he is capable o/ in regard !o his ar!0 and applies !his concep!ion !o himsel/The /armer and !he mechanic do exac!ly !he same !hing- Fix upon your ideal o/ ,ha! you ,ish !o make o/ yoursel/C consider ,ell and be sure !ha! you make !he righ! choiceC !ha! is0 !he one !ha! ,ill be !he mos! sa!is/ac!ory !o you in a general ,ay- 2o no! pay !oo much a!!en!ion !o !he ad1ice or sugges!ions o/ !hose around you+ do no! belie1e !ha! any one can kno,0 be!!er !han yoursel/0 ,ha! is righ! /or you- Lis!en !o ,ha! o!hers ha1e !o say0 bu! al,ays /orm your o,n conclusions2B #BT L*T BT:*; "*B"L* 2*CI2* 3: T ABU ;* TB B*- B* 3: T ABU F**L T: T ABU 3 #T TB B*2o no! be misled by a /alse no!ion o/ obliga!ion or du!y- Aou can o,e no possible obliga!ion or du!y !o o!hers !ha! should pre1en! you /rom making !he mos! o/ yoursel/- Be !rue !o yoursel/0 and you canno! !hen be /alse !o any man- 3hen you ha1e /ully de. cided ,ha! !hing you ,an! !o be0 /orm !he highes! concep!ion o/ !ha! !hing !ha! you are capable o/ imagining0 and make !ha! concep!ion a !hough!./orm- :old !ha! !hough!./orm as a /ac!0 as !he real !ru!h abou! yoursel/0 and belie1e in i!Close your ears !o all ad1erse sugges!ions- #e1er mind i/ people call you a /ool and a dreamer- 2ream on- ;emember !ha! Bona. par!e0 !he hal/.s!ar1ed lieu!enan!0 al,ays sa, himsel/ as !he general o/ armies and !he mas!er o/ France0 and he became in


ou!.,ard reali@a!ion ,ha! he held him sel/ !o be in mind- So like,ise ,ill you- !!end care/ully !o all !ha! has been said in !he preceding chap!ers0 and ac! as direc!ed in !he /ollo,ing ones0 and you ,ill become ,ha! you ,an! !o be-

C: "T*; 11+ ;* LII TIB# IF you ,ere !o s!op ,i!h !he close o/ !he las! chap!er0 ho,e1er0 you ,ould ne1er become grea!C you ,ould be indeed a mere dreamer o/ dreams0 a cas!le.builder- Too many do s!op !hereC !hey do no! unders!and !he necessi!y /or presen! ac!ion in real. i@ing !he 1ision and bringing !he !hough!./orm in!o mani/es!a. !ion- T,o !hings are necessaryC /irs!ly0 !he making o/ !he !hough!./orm and secondly0 !he ac!ual appropria!ion !o yoursel/ o/ all !ha! goes in!o0 and around0 !he !hough!./orm- 3e ha1e dis. cussed !he /irs!0 no, ,e ,ill proceed !o gi1e direc!ions /or !he second- 3hen you ha1e made your !hough!./orm0 you are already0 in your in!erior0 ,ha! you ,an! !o beC nex! you mus! be. come ex!ernally ,ha! you ,an! !o be- Aou are already grea! ,i!hin0 bu! you are no! ye! doing !he grea! !hings ,i!hou!- Aou canno! begin0 on !he ins!an!0 !o do !he grea! !hingsC you canno! be be/ore !he ,orld !he grea! ac!or0 or la,yer0 or musician0 or personali!y you kno, yoursel/ !o beC no one ,ill en!rus! grea! !hings !o you as ye! /or you ha1e no! made yoursel/ kno,n- Bu! you can al,ays begin !o do small !hings in a grea! ,ay:ere lies !he ,hole secre!- Aou can begin !o be grea! !oday in your o,n home0 in your s!ore or o//ice0 on !he s!ree!0 e1ery. ,hereC you can begin !o make yoursel/ kno,n as grea!0 and you can do !his by doing e1ery!hing you do in a grea! ,ayAou mus! pu! !he ,hole po,er o/ your grea! soul in !o e1ery ac!0 ho,e1er small and commonplace0 and so re1eal !o your /amily0 your /riends0 and neighbors ,ha! you really are- 2o no! brag or


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

boas! o/ yoursel/C do no! go abou! !elling people ,ha! a grea! personage you are0 simply li1e in a grea! ,ay- #o one ,ill be. lie1e you i/ you !ell him you are a grea! man0 bu! no one can doub! your grea!ness i/ you sho, i! in your ac!ions- In your do. mes!ic circle be so >us!0 so generous0 so cour!eous0 and kindly !ha! your /amily0 your ,i/e0 husband0 children0 bro!hers0 and sis. !ers shall kno, !ha! you are a grea! and noble soul- In all your rela!ions ,i!h men be grea!0 >us!0 generous0 cour!eous0 and kindly- The grea! are ne1er o!her,ise- This is your a!!i!ude#ex!0 and mos! impor!an!0 you mus! ha1e absolu!e /ai!h in your o,n percep!ions o/ !ru!h- #e1er ac! in has!e or hurryC be deliber. a!e in e1ery!hingC ,ai! un!il you /eel !ha! you kno, !he !rue ,aynd ,hen you do /eel !ha! you kno, !he !rue ,ay0 be guided by your o,n /ai!h !hough !he en!ire ,orld shall disagree ,i!h you- I/ you do no! belie1e ,ha! )od !ells you in li!!le !hings0 you ,ill ne1er dra, upon his ,isdom and kno,ledge in larger !hings3hen you /eel deeply !ha! a cer!ain ac! is !he righ! ac!0 do i! and ha1e per/ec! /ai!h !ha! !he conse=uences ,ill be good- 3hen you are deeply impressed !ha! a cer!ain !hing is !rue0 no ma!!er ,ha! !he appearances !o !he con!rary may be0 accep! !ha! !hing as !rue and ac! accordingly- The one ,ay !o de1elop a percep. !ion o/ !ru!h in large !hings is !o !rus! absolu!ely !o your presen! percep!ion o/ Tru!h in small !hings- ;emember !ha! you are seeking !o de1elop !his 1ery po,er or /acul!y . !he percep!ion o/ !ru!hC you are learning !o read !he !hough!s o/ )od- #o!hing is grea! and no!hing is small in !he sigh! o/ Bmnipo!enceC he holds !he sun in i!s place0 bu! he also no!es a sparro,Ds /all0 and num. bers !he hairs o/ your head)od is as much in!eres!ed in !he li!!le ma!!ers o/ e1eryday li/e as he is in !he a//airs o/ na!ions- Aou can percei1e !ru!h abou! /amily and neighborhood a//airs as ,ell as abou! ma!!ers o/ s!a!ecra/!- nd !he ,ay !o begin is !o ha1e per/ec! /ai!h in !he !ru!h in !hese small ma!!ers0 as i! is re1ealed !o you /rom day !o

day- 3hen you /eel deeply impelled !o !ake a course !ha! seems con!rary !o all reason and ,orldly >udgmen!0 !ake !ha! courseLis!en !o !he sugges!ions and ad1ice o/ o!hers0 bu! al,ays do ,ha! you /eel deeply in !he ,i!hin !o be !he !rue !hing !o do- ;ely ,i!h absolu!e /ai!h0 a! all !imes0 on your o,n percep!ion o/ !ru!hC bu! be sure !ha! you lis!en !o )od . !ha! you do no! ac! in has!e0 /ear0 or anxie!y;ely upon your percep!ion o/ !ru!h in all !he /ac!s and circum. s!ances o/ li/e- I/ you deeply /eel !ha! a cer!ain man ,ill be in a cer!ain place on a cer!ain day0 go !here ,i!h per/ec! /ai!h !o mee! himC he ,ill be !here0 no ma!!er ho, unlikely i! may seemI/ you /eel sure !ha! cer!ain people are making cer!ain combina. !ions0 or doing cer!ain !hings0 ac! in !he /ai!h !ha! !hey are doing !hose !hings- I/ you /eel sure o/ !he !ru!h o/ any circums!ance or happening0 near or dis!an!0 pas!0 presen!0 or !o come0 !rus! in your percep!ion- Aou may make occasional mis!akes a! /irs! be. cause o/ your imper/ec! unders!anding o/ !he ,i!hinC bu! you ,ill soon be guided almos! in1ariably righ!- Soon your /amily and /riends ,ill begin !o de/er0 more and more0 !o your >udgmen! and !o be guided by you- Soon your neighbors and !o,nsmen ,ill be coming !o you /or counsel and ad1iceC soon you ,ill be recogni@ed as one ,ho is grea! in small !hings0 and you ,ill be called upon more and more !o !ake charge o/ larger !hings- ll !ha! is necessary is !o be guided absolu!ely0 in all !hings0 by your inner ligh!0 your percep!ion o/ !ru!h- Bbey your soul0 ha1e per. /ec! /ai!h in yoursel/- #e1er !hink o/ yoursel/ ,i!h doub! or dis. !rus!0 or as one ,ho makes mis!akes- 5I/ I >udge0 my >udgmen! is >us!0 /or I seek no! honor /rom men0 bu! /rom !he Fa!her only-6

C: "T*; 12+ :U;;A #2 : BIT #B doub! you ha1e many problems0 domes!ic0 social0 physical0 and /inancial0 ,hich seem !o you !o be pressing /or ins!an! solu.

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

!ionAou ha1e deb!s !ha! mus! be paid0 or o!her obliga!ions !ha! mus! be me!C you are unhappily or inharmoniously placed0 and /eel !ha! some!hing mus! be done a! once2o no! ge! in!o a hurry and ac! /rom super/icial impulses- Aou can !rus! )od /or !he solu!ion o/ all your personal riddles- There is no hurry- There is only )od0 and all is ,ell ,i!h !he ,orldThere is an in1incible po,er in you0 and !he same po,er is in !he !hings you ,an!- I! is bringing !hem !o you and bringing you !o !hem- This is a !hough! !ha! you mus! grasp0 and hold con. !inuously !ha! !he same in!elligence !ha! is in you is in !he !hings you desire- They are impelled !o,ard you as s!rongly and decidedly as your desire impels you !o,ard !hem- The !endency0 !here/ore0 o/ a s!eadily held !hough! mus! be !o bring !he !hings you desire !o you and !o group !hem around you- So long as you hold your !hough! and your /ai!h righ! all mus! go ,ell- #o!hing can be ,rong bu! your o,n personal a!!i!ude0 and !ha! ,ill no! be ,rong i/ you !rus! and are no! a/raid:urry is a mani/es!a!ion o/ /earC he ,ho /ears no! has plen!y o/ !ime- I/ you ac! ,i!h per/ec! /ai!h in your o,n percep!ions o/ !ru!h0 you ,ill n e1er be !oo la!e or !oo earlyC and no!hing ,ill go ,rong- I/ !hings appear !o be going ,rong0 do no! ge! dis!urbed in mindC i! is only in appearance- #o!hing can go ,rong in !his ,orld bu! yoursel/C and you can go ,rong only by ge!!ing in!o !he ,rong men!al a!!i!ude- 3hene1er you /ind yoursel/ ge!!ing ex. ci!ed0 ,orried0 or in!o !he men!al a!!i!ude o/ hurry0 si! do,n and !hink i! o1er0 play a game o/ some kind0 or !ake a 1aca!ion- )o on a !rip0 and all ,ill be righ! ,hen you re!urn- So surely as you /ind yoursel/ in !he men!al a!!i!ude o/ has!e0 >us! so surely may you kno, !ha! you are ou! o/ !he men!al a!!i!ude o/ grea!ness- :urry and /ear ,ill ins!an!ly cu! your connec!ion ,i!h


!he uni1ersal mindC you ,ill ge! no po,er0 no ,isdom0 and no in. /orma!ion un!il you are calm- nd !o /all in!o !he a!!i!ude o/ hurry ,ill check !he ac!ion o/ !he "rinciple o/ "o,er ,i!hin youFear !urns s!reng!h !o ,eakness;emember !ha! poise and po,er are inseparably associa!edThe calm and balanced mind is !he s!rong and grea! mindC !he hurried and agi!a!ed mind is !he ,eak one- 3hene1er you /all in!o !he men!al s!a!e o/ hurry you may kno, !ha! you ha1e los! !he righ! 1ie,poin!C you are beginning !o look upon !he ,orld0 or some par! o/ i!0 as going ,rong- ! such !imes read Chap!er Six o/ !his bookC consider !he /ac! !ha! !his ,ork is per/ec!0 no,0 ,i!h all !ha! i! con!ains#o!hing is going ,rongC no!hing can be ,rongC be poised0 be calm0 be cheer/ulC ha1e /ai!h in )od#ex! as !o habi!0 i! is probable !ha! your grea!es! di//icul!y ,ill be !o o1ercome your old habi!ual ,ays o/ !hough!0 and !o /orm ne, habi!s- The ,orld is ruled by habi!- Lings0 !yran!s0 mas!ers0 and plu!ocra!s hold !heir posi!ions solely because !he people ha1e come !o habi!ually accep! !hem- Things are as !hey are only because people ha1e /ormed !he habi! o/ accep!ing !hem as !hey are- 3hen !he people change !heir habi!ual !hough! abou! go1ernmen!al0 social0 and indus!rial ins!i!u!ions0 !hey ,ill change !he ins!i!u!ions:abi! rules us allAou ha1e /ormed0 perhaps0 !he habi! o/ !hinking o/ yoursel/ as a common person0 as one o/ a limi!ed abili!y0 or as being more or less o/ a /ailure- 3ha!e1er you habi!ually !hink yoursel/ !o be0 !ha! you are- Aou mus! /orm0 no,0 a grea!er and be!!er habi!C you mus! /orm a concep!ion o/ yoursel/ as a being o/ limi!less po,er0 and habi!ually !hink !ha! you are !ha! being- I! is !he ha.


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

bi!ual0 no! !he periodical !hough! !ha! decides your des!iny- I! ,ill a1ail you no!hing !o si! apar! /or a /e, momen!s se1eral !imes a day !o a//irm !ha! you are grea!0 i/ during all !he balance o/ !he day0 ,hile you are abou! your regular 1oca!ion0 you !hink o/ yoursel/ as no! grea!#o amoun! o/ praying or a//irma!ion ,ill make you grea! i/ you s!ill habi!ually regard yoursel/ as being smallThe use o/ prayer and a//irma!ion is !o change your habi! o/ !hough!- ny ac!0 men!al or physical0 o/!en repea!ed0 becomes a habi!- The purpose o/ men!al exercises is !o repea! cer!ain !hough!s o1er and o1er un!il !he !hinking o/ !hose !hough!s be. comes cons!an! and habi!ual- The !hough!s ,e con!inually re. pea! become con1ic!ions- 3ha! you mus! do is !o repea! !he ne, !hough! o/ yoursel/ un!il i! is !he only ,ay in ,hich you !hink o/ yoursel/- :abi!ual !hough!0 and no! en1ironmen! or circum. s!ance0 has made you ,ha! you are- *1ery person has some cen!ral idea or !hough!. /orm o/ himsel/0 and by !his id ea he classi/ies and arranges all his /ac!s and ex!ernal rela!ionshipsAou are classi/ying your /ac!s ei!her according !o !he idea !ha! you are a grea! and s!rong personali!y0 or according !o !he idea !ha! you are limi!ed0 common0 or ,eak- I/ !he la!!er is !he case you mus! change your cen!ral idea)e! a ne, men!al pic!ure o/ yoursel/- 2o no! !ry !o become grea! by repea!ing mere s!rings o/ ,ords or super/icial /ormulasC bu! repea! o1er and o1er !he T:BU):T o/ your o,n po,er and abili!y un!il you classi/y ex!ernal /ac!s0 and decide your place e1ery,here by !his idea- In ano!her chap!er ,ill be /ound an illus!ra!i1e men!al exercise and /ur!her direc!ions on !his poin!-


C: "T*; 14+ T:BU):T );* T#*SS is only a!!ained by !he cons!an! !hinking o/ grea! !hough!s- #o man can become grea! in ou!,ard personali!y un. !il he is grea! in!ernallyC and no man can be grea! in!ernally un!il he T:I#LS- #o amoun! o/ educa!ion0 reading0 or s!udy can make you grea! ,i!hou! !hough!C bu! !hough! can make you grea! ,i!h 1ery li!!le s!udy- There are al!oge!her !oo many people ,ho are !rying !o make some!hing o/ !hemsel1es0 by reading books ,i!hou! !hinkingC all such ,ill /ail- Aou are no! men!ally de1eloped by ,ha! you read0 bu! by ,ha! you !hink abou! ,ha! you readThinking is !he hardes! and mos! exhaus!ing o/ all laborC and hence many people shrink /rom i!- )od has so /ormed us !ha! ,e are con!inuously impelled !o !hough!C ,e mus! ei!her !hink or engage in some ac!i1i!y !o escape !hough!- The headlong0 con!inuous chase /or pleasure in ,hich mos! people spend all !heir leisure !ime is only an e//or! !o escape !hough!- I/ !hey are alone0 or i/ !hey ha1e no!hing amusing !o !ake !heir a!!en!ion0 as a no1el !o read or a sho, !o see0 !hey mus! !hinkC and !o escape /rom !hinking !hey resor! !o no1els0 sho,s0 and all !he endless de1ices o/ !he pur1eyors o/ amusemen!- 8os! people spend !he grea!er par! o/ !heir leisure !ime running a,ay /rom !hough!0 hence !hey are ,here !hey are- 3e ne1er mo1e /or,ard un!il ,e begin !o !hink;ead less and !hink more- ;ead abou! grea! !hings and !hink abou! grea! =ues!ions and issues- 3e ha1e a! !he presen! !ime /e, really grea! /igures in !he poli!ical li/e o/ our coun!ryC our poli!icians are a pe!!y lo!- There is no Lincoln0 no 3ebs!er0 no Clay0 Calhoun0 or ?ackson- 3hyE Because our presen! s!a!es. men deal only ,i!h sordid and pe!!y issues . =ues!ions o/ dollars and cen!s0 o/ expediency and par!y success0 o/ ma!erial prosperi!y ,i!hou! regard !o e!hical righ!- Thinking along !hese


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

lines does no! call /or!h grea! souls- The s!a!esmen o/ LincolnDs !ime and pre1ious !imes deal! ,i!h =ues!ions o/ e!ernal !ru!h0 o/ human righ!s and >us!ice- 8en !hough! upon grea! !hemesC !hey !hough! grea! !hough!s0 and !hey became grea! menThinking0 no! mere kno,ledge or in/orma!ion0 makes personal. i!y- Thinking is gro,!hC you canno! !hink ,i!hou! gro,ing*1ery !hough! engenders ano!her !hough!- 3ri!e one idea and o!hers ,ill /ollo, un!il you ha1e ,ri!!en a page- Aou canno! /a!hom your o,n mindC i! has nei!her bo!!om nor boundariesAour /irs! !hough!s may be crudeC bu! as you go on !hinking you ,ill use more and more o/ yoursel/C you ,ill =uicken ne, brain cells in!o ac!i1i!y and you ,ill de1elop ne, /acul!ies- :eredi!y0 en1ironmen!0 circums!ances0 all !hings mus! gi1e ,ay be/ore you i/ you prac!ice sus!ained and con!inuous !hough!- Bu!0 on !he o!her hand0 i/ you neglec! !o !hink /or yoursel/ and only use o!her peopleDs !hough!0 you ,ill ne1er kno, ,ha! you are cap. able o/C and you ,ill end by being incapable o/ any!hingThere can be no real grea!ness ,i!hou! original !hough!- ll !ha! a man does ou!,ardly is !he expression and comple!ion o/ his in,ard !hinking- #o ac!ion is possible ,i!hou! !hough!0 and no grea! ac!ion is possible un!il a grea! !hough! has preceded i!c!ion is !he second /orm o/ !hough!0 and personali!y is !he ma. !eriali@a!ion o/ !hough!- *n1ironmen! is !he resul! o/ !hough!C !hings group !hemsel1es or arrange !hemsel1es around you ac. cording !o your !hough!- There is0 as *merson says0 some cen!. ral idea or concep!ion o/ yoursel/ by ,hich all !he /ac!s o/ your li/e are arranged and classi/ied- Change !his cen!ral idea and you change !he arrangemen! or classi/ica!ion o/ all !he /ac!s and circums!ances o/ your li/e- Aou are ,ha! you are because you !hin k as you doC you are ,here you are because you !hink as you doAou see !hen !he immense impor!ance o/ !hinking abou! !he

grea! essen!ials se! /or!h in !he preceding chap!ers- Aou mus! no! accep! !hem in any super/icial ,ayC you mus! !hink abou! !hem un!il !hey are a par! o/ your cen!ral idea- )o back !o !he ma!!er o/ !he poin! o/ 1ie, and consider0 in all i!s bearings0 !he !remendous !hough! !ha! you li1e in a per/ec! ,orld among per. /ec! people0 and !ha! no!hing can possibly be ,rong ,i!h you bu! your o,n personal a!!i!ude- Think abou! all !his un!il you /ully reali@e all !ha! i! means !o you- Consider !ha! !his is )odDs ,orld and !ha! i! is !he bes! o/ all possible ,orldsC !ha! he has brough! i! !hus /ar !o,ard comple!ion by !he processes o/ organ. ic0 social0 and indus!rial e1olu!ion0 and !ha! i! is going on !o grea!er comple!eness and harmony- Consider !ha! !here is one grea!0 per/ec!0 in!elligen! "rinciple o/ Li/e and "o,er0 causing all !he changing phenomena o/ !he cosmos- Think abou! all !his un!il you see !ha! i! is !rue0 and un!il you comprehend ho, you should li1e and ac! as a ci!i@en o/ such a per/ec! ,hole#ex!0 !hink o/ !he ,onder/ul !ru!h !ha! !his grea! In!elligence is in youC i! is your o,n in!elligence- I! is an Inner Ligh! impelling you !o,ard !he righ! !hing and !he bes! !hing0 !he grea!es! ac!0 and !he highes! happiness- I! is a "rinciple o/ "o,er in you0 gi1. ing you all !he abili!y and genius !here is- I! ,ill in/allibly guide you !o !he bes! i/ you ,ill submi! !o i! and ,alk in !he ligh!- Con. sider ,ha! is mean! by your consecra!ion o/ yoursel/ ,hen you say+ 5I ,ill obey my soul-6 This is a sen!ence o/ !remendous meaningC i! mus! re1olu!ioni@e !he a!!i!ude and beha1ior o/ !he a1erage person- Then !hink o/ your iden!i/ica!ion ,i!h !his )rea! SupremeC !ha! all i!s kno,ledge is yours0 and all i!s ,isdom is yours0 /or !he asking- Aou are a god i/ you !hink like a god- I/ you !hink like a god you canno! /ail !o ac! like a god- 2i1ine !hough!s ,ill surely ex!ernali@e !hemsel1es in a di1ine li/e- Though!s o/ po,er ,ill end in a li/e o/ po,er- )rea! !hough!s ,ill mani/es! in a grea! personali!y- Think ,ell o/ all !his0 and !hen you are ready !o ac!-


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

C: "T*; 1&+ CTIB# T :B8* 2B no! merely !hink !ha! you are going !o become grea!C !hink !ha! you are grea! no,- 2o no! !hink !ha! you ,ill begin !o ac! in a grea! ,ay a! some /u!ure !imeC begin no,- 2o no! !hink !ha! you ,ill ac! in a grea! ,ay ,hen you reach a di//eren! en1iron. men!C ac! in a grea! ,ay ,here you are no,- 2o no! !hink !ha! you ,ill begin !o ac! in a grea! ,ay ,hen you begin !o deal ,i!h grea! !hingsC begin !o deal in a grea! ,ay ,i!h small !hings- 2o no! !hink !ha! you ,ill begin !o be grea! ,hen you ge! among more in!elligen! people0 or among people ,ho unders!and you be!!erC begin no, !o deal in a grea! ,ay ,i!h !he people around youI/ you are no! in an en1ironmen! ,here !here is scope /or your bes! po,ers and !alen!s you can mo1e in due !imeC bu! mean. ,hile you can be grea! ,here you areLincoln ,as as grea! ,hen he ,as a back,oods la,yer as ,hen he ,as "residen!C as a back,oods la,yer he did common !hings in a grea! ,ay0 and !ha! made him "residen!- :ad he ,ai!ed un!il he reached 3ashing!on !o begin !o be grea!0 he ,ould ha1e remained unkno,n- Aou are no! made grea! by !he loca!ion in ,hich you happen !o be nor by !he !hings ,i!h ,hich you may surround your sel/- Aou are no! made grea! by ,ha! you recei1e /rom o!hers0 and you can ne1er mani/es! grea!ness so long as you depend on o!hers- Aou ,ill mani/es! grea!ness only ,hen you begin !o s!and alone- 2ismiss all !hough! o/ reliance on ex!ernals0 ,he!her !hings0 books0 or people- s *merson said0 5Shakespeare ,ill ne1er be made by !he s!udy o/ Shakespeare-6 Shakespeare ,ill be made by !he !hinking o/ Shakespearean !hough!s#e1er mind ho, !he people around you0 including !hose o/ your


o,n household0 may !rea! you- Tha! has no!hing a! all !o do ,i!h your being grea!C !ha! is0 i! canno! hinder you /rom being grea!"eople may neglec! you and be un!hank/ul and unkind in !heir a!!i!ude !o,ard youC does !ha! pre1en! you /rom being grea! in your manner and a!!i!ude !o,ard !hemE 5Aour Fa!her06 said ?e. sus0 5is kind !o !he un!hank/ul and !he e1il-6 3ould )od be grea! i/ he should go a,ay and sulk because people ,ere un. !hank/ul and did no! apprecia!e himE Trea! !he un!hank/ul and !he e1il in a grea! and per/ec!ly kind ,ay0 >us! as )od does- 2o no! !alk abou! your grea!nessC you are really0 in essen!ial na!ure0 no grea!er !han !hose around you- Aou may ha1e en!ered upon a ,ay o/ li1ing and !hinking ,hich !hey ha1e no! ye! /ound0 bu! !hey are per/ec! on !heir o,n plane o/ !hough! and ac!ion- Aou are en!i!led !o no special honor or considera!ion /or your grea!nessAou are a god0 bu! you are among gods- Aou ,ill /all in!o !he boas!/ul a!!i!ude i/ you see o!her peopleDs shor!comings and /ailures and compare !hem ,i!h your o,n 1ir!ues and suc. cessesC and i/ you /all in!o !he boas!/ul a!!i!ude o/ mind0 you ,ill cease !o be grea!0 and become small- Think o/ yoursel/ as a per. /ec! being among per/ec! beings0 and mee! e1ery person as an e=ual0 no! as ei!her superior or an in/erior- )i1e your sel/ no airsC grea! people ne1er dosk no honors and seek /or no recogni!ion0 honors and recogni. !ion ,ill come /as! enough i/ you are en!i!led !o !hemBegin a! home- I! is a grea! person ,ho can al,ays be poised0 assured0 calm0 and per/ec!ly kind and considera!e a! home- I/ your manner and a!!i!ude in your o,n /amily are al,ays !he bes! you can !hink0 you ,ill soon become !he one on ,hom all !he o!hers ,ill rely- Aou ,ill be a !o,er o/ s!reng!h and a suppor! in !ime o/ !roubleAou ,ill be lo1ed and apprecia!ed- ! !he same !ime do no!

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

make !he mis!ake o/ !hro,ing your sel/ a,ay in !he ser1ice o/ o!hers- The grea! person respec!s himsel/C he ser1es and helps0 bu! he is ne1er sla1ishly ser1ile- Aou canno! help your /amily by being a sla1e !o !hem0 or by doing /or !hem !hose !hings !ha! by righ! !hey should do /or !hemsel1es- Aou do a person an in>ury ,hen you ,ai! on him !oo much- The sel/ish and exac!ing are a grea! deal be!!er o// i/ !heir exac!ions are denied- The ideal ,orld is no! one ,here !here are a lo! o/ people being ,ai!ed on by o!her peopleC i! is a ,orld ,here e1erybody ,ai!s on himsel/8ee! all demands0 sel/ish and o!her,ise0 ,i!h per/ec! kindness and considera!ionC bu! do no! allo, yoursel/ !o be made a sla1e !o !he ,hims0 caprices0 exac!ions0 or sla1ish desires o/ any member o/ your /amily- To do so is no! grea!0 and i! ,orks an in. >ury !o !he o!her par!y2o no! become uneasy o1er !he /ailures or mis!akes o/ any member o/ your /amily0 and /eel !ha! you mus! in!er/ere- 2o no! be dis!urbed i/ o!hers seem !o be going ,rong0 and /eel !ha! you mus! s!ep in and se! !hem righ!- ;emember !ha! e1ery person is per/ec! on his o,n planeC you canno! impro1e on !he ,ork o/ )od- 2o no! meddle ,i!h !he personal habi!s and prac!ices o/ o!hers0 !hough !hey are your neares! and deares!C !hese !hings are none o/ your business- #o!hing can be ,rong bu! your o,n personal a!!i!udeC make !ha! righ! and you ,ill kno, !ha! all else is righ!- Aou are a !ruly grea! soul ,hen you can li1e ,i!h !hose ,ho do !hings !ha! you do no! do0 and ye! re/rain /rom ei!her cri. !icism or in!er/erence2o !he !hings !ha! are righ! /or you !o do0 and belie1e !ha! e1ery member o/ your /amily is doing !he !hings !ha! are righ! /or him#o!hing is ,rong ,i!h anybody or any!hing0 behold0 i! is all 1ery good- 2o no! be ensla1ed by any one else0 bu! be >us! as care/ul !ha! you do no! ensla1e any one else !o your o,n no!ions o/ ,ha! is righ!- Think0 and !hink deeply and con!inuouslyC be per.


/ec! in your kindness and considera!ionC le! your a!!i!ude be !ha! o/ a god among gods0 and no! !ha! o/ a god among in/erior beings- This is !he ,ay !o be grea! in your o,n home-

C: "T*; 1F+ CTIB# B;B 2 T:* rules !ha! apply !o your ac!ion a! home mus! apply !o your ac!ion e1ery,here#e1er /orge! /or an ins!an! !ha! !his is a per/ec! ,orld0 and !ha! you are a god among gods- Aou are as grea! as !he grea!es!0 bu! all are your e=uals;ely absolu!ely on your percep!ion o/ !ru!h- Trus! !o !he inner ligh! ra!her !han !o reason0 bu! be sure !ha! your percep!ion comes /rom !he inner ligh!C ac! in poise and calmnessC be s!ill and a!!end on )od- Aour iden!i/ica!ion o/ yoursel/ ,i!h !he ll. 8ind ,ill gi1e you all !he kno,ledge you need /or guidance in any con!ingency !ha! may arise in your o,n li/e or in !he li1es o/ o!hers- I! is only necessary !ha! you should be supremely calm0 and rely upon !he e!ernal ,isdom !ha! is ,i!hin you- I/ you ac! in poise and /ai!h0 your >udgmen! ,ill al,ays be righ!0 and you ,ill al,ays kno, exac!ly ,ha! !o do- 2o no! hurry or ,orryC remem. ber Lincoln in !he dark days o/ !he ,ar?ames Freeman Clarke rela!es !ha! a/!er !he ba!!le o/ Freder. icksburg0 Lincoln alone /urnished a supply o/ /ai!h and hope /or !he na!ion- :undreds o/ leading men0 /rom all par!s o/ !he coun. !ry0 ,en! sadly in!o his room and came ou! cheer/ul and hope. /ulThey had s!ood /ace !o /ace ,i!h !he :ighes!0 and had seen )od in !his lank0 ungainly0 pa!ien! man0 al!hough !hey kne, i! no!:a1e per/ec! /ai!h in yoursel/ and in your o,n abili!y !o cope


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

,i!h any combina!ion o/ circums!ances !ha! may arise- 2o no! be dis!urbed i/ you are aloneC i/ you need /riends !hey ,ill be brough! !o you a! !he righ! !ime- 2o no! be dis!urbed i/ you /eel !ha! you are ignoran!0 !he in/orma!ion !ha! you need ,ill be /ur. nished you ,hen i! is !ime /or you !o ha1e i!- Tha! ,hich is in you impelling you /or,ard is in !he !hings and people you need0 im. pelling !hem !o,ard you- I/ !here is a par!icular man you need !o kno,0 he ,ill be in!roduced !o youC i/ !here is a par!icular book you need !o read i! ,ill be placed in your hands a! !he righ! !ime- ll !he kno,ledge you need is coming !o you /rom bo!h ex. !ernal and in!ernal sources- Aour in/orma!ion and your !alen!s ,ill al,ays be e=ual !o !he re=uiremen!s o/ !he occasion- ;e. member !ha! ?esus !old his disciples no! !o ,orry as !o ,ha! !hey should say ,hen brough! be/ore !he >udgesC he kne, !ha! !he po,er in !hem ,ould be su//icien! /or !he needs o/ !he hours soon as you a,aken and begin !o use your /acul!ies in a grea! ,ay you ,ill apply po,er !o !he de1elopmen! o/ your brainC ne, cells ,ill be crea!ed and dorman! cells =uickened in!o ac!i1i!y0 and your brain ,ill be =uali/ied as a per/ec! ins!rumen! /or your mind2o no! !ry !o do grea! !hings un!il you are ready !o go abou! !hem in a grea! ,ay- I/ you under!ake !o deal ,i!h grea! ma!!ers in a small ,ay H !ha! is0 /rom a lo, 1ie,poin! or ,i!h incomple!e consecra!ion and ,a1ering /ai!h and courage H you ,ill /ail- 2o no! be in a hurry !o ge! !o !he grea! !hings- 2oing grea! !hings ,ill no! make you grea!0 bu! becoming grea! ,ill cer!ainly lead you !o !he doing o/ grea! !hingsBegin !o be grea! ,here you are and in !he !hings you do e1ery day- 2o no! be in has!e !o be /ound ou! or recogni@ed as a grea! personali!y- 2o no! be disappoin!ed i/ men do no! nomina!e you /or o//ice ,i!hin a mon!h a/!er you begin !o prac!ice ,ha! you read in !his book- )rea! people ne1er seek /or recogni!ion or ap. plauseC !hey are no! grea! because !hey ,an! !o be paid /or be.

ing so- )rea!ness is re,ard enough /or i!sel/C !he >oy o/ being some!hing and o/ kno,ing !ha! you are ad1ancing is !he grea!es! o/ all >oys possible !o manI/ you begin in your o,n /amily0 as described in !he preceding chap!er0 and !hen assume !he same men!al a!!i!ude ,i!h your neighbors0 /riends0 and !hose you mee! in business0 you ,ill soon /ind !ha! people are beginning !o depend on you- Aour ad. 1ice ,ill be sough!0 and a cons!an!ly increasing number o/ people ,ill look !o you /or s!reng!h and inspira!ion0 and rely upon your >udgmen!:ere0 as in !he home0 you mus! a1oid meddling ,i!h o!her peopleDs a//airs- :elp all ,ho come !o you0 bu! do no! go abou! o//iciously endea1oring !o se! o!her people righ!- 8ind your o,n business- I! is no par! o/ your mission in li/e !o correc! peopleDs morals0 habi!s0 or prac!ices- Lead a grea! li/e0 doing all !hings ,i!h a grea! spiri! and in a grea! ,ayC gi1e !o him !ha! asks o/ you as /reely as you ha1e recei1ed0 bu! do no! /orce your help or your opinions upon any man- I/ your neighbor ,ishes !o smoke or drink0 i! is his businessC i! is none o/ yours un!il he consul!s you abou! i!- I/ you lead a grea! li/e and do no preaching0 you ,ill sa1e a !housand !imes as many souls as one ,ho leads a small li/e and preaches con!inuouslyI/ you hold !he righ! 1ie,poin! o/ !he ,orld0 o!hers ,ill /ind i! ou! and be impressed by i! !hrough your daily con1ersa!ion and prac!ice- 2o no! !ry !o con1er! o!hers !o your poin! o/ 1ie,0 ex. cep! by holding i! and li1ing accordingly- I/ your consecra!ion is per/ec! you do no! need !o !ell any oneC i! ,ill speedily become apparen! !o all !ha! you are guided by a higher principle !han !he a1erage man or ,oman- I/ your iden!i/ica!ion ,i!h )od is comple!e0 you do no! need !o explain !he /ac! !o o!hersC i! ,ill become sel/.e1iden!- To become kno,n as a grea! personali!y0 you ha1e no!hing !o do bu! !o li1e- 2o no! imagine !ha! you mus!


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

go charging abou! !he ,orld like 2on Muixo!e0 !il!ing a! ,indmills0 and o1er!urning !hings in general0 in order !o demons!ra!e !ha! you are somebody- 2o no! go hun!ing /or big !hings !o doLi1e a grea! li/e ,here you are0 and in !he daily ,ork you ha1e !o do0 and grea!er ,orks ,ill surely /ind you ou!- Big !hings ,ill come !o you0 asking !o be doneBe so impressed ,i!h !he 1alue o/ a man !ha! you !rea! e1en a beggar or !he !ramp ,i!h !he mos! dis!inguished considera!ionll is )od- *1ery man and ,oman is per/ec!- Le! your manner be !ha! o/ a god addressing o!her gods- 2o no! sa1e all your con. sidera!ion /or !he poorC !he millionaire is as good as !he !rampThis is a per/ec!ly good ,orld0 and !here is no! a person or !hing in i! bu! is exac!ly righ!C be sure !ha! you keep !his in mind in dealing ,i!h !hings and menForm your men!al 1ision o/ yoursel/ ,i!h care- 8ake !he !hough!./orm o/ yoursel/ as you ,ish !o be0 and hold !his ,i!h !he /ai!h !ha! i! is being reali@ed0 and ,i!h !he purpose !o reali@e i! comple!ely- 2o e1ery common ac! as a god should do i!C speak e1ery ,ord as a god should speak i!C mee! men and ,o. men o/ bo!h lo, and high es!a!e as a god mee!s o!her di1ine beings- Begin !hus and con!inue !hus0 and your un/olding in abili!y and po,er ,ill be grea! and rapid-

C: "T*; 1<+ SB8* FU;T:*; *N"L # TIB#S 3* go back here !o !he ma!!er o/ !he poin! o/ 1ie,0 /or0 besides being 1i!ally impor!an!0 i! is !he one !ha! is likely !o gi1e !he s!u. den! !he mos! !rouble- 3e ha1e been !rained0 par!ly by mis. !aken religious !eachers0 !o look upon !he ,orld as being like a ,recked ship0 s!orm.dri1en upon a rocky coas!C u!!er des!ruc.


!ion is ine1i!able a! !he end0 and !he mos! !ha! can be done is !o rescue0 perhaps0 a /e, o/ !he cre,This 1ie, !eaches us !o consider !he ,orld as essen!ially bad and gro,ing ,orseC and !o belie1e !ha! exis!ing discords and in. harmoniousness mus! con!inue and in!ensi/y un!il !he end- I! robs us o/ hope /or socie!y0 go1ernmen!0 and humani!y0 and gi1es us a decreasing ou!look and con!rac!ing mindThis is all ,rong- The ,orld is no! ,recked- I! is like a magni/i. cen! s!eamer ,i!h !he engines in place and !he machinery in per/ec! order- The bunkers are /ull o/ coal0 and !he ship is amply pro1isioned /or !he cruiseC !here is no lack o/ any good !hing*1ery pro1ision Bmniscience could de1ise has been made /or !he sa/e!y0 com/or!0 and happiness o/ !he cre,C !he s!eamer is ou! on !he high seas !acking hi!her and !hi!her because no one has ye! learned !he righ! course !o s!eer- 3e are learning !o s!eer0 and in due !ime ,ill come grandly in!o !he harbor o/ per. /ec! harmonyThe ,orld is good0 and gro,ing be!!er- *xis!ing discords and in. harmoniousness are bu! !he pi!ching o/ !he ship inciden!al !o our o,n imper/ec! s!eeringC !hey ,ill all be remo1ed in due !imeThis 1ie, gi1es us an increasing ou!look and an expanding mindC i! enables us !o !hink largely o/ socie!y and o/ oursel1es0 and !o do !hings in a grea! ,ayFur!hermore0 ,e see !ha! no!hing can be ,rong ,i!h such a ,orld or ,i!h any par! o/ i!0 including our o,n a//airs- I/ i! is all mo1ing on !o,ard comple!ion0 !hen i! is no! going ,rongC and as our o,n personal a//airs are a par! o/ !he ,hole0 !hey are no! going ,rong- Aou and all !ha! you are concerned ,i!h are mo1. ing on !o,ard comple!eness- #o!hing can check !his /or,ard mo1emen! bu! yoursel/C and you can only check i! by assuming a men!al a!!i!ude !ha! is a! cross.purposes ,i!h !he mind o/ )od- Aou ha1e no!hing !o keep righ! bu! yoursel/C i/ you keep

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

yoursel/ righ!0 no!hing can possibly go ,rong ,i!h you0 and you can ha1e no!hing !o /ear- #o business or o!her disas!er can come upon you i/ your personal a!!i!ude is righ!0 /or you are a par! o/ !ha! ,hich is increasing and ad1ancing0 and you mus! increase and ad1ance ,i!h i!8oreo1er your !hough!./orm ,ill be mos!ly shaped according !o your 1ie,poin! o/ !he cosmos- I/ you see !he ,orld as a los! and ruined !hing you ,ill see yoursel/ as a par! o/ i!0 and as par!ak. ing o/ i!s sins and ,eaknesses- I/ your ou!look /or !he ,orld as a ,hole is hopeless0 your ou!look /or yoursel/ canno! be hope/ulI/ you see !he ,orld as declining !o,ard i!s end0 you canno! see yoursel/ as ad1ancing- Unless you !hink ,ell o/ all !he ,orks o/ )od you canno! really !hink ,ell o/ yoursel/0 and unless you !hink ,ell o/ yoursel/ you can ne1er become grea!I repea! !ha! your place in li/e0 including your ma!erial en1iron. men!0 is de!ermined by !he !hough!./orm you habi!ually hold o/ yoursel/- 3hen you make a !hough!./orm o/ yoursel/ you can hardly /ail !o /orm in your mind a corresponding en1ironmen!- I/ you !hink o/ yoursel/ as an incapable0 ine//icien! person0 you ,ill !hink o/ yoursel/ ,i!h poor or cheap surroundings- Unless you !hink ,ell o/ yoursel/ you ,ill be sure !o pic!ure yoursel/ in a more or less po1er!y s!ricken en1ironmen!- These !hough!s0 ha. bi!ually held0 become in1isible /orms in !he surrounding mind. s!u//0 and are ,i!h you con!inually- In due !ime0 by !he regular ac!ion o/ !he e!ernal crea!i1e energy0 !he in1isible !hough!./orms are produced in ma!erial s!u//0 and you are surrounded by your o,n !hough!s made in!o ma!erial !hingsSee na!ure as a grea! li1ing and ad1ancing presence0 and see human socie!y in exac!ly !he same ,ay- I! is all one0 coming /rom one source0 and i! is all good- Aou yoursel/ are made o/ !he same s!u// as )od- ll !he cons!i!uen!s o/ )od are par!s o/ youC e1ery po,er !ha! )od has is a cons!i!uen! o/ man- Aou can


mo1e /or,ard as you see )od doing- Aou ha1e ,i!hin yoursel/ !he source o/ e1ery po,er-

C: "T*; 1%+ 8B;* BBUT T:BU):T )I(* place here !o some /ur!her considera!ion o/ !hough!- Aou ,ill ne1er become grea! un!il your o,n !hough!s make you grea!0 and !here/ore i! is o/ !he /irs! impor!ance !ha! you should T:I#LAou ,ill ne1er do grea! !hings in !he ex!ernal ,orld un!il you !hink grea! !hings in !he in!ernal ,orldC and you ,ill ne1er !hink grea! !hings un!il you !hink abou! !ru!hC abou! !he 1eri!ies- To !hink grea! !hings you mus! be absolu!ely sincereC and !o be sin. cere you mus! kno, !ha! your in!en!ions are righ!- Insincere or /alse !hinking is ne1er grea!0 ho,e1er logical and brillian! i! may beThe /irs! and mos! impor!an! s!ep is !o seek !he !ru!h abou! hu. man rela!ions0 !o kno, ,ha! you ough! !o be !o o!her men0 and ,ha! !hey ough! !o be !o you- This brings you back !o !he search /or a righ! 1ie,poin!- Aou should s!udy organic and social e1olu. !ion;ead 2ar,in and 3al!er Thomas 8ills0 and ,hen you read0 T:I#LC !hink !he ,hole ma!!er o1er un!il you see !he ,orld o/ !hings and men in !he righ! ,ay- T:I#L abou! ,ha! )od is doing un!il you can S** ,ha! he is doing- Aour nex! s!ep is !o !hink yoursel/ in!o !he righ! personal a!!i!ude- Aour 1ie,poin! !ells you ,ha! !he righ! a!!i!ude is0 and obedience !o !he soul pu!s you in!o i!- I! is only by making a comple!e consecra!ion o/ yoursel/ !o !he highes! !ha! is ,i!hin you !ha! you can a!!ain !o sincere !hinking- So long as you kno, you are sel/ish in your aims0 or dishones! or crooked in any ,ay in your in!en!ions or prac!ices0


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

your !hinking ,ill be /alse and your !hough!s ,ill ha1e no po,erT:I#L abou! !he ,ay you are doing !hingsC abou! all your in!en. !ions0 purposes0 and prac!ices0 un!il you kno, !ha! !hey are righ!The /ac! o/ his o,n comple!e uni!y ,i!h )od is one !ha! no per. son can grasp ,i!hou! deep and sus!ained !hinking- ny one can accep! !he proposi!ion in a super/icial ,ay0 bu! !o /eel and reali@e a 1i!al comprehension o/ i! is ano!her ma!!er- I! is easy !o !hink o/ going ou!side o/ yoursel/ !o mee! )od0 bu! i! is no! so easy !o !hink o/ going inside yoursel/ !o mee! )od- Bu! )od is !here0 and in !he holy o/ holies o/ your o,n soul you may mee! him /ace !o /ace- I! is a !remendous !hingC !his /ac! !ha! all you need is already ,i!hin youC !ha! you do no! ha1e !o consider ho, !o ge! !he po,er !o do ,ha! you ,an! !o do or !o make yoursel/ ,ha! you ,an! !o beAou ha1e only !o consider ho, !o use !he po,er you ha1e in !he righ! ,ay- nd !here is no!hing !o do bu! !o begin- Use your per. cep!ion o/ !ru!hC you can see some !ru!h !odayC li1e /ully up !o !ha! and you ,ill see more !ru!h !omorro,To rid yoursel/ o/ !he old /alse ideas you ,ill ha1e !o !hink a grea! deal abou! !he 1alue o/ men H !he grea!ness and ,or!h o/ a human soul- Aou mus! cease /rom looking a! human mis!akes and look a! successesC cease /rom seeing /aul!s and see 1ir. !ues- Aou can no longer look upon men and ,omen as los! and ruined beings !ha! are descending in!o hellC you mus! come !o regard !hem as shining souls ,ho are ascending !o,ard hea1. en- I! ,ill re=uire some exercise o/ ,ill po,er !o do !his0 bu! !his is !he legi!ima!e use o/ !he ,ill H !o decide ,ha! you ,ill !hink abou! and ho, you ,ill !hinkThe /unc!ion o/ !he ,ill is !o direc! !hough!- Think abou! !he good side o/ menC !he lo1ely0 a!!rac!i1e par!0 and exer! your ,ill in re/using !o !hink o/ any!hing else in connec!ion ,i!h !hem49

I kno, o/ no one ,ho has a!!ained !o so much on !his one poin! as *ugene (- 2ebs0 !,ice !he Socialis! candida!e /or presiden! o/ !he Uni!ed S!a!es- 8r- 2ebs re1erences humani!y- #o appeal /or help is e1er made !o him in 1ain- #o one recei1es /rom him an unkind or censorious ,ord- Aou canno! come in!o his pres. ence ,i!hou! being made sensible o/ his deep and kindly per. sonal in!eres! in you- *1ery person0 be he millionaire0 grimy ,orkingman0 or !oil ,orn ,oman0 recei1es !he radian! ,arm!h o/ a bro!herly a//ec!ion !ha! is sincere and !rue- #o ragged child speaks !o him on !he s!ree! ,i!hou! recei1ing ins!an! and !ender recogni!ion- 2ebs lo1es men- This has made him !he leading /ig. ure in a grea! mo1emen!0 !he belo1ed hero o/ a million hear!s0 and ,ill gi1e him a dea!hless name- I! is a grea! !hing !o lo1e men so and i! is only achie1ed by !hough!- #o!hing can make you grea! bu! !hough!53e may di1ide !hinkers in!o !hose ,ho !hink /or !hemsel1es and !hose ,ho !hink !hrough o!hers- The la!!er are !he rule and !he /ormer !he excep!ion- The /irs! are original !hinkers in a double sense0 and ego!is!s in !he nobles! meaning o/ !he ,ord-6.Schopenhauer5The key !o e1ery man is his !hough!- S!urdy and de/ian! !hough he look he has a helm ,hich he obeys0 ,hich is !he idea a/!er ,hich all his /ac!s are classi/ied- :e can only be re/ormed by sho,ing him a ne, idea ,hich commands his o,n-6 .*merson5 ll !ruly ,ise !hough!s ha1e been !hough! already !housands o/ !imesC bu! !o make !hem really ours ,e mus! !hink !hem o1er again hones!ly !ill !hey !ake roo! in our personal expression -6 .)oe!he5 ll !ha! a man is ou!,ardly is bu! !he expression and comple. !ion o/ his in,ard !hough!- To ,ork e//ec!i1ely he mus! !hink clearly- To ac! nobly he mus! !hink nobly-6 .Channing-


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

5)rea! men are !hey ,ho see !ha! spiri!uali!y is s!ronger !han any ma!erial /orceC !ha! !hough!s rule !he ,orld-6 .*merson5Some people s!udy all !heir li1es0 and a! !heir dea!h !hey ha1e learned e1ery!hing excep! !o !hink-6 .2omergue5I! is !he habi!ual !hough! !ha! /rames i!sel/ in!o our li/e- I! a/. /ec!s us e1en more !han our in!ima!e social rela!ions do- Bur con/iden!ial /riends ha1e no! so much !o do in shaping our li1es as !he !hough!s ha1e ,hich ,e harborED .?- 3- Teal53hen )od le!s loose a grea! !hinker on !his plane!0 !hen all !hings are a! risk- There is no! a piece o/ science bu! i!s /lank may be !urned !omorro,C nor any li!erary repu!a!ion or !he so. called e!ernal names o/ /ame !ha! may no! be re/used and con. demned-6 .*mersonThinkG ThinkGG T:I#LGGG

C: "T*; 1'+ ?*SUSD I2* BF );* T#*SS I# !he !,en!y.!hird chap!er o/ 8a!!he, ?esus makes a 1ery plain dis!inc!ion be!,een !rue and /alse grea!nessC and also poin!s ou! !he one grea! danger !o all ,ho ,ish !o become grea!C !he mos! insidious o/ !emp!a!ions ,hich all mus! a1oid and /igh! un. ceasingly ,ho desire !o really climb in !he ,orld- Speaking !o !he mul!i!ude and !o his disciples he bids !hem be ,are o/ ad. op!ing !he principle o/ !he "harisees:e poin!s ou! !ha! ,hile !he "harisees are >us! and righ!eous men0 honorable >udges0 !rue la,gi1ers and uprigh! in !heir deal. ings ,i!h men0 !hey 5lo1e !he uppermos! sea!s a! /eas!s and gree!ings in !he marke! place0 and !o be called 8as!er0 8as!er6C and in comparison ,i!h !his principle0 he says+ 5:e !ha! ,ill be grea! among you le! him ser1e-6


The a1erage personDs idea o/ a grea! man0 ra!her !han o/ one ,ho ser1es0 is o/ one ,ho succeeds in ge!!ing himsel/ ser1ed:e ge!s himsel/ in a posi!ion !o command menC !o exercise po,er o1er !hem0 making !hem obey his ,ill- The exercise o/ dominion o1er o!her people0 !o mos! persons0 is a grea! !hing#o!hing seems !o be s,ee!er !o !he sel/ish soul !han !his- Aou ,ill al,ays /ind e1ery sel/ish and unde1eloped person !rying !o domineer o1er o!hers0 !o exercise con!rol o1er o!her men- Sa1. age men ,ere no sooner placed upon !he ear!h !han !hey began !o ensla1e one ano!her- For ages !he s!ruggle in ,ar0 dip. lomacy0 poli!ics0 and go1ernmen! has been aimed a! !he secur. ing o/ con!rol o1er o!her men- Lings and princes ha1e drenched !he soil o/ !he ear!h in blood and !ears in !he e//or! !o ex!end !heir dominions and !heir po,er !o rule more peopleThe s!ruggle o/ !he business ,orld !oday is !he same as !ha! on !he ba!!le/ields o/ *urope a cen!ury ago so /ar as !he ruling prin. ciple is concerned- ;ober! 0- Ingersoll could no! unders!and ,hy men like ;ocke/eller and Carnegie seek /or more money and make !hemsel1es sla1es !o !he business s!ruggle ,hen !hey already ha1e more !han !hey can possibly use- :e !hough! i! a kind o/ madness and illus!ra!ed i! as /ollo,s+ 5Suppose a man had /i/!y !housand pairs o/ pan!s0 se1en!y./i1e !housand 1es!s0 one hundred !housand coa!s0 and one hundred and /i/!y !hou. sand neck!ies0 ,ha! ,ould you !hink o/ him i/ he arose in !he morning be/ore ligh! and ,orked un!il a/!er i! ,as dark e1ery day0 rain or shine0 in all kinds o/ ,ea!her0 merely !o ge! ano!her neck!ieE6 Bu! i! is no! a good simile- The possession o/ neck!ies gi1es a man no po,er o1er o!her men0 ,hile !he possession o/ dollars does- ;ocke/eller0 Carnegie0 and !heir kind are no! a/!er dollars bu! po,er- I! is !he principle o/ !he "hariseeC i! is !he s!ruggle /or !he high place- I! de1elops able men0 cunning men0 resource/ul men0 bu! no! grea! men52

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

I ,an! you !o con!ras! !hese !,o ideas o/ grea!ness sharply in your minds- 5:e !ha! ,ill be grea! among you le! him ser1e-6 Le! me s!and be/ore !he a1erage merican audience and ask !he name o/ !he grea!es! merican and !he ma>ori!y ,ill !hink o/ b. raham LincolnC and is !his no! because in Lincoln abo1e all !he o!her men ,ho ha1e ser1ed us in public li/e ,e recogni@e !he spiri! o/ ser1iceE #o! ser1ili!y0 bu! ser1ice- Lincoln ,as a grea! man because he kne, ho, !o be a grea! ser1an!#apoleon0 able0 cold0 sel/ish0 seeking !he high places0 ,as a brillian! man- Lincoln ,as grea!C #apoleon ,as no!- The 1ery momen! you begin !o ad1ance and are recogni@ed as one ,ho is doing !hings in a grea! ,ay you ,ill /ind yoursel/ in dangerThe !emp!a!ion !o pa!roni@e0 ad1ise0 or !ake upon yoursel/ !he direc!ion o/ o!her peopleDs a//airs is some!imes almos! irresis!. ible- 1oid0 ho,e1er0 !he opposi!e danger o/ /alling in!o ser1ili!y0 or o/ comple!ely !hro,ing yoursel/ a,ay in !he ser1ice o/ o!hersTo do !his has been !he ideal o/ a grea! many people- The com. ple!ely sel/.sacri/icing li/e has been !hough! !o be !he Chris!.like li/e0 because0 as I !hink0 o/ a comple!e misconcep!ion o/ !he charac!er and !eachings o/ ?esus- I ha1e explained !his miscon. cep!ion in a li!!le book !ha! I hope you may all some!ime read0 5 #e, Chris!6Thousands o/ people imi!a!ing ?esus0 as !hey suppose0 ha1e be. li!!led !hemsel1es and gi1en up all else !o go abou! doing goodC prac!icing an al!ruism !ha! is really as morbid and as /ar /rom grea! as !he rankes! sel/ishness- The /iner ins!inc!s ,hich re. spond !o !he cry o/ !rouble or dis!ress are no! by any means all o/ youC !hey are no! necessarily !he bes! par! o/ you- There are o!her !hings you mus! do besides helping !he un/or!una!e0 al. !hough i! is !rue !ha! a large par! o/ !he li/e and ac!i1i!ies o/ e1ery grea! person mus! be gi1en !o helping o!her people- s you begin !o ad1ance !hey ,ill come !o you- 2o no! !urn !hem a,ay- Bu! do no! make !he /a!al error o/ supposing !ha! !he li/e

o/ comple!e sel/.abnega!ion is !he ,ay o/ grea!nessTo make ano!her poin! here0 le ! me re/er !o !he /ac! !ha! S,edenborgDs classi/ica!ion o/ /undamen!al mo!i1es is exac!ly !he same as !ha! o/ ?esus- :e di1ides all men in!o !,o groups+ !hose ,ho li1e in pure lo1e0 and !hose ,ho li1e in ,ha! he calls !he lo1e o/ ruling /or !he lo1e o/ sel/- I! ,ill be seen !ha! !his is exac!ly !he same as !he lus! /or place and po,er o/ !he "har. isees- S,edenborg sa, !his sel/ish lo1e o/ po,er as !he cause o/ all sin- I! ,as !he only e1il desire o/ !he human hear!0 /rom ,hich all o!her e1il desires sprangB1er agains! !his he places pure lo1e- :e does no! say lo1e o/ )od or lo1e o/ man0 bu! merely lo1e- # early all religionis!s make more o/ lo1e and ser1ice !o )od !han !hey do o/ lo1e and ser1ice !o man- Bu! i! is a /ac! !ha! lo1e !o )od is no! su//icien! !o sa1e a man /rom !he lus! /or po,er0 /or some o/ !he mos! arden! lo1ers o/ !he 2ei!y ha1e been !he ,ors! o/ !yran!s- Lo1ers o/ )od are o/!en !yran!s0 and lo1ers o/ men are o/!en meddlesome and o//icious-


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

C: "T*; 19+


BUT ho, shall ,e a1oid !hro,ing oursel1es in!o al!ruis!ic ,ork i/ ,e are surrounded by po1er!y0 ignorance0 su//ering0 and e1ery appearance o/ misery as 1ery many people areE Those ,ho li1e ,here !he ,i!hered hand o/ ,an! is !hrus! upon !hem /rom e1ery side appealingly /or aid mus! /ind i! hard !o re/rain /rom con!inuous gi1ing- gain0 !here are social and o!her irregulari!. ies0 in>us!ices done !o !he ,eak0 ,hich /ire generous souls ,i!h an almos! irresis!ible desire !o se! !hings righ!- 3e ,an! !o s!ar! a crusadeC ,e /eel !ha! !he ,rongs ,ill ne1er be righ!ed un!il ,e gi1e oursel1es ,holly !o !he !ask- In all !his ,e mus! /all back upon !he poin! o/ 1ie,- 3e mus! remember !ha! !his is no! a bad ,orld bu! a good ,orld in !he process o/ becomingBeyond all doub! !here ,as a !ime ,hen !here ,as no li/e upon !his ear!h- The !es!imony o/ geology !o !he /ac! !ha! !he globe ,as once a ball o/ burning gas and mol!en rock0 clo!hed abou! ,i!h boiling 1apors0 is indispu!able- nd ,e do no! kno, ho, li/e could ha1e exis!ed under such condi!ionsC !ha! seems im. possible- )eology !ells us !ha! la!er on a crus! /ormed0 !he globe cooled and hardened0 !he 1apors condensed and became mis! or /ell in rain- The cooled sur/ace crumbled in!o soilC mois!ure accumula!ed0 ponds and seas ,ere ga!hered !oge!her0 and a! las! some,here in !he ,a!er or on !he land appeared some!hing !ha! ,as ali1eI! is reasonable !o suppose !ha! !his /irs! li/e ,as in single.celled organisms0 bu! behind !hese cells ,as !he insis!en! urge o/ Spir. i!0 !he )rea! Bne Li/e seeking expression- nd soon organisms ha1ing !oo much li/e !o express !hemsel1es ,i!h one cell had !,o cells and !hen many0 and s!ill mo re li/e ,as poured in!o !hem8ul!iple.celled organisms ,ere /ormedC plan!s0 !rees0 1er!eb. ra!es0 and mammals0 many o/ !hem ,i!h s!range shapes0 bu! all

,ere per/ec! a/!er !heir kind as e1ery!hing is !ha! )od makes#o doub! !here ,ere crude and almos! mons!rous /orms o/ bo!h animal and plan! li/eC bu! e1ery!hing /illed i!s purpose in i!s day and i! ,as all 1ery good- Then ano!her day came0 !he grea! day o/ !he e1olu!ionary process0 a day ,hen !he morning s!ars sang !oge!her and !he sons o/ )od shou!ed /or >oy !o behold !he beginning o/ !he end0 /or man0 !he ob>ec! aimed a! /rom !he be ginning0 had appeared upon !he scene- n being0 li!!le di//eren! /rom !he beas!s around him in appearance0 bu! in/ini!ely di//eren! capaci!y /or gro,!h and !hough!- r! and beau!y0 archi!ec!ure and song0 poe!ry and music0 all !hese ,ere unreali@ed possibili!ies in !ha! ape manDs soul- nd /or his !ime and kind he ,as 1ery good5I! is )od !ha! ,orks in you !o ,ill and !o do o/ his good pleas. ure06 says S!- "aul- From !he day !he /irs! man appeared )od began !o ,ork I# men0 pu!!ing more and more o/ himsel/ in!o each succeeding genera!ion0 urging !hem on !o larger achie1e. men!s and !o be!!er condi!ions0 social0 go1ernmen!al0 and do. mes!ic- Those ,ho looking back in!o ancien! his!ory see !he a,. /ul condi!ions ,hich exis!ed0 !he barbari!ies0 idola!ries0 and su/. /erings0 and reading abou! )od in connec!ion ,i!h !hese !hings are disposed !o /eel !ha! he ,as cruel and un>us! !o man0 should pause !o !hink- From !he !o !he coming Chris! man !he race has had !o rise- nd i! could only be accomplished by !he successi1e un/olding o/ !he 1arious po,ers and possibili!. ies la!en! in !he human brain)od desired !o express himsel/0 !o li1e in /orm0 and no! only !ha!0 bu! !o li1e in a /orm !hrough ,hich he could express him. sel/ on !he highes! moral and spiri!ual plane- )od ,an!ed !o e1ol1e a /orm in ,hich he could li1e as a god and mani/es! him. sel/ as a god- This ,as !he aim o/ !he e1olu!ionary /orce- The ages o/ ,ar/are0 bloodshed0 su//ering0 in>us!ice0 and cruel!y ,ere !empered in many ,ays ,i!h lo1e and >us! ice as !ime ad.

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

1anced- nd !his ,as de1eloping !he brain o/ man !o a poin! ,here i! should be capable o/ gi1ing /ull expression !o !he lo1e and >us!ice o/ )od- The end is no! ye!C )od aims no! a! !he per. /ec!ion o/ a /e, choice specimens /or exhibi!ion0 like !he large berries a! !he !op o/ !he box0 bu! a! !he glori/ica!ion o/ !he raceThe !ime ,ill come ,hen !he Lingdom o/ )od shall be es!ab. lished on ear!hC !he !ime /oreseen by !he dreamer o/ !he Isle o/ "a!mos0 ,hen !here shall be no more crying0 nei!her shall !here be any more pain0 /or !he /ormer !hings are all passed a,ay0 and !here shall be no nigh! !here-

C: "T*; 20+ S*;(I#) )B2 I : (* brough! you !hus /ar !hrough !he !,o preceding chap!ers ,i!h a 1ie, !o /inally se!!ling !he =ues!ion o/ du!y- This is one !ha! pu@@les and perplexes 1ery many people ,ho are earnes! and sincere0 and gi1es !hem a grea! deal o/ di//icul!y in i!s solu. !ion3hen !hey s!ar! ou! !o make some!hing o/ !hemsel1es and !o prac!ice !he science o/ being grea!0 !hey /ind !hemsel1es neces. sarily compelled !o rearrange many o/ !heir rela!ionships- There are /riends ,ho perhaps mus! be aliena!ed0 !here are rela!i1es ,ho misunders!and and ,ho /eel !ha! !hey are in some ,ay be. ing sligh!edC !he really grea! man is o/!en considered sel/ish by a large circle o/ people ,ho are connec!ed ,i!h him and ,ho /eel !ha! he migh! bes!o, upon !hem more bene/i!s !han he doesThe =ues!ion a! !he ou!se! is+ Is i! my du!y !o make !he mos! o/ mysel/ regardless o/ e1ery!hing elseE Br shall I ,ai! un!il I can do so ,i!hou! any /ric!ion or ,i!hou! causing loss !o any oneE This is !he =ues!ion o/ du!y !o sel/ 1s- du!y !o o!hers-


BneDs du!y !o !he ,orld has been !horoughly discussed in !he preceding pages and I gi1e some considera!ion no, !o !he idea o/ du!y !o )od- n immense number o/ people ha1e a grea! deal o/ uncer!ain!y0 no! !o say anxie!y0 as !o ,ha! !hey ough! !o do /or )odThe amoun! o/ ,ork and ser1ice !ha! is done /or him in !hese Uni!ed S!a!es in !he ,ay o/ church ,ork and so on is enormousn immense amoun! o/ human energy is expended in ,ha! is called ser1ing )od- I propose !o consider brie/ly ,ha! ser1ing )od is and ho, a man may ser1e )od bes!0 and I !hink I shall be able !o make plain !ha! !he con1en!ional idea as !o ,ha! cons!i!u!es ser1ice !o )od is all ,rong3hen 8oses ,en! do,n in!o *gyp! !o bring ou! !he :ebre,s /rom bondage0 his demand upon "haraoh0 in !he name o/ !he 2ei!y ,as0 5Le! !he people go !ha! !hey may ser1e me-6 :e led !hem ou! in!o !he ,ilderness and !here ins!i!u!ed a ne, /orm o/ ,orship ,hich has led many people !o suppose !ha! ,orship cons!i!u!es !he ser1ice o/ )od0 al!hough la!er )od himsel/ dis. !inc!ly declared !ha! he cared no!hing /or ceremonies0 burned o//erings0 or obla!ion0 and !he !eaching o/ ?esus i/ righ!ly under. s!ood0 ,ould do a,ay ,i!h organi@ed !emple ,orship al!oge!her)od does no! lack any!hing !ha! men may do /or him ,i!h !heir hands or bodies or 1oices- Sain! "aul poin!s ou! !ha! man can do no!hing /or )od0 /or )od does no! need any!hingThe 1ie, o/ e1olu!ion !ha! ,e ha1e !aken sho,s )od seeking ex. pression !hrough man- Through all !he successi1e ages in ,hich his spiri! has urged man up !he heigh!0 )od has gone on seek. ing expression- *1ery genera!ion o/ men is more )odlike !han !he preceding genera!ion- *1ery genera!ion o/ men demands more in !he ,ay o/ /ine homes0 pleasan! surroundings0 congeni. al ,ork0 res!0 !ra1el0 and oppor!uni!y /or s!udy !han !he preced. ing genera!ion-


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

I ha1e heard some shor!sigh!ed economis!s argue !ha! !he ,orking people o/ !oday ough! surely !o be /ully con!en!ed be. cause !heir condi!ion is so much be!!er !han !ha! o/ !he ,orking. man !,o hundred years ago ,ho slep! in a ,indo,less hu! on a /loor co1ered ,i!h rushes in company ,i!h his pigs- I/ !ha! man had all !ha! he ,as able !o use /or !he li1ing o/ all !he li/e he kne, ho, !o li1e0 he ,as per/ec!ly con!en!0 and i/ he had lack he ,as no! con!en!ed- The man o/ !oday has a com/or!able home and 1ery many !hings0 indeed0 !ha! ,ere unkno,n a shor! period back in !he pas!0 and i/ he has all !ha! he can use /or !he li1ing o/ all !he li/e he can imagine0 he ,ill be con!en!- Bu! he is no! con!en!- )od has li/!ed !he race so /ar !ha! any common man can pic!ure a be!!er and more desirable li/e !han he is able !o li1e under exis!ing condi!ions- nd so long as !his is !rue0 so long as a man can !hink and clearly pic!ure !o himsel/ a more desirable li/e0 he ,ill be discon!en!ed ,i!h !he li/e he has !o li1e0 and righ!ly so- Tha! discon!en! is !he Spiri! o/ )od urging men on !o more desirable condi!ions- I! is )od ,ho seeks expression in !he race- 5:e ,orks in us !o ,ill and !o do-6 The only ser1ice you can render )od is !o gi1e expression !o ,ha! he is !rying !o gi1e !he ,orld0 !hrough you- The only ser1ice you can render )od is !o make !he 1ery mos! o/ yoursel/ in order !ha! )od may li1e in you !o !he u!mos! o/ your possibili!iesIn a /ormer ,ork o/ !his series JThe Science o/ )e!!ing ;ichK I re/er !o !he li!!le boy a! !he piano0 !he music in ,hose soul could no! /ind expression !hrough his un!rained hands- This is a good illus!ra!ion o/ !he ,ay !he Spiri! o/ )od is o1er0 abou!0 around0 and in all o/ us0 seeking !o do grea! !hings ,i!h us0 so soon as ,e ,ill !rain our hands and /ee!0 our minds0 brains0 and bodies !o do his ser1iceAour /irs! du!y !o )od0 !o yoursel/0 and !o !he ,orld is !o make yoursel/ as grea! a personali!y0 in e1ery ,ay0 as you possibly


can- nd !ha!0 i! seems !o me0 disposes o/ !he =ues!ion o/ du!yThere are one or !,o o!her !hings !ha! migh! be disposed o/ in closing !his chap!er- I ha1e ,ri!!en o/ oppor!uni!y in a preceding chap!er- I ha1e said0 in a general ,ay0 !ha! i! is ,i!hin !he po,er o/ e1ery man !o become grea!0 >us! as in 5The Science o/ )e!. !ing ;ich6 I declared !ha! i! is ,i!hin !he po,er o/ e1ery man !o become rich- Bu! !hese s,eeping generali@a!ions need =uali/y. ing- There are men ,ho ha1e such ma!erialis!ic minds !ha! !hey are absolu!ely incapable o/ comprehending !he philosophy se! /or!h in !hese books- There is a grea! mass o/ men and ,omen ,ho ha1e li1ed and ,orked un!il !hey are prac!ically incapable o/ !hough! along !hese linesC and !hey canno! recei1e !he mes. sage- Some!hing may be done /or !hem by demons!ra!ion0 !ha! is0 by li1ing !he li/e be/ore !hem- Bu! !ha! is !he only ,ay !hey can be aroused- The ,orld needs demons!ra!ion more !han i! needs !eaching- For !his mass o/ people our du!y is !o become as grea! in personali!y as possible in order !ha! !hey may see and desire !o do like,ise- I! is our du!y !o make oursel1es grea! /or !heir sakesC so !ha! ,e may help prepare !he ,orld !ha! !he nex! genera!ion shall ha1e be!!er condi!ions /or !hough!Bne o!her poin!C I am /re=uen!ly ,ri!!en !o by people ,ho ,ish !o make some!hing o/ !hemsel1es and !o mo1e ou! in!o !he ,orld0 bu! ,ho are hampered by home !ies0 ha1ing o!hers more or less dependen! upon !hem0 ,hom !hey /ear ,ould su//er i/ le/! alone- In general I ad1ise such people !o mo1e ou! /ear. lessly0 and !o make !he mos! o/ !hemsel1es- I/ !here is a loss a! home i! ,ill be only !emporary and apparen!0 /or in a li!!le ,hile0 i/ you /ollo, !he leading o/ Spiri!0 you ,ill be able !o !ake be!!er care o/ your dependen!s !han you ha1e e1er done be/ore-

C: "T*; 21+

8*#T L *N*;CIS*

T:* purpose o/ men!al exercises mus! no! be misunders!ood60

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

There is no 1ir!ue in charms or /ormula!ed s!rings o/ ,ordsC !here is no shor! cu! !o de1elopmen! by repea!ing prayers or in. can!a!ions- men!al exercise is an exercise0 no! in repea!ing ,ords0 bu! in !he !hinking o/ cer!ain !hough!s- The phrases !ha! ,e repea!edly hear become con1ic!ions0 as )oe!he saysC and !he !hough!s !ha! ,e repea!edly !hink become habi!ual0 and make us ,ha! ,e are- The purpose in !aking a men!al exercise is !ha! you may !hink cer!ain !hough!s repea!edly un!il you /orm a habi! o/ !hinking !hemC !hen !hey ,ill be your !hough!s all !he !ime- Taken in !he righ! ,ay and ,i!h an unders!anding o/ !heir purpose0 men!al exercises are o/ grea! 1alueC bu! !aken as mos! people !ake !hem !hey are ,orse !han uselessThe !hough!s embodied in !he /ollo,ing exercise are !he ones you ,an! !o !hinkAou should !ake !he exercise once or !,ice daily0 bu! you should !hink !he !hough!s con!inuously- Tha! is0 do no! !hink !hem !,ice a day /or a s!a!ed !ime and !hen /orge! !hem un!il i! is !ime !o !ake !he exercise again- The exercise is !o impress you ,i!h !he ma!erial /or con!inuous !hough!Take a !ime ,hen you can ha1e /rom !,en!y minu!es !o hal/ an hour secure /rom in!errup!ion0 and proceed /irs! !o make your. sel/ physically com/or!able- Lie a! ease in a 8orris chair0 or on a couch0 or in bedC i! is bes! !o lie /la! on your back- I/ you ha1e no o!her !ime0 !ake !he exercise on going !o bed a! nigh! and be. /ore rising in !he morningFirs! le! your a!!en!ion !ra1el o1er your body /rom !he cro,n o/ your head !o !he soles o/ your /ee!0 relaxing e1ery muscle as you go;elax comple!ely- nd nex!0 ge! physical and o!her ills o// your mind- Le! !he a!!en!ion pass do,n !he spinal cord and ou! o1er !he ner1es !o !he ex!remi!ies0 and as you do so !hink+ . 58y


ner1es are in per/ec! order all o1er my body- They obey my ,ill0 and I ha1e grea! ner1e /orce-6 #ex! bring your a!!en!ion !o !he lungs and !hink+ . 5I am brea!hing deeply and =uie!ly0 and !he air goes in!o e1ery cell o/ my lungs0 ,hich are in per/ec! condi!ion8y blood is puri/ied and made clean-6 #ex!0 !o !he hear!+ . 58y hear! is bea!ing s!rongly and s!eadily0 and my circula!ion is per. /ec!0 e1en !o !he ex!remi!ies-D #ex!0 !o !he diges!i1e sys!em+ . 58y s!omach and bo,els per/orm !heir ,ork per/ec!ly- 8y /ood is diges!ed and assimila!ed and my body rebuil! and nourished8y li1er0 kidneys0 and bladder each per/orm !heir se1eral /unc. !ions ,i!hou! pain or s!rainC I am per/ec!ly ,ell- 8y body is res!. ing0 my mind is =uie!0 and my soul is a! peace5I ha1e no anxie!y abou! /inancial or o!her ma!!ers- )od0 ,ho is ,i!hin me0 is also in all !hings I ,an!0 impelling !hem !o,ard meC all !ha! I ,an! is already gi1en !o me- I ha1e no anxie!y abou! my heal!h0 /or I am per/ec!ly ,ell- I ha1e no ,orry or /ear ,ha!e1er5I rise abo1e all !emp!a!ion !o moral e1il- I cas! ou! all greed0 sel/ishness0 and narro, personal ambi!ionC I do no! hold en1y0 malice0 or enmi!y !o,ard any li1ing soul- I ,ill /ollo, no course o/ ac!ion ,hich is no! in accord O,i!h my highes! ideals- I am righ! and I ,ill do righ!-6 (I*3"BI#T ll is righ! ,i!h !he ,orld- I! is per/ec! and ad1ancing !o comple. !ion- I ,ill con!empla!e !he /ac!s o/ social0 poli!ical0 and indus!ri. al li/e only /rom !his high 1ie,poin!- Behold0 i! is all 1ery good- I ,ill see all human beings0 all my ac=uain!ances0 /riends0 neigh. bors0 and !he members o/ my o,n household in !he same ,ayThey are all good- #o!hing is ,rong ,i!h !he uni1erseC no!hing can be ,rong bu! my o,n personal a!!i!ude0 and hence/or!h I keep !ha! righ!- 8y ,hole !rus! is in )odCB#S*C; TIB#


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

I ,ill obey my soul and be !rue !o !ha! ,i!hin me !ha! is highes!I ,ill search ,i!hin /or !he pure idea o/ righ! in all !hings0 and ,hen I /ind i! I ,ill express i! in my ou!,ard li/e- I ,ill abandon e1ery!hing I ha1e ou!gro,n /or !he bes! I can !hink- I ,ill ha1e !he highes! !hough!s concerning all my rela!ionships0 and my manner and ac!ion shall express !hese !hough!s- I surrender my body !o be ruled by my mindC I yield my mind !o !he dominion o/ my soul0 and I gi1e my soul !o !he guidance o/ )odI2*#TIFIC TIB# There is bu! one subs!ance and source0 and o/ !ha! I am made and ,i!h i! I am one- I! is my Fa!herC I proceeded /or!h and came /rom i!- 8y Fa!her and I are one0 and my Fa!her is grea!er !han I0 and I do :is ,ill- I surrender mysel/ !o conscious uni!y ,i!h "ure Spiri!C !here is bu! one and !ha! one is e1ery,here- I am one ,i!h !he *!ernal ConsciousnessI2* LII TIB# Form a men!al pic!ure o/ yoursel/ as you ,an! !o be0 and a! !he grea!es! heigh! your imagina!ion can pic!ure- 2,ell upon !his /or some li!!le !ime0 holding !he !hough!+ 5This is ,ha! I really amC i! is a pic!ure o/ my o,n per/ec! and ad1ancing !o comple!ion- I ,ill con!empla!e !he /ac!s o/ social0 poli!ical0 and indus!rial li/e only /rom !his high 1ie,poin!- Behold0 i! is all 1ery good- I ,ill see all human beings0 all my ac=uain!ances0 /riends0 neighbors0 and !he members o/ my o,n household in !he same ,ay- They are all good#o!hing is ,rong ,i!h !he uni1erse0 no!hing can be ,rong bu! my o,n personal a!!i!ude0 and hence/or!h I keep !ha! righ!- 8y ,hole !rus! is in )od;* LII TIB# I appropria!e !o mysel/ !he po,er !o become ,ha! I ,an! !o be0

and !o do ,ha! I ,an! !o do- I exercise crea!i1e energyC all !he po,er !here is0 is mine- I ,ill arise and go /or!h ,i!h po,er and per/ec! con/idenceC I ,ill do migh!y ,orks in !he s!reng!h o/ !he Lord0 my )od- I ,ill !rus! and no! /ear0 /or )od is ,i!h me-

C: "T*; 22+ );* T

SU88 ;A BF T:* SCI*#C* BF B*I#)

LL men are made o/ !he one in!elligen! subs!ance0 and !here. /ore all con!ain !he same essen!ial po,ers and possibili!ies)rea!ness is e=ually inheren! in all0 and may be mani/es!ed by all- *1ery person may become grea!- *1ery cons!i!uen! o/ )od is a cons!i!uen! o/ man8an may o1ercome bo!h heredi!y and circums!ances by exer. cising !he inheren! crea!i1e po,er o/ !he soul- I/ he is !o become grea!0 !he soul mus! ac!0 and mus! rule !he mind and !he body8anDs kno,ledge is limi!ed0 and he /alls in!o error !hrough ig. noranceC !o a1oid !his he mus! connec! his soul ,i!h Uni1ersal Spiri!- Uni1ersal Spiri! is !he in!elligen! subs!ance /rom ,hich all !hings comeC i! is in and !hrough all !hings- ll !hings are kno,n !o !his uni1ersal mind0 and man can so uni!e himsel/ ,i!h i! as !o en!er in!o all kno,ledgeTo do !his man mus! cas! ou! o/ himsel/ e1ery!hing !ha! separ. a!es him /rom )od:e mus! ,ill !o li1e !he di1ine li/e0 and he mus! rise abo1e all moral !emp!a!ionsC he mus! /orsake e1ery course o/ ac!ion !ha! is no! in accord ,i!h his highes! ideals:e mus! reach !he righ! 1ie,poin!0 recogni@ing !ha! )od is all0 in all0 and !ha! !here is no!hing ,rong- :e mus! see !ha! na!ure0


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

socie!y0 go1ernmen!0 and indus!ry are per/ec! in !heir presen! s!age0 and ad1ancing !o,ard comple!ionC and !ha! all men and ,omen e1ery,here are good and per/ec!- :e mus! kno, !ha! all is righ! ,i!h !he ,orld0 and uni!e ,i!h )od /or !he comple!ion o/ !he per/ec! ,ork- I! is only as man sees )od as !he )rea! d1an. cing "resence in all0 and good in all !ha! he can rise !o real grea!ness:e mus! consecra!e himsel/ !o !he ser1ice o/ !he highes! !ha! is ,i!hin himsel/0 obeying !he 1oice o/ !he soul- There is an Inner Ligh! in e1ery man !ha! con!inuously impels him !o,ard !he highes!0 and he mus! be guided by !his ligh! i/ he ,ould become grea!:e mus! recogni@e !he /ac! !ha! he is one ,i!h !he Fa!her0 and consciously a//irm !his uni!y /or himsel/ and /or all o!hers- :e mus! kno, himsel/ !o be a god among gods0 and ac! accord. ingly- :e mus! ha1e absolu!e /ai!h in his o,n percep!ions o/ !ru!h0 and begin a! home !o ac! upon !hese percep!ions- s he sees !he !rue and righ! course in small !hings0 he mus! !ake !ha! course- :e mus! cease !o ac! un!hinkingly0 and begin !o !hinkC and he mus! be sincere in his !hough!:e mus! /orm a men!al concep!ion o/ himsel/ a! !he highes!0 and hold !his concep!ion un!il i! is his habi!ual !hough!./orm o/ himsel/- This !hough!./orm he mus! keep con!inuously in 1ie,:e mus! ou!,ardly reali@e and express !ha! !hough!./orm in his ac!ions- :e mus! do e1ery!hing !ha! he does in a grea! ,ay- In dealing ,i!h his /amily0 his neighbors0 ac=uain!ances0 and /riends0 he mus! make e1ery ac! an expression o/ his ideal- The man ,ho reaches !he righ! 1ie,poin! and makes /ull consecra. !ion0 and ,ho /ully ideali@es himsel/ as grea!0 and ,ho makes e1ery ac!0 ho,e1er !ri1ial0 an expression o/ !he ideal0 has already a!!ained !o grea!ness*1ery!hing he does ,ill be done in a grea! ,ay- :e ,ill make

himsel/ kno,n0 and ,ill be recogni@ed as a personali!y o/ po,er:e ,ill recei1e kno,ledge by inspira!ion0 and ,ill kno, all !ha! he needs !o kno,- :e ,ill recei1e all !he ma!erial ,eal!h he /orms in his !hough!s0 and ,ill no! lack /or any good !hing- :e ,ill be gi1en abili!y !o deal ,i!h any combina!ion o/ circum. s!ances !ha! may arise0 and his gro,!h and progress ,ill be con. !inuous and rapid)rea! ,orks ,ill seek him ou!0 and all men ,ill deligh! !o do him honor- Because o/ i!s peculiar 1alue !o !he s!uden! o/ !he Sci. ence o/ Being )rea!0 I close !his book by gi1ing a por!ion o/ *mersonDs essay on !he 5B1ersoul-6 This grea! essay is /unda. men!al0 sho,ing !he /ounda!ion principles o/ monism and !he science o/ grea!ness- I recommend !he s!uden! !o s!udy i! mos! care/ully in connec!ion ,i!h !his book3ha! is !he uni1ersal sense o/ ,an! and ignorance0 bu! !he /ine innuendo by ,hich !he grea! soul makes i!s enormous claimE 3hy do men /eel !ha! !he na!ural his!ory o/ man has ne1er been ,ri!!en0 bu! al,ays he is lea1ing behind ,ha! you ha1e said o/ him0 and i! becomes old0 and books o/ me!aphysics ,or!hlessE The philosophy o/ six !housand years has no! searched !he chambers and maga@ines o/ !he soul- In i!s experimen!s !here has al,ays remained0 in !he las! analysis0 a residuum i! could no! resol1e- 8an is a s!ream ,hose source is hidden- l,ays our being is descending in!o us /rom ,e kno, no! ,hence- The mos! exac! calcula!or has no prescience !ha! some,ha! incal. culable may no! balk !he 1ery nex! momen!- I am cons!rained e1ery momen! !o ackno,ledge a higher origin /or e1en!s !han !he ,ill I call mine- s ,i!h e1en!s0 so i! is ,i!h !hough!s- 3hen I ,a!ch !ha! /lo,ing ri1er0 ,hich0 ou! o/ regions I see no!0 pours /or a season i!s s!reams in!o me0 .I see !ha! I am a pensioner0 .no! a cause0 bu! a surprised spec!a!or o/ !his e!hereal ,a!erC !ha! I desire and look up0 and pu! mysel/ in !he a!!i!ude /or re. cep!ion0 bu! /rom some alien energy !he 1isions come66

"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

The Supreme Cri!ic on all !he errors o/ !he pas! and presen!0 and !he only prophe! o/ !ha! ,hich mus! be0 is !ha! grea! na!ure in ,hich ,e res!0 as !he ear!h lies in !he so/! arms o/ !he a!mo. sphereC !ha! Uni!y0 !ha! B1ersoul0 ,i!h ,hich e1ery manDs par!icular being is con!ained and made one ,i!h all o!herC !ha! common hear!0 o/ ,hich all sincere con1ersa!ion is !he ,orship0 !o ,hich all righ! ac!ion is submissionC !ha! o1erpo,ering reali!y ,hich con/u!es our !ricks and !alen!s0 and cons!rains e1ery one !o pass /or ,ha! he is0 and !o speak /rom his charac!er and no! /rom his !ongueC and ,hich e1ermore !ends and aims !o pass in!o our !hough! and hand0 and become ,isdom0 and 1ir!ue0 and po,er0 and beau!y- 3e li1e in succession0 in di1ision0 in par!s0 in par!icles8ean!ime ,i!hin man is !he soul o/ !he ,holeC !he ,ise silenceC !he uni1ersal beau!y0 !o ,hich e1ery par! and par!icle is e=ually rela!ed0 !he e!ernal Bne- nd !his deep po,er in ,hich ,e exis!0 and ,hose bea!i!ude is all.accessible !o us0 is no! only sel/.su//i. cing and per/ec! in e1ery hour0 bu! !he ac! o/ seeing0 and !he !hing seen0 !he seer and !he spec!acle0 !he sub>ec! and !he ob. >ec!0 are one- 3e see !he ,orld piece by piece0 as !he sun0 !he moon0 !he animal0 !he !reeC bu! !he ,hole0 o/ ,hich !hese are !he shining par!s0 is !he soul- I! is only by !he 1ision o/ !ha! 3is. dom0 !ha! !he horoscope o/ !he ages can be read0 and i! is only by /alling back on our be!!er !hough!s0 by yielding !o !he spiri! o/ prophecy ,hich is inna!e in e1ery man0 !ha! ,e kno, ,ha! i! sai!h- *1ery manDs ,ords0 ,ho speaks /rom !ha! li/e0 mus! sound 1ain !o !hose ,ho do no! d,ell in !he same !hough! on !heir o,n par!- I dare no! speak /or i!8y ,ords do no! carry i!s augus! senseC !hey /all shor! and coldBnly i!sel/ can inspire ,hom i! ,ill0 and beholdG Their speech shall he lyrical and s,ee!0 and uni1ersal as !he rising o/ !he ,ind-


Ae! I desire0 e1en by pro/ane ,ords0 i/ sacred I may no! use0 !o indica!e !he hea1en o/ !his dei!y0 and !o repor! ,ha! hin!s I ha1e collec!ed o/ !he !ranscenden! simplici!y and energy o/ !he :ighes! La,I/ ,e consider ,ha! happens in con1ersa!ion0 in re1eries0 in re. morse0 in !imes o/ passion0 in surprises0 in !he ins!ruc!ion o/ dreams ,herein o/!en ,e see oursel1es in mas=uerade0 .!he droll disguises only magni/ying and enhancing a real elemen!0 and /orcing i! on our dis!inc! no!ice0 . ,e shall ca!ch many hin!s !ha! ,ill broaden and ligh!en in!o kno,ledge o/ !he secre! o/ na!ure- ll goes !o sho, !ha! !he soul in man is no! an organ0 bu! anima!es and exercises all !he organsC is no! a /unc!ion0 like !he po,er o/ memory0 o/ calcula!ion0 o/ comparison0 .bu! uses !hese as hands and /ee!C is no! a /acul!y0 bu! a ligh!C is no! !he in!ellec! or !he ,ill0 bu! !he mas!er o/ !he in!ellec! an d !he ,illC . is !he 1as! background o/ our being0 in ,hich !hey lie0 . an im. mensi!y no! possessed and !ha! canno! be possessed- From ,i!hin or /rom behind0 a ligh! shines !hrough us upon !hings0 and makes us a,are !ha! ,e are no!hing0 bu! !he ligh! is allman is !he /acade o/ a !emple ,herein all ,isdom and all good abide- 3ha! ,e commonly call man0 !he ea!ing0 drinking0 plan!. ing0 coun!ing man0 does no!0 as ,e kno, him0 represen! him. sel/0 bu! misrepresen!s himsel/- :im ,e do no! respec!0 bu! !he soul0 ,hose organ he is0 ,ould he le! i! appear !hrough his ac. !ion0 ,ould make our knees bend- 3hen i! brea!hes !hrough his in!ellec!0 i! is geniusC ,hen i! /lo,s !hrough his a//ec!ion i! is lo1e/!er i!s o,n la, and no! by ari!hme!ic is !he ra!e o/ i!s progress !o be compu!edThe soulDs ad1ances are no! made by grada!ion0 such as can be represen!ed by mo!ion in a s!raigh! lineC bu! ra!her by ascension o/ s!a!e0 such as can be represen!ed by me!amorphosis0./rom


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$

!he egg !o !he ,orm0 /rom !he ,orm !o !he /ly- The gro,!hs o/ genius are o/ a cer!ain !o!al charac!er0 !ha! does no! ad1ance !he elec! indi1idual /irs! o1er ?ohn0 !hen dam0 !hen ;ichard0 and gi1e !o each !he pain o/ disco1ered in/eriori!y0 bu! by e1ery !hroe o/ gro,!h !he man expands !here ,here he ,orks0 passing0 a! each pulsa!ion0 classes0 popula!ions o/ men- 3i!h each di1ine impulse !he mind rends !he !hin rinds o/ !he 1isible and /ini!e0 and comes ou! in!o e!erni!y0 and inspires and expires i!s airThis is !he la, o/ moral and o/ men!al gain- The simple rise0 as by speci/ic le1i!y0 no! in!o a par!icular 1ir!ue0 bu! in!o !he region o/ all !he 1ir!ues- They are in !he spiri! !ha! con!ains !hem allThe soul is superior !o all !he par!iculars o/ meri!- The soul re. =uires puri!y0 bu! puri!y is no! i!C re=uires >us!ice0 bu! >us!ice is no! !ha!C re=uires bene/icence0 bu! is some,ha! be!!erC so !ha! !here is a kind o/ descen! and accommoda!ion /el! ,hen ,e lea1e speaking o/ moral na!ure0 !o urge a 1ir!ue ,hich i! en >oins- For0 !o !he soul in her pure ac!ion0 all !he 1ir!ues are na!. ural0 and no! pain/ully ac=uired- Speak !o his hear! and !he man becomes suddenly 1ir!uous- 3i!hin !he same sen!imen! is !he germ o/ in!ellec!ual gro,!h0 ,hich obeys !he same la,Those ,ho are capable o/ humili!y0 o/ >us!ice0 o/ lo1e0 o/ aspira. !ion0 are already on a pla!/orm !ha! commands !he sciences and ar!s0 speech and poe!ry0 ac!ion and grace- For ,hoso d,ells in !his mor!al bea!i!ude0 does already an!icipa!e !hose special po,ers ,hich men pri@e so highlyC >us! as lo1e does >us!ice !o all !he gi/!s o/ !he ob>ec! belo1ed- The lo1er has no !alen!0 no skill0 ,hich passes /or =ui!e no!hing ,i!h his enamored maiden0 ho,. e1er li!!le she may possess o/ rela!ed /acul!y- nd !he hear! !ha! abandons i!sel/ !o !he Supreme 8ind /inds i!sel/ rela!ed !o all i!s ,orks and , ill !ra1el a royal road !o par!icular kno,ledge and po,ers- For0 in ascending !o !his primary and aboriginal sen!imen!0 ,e ha1e come /rom our remo!e s!a!ion on !he cir.

cum/erence ins!an!aneously !o !he cen!er o/ !he ,orld0 ,here0 as in !he close! o/ )od0 ,e see causes0 and an!icipa!e !he uni1erse0 ,hich is bu! a slo, e//ec!-


"se the power of #our thoughts as #ou stud# The Science of Mindleading$


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