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Carrie Bourassa, Ph.D.

Dr. Bourassa, born and raised in Regina is a member of the Metis Nation Saskatchewan and is a member of the Riel Mtis Council of Regina. Dr. Bourassa is an ssociate Professor in the De!artment of "nter#disci!linar$ Programs at the %irst Nations &ni'ersit$ of Canada teaching "ndigenous (ealth Studies.

Dr. Bourassa is highl$ regarded for her research regarding Mtis health status. (er work which re'eals the !aucit$ of Mtis s!ecific health data as well as the !oor health and socio#economic status com!ared to the Canadian !o!ulation has been !resented to a s!ecial Senate Committee on boriginal (ealth. Carrie !ursued both her B. . )(ons* and graduate degrees )M. . and Ph.D.* at the &ni'ersit$ of Regina. She earned her Bachelor of rts (onours degree in Political Science in +,,-, graduated with her Master of rts degree in +,,,, and earned her Ph.D. in Social Studies in .//0. She has worked in se'eral different ca!acities in her career including Sessional "nstructor with the %irst Nations &ni'ersit$ of Canada )formerl$ the Saskatchewan "ndian %ederated College*, Ministerial ssistant, Polic$ nal$st with the Saskatchewan Pro'incial go'ernment and Manager of 1m!lo$ment 12uit$ at the &ni'ersit$ of Regina. Currentl$, she is an ssociate Professor in the De!artment of "nter#disci!linar$ Programs at the %irst Nations &ni'ersit$ of Canada teaching "ndigenous (ealth Studies. Carrie3s research interests include the im!acts of coloni4ation on the health of %irst Nations and Mtis !eo!le5 creating culturall$ com!etent care in health ser'ice deli'er$5 boriginal communit$#based health research methodolog$5 boriginal end of life care and boriginal women3s health.

Carrie is beginning her second 6 $ear term as a member of the Canadian "nstitute for (ealth Research Standing Committee on 1thics. She is a member of the Nati'e 7omen3s ssociation of Canada d'isor$ Committee on Senior buse and boriginal 7omen, member of the Saskatchewan R1S89:1 Steering Committee and the Mtis Centre of the National boriginal (ealth 8rgani4ation3s Mtis Research and 1thics Committee. Carrie recentl$ com!leted a cha!ter for the Saskatchewan Child 7elfare Re'iew entitled Final Summary Review of the Manitoba Child Welfare System for the Saskatchewan Child Welfare Review Report. She is also an accredited boriginal Cultural wareness Program facilitator through the %irst Nations &ni'ersit$ of Canada and acti'el$ in'ol'ed in 'olunteering at communit$ centres including the Regina Mtis S!orts and Culture Centre. Carrie is also the nominated Princi!al "n'estigator of the "ndigenous Peo!les3 (ealth Research Centre. "n .//;, Carrie was honoured when she was chosen as one of Saskatchewan3s ten boriginal Role Models b$ the boriginal 1m!lo$ment De'elo!ment Program3s Pro'incial boriginal Re!resentati'e 7orkforce Council )P R7C*. More recentl$, Carrie was a reci!ient of the Cam!ion College lumni of Distinction ward for Professional chie'ement and was inducted into the l!ha Sigma Nu (onour Societ$ of <esuit "nstitutions of (igher 1ducation in No'ember ./+/. Carrie is Mtis and belongs to the Riel Mtis Council of Regina "nc. )RMCR*. Selected Publications Bourassa, Carrie. )./++*. Mtis Health !he "#nvisible $roblem.3 <Charlton Publishing 9td., 8ntario, =anata. Bourassa, C. )./+/.* >?he Construction of boriginal "dentit$@ (ealing <ourne$,A !orn From %ur Midst &oices of 'rief( Healin) and *ction from the Missin) #ndi)enous Women Conference( +,,-. CPRC Press@ &ni'ersit$ of Regina, B-#0(am!ton, M., Ba$dala, ., Bourassa, C., Mc=a$#McNabb, =, Placsko, C., Coodwill, =., Mc=enna, B., McNabb, P., Boekelder, R. )./+/*. >Com!leting the Circle@ 1lders S!eak bout 1nd of 9ife Care with boriginal %amilies in Canada,A .ournal of $alliative Care( .D)+*, -#+6 Bourassa, C. and Peach, ". ).//,*. >Reconcei'ing Notions of boriginal "dentit$@ Polic$ "m!lications,A *bori)inal $olicy Research Series( 8ttawa@ "nstitute on Co'ernance, +#6/.

Com!iled b$ 9awrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis (eritage and (istor$ Research 9ouis Riel "nstitute