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The Dehli Ordeal Leaving on jetplane by John Denver is playing in the background so dont blame me if it comes as more than

sappy. 45days from today, I would have easily stood for the motion on the topic How life in small towns is so much better than that of the Metros!.But a lot has changed in these 45 days .So here I was a newbee in Dehli, my mum referred to it as the choro ka shehar. Every guy from my town had his version of how-tough-is-it-to-survive. Many tried, fought, an ultimately gave up. In plain sight the place appeared to be in a total mess. A rickshaw wala charges 40 bucks from metro station to my room, & to the other I gave 15. F*ck logic . The incident was such an eye opener that I used to call to ask people, before coming to their place, how much should I pay to the rikshawala? .A shitty mangosake at karolbag market costs 60, and a sexy mangosake in Uttam Nagay costs 20. Some people would treat you like you are their own long-lost-kids(these people say dill walo ki dilli kinda lines) and the others treat you like shit(these people are rude,awe hi). There will be a guy with an iphone 5 in a metro & right behind him a villager, who is staring at it like the sadarji is performing magic . Here in Delhi some people need Iphone, others just need food. I have foud myself wanting both at different times. The supper rich and poor both co-exist in dehli, like two parallel universe completely independent of each other,running simultaneously. The people that amused me the most were the Malls. I really dont see the point to buy a 4000buks jeans. At first I use to hate going to a mall, because I felt out of place there. You know the feeling that you just dont belong there. But due to various reasons (centrally AC , my roommate was a shopaholic, movies) I found myself there, often. Then I learned all you have to do is make faces while checking out clothes & say words like Nahh.. Wont do.. this one is really baaad.. & yeah try to use angregi as often as possible. I dont see why angrezi is such a big thing. Whenever I am asked to keep a conversation going in English, it seems like I am in the principals office all over again. Only time I am comfortable with angezi is when talking about sex, kyuki hindi wale words cant just cant be used in a serious argument. Unlike small towns the brand culture can easily identified in Dehli.Its not good. The rising gap between the rich & the poor has been the reason for the downside of many civilizations , I hope it doesnot further bisect are already divided society. Dehli is a big city, but people still live in there small holes. The faces of corporate people remided me of VirushastraBudhi, almost identical. They follow the same routine,everyday. They know everything that is to be known about there daily life, but nothing