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Act 1 What is Tobys part in this play; why does he want Andrew to marry his cousin?

Can people really fall in love so fast? Andrew Aguecheek seems like hardly the person that I would recommend to a family member to have them marry. Toby seems like a less than desirable person, but could it be that he plays the matchmaker in this play, much like Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing. Olivia seems to have him in good taste. But her heart is already set upon the beautiful Cesario. I wonder where I have seen this before. As You Like It has an incredibly similar story line. In thinking about this I realized that We dont have much of this same type of problem or plot in our movies. We have movies of tyrants and betrayals and of love but I cant think of a single movie where a woman falls in love with a man who is acutally a woman. The closest I can think of is White Chicks But to compare that to Shakespeare would be treacherous. Shakespeare aptly used the imagination of his audience to further his horizon of plots he could use.

Act 2 Why the hate for Malvolio? Why doesnt Cesario do something about his situation, instead of waiting for it to play out? Im not feeling the hate from Malvolio. The only thing that puts me off about him is his name. Malvolio seems like quite a deceitful name for someone, yet it is him that is going to be deceived. Why? I dont know. Im not liking Toby or Maria. Cesario reminds me of Edgar from King Lear. They feel forced into situations that they arent really forced into. If Edgar just stands up for himself and tells everyone that Edmund is a lying bastard, a lot of deaths could have been averted. But he doesnt, and it ends up all coming together in the end as a tragedy. Cesario is in love with the man who is in love with a woman who is in love with him, with both other parties thinking Cesario is a boy, making this the most complete love triangle I think there ever was. It seems she could simply tell Olivia that shes a boy, and then ask for a job or something, anything. But she rides it out, probably knowing that she is in a comedy and that everything is going to work out in the end.

Act 3 Im not sure why Toby and Malvolio are in this play and I have no idea what they could be representing, What is their purpose? Is there a better description of a fool than the one Viola gives? Andrew breaks the fourth wall when he says, If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction. Id bet that the people loved this. Probably the funniest part of the play to them. If they would have had facebook that would have been all their statuses after they saw the midnight showing of the premier of the play. Toby just seems like a jerk that isnt going to change, and Malvolio is a bitter old man that is the victim of some jerks. Id say they are in the play for some kind og

comic relief, but its just cruelty. I think Shakespeare wanted people to understand why he had fools in his plays so he came out and blatantly said it. This fellow is wise enough to play the fool, and to do that well craves a kind of wit. You have to be smart to be foolish. He goes on a pretty much says that a fool is a psychologist. Its one of the craftiest arts.

Act 4 This is probably one of the oddest and shortest acts Ive read. What was the point in having the fool dress up as a priest? And how love starved is Sebastian to agree to getting married that quick?

So Toby is pure evil. Not only has he played with a mans tender heart, but he has locked him away in a dungeon and has everyone convinced he is a mad man. I bet Malvolio probably is angry at Olivia now. This book is a tragedy. Id bet Toby is in love with his own cousin, and his jealousy drives him to do terrible things to anyone that shares that love. However improbable it is, Olivia loves Sebastian as if he were Viola, something that I cant imagine. Even if they looked exactly alike, everyone has different voices, personalities, mannerism, etc. How did Olivia never say, oh Cesario, how are you? Or Sebastian say, who the heck are you? I guess desperation drives love.

Act 5 Orsino, what the heck? How can his relationship with Viola change just like that? How can his relationship with Viola, who was previously a boy, change just like that?

Orsino seems to have recognized Violas confessions of undying love in previous acts. Why didnt he say, Hey man, Im not into that or given Shakespeares nature, Hey man, I am into that. Im baffled that he can see this person he thought was a boy they whole time, and then, upon finding out hes a she, he can say, Youve said you love me more than anything, how about being your masters mistress? And then Olivia says, Hey, you thought me well for a wife, think of me now as a good sister, lets get married. Same day, same family, but married to different people. Orsino is all about it. Its just too impossible for me. I dont like it. It would never happen. Andrew was right when he condemned it as an improbable fiction. I can get behind love at first sight, because thats the only way that people fall in love. But the gender crossing is too much. If Justin Timberlake suddenly came out as a beautiful woman, itd still take me a little bit of time to think, K, lets get married.

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