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Critical response Chapter 3

Beyond Rivalry By Elizabeth Stark Psychology today The article named: Beyond Rivalry is the first article that make strong im ression on me! " totally agree #ith all ideas the a$thor mentioned! "t cannot deny that siblings lay an im ortant art of each erson%s life! &eo le may be b$sy #ith their social connections' b$t in the end' the relationshi that last fore(er is #ith their brothers and sisters! Some )critical e(ents* in their life can bring them back and make them closer' b$t some #ill tear them a art+ they may e(en consider each other enemies' b$t it is (ery hard to end this relationshi ! ,ost of the time' #hen arents are sick or die' children #ill be together to take care of their arents or share the ain of losing their belo(ed eo le #hich #ill shorten their distance and make them closer than e(er! -o#e(er' )inheritance dis $tes* may create a h$ge distance among them and destroy their relationshi ! .hen they get older+ they become closer and s end m$ch time together! They #orry abo$t their siblings% health roblem' regard their siblings as s$ orters and need their brothers and sisters to recall old memories! They may li(e far

or near' b$t they still think abo$t each other as the solace! -o#e(er' #hen they ha(e roblems some of them don%t ask each other for hel beca$se their siblings are in the same sit$ations' or they%ll look for their siblings #hen no one else can hel them' or

Trn Th Nga_10E10

they hate the feeling of being a fail$re! "n concl$sion' #hate(er ha change the tr$th that they are siblings and they need each other! .ord co$nt: /0/

ens' nothing can

Middle children and their position in the family. by 1r! 2e(in 3eman 4E5cer t from living in a step-family without getting stepped on6 7long #ith the first article abo$t sibling in 8ha ter 9' article named middle children and their position in the family is also an interesting article abo$t middle children #ho seem not to ha(e a s ecial lace in family! "n my oint of (ie#' before becoming middle children' those ones $sed to be the last! Therefore' they $sed to be ind$lgent! .hen arents gi(e birth to other siblings and don%t take m$ch time for them like before' they may feel self: ity' #hich create the distance bet#een them and other family members! They tend to take fe#er ict$res #ith their family' ha(e many relationshi s o$tside the home than the first and the last' li(e fara#ay from home and tend to be a )mediator or negotiator* to connect t#o other siblings in family! 7ltho$gh the a$thor ;$st gi(es his concl$sions after olling and obser(ing' they are (ery con(inced! .ord co$nt: 1<=

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Chapter 4 Who lives longer?

by &atricia Skalka McCalls -o# can #e e5tend o$r life e5 ectancy> This is the ?$estion that e(eryone #ants to kno# the ans#er! 8a t$ring this sychology' &atricia Skalka #rote an article named )#ho li(es longer>* #ith the aim of re(ealing some sim le #ays to e5tend life e5 ectancy! @irst' he mentioned t#o categories affecting to the length of life: fi5ed factors and changeable factors! @i5ed factors #hich are a(ailable #hen #e #ere born like race' gender and heredity tend not to be changed! ,ean#hile' 8hangeable factors are easily im acted and interfered by o$r daily habits and lifestyle! Therefore' by changing o$r lifestyle and habits' #e can lengthen o$r life s an! "n the article' the a$thor mentions A different as ects eo le sho$ld notice s$ch as )health meas$res*' ) sychological factors*' )social integration*' )the feeling of a$tonomy*' )stress and ;ob satisfaction*' )en(ironment* and )socioeconomic stat$s*! 7ll statements are (ery con(incing' beca$se after gi(ing each factor' the #riter cites researches related to this state to enhance the reliability! @or e5am le' #hen mentioning )c$tting calories*' the a$thor cites in detail that )e5 eriments ha(e sho#n that in laboratory animals' a <0B calorie red$ction leads to a =0B e5tension in longe(ity*! "n addition' at the end of the #riting the a$thor one again em hasizes the message from the e5 ert )many of the factors related to longe(ity are also relate to life satisfaction*!

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More senior Citizens, fewer ids

By Dessie 8heng Free China Review To begin the article' the a$thor oint o$t the reality of graying o $lation in Tai#an by gi(ing the concl$sion of 8hen 2$an;eng )thirty years from no#' it #ill be rare to see children along the streets of Tai#an* and to cement and make clear this statement' he gi(es many ro(es and n$mbers! 7t first' she lists t#o main roblems Tai#an is facing are the )declining of birthrate* and )gro#ing ro ortion of elderly eo le*! Then' she sho#s ho# they affect to Tai#an in the f$t$re and oints o$t #hat otential roblems this o $lation shift might create! @inally' she gi(es reasons #hy the birthrate decreases! 7ct$ally' the a$thor is (ery cle(er #hen $tting the ca$se of the decrease of birthrate at the end of her article to con(ince that the olicies in o $lation control )has gone too far* and need to be changed! .ord co$nt: 1<1