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Thank You for Choosing Ajna Activation Program/ Distant Ajna Activation Program. I pray and wish with this program you can get a lot of benefits. Use this method and energy to do good thing, dont kill human, free sex, robber and hurt human and animal and The God creatures. After I have sent you Ajna Activation Initiation, you have responsibility and can use this energy four yourself and this energy is permanent in your body.

Depok, March ,17,2002

Yulius Eka Agung Seputra

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Ajna Chakra, is located in the middle of the forehead, in between the brows. This Chakra have functions : Origin of our ability to be intuitive

Will increase your intuitive and perceptive ability with regular use. Increase your awareness. Perceive things before others and create an advantage. Increase your ability to use your will to influence an outcome. Develop extra sensory perception (The ancient texts state that this is entirely possible.)

"The person who concentrates intensely on this chakra gradually destroys all negative effects of his past actions, from this life and from the previous lives. He obtains the eight great paranormal capacities and the thirty-two minor ones." (Swami Shivananda)

Serious Ajna Practice have good result if you practice in 24.00 3.00 (11.59PM-3.00AM) Hide Pornographity. In Alpha Condition Dont angry Dont eat too much if you want to practice

SEE WITH YOUR EYES PROCESS : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lights come into your eyes (Cornea) from cornea lights enter Retina. retina convert lights become Information Pulse. Neural System carry impuls to the brain Brain recognize this impuls and sending the answer. Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

SEE Metaphisic with AJNA: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Metaphisic Cosmic come in to ajna. from Ajna to Pituary Gland. Pituary gland convert Metaphisic Cosmic become Information IMPULS . Neural System carry impuls to the brain Brain recognize this impuls and sending the answer

To scan with Ajna, you must prepare : 1. 2. 3. 4. Silent room Family Allow (your family must know if you learn Ajna) Schedule Time (11.59PM-3AM) Use Suitable cloth,


If you get tired you can do stretching :

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Visualization with Ajna

Consentrate Visualize something which have deep relationship with this object SEE ENERGY COLOR

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To See Energy colour :

Sit relax and close your eyes Do affirmation I want to see Energy of (mention the energy, example: Reiki Usui Energy) with Ajna System flow in my Ajna Chakra Push Your Eyes ball with your finger hand looks like picture (and close your ear) You will see Colour of Energy.


Sit relax and close your eyes Do affirmation I want to see Energy of (mention the energy, example: Reiki Usui Energy) with Ajna System flow in my left Hand with analog object = example : usui Energy/(human name&birthdate)/spirit,etc) in my right hand. program in my left hand 1=red 2=orange 3=yellow 4=green 5=blue and complex (1,2=violet .. else =another colour), give me electric indicator. Push Your Eyes ball with your finger hand looks like picture (and close your ear) You will feel electric indicator in your left hand..


Monday (Moon) - White/Silver/Gray -- White is used to build purity, sincerity, and truth; to repel negative energies and raise vibrations; balance the aura, contact spirit guides, emotional healing, protection, healing of children and pets, healing from the birth process, dreams, ancestors, instinct, memory, virginity, child bearing, and theft. White may also be used as an "all-purpose" color to substitute for any other color. Gray and silver are used to cancel and neutralize spells which no longer serve your purposes; also used to cause a stalemate in a situation. Fragrances: Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Myrrh, Sandalwood. Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

Tuesday (Mars) - Red -- Lust, physical desire, courage, war, aggression, enemies, pain, danger, energizing and stimulating, health, strength, vigor, (sexual love -- cherry reds). Be careful when using the darker reds, as they stand for wars, battles, blood, danger, and hate. Fragrances: Carnation, Dragon's Blood, Ginger, Pine, Peppermint. Wednesday (Mercury) - Orange -- Energy building, success, stimulation, attraction, mental agility, attracts good luck and fortune, builds vitality, energy, and stamina, encouragement, discourages laziness, adaptability. Fragrances: Bayberry, Lavendar, Peppermint. Thursday (Jupiter) - Purple/Royal Blue -- Expansion in all forms (love, healing, wealth, etc.), magickal powers, desires, riches, honor, oaths, changeability, impulsiveness. When working with expansion, make sure you currently have the item or quality you wish to expand first. If not, use another color to first obtain that item or quality, and then use purple to expand...Fragrances: Nutmeg, Sage, Sandalwood. Friday (Venus) - Green/Pink -- Green is used for fertility, luck, finances, and healing. It attracts success and facilitates communication with plants and faeries. Pink is for romantic, emotional, spiritual love (usually without the sexual connotation). Pink raises vibrations, facilitates spiritual healing, banishes negative vibrations and hate, and promotes honor, morality, and unselfishness. Fragrances: Cherry, Rose, Thyme, Vanilla. Saturday (Saturn) - Black/Brown -- Black is used to absorb negativity, remove obstacles, bad habits, unwanted emotions, etc. Also used to cause confusion, discord, evil, and loss. It can be an extremely useful color, but if used improperly, it can cause disaster!!! Brown is useful to attract money by working with your hands, and can also connect and ground you to Mother Earth. Fragrances: Iris, Pansy, Black Orchid, Patchouly. Sunday (Sun) - Gold/Yellow -- Gold is used to attract money and power, to attract happy people to your life, to heal, to rejuvenate, to charm; builds confidence, useful in persuasion; gives energy and intelligence to make proper decisions in financial affairs. Yellow is used to gain insight into problems, attract others, obtain knowledge and facilitate retention of learning. Fragrances: Cedar, Clove, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Rosemary. In addition, I use blue in spells to ease stress and anxiety, calm and soothe, bring health (especially emotional health), give peace, patience, tranquility, and to promote understanding. I usually use light blues on Mondays, and medium blues on either Wednesdays or Thursdays...(use Lavendar or Sandalwood Fragrances). Violet can be used successfully on either Wednesdays or Thursdays to promote healing, bring peace, and increase spirituality...( Lavendar or Sandalwood Fragrances).

Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !


Introduction There is nothing "paranormal" in the Universe, except our limited understanding of Nature. What we think we "know" on Earth now is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge. In the distant past, people admired things they could not explain and called them "miracles". Long ago, people were able to see Auras. Very advanced spiritual people such as Buddha, Christ Mohammed and their immediate students were painted with golden haloes around their heads, because some artists could actually see Auras. Nature gave us ALL we need to see Auras. All is required is the knowledge how to use your senses together with your conscious effort .If you decide not to try, you will NEVER see the Aura. When you SEE something for yourself, no longer you need to rely on believing someone. You will KNOW. And you can use your knowledge to learn more. Many great people in the past complained that "we have eyes and we do not see". Further in this document you will discover what they meant. ANYONE can see auras to some degree. Rather than create an aura of mystery around my newly acquired skill, my approach is to show everyone what his or her eyes are capable of. When nearly everyone (including children) sees a similar thing, I consider this part of our Nature and I say that it deserves our attention. What is the Aura ? Everything in the Universe is just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary "particle", even our thoughts and consciousness are jus vibrations. We may define the Aura as a vibration surrounding every material object. This definition is sufficient for the purpose of reading Auras, providing that we can train ourselves to see Aura vibration. Aura around living (conscious) objects (people, plants...) changes with time, sometimes very quickly. Aura around non-living object (stones, crystals, water...) is essentially fixed. Above facts have been confirmed beyond any doubt by scientists in Russia, who have been using Kirlian effect to study Auras for the last 50 years. The Aura around humans is partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (DNA structure, metabolism, circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (UV part) is more related to our conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions. Russian scientists, who are 3 decades ahead of everyone else in Aura research, discovered that our DNA could be altered, by influencing its microwave Aura. The high frequency UV part is very important and most interesting but largely unexplored. And this part can be seen with naked eyes. Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

Why do we need to see auras ? Colors and intensity of the aura, especially around and above the head have VERY special meanings. Watching someone's aura you can actually see the other person's thoughts before you hear them expressed verbally. If they do not agree with what this person is saying, you effectively see a lie every time. No one can lie in front of you undetected. We cannot fake the Aura. It shows our True Nature and intentions for everyone to see. Also, aura is our spiritual signature. When you see a person with a bright, clean aura, you can be SURE that such person is good and spiritually advanced, even if he/she is modest and not aware of it. When you see a person with a gray or dark aura, you maybe SURE, that such person has unclear intentions, regardless how impressive, eloquent, educated, "good looking" or "well dressed" he/she seems to appear. It is ESPECIALLY important to check the aura of any religious leader, "spiritual teacher", "master" or a "guru". Such person should have a clearly defined yellow-golden halo around the head. If he/she does not have it, you are MUCH better on your own. And you can SEE it in their Aura for yourself. Imagine changes on Earth if many people can see Auras of their leaders and start choosing them on the basis of their Auras. Reading Aura you can diagnose malfunctions in the body (diseases) long before physical symptoms become evident. By consciously controlling your Aura you ca actually heal yourself. However, healing of the physical body is nothing in comparison to what seeing and reading auras can do for our consciousness, spiritual development and our awareness of Nature. Everyone has an Aura. But most people on Earth have VERY WEAK and dull Auras. This is a direct consequence of their life long materialistic attitude negating and suppressing the development of consciousness, cultivating fear, envy, jealousy and other similar emotions. Such attitude suppresses their True Nature, and their Auras become suppressed too. When people realize that their Aura is on display and many people are able to see it, they will watch what they think. And they will try to see and improve their own Aura. In the process they will become better and wiser, being able to recognize intentions of other people. Surely, the entire world will become much better if all people can see and read Auras. Children and the Aura: Very young children (up to 5 years of age) see auras naturally. Infants frequently look ABOVE a person in front of them. When they don't like the color of the aura above the head, or if this color is much different from their parent's aura, they cry, no matter how much smiling the person does. Children have much cleaner and stronger auras than most of adults, who are usually completely enslaved by materialistic world and suppress their Nature by following superficial examples. How to see Aura: developing auric sight To see the Aura we need to increase the sensitivity of our eyes AND extend the range of perceived vibration beyond the visible light. We can accomplish the above by using and training our peripheral vision increasing exposure enhance visual sensation Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

processing in the brain - enhance the communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain Peripheral vision .Why should we use our peripheral vision? Our retina (the focal plane of the eyecontaining photosensitive cells) is less damaged they're than in the central part. Thecentral part of retina is constantly in use, and over the years suffers accumulated damage from excessive and/or artificial illumination (TV, computers, artificial light etc...).Also we have trained the central vision to be used in certain ways over the years. Note that young children see auras much easier, because their central vision is not yet damaged. Once they go to school they are told to use their vision in a certain way, and gradually they lose their natural auric sight. Increasing exposure When we want to do a photo of a dark scene, we need to increase the time of exposure of the film. We can accomplish this for our eyes by concentrating exactly on ONE spot for a while (30-60 seconds). When our eyes are moving, or a scene moves in front of our eyes, images are averaged by our eye. (25 TV frames per second seem a fluent motion). When we concentrate on one spot, we increase our sensitivity because we average the incoming light, cumulating its effect. Our photosensitive cells (Red Green and Blue) operate as vibration sensors, much like 3 radio receivers tuned to 3 "colors" RGB. When you need to achieve a large vibration of, say, a swing - you can accomplish it using a very weak excitation force, but persist with it. Concentrating with your eyes on one spot you achieve a very similar effect: with a very small stimulation you can gradually swing your photo sensitive cells into large vibration, and this results in a visual sensation perceived by the brain. Concentration exercise 1 Place the picture in Fig 1 about 1.5 m in front of you. Look exactly at the black spot for30 seconds or so and observe colored dots with your peripheral vision. Resist temptation to look anywhere else but the black spot.

Fig 1. Image for concentration exercises Note that colored areas seem to be surrounded by the "Aura" of a different color. W hen Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

peripheral sensors are stimulated for some time, we have color sensations, much different than when we use central vision. The longer you concentrate, the brighter is the "Aura" around colored areas, because your sensitivity increases. Yesterday you could look at this picture for hours and never see anything. Concentration at ONE spot for long enough is the key. Rather than the true Aura, this exercise demonstrates the principle of how to look to see human Auras by making you aware of certain specific c apabilities of your eyesight and your perception. Concentration exercise 2

Figure 2 This exercise aims to stimulate the communication between both hemispheres of the brain, thereby increasing the "processing power" needed to see Auras. Place the picture in Fig 2 about 1 meter in front of you. Stretch your hand forward so that one of your fingers is between and underneath circles. Change focus on the tip of your finger and overlook the circles. You should see 4circles. Then aim to overlap the middle two to see ONE CIRCLE WITH A AQUABLUE CROSS on top of your finger, in the middle between the two. Seeing the cross is the evidence, that the left hemisphere of the brain (connected to the right eye) is communicating with the right hemisphere (connected to the left eye). This exercise turns out to be extremely beneficial: 5 minutes of it doubles your bio energy and promotes self healing. The cross will initially float and seem unstable. Experiment with the distance from your finger to your eyes to achieve a perfect cross. You gain a significant benefit after 3-5 minutes , preferably without blinking, but magic duration seems to be 45 minutes of concentration at the time, which makes a REAL difference to your mental and auric abilities. In my experience it is best to start with a minute or two and gradually increase the time every week. Short and intensive concentration seems to be better than a longer one, interrupted by the lack of skill. Gradually, with practice you should be able to achieve and maintain the cross without the finger. While maintaining the cross try to become aware of the other 2 circles as well as everything around using your peripheral vision. You should see Auric colors around the colored circles above with your peripheral vision. When you can analyze surroundings using your peripheral vision, without loosing the cross (and the concentration), you are ready to see and read auras.

Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

Advanced levels of concentration : One diameter in the cross seems usually "in front" of the other. This means, that one of your brain hemispheres is dominating the other. Males usually see the horizontal diameter above (left hemisphere dominates) females usually see the vertical diameter above (right hemisphere dominates). Try to get the "hidden" diameter in front as much as possible, by concentrating, on demand. The final level of concentration is to achieve and maintain a perfectly balanced cross with all four arms of similar intensity, thereby achieving a perfect balance both hemispheres. Many people experience amazing effects here. Firstly, concentration gets much deeper. Secondly, after 2-3 minutes you seem like loosing sight, with bright background becoming dark purple or pink. Your sensitivity and awareness greatly increase. All emotions cease.

More Concentration Exercises Colors and Auric Pairs In concentration exercises 1 and 2 we noticed that real colors are surrounded with Auras of different colors. These auric colors are not random. Following is a list of Auric Pairs of colors for all clean colors of the rainbow (monochromatic colors). red gives turquoise aura, turquoise gives red aura, orange gives blue aura, blue gives orange aura, yellow gives violet aura, violet gives yellow aura, green gives pink aura, pink gives green aura The above table applies also to intermediate colors, for example yellow-green color gives a pink-violet aura. Note, that above Auric pairs are DIFFERENT than complementary color pairs, "color wheels" and "color spaces" promoted by the science and art on Earth. Every child can confirm that auric pairs listed above are true. A good look around will prove that the Nature is very fond of Auric Pairs. Take any red colored bird and you can be sure, that this bird will have turquoise body parts too. The same applies to blue-orange, yellow-violet and pink-green combinations, not only in birds, but in fish, butterflies, flowers etc.. - anything which is vividly coloured by Nature. Occasionally you will see "the next best" color instead of a perfect auric match. Have you noticed that MOST of flowers on Earth that grow on trees and are surrounded by GREEN leaves are either violet, pink(purple) or red? Auric Pairs in Nature are very stimulating, and frequently induce an overwhelming feeling of beauty and happiness. You need to memorize and know well the above Auric Pairs. Why ? Because if you see a pink Aura around someone in a bright green dress, there is a strong possibility that you see the Aura of a dress, not of a person.

Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

Seeing the Aura This exercise is designed to see Aura for the first time and/or practice seeing Auras. Choosing good conditions is important: not only you see the Aura better, but also to gain a confidence about what you see.

Situate the person in front of a very softly illuminated PLAIN WHITE background. A color background will change Aura colors, so you need additional knowledge about combining colors. Some combinations of background and Aura colors may cause misinterpretation problems. Choose ONE SPOT to look at. The middle of the forehead is VERY GOOD. This is a l ocation of so called Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. In some cultures (India) they put a mark on a forehead. Such a mark in ancient times meant the invitation to look and see the Aura. Look at this spot for 30 to 60 seconds or longer After 30 seconds analyze surroundings with your peripheral vision, while still looking at the same spot. Continuing the concentration is most important. Resist temptation to look around. You should see that the background nearby the person is brighter and has a DIFFERENT color t han the background further away. This is your own perception of the Aura. The longer you concentrate, the better you will see it. Remember, concentration on one spot increases your sensitivity by accumulating the effect of the Aura vibration reaching your eyes. 6. Most advanced Aura exercises are performed in total darkness, but require hours of concentration and systematic practice.


3. 4.

Observing auras of other people The best is to look directly at someone's brow chakra (third eye or wisdom eye, which is located 1.5 cm above the nose, between eyes) and aim to achieve the state of mind similar to the concentration technique described above for at least 30-60 seconds. I have tried also looking at throat and heart chakras with similar results. However, if you concentrate on someone's chest it looks so unusual that the person concerned is usually very uneasy about it. When you look into someone's brow chakra you can actually continue conversation. Again, VERY softly illuminated background, with no shadows is best. With practice, any uniformly illuminated background (such as a blue sky for example) will suffice. How to see your own Aura. Stand about 1.5 m in front of a good size mirror. In the beginning it is best if the background behind you is plain white and there are no shadows. Illumination should Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

be VERY soft and uniform not bright. Follow instructions above for seeing Auras. PRACTICE for at least 10-15 minutes each day to increase your sensitivity and develop Auric sight. Meaning of Aura and its colors The Aura is a reflection of our True Nature at any given moment. At this point it is perhaps necessary to explain what do I mean by "True Nature" and why some effort is necessary to "discover" it. Our society emphasizes symbols, stereotypes, habits, manners, superficial behavior, pretending, following others and submitting free will to "leaders". Our "education" is largely based on views and expectations of people who try to control the flock. Our True Nature is what is left when we recognize and discard all our habits, stereotypes, manners, and pretending, superficial behavior and become fully conscious, truly natural and spontaneous. Note that some people are so attached to their manners and habits that it is very hard, if not impossible, to discover who they really are. The only way to get an instant insight into their personality is to watch their Aura, because it shows their True Nature, behind any facade of superficial behavior. In general, the more colorful, cleaner and brighter the Aura, the better and more spiritually advanced is the person. Also, the more uniform the energy distribution in the Aura, the healthier and more balanced the person is. Distribution of the energy in the Aura can serve as a powerful medical diagnostic tool, but usually requires using a complex equipment. The scope of this article is to concentrate on what we can easily see with our eyes. Our Aura surrounds the entire body, but the interpretation of colors below relates to the Aura around the head only. Meaning of colors around the head presented below suggested in the literature has been confirmed by the author. When you learn to see Aura well, you can verify it for yourself, by concentrating on certain thoughts while watching your Aura, or telling people what their thoughts are when you see their Auras. Usually, people have one or two dominating colors (strong points) in their Aura. Thesecolors (or their Auric pairs) will be most likely their favorite colors. In addition to dominant colors, the Aura reflects thoughts, feelings and desires, which appear like "flashes", "clouds" or "flames", usually further away from the head. For example a flash of orange in the Aura indicates a thought or desire to exercise power and control. Orange as a dominant color is a sign of power and general ability to control people. Quickly changing "flashes" indicate quickly changing thoughts. Meaning of Clean Colors of the Aura (colors of the rainbow, bright, shiny, monochromatic colors): Purple: indicates spiritual thoughts. Purple is never a strong point in the Aura. It appears only as temporary "clouds" and "flames", indicating truly spiritual thoughts. Blue: Balanced existence, sustaining life, eased nerve system, transmitting forces and Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

energy. People with blue strong point in their Aura are relaxed, balanced and feel ready to live in a cave and survive. They are born survivors. Blue thought is a thought about relaxing the nerve system to achieve the balance of the mind or a thought about surviving. Electric blue can override any other color in the Aura, when the person is receiving and/or transmitting energy or is in telepathic communication. For example Michel Desmarquet, author of "Thiaoouba Prophecy", frequently glows with the electric blue during his lectures, especially when he answers questions from the public. Turquoise: indicates dynamic quality of being, highly energized personality, capable of projection, influencing other people. People with turquoise strong point in their Aura can do many things simultaneously and are good organizers. They feel bored when forced to concentrate on one thing. People love bosses with turquoise Auras, because such bosses explain their goals and influence their team rather than execute commands. Turquoise thought is a thought about organizing and influencing others. Green: restful, modifying energy, natural healing ability. All natural healers should have it. People with a green strong point in their Auras are natural healers. The stronger the green Aura, the better the healer. They also love gardening and usually have a "green hand" - anything grows for them. Being in a presence of a person with a strong and green Aura is a very peaceful and restful experience. Green thought indicates a restful state and healing. Yellow: joy, freedom, non-attachment, freeing or releasing vital forces. People who glow yellow are full of inner joy, very generous and not attached to anything. Yellow halo around the head: high spiritual development. A signature of a spiritual teacher. Do not accept spiritual teachings from anyone who does not have such a yellow halo. Buddha and Christ had yellow halos extending to their arms. Today it is rare on Earth to find a person with a halo larger than 1 inch. Yellow halo appears as a result of a highly active brow chakra (which can be seen glowing with violet by many people at my workshops).Highly spiritual people stimulate the brow chakra continuously for many years, because they always have intensive spiritual thoughts in their minds. When this chakra is observed when highly active, a yellow (Auric pair) halo appears around it, surrounding the entire head. Yellow thought indicates a moment of joy and contentment. Orange: uplifting and absorbing. Inspiring. A sign of power. Ability and/or desire to control people. When orange becomes a strong point, it usually contributes to a yellow halo, which then becomes gold, indicating not only a spiritual teacher, but a powerful spiritual teacher, someone capable of demonstrating his/her unique abilities. Orange thought is a thought about exercising power or a desire to control people. Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

Red: materialistic thoughts, thoughts about the physical body. Predominantly red Aura indicates materialistically oriented person. Pink ( =purple+red): love (in a spiritual sense). To obtain a clean pink, you need to mix the purple (the highest frequency we perceive) with red (the lowest frequency). Pink Aura indicates that the person achieved a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence. The most advanced people have not only a yellow halo around the head (a permanent strong point in the Aura) but also a large pink Aura extending further away. The pink color in the Aura is quite rare on Earth and appears only as a temporary thought, never as a strong point in the Aura. Meaning of Dirty colors: (colors appearing darker than background more like a smoke than a glow) Brown: unsettling, distracting, materialistic, negating spirituality. Gray: dark thoughts, depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, presence of a dark side of personality. Sulfur (color of a mustard): pain or lack of ease, anger White: serious disease, artificial stimulation (drugs). Why does the white color in the Aura indicate problems? White color is like a noise, rather than a set of harmonious tones (monochromatic colors). It is impossible to "tune" the noise to an orchestra playing harmonious music, hence the white Aura indicates a lack of harmony in the body and mind. Nature, which we are a part of, is harmonious. This harmony comes in discrete vibration "tones" or harmonics, partially described by the modern quantum physics. Several hours before the death, the Aura becomes white, and greatly increases in intensity. Note, than in most cultures the death is depicted in WHITE (not black), because in the past, people could actually see a white Aura before death. It seems that our ancestors knew much more than we are prepared to admit. Amplifying your Aura vibration and bio-energy. Things which can greatly amplify your aura are 1. meditation (purifying your mind from any thoughts) 2. concentration exercise with the cross 3. Matching your aura with the environment Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

Matching your aura with environment When we match vibrational frequencies (spectra) of what we wear with these emitted naturally by our body and mind we experience a state of harmony which is quite unique. The effect can be compared to "tuning" of a musical instrument. Without tuning, all you can make with the instrument is noise, rather than a harmonious music. Essentially there are 3 techniques for matching you Aura with surroundings: 1. Matching your strong point. When we learn what are "strong points" (dominant colors) in our own Aura we can attempt to match our surroundings or clothes with our Aura. Re-decorating our home to achieve a better match will result in a positive stimulation of our psyche and will help to promote our well being in many aspects. According to what Nature does to stimulate us, we should use Auric color pairs aiming for such a match. For example if your Aura is predominantly green, you should use green as well as a light pink in your decorations or apparels. 2. Match our surroundings to the frequencies of thoughts. Frequencies of thoughts were described in the Section dealing with meaning of colors in the Aura. For example, if you think about relaxing your mind (a blue thought) blue surroundings will amplify your thought. Note, that when you come out of the house in the morning and the sky is perfectly blue - you feel relaxed before you have the time to think about anything else. This is because any thought in the direction of relaxing the mind is assisted by blue vibration of the sky. When the sky is gray, you have depressing thoughts before you notice it. Note that blue jeans fashion is very popular, because it assists us in achieving relaxed mind. Trying to promote brown jeans may prove quite useless. 3. Match the frequency distribution along the body. This is the Ultimate Natural stimulation, but requires specially designed clothes such as the Chakra Shirt. Results are quite similar to the action of the acupuncture, but instead of needles a set of 16 key colors is used. Spectacular improvements in people's bio-energy field (Aura) have been observed within minutes of putting it on. In any case, use of clean, near monochromatic (rainbow) colors is essential. They can be subtle and delicate, but they should contain a distinctly clean "rainbow" harmonics of vibration. Suppressing the Aura Things which immediately reduce, muffle or distort yourbio-energy (Aura) are: FEAR, stress, anxiety, hatred, envy, jealousy or any other negative thought or feeling Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

physical crisis in your body - disease, artificial stimulation (drugs) etc.. These can show a temporary increase in the aura energy- this effect is similar to the effect of your body raising the temperature during sickness. You need to READ the Aura to diagnose such a crisis. Most likely such increased Aura will be white. clothes and the environment clashing with your Aura. Dull colored clothes absorb your bio-energy rather than harmoniously enhance it. It is interesting to note that males on Earth die much earlier than females, regardless of their cultural and ethnic background, diet etc. In my opinion it is related to the fact that males dress in black or gray colors for the most of their lives and rarely use colors. Females use much more colors in their garments and change them frequently. Interestingly, many male birds in Nature are much brighter colored than females. and THEY live longer. Nature always gives us a hint. All we need to do is observe it and adopt ideas from it. An immediate effect of wearing gray, black or brown clothes is that they make you tired quicker. Have you noticed that young people today look MUCH OLDER than they should? It is logical that we should avoid all of the above if possible. "Cultivating" any of the above for prolonged time can have a permanent effect on our psyche and our Aura. Detecting Buried Treasures Detecting hidden treasures, or anything else for that matter, require a psychic sensitivity to nature--a fine-tuned etheric/physical nervous system free from toxins and blockages, and a mind/body/soul capable of being still or activated in some way under the direction of the spiritual will. The purer the lower principles of the microcosm, the easier it is to receive and record subtle vibrations. All components of the Spirit used by man to function in the three worlds require purification. It is the first step in alchemical transformation; it is the first phase in yogic development; it is the first requisite in magick, as it opens up the channels for the spiritual will of the mage to function through. As important as it is, we will not deal with this subject here as it requires lengthy treatment. Once purification has been successfully carried-out, the next step would be to undergo sensitivity training. Psychic sensitivity may be developed through various mystical and occult disciplines. The novice might want to delve deeper into the subject--there are many fine books out there that will provide the required information. Nevertheless, the many steps of development taught in Ilmu Khodam, as well as its application, will gradually unfold a certain degree of sensitivity in the practitioner. Techniques or methods of detection are through psychic attunement/spirit inquiry. They are briefly explained below. The Method of Psychic Attunement In matters of detection many occultist utilize the dowsing method with a rod or pendulum--these are valid methods. We would like to introduce here one technique that the magickal operator might want to experiment with. The following is a method that we Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

personally call "geo-psychometry." In this method of detection, we simply embrace an area with our consciousness, become one with it and feel its energy--feel whether it contains any strong magnetism of a metallic nature. Prior to this one must familiarize oneself with the energies of various metals. For instance, to know iron, simply hold an iron object to feel the energy that it emanates. After one is well-acquainted with the metals, one might extend one's knowledge of energies with various kinds of rocks, wood, fluid, etc. The detection of an area could be done in a remote manner if it is impossible for one to be personally on site. In any case, acquire a handful of soil from the area; close your eyes and hold the soil and reach out to its place of origin. Imagine that your consciousness is embracing the region. Then feel. Affirm to yourself that your mind and body will feel and have a positive "knowing" response if any treasures lie hidden in the area. If your clairvoyant faculties are functioning you might catch glimpses of the place or see the aura of the treasure--or even the treasure itself, assuming that it exists. This is a method that most Javanese shamans use to detect the contents of a region. To target on an "X" spot, and if you are on site, walk around with hands outstretched and feel a magnetic pull. Visualize, sense and feel the energies of the element that you seek. For instance, if you seek gold, visualize and recall what the energies of gold is like. Walk around with your hands outstretched before you while thus attuning to the frequency of gold. If your hands feel a strong pull, the possibility is there that gold is buried underneath in the ground. Do not be satisfied with this, however, research should be done as to the area's historical background to support your findings; and last but not least, verify this with the guardian spirits of the region and your khodam, and if it is permissible and possible for you to retrieve it. The Method of Spirit Inquiry As mentioned previously, inquiries may be made of the guardian spirits of the region if there are any buried treasures or sacred objects hidden in the area, and the means of acquiring them, whether they should be dug up, or whether they may be retrieved with the help of certain khodams. If there are any treasures in the chosen site, the spirits might give you permission to retrieve them, perhaps conditionally, in which case it is important to find out what they want. If it is a reasonable request, harming none, you might consider fulfilling it. The origin and nature of the objects or treasure may be inquired of the spirit-keepers of the region. INCREASE CONCENTRATION

The object of concentration exercise can be anything. A coin, a stamp, a flower, or a quartz crystal are all good. Each of those have enough detail to help keep your mind focused, but are not so complex as to lead you away from the purpose of the exercises. Using a flower bud or a crystal will have a tendency to develop your clairvoyant abilities. In the beginning its best to find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. You might Orginated copyright By Yulius Eka Agung Seputra 2000 Jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara 16421 have registered Patent !

find it useful to use earplugs. After a while this will be unnecessary. Don't demand too much of yourself in the beginning. Start with exercises lasting one minute or less, but do them regularly and correctly. Gradually increase the duration of the exercise by an additional minute per day. Gradually increase duration until you can do the exercise for at least 15 minutes. As time goes on gradually increase the duration of the exercise until you can do it for an hour or more. Your body relaxation must be complete, except for the muscles which hold your your body in the appropriate position. Make an effort to relax every muscle before starting the exercises. The rule is that your body should be relaxed, and your mind intensively active. SPECIFIC EXERCISES

1.CONCENTRATION ON A SIMPLE OBJECT: Select your object. Relax, and make the decision that you will concentrate for your selected period of time on that object. Now start thinking about it. Think about it's shape, color, material that it is made from, and so forth. If your mind wanders gently bring it back. Try to memorize it's form. Then close your eyes and try to visualize it. If you can't visualize it and at first you probably won't be able to, open your eyes and try to memorize it's form again. Then close your eyes and try to visualize it again. Repeat this process until the time for the exercise has expired.

2. Do the same exercise as above only do it with colors. Then different shapes, and when you get really good at this try it with people. When you can do the above exercises without your mind wandering for 15 minutes or longer, you will have acomplished a great deal.

3. Keep a dream journal. Begin to notice your dreams and write them down each morning. Before you go to bed each night, review your day in reverse. This practice will help you start to remember your dream.

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To Increase Ajna Energy: 1. see this picture

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2. Say Sacred Word (Mantra) because with say Sacred Words we will go to Alpha Condition. For Example Say Yaa Khobiru (Islam Religion) , in Catholic say Jesus Bless me in Buddha say Om Mani Padme Hum You can say Sacred Word in 7000 times every day, dont think your problem, consentrate with Ajna purpose. Condition in your Brains state using EEG EEG (Electroencephalography) technology is used to measure brain's electrical vibrations from the surface of the scalp. The resulting EEG pattern will contain frequency elements mainly below 30Hz. The frequencies are categorized into four states as follows: State Frequency range State of mind a.Delta 0.5Hz - 4Hz Deep sleep b.Theta 4Hz - 8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep) c.Alpha 8Hz - 14Hz Relaxed but alert d.Beta 14Hz - 30Hz Highly alert and focused

a. b. Establish a deep, easy rhythmic breath, that which seems natural and comfortable. Taking seven deep breaths, the student lets his conscious attention come to a point of focus within the forehead. Do not create a point of tension here. Simply settle easily in the forehead and realize that you are an integrated personality focussed in your mental nature.

The next step is to align yourself (the focussed consciousness) with the Soul via the mind. In the past, beginners have made the mistake of trying too hard. Let us eliminate that mistake now. Do not try to place the locality of the Soul. It is everywhere equally present, and to place it, before understanding, only limits your thinking. Instead, align yourself with the Soul by turning your attention to the concept of a Soul. Spend a few moments in silent contemplation of being aligned with your Higher Self via the medium of mental sub-stance. You are now ready to enter into communication with the Soul, to contact it via a seed-thought. The mind is given a thought which quickens its vibratory frequency in such a manner as to span the distance in awareness between the persona focussed in the mental nature and the Overshadowing Soul. Let your first seed-thought be that of ''dedication''. ''I, the personality, dedicate my consciousness and my bodies to the Soul.'' This serves to identify and bridge the two states of awareness in time and space. The seed-thought is then dropped. The words are no longer spoken. This is the most difficult stage of the entire meditation for beginners and for many of their seniors. The tendency of the mind to repetition swings the student into the habit of affirmation, and this is the polar opposite of

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the condition required for Soul contact. Just so long as the mind is speaking, it is closed to communion with the Soul. It must become quiet, attentive, alert. The seed-thought is dropped as words. The energy of the thought remains as a line of contact (a bridge in mental substance) and needs no repetition. The mind is still, attentive, receptive. When the moment of absolute silence has come, the Soul makes itself known.

Meditation is a technical process whereby Soul contact is realized and Soul infusion achieved. It is safely carried out as a daily practice only after the persona has dedicated his vehicles to the Soul. If there are any of you, then, who have not and do not make such dedica-tion, do not proceed any further with this instruction, for it could be disastrous to you. At this point you are entering the upward way which leads the errant son into the province of his Father. You will be invoking into your vehicles the higher frequency of Spiritual energies, which can be safely wielded only for the betterment of humanity. Deliberate misuse of a Spiritual energy or power brings quick retribution (karma) to the user; hence the protection of the masses is insured by Divine Law. The first step in any well ordered meditation is that of alignment. Alignment is the establishment of a path-of-least- resistance for the flow of energy between any two given points. In this case, the alignment is to be between the persona, focussed in the physical brain, and the Spiritual Soul in Its own sphere. The persona is composed of three aspects: the physical or dense body, the emotional-feeling nature, and the mind. The objective of the first stage of alignment is to render the physical body and the emotional nature quiescent and under complete mental control. This is brought about in a two-fold manner, as follows: 1. The two lower aspects of the instrument must be relaxed. Wherever there is tension, there the mind is held a prisoner. An emotion, particularly of a negative nature, will produce a physical tension, which holds the attention of the mind fastened to the body and the problem, without freedom to seek, recognize or create a solution. Any attempt to strain or lift the mind from its prison will only serve to strengthen its hold; therefore, the process must be that of relaxed alignment which results in a freeing of the mind. This is accomplished in the following manner: a. Become physically relaxed and comfortable. Make the body as comfortable as possible in a sitting position. Beginning with the feet, re-lax each muscle, tendon, and, finally, cell, of the entire body. Speak to the separate parts, telling them to relax. Know that the nervous system carries the message to them and that they will obey. b. Become emotionally calm and serene. Speak to the emotions, telling them to relax, to become at peace. Let each emotion become quiescent until there is a noticeable serenity pervading the feeling nature. 2. Establish a point of focus. When the physical body and the emotional nature are at peace, the personality consciousness will naturally focus in the mind. The mind, which is no longer held a prisoner to the lower aspects, naturally focuses its attention in the world of mind. It does not leave the body, but it can become attentive to the Soul. It is poised and alert. This is facilitated in the following manner:

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Get comfortable as before, close your eyes and breathe as before and relax. Become aware of your body by breathing as before and following your breath for a few minutes. Now, bring your attention to your sixth chakra, between your eyebrows. Then bring your breath to your sixth chakra. On each inhalation feel the energy centered in your third eye grow stronger. As it grows stronger, visualize the energy there as a ball of indigo light. Visualize it growing stronger and brighter for about two or three minutes. Now, move your consciousness upward until it reaches a point between your eyebrows and feel your consciousness centered in the ball of energy. Now, become the ball of energy and feel yourself radiating from that center through your body and into the outer environment. Pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Feel your mind radiate in all directions at the same time. Feel yourself fill the room with your consciousness. After about ten minutes, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale slowly. Then let your breathing return to normal, release the ball of energy by your sixth chakra and the imagery associated with it and relax.

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1. 2.

Visualize your body with 7 chakra A golden flame between the eyebrows (or other chakra).

2. Create the imagination (visualization) of a golden sun between the eyebrows (other chakra).

3. Imagine this ray change to white light, hold it and Pray to God to Do It. Pray or spell short mantra like OM Allah . Do it for all your chakra. Each chakra 5 minutes.

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