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Sustainability means a. Building Green b. Planting trees c. Conducting any human activity such that Resources are not permanently depleted affecting the lives of future generation d. Improving Infrastructure Sustainable buildings will help reduce a. 12% of potable ater consumption b. !he " billion tons of ra material used each year in construction. c. "# percent of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by buildings each year in the $nited %tates d. &ll of these Which is the term for an evaluation of a products environmental impact over the entire time of its use? a. %ustainability b. 'urability c. (ife)cycle assessment d. Chain)of)custody reen building practices include a. *nly energy efficiency. b. *nly recycled materials c. *nly +nvironmental Protection d. &ll of these "##$ means a. (eadership in +cological and +nvironmental 'esign. b. (eadership in +nergy and +nvironmental 'esign. c. (eadership in +fficiency and +nvironmental 'esign. d. (eadership in +fficiency and +cological 'esign. "##$ deals with Sustainable &spects of a. &griculture b. Buildings c. Chemical Industry d. ,otor -ehicles







"##$ is a? a. Building 'esign Code b. Building ,ar.eting !ool c. Rating %ystem for %ustainability in Buildings d. Building %afety Code What does a "##$ rating reflect? a. !he cost of a building b. /o green a building is c. !he carbon footprint of a building0s occupants d. !he location of a building "##$ *ating system is a. ,andatory Re1uirement b. (egal re1uired by ,unicipalities c. -oluntary Consensus based system d. &ll of these "##$ *ating system is $eveloped and &dministered by a. $nited %tates Green Building council a 2ot for profit *rgani3ation b. $nited %tates Government c. & Green Building Company d. 2one of these "##$ has different rating system addressing specific sectors of ,uilding development -ndustry. Which of the Sectors in building development is addressed by "##$ Separately a. Green Building 'esign 4 Construction b. Green Interior 'esign 4 construction c. Green Building *peration 4 ,aintenance d. &ll of these Which one of the following is not an ,enefit of "##$ a. Reduced 5aste b. Improved Indoor +nvironmental 6uality c. Greater +mployee Comfort7Productivity d. Improved %eismic %trength for Building %tructure /he number of possible points with the 2 ++) "##$ *ating system is a. 1## b. 11# c. 1# d. 8








Sustainable Sites 0redits section of "##$ &ddresses a. Building /ard%cape b. Building (andscape c. +9terior of the Building d. &ll of these What is 12/ addressed by the 3aterials and *esource Section of "##$ a. ,aterial %election b. 5aste 'isposal c. 5aste Reduction d. 5ater +fficiency -ndoor #nvironmental 4uality 0redits section of "##$ &ddresses a. *ccupant /ealth %afety and Comfort b. 5aste ,anagement c. 5ater used for irrigation d. Innovative ideas




What is the name for the procedure used to clear buildings of contaminants before they are occupied? a. :lush)out b. Infiltration c. -entilation d. +9)filtration /he innovation in $esign 0redits can be applied for if the 5ro6ect a. Implements a ne sustainable technology in the pro;ect b. 'eveloped and Implement a uni1ue environmental solution applicable to the pro;ect c. &chieve a +9emplary performance limit set for certain credits d. &ll of these What is the first "evel of "##$ certification called? a. Platinum b. Gold c. Certified d. %ilver & high.performance building is a. & green building. b. +nergy efficient. c. & sustainable building d. &ll of these