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Becky Derrick


Becky Derrick 111 N. 12th West Rexburg, Idaho 83440 480.580.6165

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Two sided (duplex) folding brochure

Programs : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign Date: December 7, 2013 Course: Comm 130, Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
Create a two-sided folding document and incorporate quality images with original logo.


For this brochure I first opened up a new document in Adobe InDesign, made it two pages and put in guides to make it a duplex brochure. I then placed my text of 270 words into my document. I opened up my original logo and edited it in Adobe Illustrator for the layout of this brochure. I used only the cherry and the name of the restaurant and placed it on the front page of my document in InDesign. I then used the photo of the steak from Google Images and edited it in Adobe Photoshop. I used the lasso tool to cut out the back ground then created a mask for it. I also used the paint brush tool with a very small brush size to touch up any areas missed around the edges. I used the refine mask tool, smoothed the edges and put a slight feather on the image. I then put the image of the steak into my brochure, used a text wrap and clipped it so that the words would not get too close to the picture. I inserted the other photos that I chose from Google Images and matched the inside of the brochure to the color of the cherry. I used large bold font for contrast on my headings and aligned my text with my pictures. I used proximity with my text and pictures so that the pictures matched what the text had to say to create flow and white space. I also used to the Apple Chancery font on the title and the food headings to give it more contrast.

Dessert First

Shawn Derrick 111 N. Cherry Ln. Downtown , ID 83440 350. 595. 2165

Dessert First
Fine Dining


We have a wide array of tasty treats from many different cultures. You name it our chefs can make it. We also pride ourselves on our fine cuisine, anything from steak, seafood or a good ol American Style Burger. Here are some of the examples of of the choices you have at Dessert First.

Dessert When You Want It:

Dessert first or last you will be elated with the variety we offer. World-class chefs will leave your taste buds with a sense of awe and wonder. Owner and Founder Shawn Derrick loved the idea of a restaurant that specializes in having your dessert first. His experiences as a restaurant goer also inspired him to create a place where you can hear your neighbor talk and enjoy any type of food you want. He had found that many restaurants are loud and others that were quiet didnt have any variety to their menu. Shawn wanted a place with variety and peace of mind. Dessert First, where calm and great food collide.

American Latino Itialian Thai Chineese

Chocolate Mousse Baked Treats Sundaes Cultural Desserts


Dessert first is a place where you can bring family or a business partner. Our high backed booths provide privacy and a quiet environment. If you have especially important business or a large party we have private party and meeting rooms for your convenience. Quality you can feel.

Location: We have many convenient locations across the country.

Please visit our website www. for a location near you.

Business Card
Description: Business Card with Orginial Logo Programs: Adobe Illustrator Date: November 7, 2013 Course: Comm 130 Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
Create a business card consistent with an original logo and learn basic design tools in Adobe Illustrator


I first thought of the theme of this restaurant. Known for great desserts, but with awesome food as well. So for the logo, I went with the cherry as a representation of the dessert theme, with a dark cherry color on top and bottom. I contrasted fonts with both style and color so focal areas would stand out.

Dessert First

World Class Dessert & Fine Dining

111 N. Cherry Ln. Downtown, ID 83440 350. 595. 2165


Description: Business Stationery with original logo. Programs: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign Date: November 7, 2013 Course: Communication 130 Visual Media Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
To learn the basic tools of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, create original logo and consistent design between stationery and business card.


For the watermark cherry I copy and pasted my traced image from my logo in Illustrator. I placed it in the corner of the page, made it large and the cherry more transparent to make it usable for a letter. I contrasted font style so it could be seen. For the logo in the corner, I copy and pasted it from Illustrator to InDesign and shrank it.

Dessert First

World Class Dessert and Fine Dinning

Shawn Derrick 111 N. Cherry Ln. Downtown, ID 83440 350. 595. 2165

Description: Blending of 3 or more photos together into one cohesive

Programs: Adobe Photoshop Date: October 27, 2013 Course : Comm 130 Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
Learn to choose good quality images. Blend images smoothly with layers, masks and filters.


For this project I first fit my corn maze back ground to 8.5x 11 document. I then placed my pumpkin picture off to the side and applied a mask to that layer. I applied a horizontal flip so that the pumpkin would face inward. With my brush tool I blended the picture into the background. I did a little touching up by reversing the blend tool and brought some of the color back to the pumpkin so that the pumpkin would glow. I then applied a Gaussian blur and a pinch filter to my back ground to make the pumpkin stand out more and to make the tunnel of the corn maze look longer. Finally I wrote in the information that I wanted on my poster and chose two contrasting fonts in white color so that the text would pop out. I also aligned all the text to the left not only to align but so that the reader would go from the pumpkin to the text in the middle of the page.

Description: Event flier showing basic design principles Programs:
Adobe InDesign

Date: October 5, 2013 Course: Comm 130, Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
Learn basic InDesign skills by incorporating text, logo and photo while keeping links intact and following design principles.


For this project I first started by importing photos from the BYU-I communications webpage. I used contrast in the heading, with the main focus being large and black then the secondary focus of Leadership Conference being smaller and white. I then applied the principle of alignment, aligning all the components such as picture, logo, text and headings. I also applied proximity by breaking up the text into categories making it easier for the reader to catch the main points of the flier. I used repetition by creating two black bars on top and bottom to bring the eyes to the information of the flier. I used bold headings in the text so the readers could see the main points of the conference. Last of all I put the picture on the left creating flow to the center of the flier.

Leadership Conference
Do you want to have the compititive edge in businness?
Vouant Communications is devoted to helping tomorrows leaders gain essential leadership skills in the workplace. This dynamic three-day semnar, attendees will meet with top executives of Vouant Communications to discuss breakthrough leadership techniques, while cultivating attributes of leadership that will market to any employer.

Come learn how at Vouant Communications annual Graduate Leadership Conference.

Conference is available to graduating seniors. Space is limited. Registration and more information available at

October 21 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Lincoln Conventioun Center

Description: Create 3 original logos in Adoble Illustrator Programs: Adobe Illustrator Date: November 2, 2013 Course: Comm 130, Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
To use only the tools of Adoble Illustrator, set up a professional display for the logos and get feedback from outside sources.


This is a name for a restaurant. For the top logo I first found a font that would say to me sweet dessert something that would make me want to eat. Then I wanted some kind of illustration with it. So I used the ellipse tool and made a circle. Then added anchor points so that I could pull in part of the circle to make it the shape of the cherry. For the middle logo, I wanted a little more of a professional look but still wanted to illustrate dessert. So I used the hollow font and made it a chocolate color, then traced an image of an ice cream dessert, placed it on the top of my font and colorized it. For the bottom logo, I wanted a fancier look. So I made the first two letters of the words a much larger font to create more of a trademark logo. I also used contrasting fonts. I then used the ellipse tool and put a circle around it. I applied color, then a preset graphic style in Illustrator which made the gradient come from the middle. I also applied a drop shadow on the circle and the words, then made the drop shadow tight against the original figure.

Dessert First

Desser t First



Web Page
Description: Web Page design using HTML and CSS Programs: Text Wrangler and Dream Weaver Date: November 22, 2013 Course: Comm 130, Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
Aqire a working knowledge of HTML and CSS to display original content and logo.


To design this webpage I used a pre-written CSS document and linked it to a html document that I had organized previously and styled it to my own like. I mostly used text wrangler to change my fonts, color, etc, but I also used Dream Weaver. I inserted the logo of my own make and matched the headers and text up with my logo colors by using Photoshop to get the color codes that CSS would read. I wanted everything to have proximity so I made a new padding tag in CSS so the text would not be too close to the header. I also found a way to change the Font color for my list headings so that they would stand out more. I also used constrast with tthe red and green colors with a black background and made my logo stick out more for my reader rather than the heading of the page. Word Count 261.

Event Ad
Description: Event ad using only Microsoft Word Programs: Microsoft Word Date: October 12, 2013 Course: Comm 130, Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
To create a full bleed design by scaning and importing a high-quality image, with text and photo editing only in Word.


I first scanned in my image using an Epson Scanner then uploaded the image into Word. Using a tool in the Word I removed the background so that the taco would pop out. I then created boxes for color and then text boxes for my title and body copy.

Taco Dinner

Friday, October 14 6 p.m. 8 p.m. $10 plate Dining Hall Chamber of Commerce

All proceeds will go to the building of the new state of the art Senior Center. If you would like to give more to this cause please bring food or monetary donations to the chamber of Commerce on Thursday, October 13.

Description: Programs:
Quality photo with specific editing techniques. Adobe Photoshop

Date: October 19, 2013 Course: Comm 130, Visual Communication Instructor: Julie Peterson Objectives:
Learn basic photography, take your own image, download it, size and crop. Learn how to apply brightness, contrast, hue and saturation levels, use selection, desaturation and filter tools in Photoshop.


First, I took this picture with my little Sony point and shoot camera. I then uploaded it to photoshop and cropped it to a 66 image. I then used my quick selection tool and selected the fountain and then did inverse select. I used a field blur on the back ground. I selected the fountain again and deselected the leaves in the fountain. I did inverse select again and colorized the fountain to a greeenish color, desaturated it and it left the leaves their original color for contrast.