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Private Cloud: Its Architecture and Functions

G. Khataniar1, D. Laskar2, K.P. Shar a2


Department of Computer Engineering, Assam Engineering Institute, Guwahati, Assam, INDIA Email: drkhataniar@gmail. om ! Department of Computer " ien e and Engineering, GI#$, Guwahati, Assam, INDIA krisna%!&&@gmail. om, laskardwipen@gmail. om

Cloud co $utin% a& 'e de(ined as a $acka%e o( services that is 'ein% hosted or de$lo&ed ana%in% and the re otel& in servers over the internet or intranet )here the storin%, the

$rocessin% o( the data are done at the e*$ense o( the in(rastructure or the services $rovided '& the hosted server rather than the $ersonal co $uter )ho is actuall& usin% the service. In this $a$er the architecture o( a $rivate cloud is discussed 'rie(l&. Private cloud is a cloud co $utin% $lat(or cloud it that is i $le ented )ithin a $articular or%ani+ation. It can 'e a& 'e ana%ed '& the or%ani+ation or a third $art& and a& e*ist on,$re ises or o((,$re ises. Co $arin% )ith $u'lic

ore secure as it is i $le ented )ithin an or%anisation-s (ire)all. .ere

anal&sis o( a $rivate cloud con(i%urin% is done )ith the hel$ o( /0CAL1P"0S. "he ste$s re2uired to install and con(i%ure /ucal&$tus (or di((erent as$ects related to de$lo& ent on So(t)are on this IaaS also has 'een discussed in this $a$er. Ke&)ords: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Private cloud, Pu'lic cloud, .&'rid cloud, /ucal&$tus.

1. I3"#4D0C"I43
. "he Cloud services can 'e 'roadl& classi(ied as IaaS 5In(rastructure as a service6, PaaS 5Plat(or as a service6 and SaaS 5So(t)are as a service6. IaaS is the service anner. "he odel )here the aintenance o( Co $utin% in(rastructure is $rovided on de and in an outsourced

the co $utin% resources or the e2ui$ ent is the res$onsi'ilit& o( the service $rovider. It deals )ith 7irtual 8achines, Stora%e ,Servers, 3et)ork etc. /*a $les (or IaaS include A a+on-s /C291:, /ucal&$tus etc. PaaS is a service includes o$eratin% s&ste , $ro%ra odel that $rovides the co $utin% $lat(or s )hich in% lan%ua%e e*ecution environ ent, data'ase, )e' server

etc. on to$ o( IaaS. /*a $les include Goo%le A$$ /n%ine etc.

SaaS $rovides access to a$$lication so(t)ares. .ere the a$$lications are accessed '& the users usin% a )e' 'ro)ser and all the associated data are centrall& hosted on the cloud. /*a $les include Dro$'o*, %oo%le drive etc. "he di((erent de$lo& ent services are Pu'lic cloud, Private cloud, .&'rid cloud and Co
$arties. Pu'lic clouds are ost o(ten hosted a)a& (ro

odels (or the a'ove


unit& cloud. Pu'lic cloud are run '& third

custo er $re ises 92: and so it

is considered as the

standard cloud co $utin%

odel . It (ollo)s the rule o( Location trans$arenc& as the custo er

has no visi'ilit& and control over )here the co $utin% in(rastructure is hosted. /*a $les are A a+on /lastic Co $ute Cloud 5/C26, Goo%le A$$/n%ine. Private Cloud is a cloud co $utin% $lat(or that is i $le ented )ithin a $articular or%ani+ation. "he& are 'uilt (or the e*clusive use o( one client, $rovidin% the ut ost control over data, securit&, and 2ualit& o( service92: . /*a $les are 4$enstack 9;:, /ucal&$tus,78)are9<: etc. .&'rid cloud can 'e considered as the co 'ination o( $rivate and $u'lic cloud. In h&'rid cloud the or%ani+ation host critical a$$lications in the $rivate cloud and a$$lications )ith relativel& less concern in $u'lic cloud. Co (ro unit& cloud is a ulti,tenant in(rastructure that is shared a on% several or%ani+ations on co $utin% concerns. a s$eci(ic %rou$ )ith co

2. P#I7A"/ CL40D 0SI3G /0CAL1P"0S

/ucal&$tus is an on,$re ise, (ree and o$en source, co $uter so(t)are (or 'uildin% A a+on )e' services co $ati'le $rivate cloud $lat(or 9=:. "he /ucal&$tus co $onents like 3ode Controller 53C6, Cluster Controller 5CC6, >alrus Stora%e Controller 5>S;6,Stora%e Controller 5SC6, Cloud Controller 5CLC6

Fi%ure 1 , Co $onents o( /ucal&$tus 9?:. Cloud Controller develo$ers, $ro@ect a'out resources, a& 'e considered as the entr&,$oint into the cloud (or ad inistrators, ana%ers, and end,users. "he CLC 2ueries other co $onents (or in(or ation akes hi%h,level schedulin% decisions, and akes re2uests to the Cluster

Controllers 5CCs6. >alrus allo)s users to store $ersistent data, or%ani+ed as 'uckets and o'@ects. >alrus can 'e used to create, delete, and list 'uckets. >alrus is inter(ace co $ati'le )ith A a+on-s Si $le Stora%e Service 5S;6, $rovidin% a a client (ro outside the cloud or (ro a virtual echanis (or storin% and accessin% virtual achine i a%es and user data. >alrus can 'e accessed '& end,users, )hether the user is runnin% achine instance runnin% inside the cloud. achine runnin% the CLC. .ere the achine. CCs %ather in(or ation ust 'e in the sa e Cluster,Controller %enerall& e*ecutes on a achine that has net)ork connectivit& to 'oth the

achines runnin% the 3ode Controllers 53Cs6 and to the cloud controller and the cluster controller are on the sa e a'out a set o( 3Cs and schedules virtual ana%es the virtual

achine 5786 e*ecution on s$eci(ic 3Cs. "he CC also

achine net)orks. All 3Cs associated )ith a sin%le CC

su'net. Stora%e Controller $rovides (unctionalit& si ilar to the A a+on /lastic !lock Store 5A a+on /!S6. "he SC is ca$a'le o( inter(acin% )ith various stora%e s&ste s. "he stora%e controller e*$orts stora%e volu es that can 'e attached '& a 78 and ounted or accessed as a ra) 'lock device.. An SC volu e cannot 'e shared 'et)een 78s and can onl& 'e accessed )ithin the sa e availa'ilit& +one in )hich the 78 is runnin%. 0sers can create sna$shots (ro SC volu es. Sna$shots are stored in >alrus and Controller e*ecutes on an& also (etches and s&ste ade availa'le across availa'ilit& +ones. 3ode ain (unction o( 3C is to achine that hosts 78 instances. "he

controls 78 activities, includin% the e*ecution, ins$ection, and ter ination o( 78 instances. It aintains a local cache o( instance i a%es, and it 2ueries and controls the the CC9?:. so(t)are in res$onse to 2ueries and control re2uests (ro

;. I3S"ALLA"I43 4F /0CAL1P"0S
/ucal&$tus-s Faststart to set u$ the $rivate cloud is 'ein% used .It can 'e done in Cloud,in,a,'o* )here a /ucal&$tus cloud )ith all co $onents on a sin%le t)o se$arate one or in the (irst ore 3ode Controllers on se$arate achine are installed or there can 'e achines a /ucal&$tus cloud )ith all (ront,end co $onents on a sin%le s&ste , and achines. Currentl& t)o s&ste s )ill 'e used )here achine, called the 3ode. In this con(i%uration there achine the Frontend, the CLC, >alrus, CC, and SC , called the Frontend )ould 'e ore 3odes

installed and the 3C is installed on another can 'e one Frontend and one or

;.1 .ard)are #e2uire ents

")o achines )ith a ini u o( 1AAG! o( disk s$ace, ini u o( <G! o( e or& and at least one ethernet 3IC is re2uired (or Faststart Con(i%uration.

;.2 Con(i%urin% /ucal&$tus

Fe) Points to 'e re e 'ered 'e(ore con(i%urin% /ucal&$tus . First o( all the 3"P servers on all the achines i.e. the (ront end and the node ust 'e s&nchroni+ed. Also virtuali+ation ust 'e ena'led in the s&ste -s hard)are .Also it is ensured that each host can SS. to other hosts in this case the (ront end and the node should 'e a'le to SS. to each other.

;.2.1 Con(i%urin% net)ork

odes. a6 S1S"/8 8ode '6 S"A"IC 8ode c6 8A3AG/D ode is 'ein% used. In 8ana%ed

/ucal&$tus co es )ith < net)orkin% 53o,7LA36 78s (ro

8ode d6 8A3AG/D,347LA3 8ode 8A3AG/D,347LA3

ode, /ucal&$tus does not use 7LA3s to isolate the net)ork 'rid%es attached to

each other. Con(i%ure each CC to use an /thernet device that lies )ithin the sa e eant to interact )ith the environ ent outside the cloud and $rivate IP-s are anuall& to the di((erent instances

'roadcast do ain as all o( its 3Cs9B:. .ere t)o set o( IP addresses Pu'lic and Private are used. "he $u'lic IPs are assi%ned to di((erent instances that )ould 'e runnin% )ithin the cloud. Also s$eci(& a ran%e o( unused $u'lic IP addresses to 'e assi%ned auto aticall& or runnin% alon% )ith the $rivate i$ addresses.

;.2.2 Con(i%urin% .&$ervisors

/ucal&$tus interacts )ith 'oth Cen9D: and K789E: h&$ervisors throu%h li'virt. In Cent4S the con(i%uration (or K78 h&$ervisors is not re2uired and currentl& '& de(ault it is 'ein% used as the h&$ervisor9B:.

;.2.; Con(i%urin% loo$ devices

"o ensure that /ucal&$tus starts ne) instances, con(i%ure the nu 'er o( loo$ devices accordin%l& to use the SC and 3C co $onents. An SC )ith insu((icient loo$ devices (ails to create ne) volu es. An 3C )ith insu((icient loo$ devices (ails to start ne) instances9B:.

<. C43CL0SI43
"o su ari+e, the idea o( 'uildin% a $rivate cloud a$$eals to an& or%anisations )ho )ant to retain control and securit&, 'ut i $rove services. In(act it )ould 'e ver& 'ene(icial (or an institution )hich as$ires to use cloud to i $art kno)led%e and can 'e i $le ented as a %ood teachin% tool. Also the reasons (or usin% a $rivate cloud are cost reduction, enhancin% service 2ualit&, and, ore i $ortantl&, reducin% the ti e it takes to deliver )hat users de and. It o((ers

resources as services and also allo)s use o( internet $rotocols and technolo%ies to access cloud resources. Private clouds do not ake sense (or s all 'usinesses. !ut (or lar%e and even ake $arts o( their in(rastructures virtual, so the& can ore (le*i'ilit& to the cloud. ediu ,si+ed 'usinesses, I" tea s can ore ature, the idea )ould 'e to

use their 'usiness $rocesses and co $uter resources in a $rivate cloud. As the conce$t 'eco es ove ever&thin% that needs

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT "he authors are thank(ul to the All India Council o( "echnical /ducation 5AIC"/6, Govt. o( India (or (inancial su$$ort to)ards the )ork 5Grant 3o: F.3o.DA2;F#ID,=53/#6F2A11,2A12 2Ath 8arch 2A126.

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