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Invitation to Understanding Islam Series 16

True Believers in Islam

Embrace Islam in the knowledge that it is the correct and best decision you have made about your life. Embrace Islam with the aim of becoming a True Believer. ove for a human being should never be the reason for embracing Islam. ove for The One who created and sustains you should be the paramount reason for embracing Islam. This love must be based on knowledge of !im" and must be sincere. #ou must be $re$ared to sacrifice your cherished belongings to $lease The One you truly love. %&'()* +hile your human lover may not know of your ,other love"- your .reator knows what is in your heart. /othing is hidden from him. 0o not embrace Islam if you still wish to kee$ your ,earlier love- of believing that created things such as talismans or $ieces of string tied around your wrist can $rotect you. If you $ersist with your belief in your ,earlier love- after taking the shahadah" you are still not a Believer as you had not been sincere. PERKIM

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In declaring faith in Islam %shahadah*" you are restoring your covenant with your .reator. >ll human beings are born as 1uslims but many ?lose@ this blessing because of differences in u$bringing. Through the shahadah" you are reverting to your original status" and making a fresh start like a newborn that is free of sins. By acce$ting 1uhammad A$buhB as the final 1essenger of Cod" .hristians embracing Islam are also acce$ting 6esus A,Isa-" $buhB as a 1essenger" and not ,Son- of" Cod. By taking the shahadah" they are also reDecting the man9made conce$t of ,Trinity- that divides Cod into ;ather" Son and the !oly S$irit. The Eur@an states that >llah The E<alted ,is far above the need of having a son.It commands" ,stop saying threefor ,Allah is only One God.- %:'1=1* > $erson embracing Islam must have a clear knowledge of what distinguishes him or her from disbelievers in Islam. There are many $ersons in the >rab world with >rabic names but they are not 1uslims. Thus one is not a 1uslim by one@s name. > $erson is 1uslim by birth but whether he continues to be one de$ends on u$bringing. 1uslim is not a race. > .hinese becomes a 1uslim when he takes the shahadah. !e ceases to be a 1uslim if he renounces the shahadah but he still remains a .hinese.

Thus one is a 1uslim by his or her acce$tance of the shahadah that there is no god except Allah and Muhammad is His final Messenger. The shahadah begins with these words' ,I bear witness > ,witness- has ,knowledge- of what he or she is witnessing" and declares this knowledge without any doubt. > 1uslim witnesses that in the whole of the universe there is absolutely no being worthy to be worshi$$ed e<ce$t >llah. >llah is The Su$reme Being" and no one and nothing is associated with !is 0ivinity. >llah created the Universe and everything in it" determined the laws of their e<istence" and fi<ed s$ecific life s$ans for everything. The belief that there are multi$le gods in the universe is a form of ignorance. The facts of life and nature do not su$$ort it. The universe is not a Dumble of chaotic things. It is a flawless or $erfect creation. > $erfect and e<$anding universe can e<ist only by the +ill of 2ne Su$reme Being who is Infinite" Eternal" Ferfect" >ll97nowing" and with limitless $owers to create. It is to !im that we should bow in submission and adoration. +e are all in need of !is favour" and are obliged to seek !is hel$. These knowledge automatically brings us to Geality" that is Tawhid" the 2neness of Cod.

> 1uslim becomes a Believer AMu minB only when the knowledge he or she witnessed ,finds its way to the heart.- %:('1:* The Mu min are ,those who believe in Allah and His Messenger! then never doubt! and struggle with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah" They are the ones who are truthful in their claim to be #elievers"%:('14* The Believers strive to a$$ly the knowledge they witnessed to all as$ects of their life. Their submission to >llah The E<alted is total. They do not dis$ute what >llah forbids. The Believer always su$$licates to >llah The E<alted ,to increase his $nowledge- %)1'4* to strengthen his belief AimaanB to $rotect himself from the worshi$ of false gods. The Believers share their knowledge with others to bring them to the worshi$ of The 2ne True Cod. They invite others to do good and urge them to kee$ away from evil. They $erform this task with wisdom and best advice" and reason with others in the most courteous manner. %16'1)4* The Believers ,walk their talk- by being good e<am$les of right conduct. >s >llah@s re$resentatives" they seek to establish $eace and harmony on earth. They regard inDustice as a threat to $eace" and struggle to restore Dustice. 1ay >llah The 1erciful bless us all with the gift of being True Believers in Islam.
By 0r # 1ansoor 1arican" Fh. 0