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Hayley Breon

Hayley Breon 545 S 2nd E Apt#505, Rexburg, ID 480-526-1448

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Flyer Event Ad Imaging Montage Logos Stationary Business Cards Web Page Letterhead Brochure

Date: October 5, 2013 Description: This is a black and white flier to promote a graduate leadership conference. Process: I first started out with a picture and the information that is included on the flier. I then took the time to sketch out 4 different ideas for the flier and then chose one. I used the design that I chose and used the Adobe InDesign program to make my design come to be. On the flier, I have left some white space so that the eye is drawn to the main features of the flier. Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe InDesign Objective: Apply the design principles and use appropriate typography. Incorporate basic InDesign skills to improve basic flier layout. Retrieve image and logo from links on this page. Create a project folder with image, logo and InDesign document to keep links intact

Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Event Ad
Date: October 12, 2013 Description: This is an event ad for a donation event. Process: I first scanned this image from a magazine. I then used Word to create this ad. I added the color boxes to create a visually appealing flyer. Program(s) / Tools used: Microsoft Word Objective: Find, scan and import a high-quality image. Create a full-bleed design Use text boxes for layout in Word. Insert and edit images in Word.

Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Date: October 19, 2013 Description: This is my own image that I have edited on Photoshop. Process: I first took the shot of these flowers in the bushes. After placing the image in Photoshop, I cropped the image to a 6x6 inch square. I took the image and used the filter Dry Brush to create the background effect. I then changed the saturation to Old Style to make the photograph look more rustic. I also changed the color to Black and White so that the red flower would pop out. I changed the color of the flower so that it was a deeper red and used some contrast to make it fit with the whole picture and the mood that I was setting. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Objective: Learn basic photography skills. Use a digital camera to take a quality image, then download it. Size and crop the image. 6x6 resolution 150 Adjust image brightness, contrast, hue and saturation levels. Use a selection tool to isolate a portion of the image. Desaturate the selected portion of the image. Use a filter or colorize a portion of the image. Document needs to be 8.511 150 resolution. Margins: top 2, sides 1.25 and bottom 3
Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Date: October 26, 2013 Description: This project was about making a montage using Photoshop. Process: I first cropped the background to 8.5x11. I then went and filtered the background using a soft grain texture. I then went and took the temple picture, resized it and put it into the right corner. I used the masking tool and softened the temple picture. I then added the text using the text tool. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Objectives: Learn to manage Photoshop layers. Learn to blend images together smoothly, using masks. (Two or more images) Use filters. (Apply at least one) Apply appropriate typography. Choosing good quality images. (Note background should be at least 16501275 pixels) Apply typography principles (titles, quotes, events or scripturesyour choice) Unifying a piece with a consistent theme

Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Date: November 9, 2013 Description: This project was to make a stationary and business cards for a fictional company. Process: I first started out by making the logo for the company on Adobe Illustrator. I then took this logo and then made the sun design separate from the main logo. I then took these images over to Adobe InDesign, where I then created the pages. I took the box tool and created a box that was 3.5in x 2in and copied the box so that there would be two of these boxes for my business cards. Each of these boxes represent the front and the back of the card. For the stationary, I enlarged the sun logo and placed it at the bottom of the page. Using the opacity tool, I made the sun a lighter hue to make it a watermark. I then took the main logo and sized it so that it would fit the corner of the page. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Date: November 9, 2013

Business Card

Stationary and Business Card information included here: Objectives: Use The basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign. Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image. Do not imitate existing logos or use your previous designs. (Dont use photos or live trace in your new logo) Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead. Use your new logo to design two stationery items with consistent design. (Photos are okay on stationery.) Letterhead: 8.5 x 11 (full-bleed optional, but trim only .125) Business card: 3.5 x 2 (print above center on a vertical page) Apply typography rules keeping small copy. Learning to keep thing simple by having watermarks and drop shadows light and white space. Applying contact information: Include name, address, phone, and email on each piece. Use periods, bullets, or spaces in phone #; No parentheses/ hyphens.
Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Web Page
Date: November 23, 2013 Description: This webpage was to show my logo that I have created. Process: I first started out creating the webpage using TextWrangler. I started by inserting my image into the webpage template. I then attached my CSS code to the HTML. I then customized the webpage to help it fit more into the feel of the logo. I used the colors from the logo to create this feel. I then changed my fonts to Tahoma and Comic Sans MS. I felt that working with CSS was the most complicated part of the project, but I felt that I used the code to create a webpage that I was happy with. Programs/Tools Used: TextWrangler and Photoshop Objective: Design a web page using HTML to display the logo and content. (Use TextWrangler (Macintosh) or NotePad++ (Windows)) Acquire a working knowledge of HTML. (Must include all required tags (Doctype (provided), html, head, title, meta charset (provided), & body. As well as tag that links to external style sheet. With in the body include h1, h2, p, ol or ul (with li tags), img, hr, and a (link to blog) tags.) Acquire a working knowledge of CSS. (Customize the Cascading Style Sheet (css) provided in I-Learn to add page formatting that complements the logo design, by changing at least the following: The h1 text color & background color, font colors for the paragraphs & list items, the background color, Font Families and add at least one css comment. Identify hex colors for web design. (Find and use hex colors to match your logo) Compress multiple files in a zipped folder to attach as one file.
Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04

Date: November 2, 2013 Description: This project was to make 3 different logos for a company. Process: These logos were made for my friends sandwich shop. I first started out on the first logo making a text box and typing the name of the company. I then took the direct select tool and stretched the letters. I then too the pen tool ad drew the stethoscope. I placed it into the first logo and then for the trademark. To make the trademark, I took the Ellipse tool and created the circle. For the final logo on the page, I again used the Ellipse tool and created the bread that is in the background. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator CS6 Objectives Create a variety of logos to fit a company or personal image (at least 3 new logos). Do not imitate existing logos or use your previous designs. Use only the tools of Illustrator. (No photos on logo page) Setting up a professional display for the company. Arrange three logos on an 8.5 x 11 vertical page / .5 margins and add the company name in simple type at the top of page. Getting feedback from outside sources. Ask ten people to select their favorite logo. List the results, along with your favorite, in your blog post.
Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04


Date: December 7, 2013 Description: I made a 2-fold offset Brochure. Process: I first created the Sandwich Doctor logo in Illustrator. I then took that image and places it into an InDesign document. I then created different shapes using the shape tool in InDesign to create a more appealing background. Since this is a fictional company, I went online and took pictures that I could place into the brochure to make it more visually appealing. I then had to create a Text Wrap with an image. I used Photoshop to get rid of the background of the image so that there was only the sandwich in the image. I then went into InDesign and placed the image there and made it so that the text wrapped around the image. Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Objectives Set up and align a two-sided, folded document. Create an original company logo and use it in a brochure. Incorporate quality images. (Incorporate at least four quality images (Not including the logo). One should be clipped in Photoshop and textwrapped in InDesign so the text follows the cutout shape of the image.) Write at least 250 words of original copy with at least three paragraphs. Trim for a full bleed and print in duplex (twosided) color.
Sis. Peterson Comm 130-04