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Test includes 15 fill in the blank worth 2pts each = 30 pts. 10 Multiple Choice Questions 2pts each= 20 pts.

2 essays 35 pts. each = 70 pts. 1. Students take test Essay Questions: Please tell me about one of the biomes listed below, you may not chose the one you did your project on or no credit will be given, tell me about its major characteristics, the human impact on this biome and most importantly what you could do to help prevent the degradation of these ecosystems? A. The Taiga B. Deserts C. Freshwater D. Rainforest E. Grasslands F. The Tundra Please elaborate on what you believe are your major influences that made you who you are, what influences you portray on others and what your own impact is on the world around you. Please be sure to reference what you have learned in this unit as the basis of your thoughts.

Fill In the Blank (2pts each)

1. Organisms that capture the energy of sunlight to make food are called producers. . 2. Second-level consumers may be either carnivores or omnivores 3. Rivers, ponds, and lakes are part of the freshwater biome.
4. Oak, maple, and beech trees, which lose their leaves each year, are typically found in the taiga 5. The series of changes that occur in an area where no ecosystem previously

existed is called primary succession. 6. A (n) ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things that work

7. Decomposers are plants and animals that break down dead plants and animals
into organic materials that go back into the soil 8. A niche is the role played by an organism in the natural world 9. A biome is a large geographical area of distinctive plant and animal groups, which are adapted to that particular environment.


10. Large, rolling terrains of grasses, flowers and herbs is part of the

grassland biome.
11. The tundra could also be referred to as the treeless plain 12. The tundra biome receives less than 25cm of precipitation a year 13. The soil that is frozen all year in the tundra is called permafrost

14. A cactus has deep and shallow roots that help it to obtain water in the desert 15. The rainforest is a warm and wet biome near the equator with lush vegetation.


Multiple Choice (2 pts. each) Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 16. Consumers that eat both plants and animals are called a. Omnivores. b. Herbivores. c. Carnivores. d. Scavengers.

Which of these consumers is an herbivore? a. Lion b. Deer c. Spider d. Snake

18. In the tundra you would be likely to find each of these plants except: a. Cushion plants b. Plants that are small and close to the ground c. Plants that are tall and stocky d. Sedges, birch trees and willows 19. The many overlapping food chains in an ecosystem make up a (n)

a. b. c. d.

Food web. Niche. Energy pyramid. Feeding level.

20. The rainforest biggest devastation is due to a. Lack of rain b. Too much humidity c. Poor farming practices 33

d. To many scientist looking for medicines 21. Which of these animals are often found in the dessert? a. Moose b. prairie dogs c. Snakes d. Both B and C 22. Global warming has the biggest effect on which of these biomes a. Tundra b. Rainforest c. Freshwater d. Grasslands 23., You would find all of these creatures in a freshwater biome except: a. Raccoons b. Whale c. Turtles d. Minges 24. Saline Solution is likely to do what to tomato plant growth a. Speed up the growth b. Caused them to become more vibrant and shiny c. Caused them to become dry and shrivel up 25. You would be most likely to find waxy leaves and drip tips in this biome a. Freshwater b. Rainforest c. Desert d. Grasslands


1 pt.

2 (pts.)

3 (pts.)

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5 (pts.)

Total Points Essay 1 and 2: 35 points each so