Bible Study: Why God Had To Become a Man To better understand the nature God, it is important to also understand

the humanity of God's nature. As a Christian, I have walked with the Lord Jesus Christ for many years; we have a personal relationship with one another. Jesus is my best friend and as with any friend it takes time to really get to know each other, but in this case Jesus already knows everything about me and I have spent uality time getting to know !im. "ome people believe #ust because a person follows Christ then somehow this makes that particular person better than everyone else, but that is not the case at all. "peaking only for myself, I am a sinner redeemed by the $recious %lood of Jesus my Lord and "avior. I often fall short in so many areas of my life, but I have a friend in Jesus to lift me up and help me become a better man with each passing day. &ne of the biggest things that I have wondered about Almighty '&( is the relationship between '&( the )ather, '&( the "&* and '&( the !oly "pirit, and then #ust a couple of days ago, I tuned in to +he !al Lindsey ,eport where brother !al delivered a message on this very sub#ect called -.hy '&( !ad +o %ecome A /an- and this information made understanding '&(0" relationship with !is "&* Jesus Christ and the !oly "pirit much easier. %ut, this particular message goes even further than #ust the relationship between '&( the )ather and !is "&* Jesus Christ, but also the relationship between Jesus Christ and mankind. I am not asking you to watch the video below, but I am begging you to watch this video below, especially if you want to have a closer relationship with '&( +!1 )A+!1,, '&( +!1 "&* J1"2" C!,I"+ A*( '&( +!1 !&L3 "$I,I+ 444 three distinct persons of the 'odhead acting through one (ivine !oly *ature 444 three persons &ne '&(.$*,9I:;/3 +his is an e<cellent %ible "tudy presentation video that I highly recommend no matter if you are a Christian or an 2nbeliever.

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