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Cities of Antropia
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Antropia - Absolute Quality Management for perfect living, working, shopping or marketing. Antropia, antropos utopia, offer a solution in which online superstores, e-commerce, e-business & affiliate solutions are used to return to the nature. A new alliance for the highest technology ever - a technology of consciousness. Antropia is a model of utopia in which Absolute Quality Management is used to handle great systems like cities, countries, and world as a whole from the absolute level. If our site AQ4U deals with introduction of AQM for successful management of your life, business or company our site at Geocities offer a model of using Absolute Quality Management for global systems, like "geo cities". We will propose a model for utopia. In that model comp utopia, netopia, ecotopia (see our rhetoric "working in a tree" model for work in the middle of the nature) and so will be just one of the components. Absolute Quality Cities will define our cities like real cities with an ecological design, with a virtual component and with an absolute component to. In an analogy with biofeedback processors we will define a bio-soc-eco-feedback processor like a component of Absolute Management of Quality of life in our cities, countries and world. We will list books, organizations and models that sustain our model. We mentioned that Zen and the art of motorcycle mentainance helped us to define the idea of AQ4U absolute quality in corporate environment. This also about how to make global artificial systems like cyberspace, e-commerce, e-business a better place for humans or even a first place for humans. AQM will help your company to introduce a perfect, simple and natural system of management. Because models mean explaining something unknown yet in a language of something already known we will explain the concept of AQM in terms of TQM Total Quality Management.
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We will offer tools and models for excellence and perfection in all areas of life. We will propose interesting ideas for solving problems and a model for an ideal society . AQM IN ASSOCIATION WITH AMAZON.COM OFFER: over 3 million titles: books, music and more in our online store excelent service and shipping security and privacy - use Netscape Secure Server gift warpping - add a gift message and will shipp anywhere in the world submit your credit card number via Internet , fax or phone or pay by check.

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The American Cities and Technology Reader : Wilderness to Wired City (Cities and Technology) ~ Gerrylynn K. Roberts(Editor), Philip Steadman (Editor) / 1999

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Cities for Citizens : Planning and the Rise of Civ il Society in a Global Age ~ Mike Douglass(Editor), John Friedmann (Editor) / 1998 Cities and Natural Process Michael Hough / 1995 E-Topia: Urban Life, Jim - But Not As We Know It ~ William J. Mitchell / 1999 Average Customer Review: **** Cities in Civ ilization ~ Peter Geoffrey Hall / 1998 Average Customer Review: ***** (5 stars) Cities in the Sky : A Beginner's Guide to Liv ing in Space (Future Files) ~ Sarah Angliss, et al / 1998 Cities of Tomorrow : An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Tw entieth Century ~ Peter Geoffrey Hall / 1996 The Cities of Japan (World 100 Years Ago) ~ Burton Holmes, et al / Library Binding / 1998 Cities and the Wealth of Nations; Principles of Economic Life ~ Jane Jacobs / Paperback / 1985 America's Top-Rated Cities : A Statistical Handbook : Western Region 1998 (Vol 2) ~ Rhoda Garoogian(Editor), Andrew Garoogian (Editor) / Library Binding / 1998 The 100 Best Small Art Tow ns in America : Discov er Creativ e Communities, Fresh Air, and Affordable Liv ing ~ John Villani / 1998 100 Great Cities of World History ~ Chrisanne Beckner / 1995 Action Planning for Cities : A Guide to Community Practice ~ Nabeel Hamdi, Reinhard Goethert / 1997 America Becomes Urban : The Dev elopment of U.S. Cities and Tow ns, 1780-1980 Eric H. Monkkonen / 1990 America's Top 10 Cities (America's Top 10) ~ Jenny E. Tesar / Library Binding / Published 1998 American States and Cities ~ Virginia Gray, Peter K. Eisinger / 1997 American Urban Architecture : Catalysts in the Design of Cities Wayne Attoe, Donn Logan (Contributor) / 1992 Amsterdam (Cities of the World) ~ Deborah Kent / 1997 Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civ ilization ~ Jonathan Mark Kenoyer / 1998 Athens (Cities of the World) ~ Conrad R. Stein, Richard Conrad Stein / 1997 Atlanta (Great Cities of the United States)

Nanc y Loewen, E. Ahlstom Mark / Library Binding / 1989 Cities (World's Top Ten) ~Neil Morris, Vanessa Card (Illustrator) / 1997 Cities : Citizens & Civ ilizations (Timelines Series) ~ Fiona MacDonald / 1996 The City (The Junior Library of Ecology) ~ Rosa Costa-Pac e, Rosa Costa-Pau / 1994 Cities of India: Past & Present ~ G.W. Forrest / Hardcover Cities of Spain ~ David Gilmour / 1992 Cities of the Biblical World ~ Lamoine F. Devries / 1997 City of the Great King : Jerusalem from Dav id to the Present ~ Nitza Rosovsky(Editor) / 1996 Average Customer Review: ***** 5Stars Cities, Change, and Conflict : A Political Economy of Urban Life ~ Nancy Kleniewski / 1997 Cities, Cultures, Conv ersation : Readings for Writers ~ Richard Marback, et al / 1997 Constantinople : City of the World's Desire 1453-1924 ~ Philip Mansel / 1996

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Average Customer Review: ***** 5 Stars Do Skyscrapers Touch the Sky? : First Questions and Answ ers About the City (Time-Life Library of First Questions and Answ ers) ~ 1994 Exploring Ancient Cities ~ CD-ROM / Published 1996

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