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Absolute Quality

Aq4uAbsolute Quality 4U Online Super-Store

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Absolute Quality Management

uncovers an easy, original and guaranteed way for you to successfully apply Total Quality Management. Disc over why TQM was suc cessfully applied in Japan. Introduce AQM principle and TQM will naturally grow in your c ompany. Even if we will not introduce TQM you will find Quality principles to be spontaneously applied in your organization. There is a "quality revolution" taking place around the world and this is based on a new way of managing organizations. This global management technology, total quality management, or TQM emphasizes exceeding the expec tations of c ustomers, empowering every organizational proc esses that produce them. It has been proven suc cessful in industry, servic es, banking, health, administration, learning (TQL - Total Quality Learning) and many other applic ations world-wide. We will formulate several princ iples for TQW (Total Quality Web mastering) and how this can be suc cessfully introduc ed by Absolute Quality Management model. Manage your business or your web site with TQM, the same suc c essful management style like Merryll Lync h or US DOD (Department of Defense). Applied to our online Superstore, AQM introduce Absolute Quality Shopping c onc ept. Shopping like a way to self improvement, shopping like a Royal Way of Spirit. If you remember that great reference in Quality, "Zen and the art of Motorc yc le maintenanc e", we will introduce you to "Zen ( generic term) and the art of Shopping". Master the art of shopping and the art of selling. Our site purpose: bringing quality consc iousness by bringing consciousness into quality.

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Taking the Mystery Out of Tqm : A Prac tical Guide to Total Quality Management ~ Peter Capezio, et al / 1995 The 5 Pillars of Tqm : How to Make Total Quality Management Work for You Bill Creec h , 1995 The Continuously Improving Self : A Personal Guide to Fast Focus on TQM; A Conc ise Guide to Company wide Learning ~ Derm Barrett, Norman Bodek / 1994 Implementing Tqm : Competing in the Nineties Through Total Quality Management Joseph R. Jablonski / 1992 Improving Software Quality : An Insider's Guide to Tqm (Wiley Series in Software Engineering Practice) ~ Lowell Jay Arthur / 1992 Putting the 'T' in Healthc are : Tqm; A Model for Integrated Tqm Clinical Care and Operations 1993 The Quality Professor : Implementing Tqm in the Classroom Robert A. Cornesky, Jennifer Lind (Editor) / 1993 Bringing Tqm on the Qt to Your Organization : How to Implement Total Quality Manag ement Without Shov ing It Dow n Your

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Ow n Employess Throats! Hedy Gruenebaum Abromov itz, Les Abromov itz / Paperback / Published 1993 Quality Government : Designing, Developing, and Implementing Tqm ~ Jerry W. Koehler, Joseph M. Pankowski / 1996

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