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Paul's Episcopal Church

Lansing Michigan

St. Paul's News

Changing of the Guard
September, 2009
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
f you have ever been at Arlington National Cemetery when the
I changing of the Guard occurs at the Tomb of The Unknowns, you
know it is a moving event. It marks our dedication to the work of those
Volume 34, Issue 7

who have gone before as well as a commitment to be vigilant in the Inside this issue:
future. St. Paul’s had such an event on August 16 when we bid farewell
to Curate Ron Byrd and his family. It was moving in every way and a Calendar 15
The Rev. Dr. Gordon Weller fitting way to mark the good work that St. Paul’s has accomplished in
the last several years. Choir Schedule 7
Mission and
While Father Byrd will be missed (though we expect to see him often because he is so close) the Outreach 10
logical question is, “Where do we go next?” “Who will be the next person to fill the position of
Curate and help to inspire and transform us?” “How can we continue to be vigilant about our mis- Prayer List 6
sion to be the agent of Christ in the world?” Treasurer’s
At this point the "who will be the next Curate" is unanswerable. Because of the relationship we
have with the Diocese there is no one in the pipeline to immediately fill the position. For the last Upcoming
Activities 2-5
seven years, when one curate has moved on, another one was immediately available to fill the
position – Shannon, Monique, Susie, Ron. At this time, the earliest that a full time person could be
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Final Countdown, Great is thy Faithfulness!

By the Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
s Deacon Bill, Kathleen or Fr. Weller can tell you my least favorite day of every month is the
A 15th. Prior to the fifteenth day of the month many of us receive an email from Lyn Zynda or
Christine Caswell reminding us of the upcoming deadline for articles for the St. Paul’s News. I usu-
ally do not forget the deadline because about a week before the dreadful 15th day of the month
anxiety has already set in. Some of my anxiety arises due to the energy and thought that goes
into completing my articles, but for the most part my anxiousness comes out of fear of what Lyn or
Christine might do to me if my articles are not emailed before 11:59:59 p.m. on the 15th day of
the month.
Well, here it is the 14th day of August and I am writing what by accounts will be my final SPN arti-
cle as your Curate. Today my anxiety is at a different level probably because I’m feeling pretty
confident about my deadline and perhaps more importantly because at this moment I am reflective
and reminded of our shared ministry over the last two years.
(The following are edited excerpts from Father Ron’s last sermon, titled “Great is the Faithfulness
of Our God” August 16, 2009)
Since arriving at St. Paul’s on August 15, 2007, you have welcomed my family and me
into your beloved Christian community and through God’s great faithfulness, together as
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St. Paul's News
Business & Professional Women Opening Day is September 13
By Barbara Richardson By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
he first meeting of B&PW for the 2009-10 year eptember 13 will be the first Sunday of our
T will be our Recipe Dinner held September 8 at 6
p.m. in the Hill Room. This will be a “Pot-Luck” dinner
S fall program. Church School will begin, the
Choir will be back in session, and we will commis-
and you are asked to bring copies of the recipe of the sion members of the congregation for the ministries
dish you bring. they demonstrate on Sunday mornings and
throughout the week. The ministries to be commis-
The board will meet at 5:30 p.m. before the general sioned are: Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors,
meeting in the VanAtta Room to plan the meetings for Altar Guild, Ushers, Choir, Church School Teachers
the balance of the year. and Students, Lectors, Prayers of the People read-
This is a fun meeting and a great kick-off for fall. All ers, and Greeters. If you are a member of one of
are welcome. Contact Debby Pierce before September these groups, please plan on being in Church for
6 to let us know you are coming. the 10 a.m. service. If you are interested in partici-
pating in any of these ministries at St. Paul’s please
contact Fr. Weller for information.
Prayer Group Resumes
By Carol Ingells
n Tuesday, September 8 at 5:30 p.m. in the Choir Room, interested parishioners will once again gather
O in a circle, bringing open hearts and minds to an hour of reflection and prayer. While the group usually
meets on the first Tuesday of each month, there are occasional exceptions such as this one because of a later
than usual Labor Day.
Gatherings are informal and friendly, people sharing as they want or not. This year we will continue focusing
on articles from the devotional magazine Weavings. Steve Lange and Carol Ingells alternate monthly leader-
ship, though others also lead from time to time. No one is “coerced,” even nicely, into leading, speaking,
praying aloud, or anything else. The hour always includes a time for prayer, silent and spoken. Often we are
reluctant to part when the hour is over.
Those who come regularly to Prayer Group have seen evidence of its effectiveness not just for us, but for the
parish. Praying actively and regularly for our church community is a significant part of our ministry. It is a way
of spiritually undergirding St. Paul’s. It is also a way to offer personal support to people we know and people
we don’t know. Last, but not least, our own relationships with God, ourselves, and one another are deepened.
You are most welcome and we sincerely hope you will join us!

Family Night Returns September 9 St. Elizabeth Guild

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller By Debby Pierce
he first family night dinner of the 2009-10 church he first meeting of Fall 2009 will be at the
T season will be September 9 beginning at 5 p.m.
This date is after Labor Day, but before “Opening Sun-
T home of Patricia Smith on Tuesday, Septem-
ber 22 at 12:30PM. This is an organization meet-
day,” so it is very important for people to make a res- ing - please have some ideas for programs or
ervation for the meal. Please call the Church office to speakers ready to share.
make a reservation to ensure enough food for all. The
normal sign–up list will be available at Church on Sep- If you would be interested in joining us for a meet-
tember 6. ing please call me at 394-4800 or 485-5446.
Thank you.
September 2009
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St. Paul's News
Men’s Breakfast Group
By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
Who: All Men of the parish
What: Men’s Breakfast Group
When: The third Thursday of every month from 7 to 8 a.m.
(Breakfast, provided by A Catered Affaire for $5.50, is
followed by a discussion of scripture.)
Where: The Hill Room
This fall we begin a new series on the Gospel of John. Standing in stark contrast to the Gospel of Mark (which
we just finished a two-year study of last May), John shares little of the same material. Rather than emphasizing
ethics or speaking in parables, in John’s gospel Jesus speaks in long discourses, telling people plainly who he is
and expounding on his nature and on people’s relationship to him. But John’s deep theological insights are ex-
pressed in simple, everyday words.
Please join us for our journey through the Gospel of John. All you need to do is sign up for the breakfast, so we
know that you’re coming (we haven’t fully achieved that “Loaves and Fishes” thing yet!) Contact George Gallup,
Steve Lange, or Gordon Weller if you have questions.

The 2009 Greater Lansing Memory Walk

By The Rev. Deacon William H. Fineout
The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk will be Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 1 p.m. You are invited to
walk with us toward a world without Alzheimer's disease! We're getting ready for this fall's Walk and we want
you to get in on the action.
This will be my tenth walk and I would very much appreciate anyone joining me to make a “team” from St.
Paul’s. If you can’t join me walking, please make a donation representing our St. Paul’s team.
I walk because at least five family members or friends have suffered from severe dementia or Alzheimer’s and
members of our St. Paul’s community and their families have battled dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is an insidious
disease and this annual fundraiser will help provide much needed money to fund research to find a cure.
Where: East Lansing

MSU Auditorium Field (Farm Lane)

When: Sunday, September 20, 2009
Registration at 12:00 Noon

Walk begins at 1:00 p.m.

Length: 5K (3.1 miles) or 3K (1.8 miles)
Donations: Make out your check to “Alzheimer’s Association” and give it to Deacon Bill or any other St.
Paul’s walker.

September 2009
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St. Paul's News
Book Cart Resumes in September St. Paul’s News is Going
By Sue Millar Electronic!
n the second Sunday of the month, following the 10 By Lyn Zynda, Acting Editor
O a.m. service, you have the opportunity to browse
his will be the last issue of the St. Paul’s News
among a wide variety of books carefully chosen and
offered for your purchase. These books are picked to
T you will receive in the mail unless you call the
office and request a copy be mailed. Beginning
feed your curiosity about the Christian faith, provide
with the October issue, an email (if we have your
guidance as you travel your personal faith journey, of-
email address) with a link to the newsletter will be
fer resources to those seeking insights into personal re-
sent to you each month. You can also access the
lationships, or lead to an understanding of how the
publication on our website,
church works in the world. You can work through ques-
tions you may harbor on the faith vs. science issue. Our Copies will also be available at the church.
Episcopal tradition is one that has always encouraged We hope you will support our efforts to “go
education and learning which sometimes leads to differ- green” and save money by no longer printing and
ences of conclusions, but our umbrella is wide and inclu- mailing over 300 copies of the newsletter each
sive. Our faith is not a static, settled-once-and-for-all month. The staff of SPN is excited because we will
document; so join those who read — seeking, learning, be able to publish in color and will no longer be at
growing and deepening your faith. See you after the mercy of non-profit mail through the USPS. If
church. you haven’t already, be sure to call Kathleen John-
son with your email address.

Prayer Group to Meet

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
n our Christian journey, we often encounter many paradoxes. We acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and
O Master, and yet we claim to find true freedom in this relationship. We acknowledge Jesus as both the
Good Shepherd and the Lamb of God. We claim that it is in losing our lives that we find them. One paradox
that we often face is that while we may have a deep desire for change in our life, to experience something
new, to go somewhere different, to do something more exciting; we are often, nonetheless, very reluctant to
initiate such changes and may do whatever we can to avoid them.
But change for change’s sake may not be what we are truly longing for. “Change,” according to an article we
discussed in the Prayer Group last May, “refers to adaptation, reaction without necessarily involving any new-
ness of being.” What we may be longing for is really transformation. The same article went on to say:
“Transformation involves much more than adaptation to outer manipulation. Transformation implies new being, a
new creative energy flowing from the center which acts with creative power upon surrounding events. Jesus fre-
quently used symbols of transformation when speaking of the Kingdom of Heaven: growing plants, the action of
yeast within the dough, marriage, the act of birth, and action of fire, light, and wind.”
In the Prayer Group we discussed the transformative power of prayer and its importance to the processes of
nurturing our own spiritual growth and development—so that change isn’t superficial or haphazard, brought on
by powers outside us, but comes from within us. The transformation we seek can unite us with our deepest long-
ings, help us to become the persons God intended us to be, and to develop a deep relationship with God.
Someone has said that “Prayer is opening a window to let God’s grace in.” Please join us this fall if you would
like to open wider your window to God’s grace and let God’s transformative love work in and through you.
Our normal meeting time is the first Tuesday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30 in the choir rehearsal room. But
because of Labor Day, our first meeting this fall will be on Tuesday, September 8. For more information, please
contact Carol Ingells or Steve Lange.

September 2009
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St. Paul's News
The Stephen Ministry
By Dorothy Marsh
t. Paul’s is considering starting a class for individuals interested in being Stephen Ministers. The Stephen
S Ministry program trains lay people to provide one on one Christian caring to individuals or families experi-
encing a crisis or tragedy. The Stephen Ministry is named after Stephen who was commissioned by the apostles
to provide care for those in need. (Acts 6)
Stephen Ministers develop their helping skills through several hours of intensive course work. The program is
designed to support the work of the clergy, not to replace it. Becoming a Stephen Minister requires a commit-
ment to attend the training sessions which include several hours of course work and then accept an assignment
by the clergy to support someone in need.
For more information or to indicate an interest in the program please contact Gordon Weller or Dorothy Marsh
( or 485-3618.

Quilts for Kids

By MaryLea Benson
ere it is another church school year is beginning. Over the summer things have been forgotten or just
H pushed aside. But not everyone was forgetting! Quilting strips and squares were cut and are now ready
for assembly. Oh wait, we need developing minds and curious hands to help! During the fall the children of St.
Paul's will be coloring pictures of animals on fabric squares to be assembled into quilts. These quilts will be for
kids in need of extra prayers and blessings. After the “Farm” quilts are assembled we will bless them and do-
nate them to the places kids go which can be scary such as Ronald McDonald House, the McRee House, Eve’s
House or any others we can find. Please make sure your children are here for the fun of putting their mark on
something for someone else.

Request for Help

By The Rev. Deacon William H. Fineout
e have a couple St. Paul’s parishioners who,
W while not homebound, are “transportation chal-
lenged.” They need assistance and rides to and from
church and church functions. Once in a while they also
need help to get to medical appointments. Not only
do they require someone to provide transportation,
but they need help getting into and out of their
homes. We have a couple individuals who are willing
to drive others now, but when they have a conflict we
need some substitute drivers. If any of you could join a list of on-call transportation providers, it would be
greatly appreciated. Please let Deacon Bill or Chuck Millar know if you would be available for this wonderful

September 2009
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St. Paul's News
e pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Richard
W and Aaron Hegmon, Shelley Robinson, Mason Hill, Lois Caswell,
Erik Lindquist, Chance Collins, Barb Hacker, Marjorie Belles, Aleda, Dave,
Kathryn Senko, Barb Powers, Patricia Reno, Skip and Marsha Macholz,
Michael and Gwen Skinner, Melinda Naumer, Tom Foltz, Cheryl Ann,
Vivian Hawkins, Linda, Kaema Amachree, Bill, Mary Lindquist, Yvette
Constan and family, Cris Plyler, Brian French, Lynne, M.J. Wilson, baby
Van Jensen, Debbie Staal, Kent Riley, Kate, Nick, Ilene, Jan Bigham, Max
Sutton, Douglas, and Karol Ryan.
We pray and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno, Michael Benson, Ste-
ven Johnson, Tyson Carter, and Matthew Rawlins
We pray for comfort for the family and friends of Donald Clark, Ben Herbert, and Emma (Amy) Manson.
We pray for all those whose jobs and livelihoods are in jeopardy.
We pray in thanksgiving and celebration for the ministry of The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr., for his wife Jennifer
and family, and for his new ministry at St. Katherine's.
We pray for and celebrate the wedding of Kristina Spaulding and Angel Cuellar.
We pray for those expecting: Jill and Clif Schneider, Rochelle and Stuart Cullum, Allyson and Jerry Parker,
Carrie (Kressler) and Charlie Smith, Kristi and Perry Thompson, and Tonya and Joshua Couts.
We pray for and celebrate the birth of Liam Davin Broughton, son of Ian and Brooke Broughton and big
brother, Kellan; for the birth of Noah Joseph Farhat, son of Tara and Norman Farhat and big brother, Zach-
We pray for those recently baptized, confirmed, or reaffirmed: Gavin Alvarez, Kelly Bailey, MaryLea Ben-
son, Daniel Crabtree, Matt Ferguson, A.J. Fletcher, Brittany Irwin, Emerson John, Kathleen Johnson, Emily
Laub, Scott McLain, Josina Nugent, Annabella Stevens, Brooke Strukel, Nicholas Tasket, Hannah Tippett,
Stephanie VanKoevering, and Melanie Walker.

Invitation to Join Choir

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
f you’d like to be a part of the music ministry at St. Paul’s please call Steve Lange
I at 482-9454, and let him know. There are openings in all the singing and ringing
choirs. For those who haven’t sung or rung with us before, on-the-job training is pro-
vided free of charge for all those interested! Please join us in making a joyful sound
to the Lord this year!

September 2009
Choirs News
St. Paul' Page 7

Choir Newsletter and Dates to Remember

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music

Our first rehearsals of the fall will begin the week of Labor Day.
Youth Choirs:
Wednesday, September 9:
Cherub Choir (Grades K-2) 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Boys’ and Grace Choirs (Grades 3-6) 5:30-6:30 p.m.
High School Choir (Grades 6-12) 6:30-7:45 p.m.*
*Please note our first rehearsal will last until 8:00 so we can have some time after rehearsal for cookies, ice
cream, and sharing of summer adventures.
Adult Choir:
Thursday, September 10, at 7:30-9 p.m.
Preceding the first rehearsal we will have a potluck dinner from 6:30 to 7:30. (We’ll provide plates, cups, and
plastic-ware. Please bring a dish to pass, but if you can’t, please don’t let that keep you from joining us!)
Handbell Choir:
Thursday, September 17, at 6:30 p.m.
Additional Dates to Save:
Choir Parents’ Meeting—Sunday, September 20, right after church in the Choir Rehearsal Room.
England Parents’ Meeting—Sunday, October 11, right after church.

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs

September 13 High School; Chancel

September 20 High School; Chancel
September 27 High School; Chancel

October 4 Boys’ and Grace; High School

October 11 High School; Chancel
October 18 High School; Chancel
October 25 High School; Chancel

September 2009
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St. Paul'and
s News
Deficit Response, Continued
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
At the January Annual Meeting a motion was made that the Vestry develop a plan that would eliminate the
deficit in the Operating Account that has been following us for the last several years. After discussion at the
February Vestry meeting, it was deferred to the Finance Committee for a report by May 31. Prior to the May
deadline a packet of information was sent to the congregation listing some alternatives and inviting the congre-
gation to attend a June 7th All Parish Meeting. At that meeting these several alternatives were presented:
• Cut Spending
• Have a substantial increase in our Stewardship results
• Conduct a Capitol Campaign to created a Building Repair Reserve Fund
• Expand the Planned Giving program presented at the January Annual Meeting
After discussion at the June meeting the decision of how to proceed was referred back to the Vestry. In effect,
the Vestry hopes to look at all four possibilities to solve the shortfall. Please understand this is not written in
stone. Each step we take will be predicated on the results of the previous.
First, we have looked at the budget with probing eyes. We like what we have become as a parish and want to
remain what we are. Without huge cuts in personnel and programs, eliminating the deficit by cuts alone is im-
possible. But by careful examination we feel that the 2010 budget can be at least $50,000 less than 2009.
Some of this is because of Father Byrd's leaving. That issue will have to be addressed when the next Curate is
hired, but that cannot be until June 2010 at the earliest. Other items will be presented at the Annual Meeting in
January 2010.
The second effort will be an expanded Stewardship campaign. At the August meeting, the Vestry voted that we
hire Ms. Kristine Miller as a consultant to run this year’s campaign. Ms. Miller is well known and respected by
the Stewardship Committee and this congregation because of her previous position as Stewardship Advisor at
the Diocesan Level. In the budget cuts by the Diocese, her position was eliminated. By hiring her as a consultant
she will be able to give us more personal attention then when she had to service all 93 parishes of the Diocese.
The idea of a Capital Campaign is still a possibility. The Vestry will address the possibility as it examines the
results of this year's stewardship campaign are received. The good news is that we have several years of life
left in the roofs we need to replace so we can go more slowly in this step.
Finally, The Planned Giving portion remains on hold. The Finance Committee had much on its plate and needs
time to complete the first three portions before delving deeply into the fourth. Please bear with us and remain
encouraged. We are God's people and always filled with hope.

Did You Know?

By Jean Shawver
id you know that St. Paul's was the third church to be established in the newly de-
D veloping city of Lansing? The two churches that preceded St. Paul's were the First
United Methodist Church which now exists at the corner of Waverly Road and Delta
River Drive, and First Presbyterian Church down the street from us. How nice that all
three of these churches are still here and welcoming worshippers.

September 2009
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St. Paul's News
Financial Information as of July 31, 2009
By Julie Young
Year to date through July is 58% of the year. Pledge income in June was $17,924. Pledge income in July was
$17,489, bringing the year to date total pledge income to $175,769, which is 56% of the budget. It appears
that we are on target, or slightly behind projections with pledge revenue. Overall revenue is at 60% for the
year to date.
There were no transfers from the St. Paul’s perpetual fund during the month of June. There was $27,300 in
transfers from the investment account into the operating account during the month of July. Of this amount,
$10,000 was from the St. Paul’s perpetual fund to cover operating expenses; $7,300 was from the perpetual
fund, from the Wiesner gift, to pay for part of the sound system (as authorized by the Vestry); and $10,000
was from the Building and Grounds fund to pay for building repairs (as authorized by the Vestry).
Through the end of July, $4,958 in revenue was recorded for the 160th celebration, and $6,284.63 in expenses
was recorded, for a net loss on the event of ($1,326.63). Financial loss, spiritual gain.

Vestry Highlights
At the August 18, 2009 Vestry Meeting, your Vestry: sound system installed, Church doors being refin-
ished, cracked concrete in the rear of the Church
• Enjoyed the pleasure of one another's company being replaced, and Sprinkler system repaired
over dinner • Personnel Committee is searching for a new
• Examined the life and legacy of William Porcher Nursery attendant will have in place by Septem-
DuBose for devotions ber 13
• Discussed the invitation from the Bishop to be • Discussed the Finance Committee's proposal for
involved with the Revitalization and Strategic eliminating the deficit in operations (report else-
Visioning Project where in this issue)
• Approved, with additions, the agenda • Received a Christian Education report
• Approved the minutes of the June 16th meeting • Reviewed the Action Plan meeting of September
• Received the amended May and June financial 12th
reports as well as the current July report • Receive another report on the Memorial Garden
(synopsis to be found elsewhere in this issue) Plaque - it will be ready and installed soon
• Discussed the Accounting Procedures modifica- • Reviewed the remaining work on the time cap-
tions being made in response to the Audit sule to be buried on September 13
• Approved an additional $20,000 from reserves • Discussed the 2010 budget cuts
(if needed) for operations • Discussed the influx of immigrants during the last
• Approved (8-3) the hiring of Kristine Miller as a five weeks and resolved to make them feel wel-
consultant for this year's Stewardship program come
(details found elsewhere in this issue) • Received Clergy reports
• Heard a Building and Grounds report - New

September 2009
Page 10
St. Paul's News

By Martie Repaskey
lease join me in welcoming to the following people who are new to the St. Paul’s community. We are glad
P they have chosen St. Paul’s and hope they soon feel at home!
Michael and Carrie Baer and daughter Grace of Lansing. This delightful family arrived at St. Paul’s during the
month of our 160th anniversary. They jumped right in and got acquainted right away—at the parish picnic and
through our Vacation Bible School. Grace, who will be in third grade at Post Oak Elementary, hopes to join the
choir this fall!
Carl and Semora Kludy, and daughter Willow. Carl and Semora both work for Auto-Owners. Included in this
family is Willow’s grandmother, Sheila Harper, a semi-retired counselor. Sheila enjoyed observing the first day
of Vacation Bible School so much that she volunteered to be a helper for the rest of the week! We hope to hear
Willow singing with the Cherub Choir this fall!
Joining us in worship this summer is a group of men, women and children who are refugees from Burma, now
Myanmar. Getting acquainted has been a challenge because these new friends have very limited English skills,
but we estimate there may be as many as four or five families among them. Their native language is Karenni,
and a search is underway for an interpreter who speaks Karenni. These newcomers are very friendly, and we
had a better opportunity to know them at the reception for Fr. Byrd and family. They enjoyed refreshments,
and got further acquainted!

Two New CDs Coming

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
n keeping with the celebrative efforts surrounding the
I 160th anniversary of St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s musicians
plan to put out two new CD’s this year. One will feature
favorite anthems by the choirs of St. Paul’s (Handbell
and Choral) and one will feature organ settings of some
of our favorite hymns. If you have a suggestion for an
anthem or a hymn you would like to see included in
these CD’s, please let Steve Lange know by September
15 (482-9454) or leave a note in his mailbox.

"Bea Richards recently attended the Kedzie MSU reunion

luncheon to celebrate her 77th year since graduating in
1932!! Also attending was Bill Luginsland who celebrated
his 50th reunion!"

September 2009
Page 11
St. Paul's News
Rabbi Sandy Sasso to Speak at St. Paul’s
By Martie Repaskey, Sr. Warden
n November 15 and 16, our congregation and community will have a nota-
O ble visitor courtesy of the Shawver Fund for Special Programs. Rabbi Sandy
Sasso, of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck, Indianapolis, will be featured speaker on
both days. Rabbi Sasso has written and lectured on the discovery of the religious
imagination in children and she is the author of nationally acclaimed children’s
books: God’s Paintbrush; In God’s Name; But God Remembered: Stories of Women
from Creation to the Promised Land; Butterflies Under Our Hats; God In Between;
For Heaven’s Sake; God said Amen; and Finding the Fruits of Peace. She is one of
the editors of Nurturing Child and Adolescent Spirituality: Perspectives from the
World’s Religious Traditions.
Rabbi Sasso received her B.A. and M.A. from Temple University. She was or-
dained from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1974 and received her
Doctor of Divinity after 25 years in the rabbinate. She also received a Doctorate
of Ministry from Christian Theological Seminary. Sasso has been honored as one
of the “Influential Women in Indiana” by the Indianapolis Business Journal, she
was featured among “Indy’s Most Influential Clergy;” and she was the recipient of the “Sagamore of the Wa-
bash,” the highest civilian honor awarded by the Governor of the State of Indiana. Rabbi Sasso serves her con-
gregation together with her husband, Rabbi Dennis C. Sasso; the first practicing rabbinical couple in world Jew-
ish history. They are the parents of two grown children.
During her two days at St. Paul’s, Rabbi Sasso will conduct an interactive event with elementary-age children
from St. Paul’s and a local synagogue working with an artist to assist the children in expressing their responses
through a creative medium. On Monday, November 16 she will meet with the participants in the 4F’s program
which begins at noon. Her primary address will take place on Monday evening, at St. Paul’s. Rabbi Sasso’s
books will be available for purchase.
Rabbi Sasso’s messages promise to offer a memorable opportunity for all, especially those who love and value
the young people in their lives.

Meditation Booklets in Preparation

By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
s one final part of our celebration of St. Paul’s 160th anniversary, we are putting
A together a booklet of meditations on the writings of St. Paul. It will be called “St.
Paul’s on St. Paul” and will consist of short meditations by parishioners on favorite verses
of St. Paul. There will be a collection of some of his more important sayings available to
choose from, or you can choose one of your own favorites. Information will be posted on
St. Paul’s website or you can contact Steve Lange for a list of sayings and for details
about the articles. We hope everyone will contribute to this collection of spiritual insights!
They are due October 2.

September 2009
Page 12
St. Paul'and
Mission s News
Heifer International
By The Rev. Deacon William H. Fineout
wo years ago, the generous people of St. Paul’s agreed to support the eight Millennium Development
T Goals by sponsoring a major project each year for eight years. In our first year we raised funds and sup-
ported Water for Life, making a major contribution for wells, dams, and cisterns in parched Africa. This year
we are supporting Heifer International.
According to its brochure, “Heifer International is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to relieving
global hunger and poverty. It provides gifts of livestock and plants, as well as education in sustainable agricul-
ture, to financially-disadvantaged families around the world. It gives gifts of cattle, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs,
honeybees, pigs, llamas, water buffalo, camels, alpacas, yaks, horses, chicks, ducks, goats, geese, fish, and
other regionally appropriate livestock, as well as tree seedlings. As of 2006, these animals and plants have
been distributed in more than 125 countries around the globe, including areas in the United States. Each gift
perpetuates Heifer's interest in agro ecology and sustainability.
Heifer International is mainly funded by donors who purchase ‘shares’ of a gift or pay for an entire animal.
Heifer International's gifts include the animal itself, as well as the cost of its veterinary care and transport to the
village. The recipient family is trained in animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture techniques, and business
practices where applicable.”
Our fundraising activities will begin in September and will include “Blessing of the Beasts” on Sunday, October
4. Then on Sunday, October 25 there will be a special Heifer celebration fundraiser. Additional details to fol-

Mission and Outreach Activities:

Where is Christ calling you to help others?
Tuesday, September 8 Saturday, October 10
• Outreach meeting • Red Cross Blood Drive
September Sunday, October 11
• SILS Apartment Startup Collection • Youth Crop Walk
Sunday, September 20, 1 p.m. Tuesday, October 13
• Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk
• Outreach meeting
Monday, September 21 Sunday, October 25
• Lansing Area Episcopal Projects (LAEP) meeting
• Heifer Celebration
Sunday, October 4 October - November
• Heifer: Blessing of the Animals
• Mitten Tree – Love Closet/Christian Services
Friday, October 9
• Canterbury MSU Fall Feast & Fundraiser

September 2009
Page 13
St. Paul's News
SILS Collection at St. Paul’s in September
By The Rev. Deacon William H. Fineout
ome eighteen-year-old former foster children, whose foster families no longer receive state assistance, find
S themselves without a place to live or without any family support. Child and Family Services attempts to aid
these young adults through its Supervised Independent Living Services (SILS), but much state funding of the pro-
gram has been cut.
When these teenagers are placed into an apartment, they get financial assistance for rent, but they have no
funds and no family/friend support for all the items that a young person needs to start independent living, from
blankets & sheets to frying pans, glasses, toilet paper, etc.
As part of Lansing Area Episcopal Projects (LAEP), St Paul’s will ask for donations during a two week period,
September 13-27.
We will soon know if our young adult recipient is a male or female, and possibly his or her first name. All com-
munications are confidential through Child and Family Services.
There are a total of seven areas/rooms for which we are seeking donations. The Mission & Outreach committee
will provide a detailed listing of the items we need on note cards which will be located in the Merrifield Room
beginning September 6. Suggested donations include: Bathroom – 3 bath towels, 3 hand towels, 3 washcloths, a
bathmat or bath rug, shower curtain & rings, tumbler & soap dish, and a laundry basket (into which we would
pack all of the above).

Many Give Thanks, Express Gratitude

By Sue Millar
few years ago some generous soul, who chose to
A remain anonymous, provided the St. Paul’s family
comfort and relief from the Michigan heat and humidity by
donating the air conditioning system for the Merrifield
Room. Anonymous gifts are fine except when one wishes to
communicate thanks and gratitude. I would like the donor
to hear these expressions, just as I hear them frequently
during coffee hour. But the best I can do is address this
“thank you” to the Anonymous Donor, hoping that you know
your thoughtful gift is remembered and greatly appreci-

September 2009
Page 14
St. Paul's News
(Continued from, “Final Countdown,” page 1)

the body of Christ we have shared in the mystery of communion and ministry with our almighty Fa-
ther. Through your faithful and life-sharing efforts I have witnessed Christ at work among you and
believe God is well pleased and glorified by the fruit of our ministry together.
In our two years together I have witnessed the greatness and faithfulness of God in you. In the last
two years I have witnessed the greatness and faithfulness of God, in the face and feet and in the
hands and hearts of the people of St. Paul’s. In the past two years here at St. Paul’s I have seen the
work of God, given in grace and received in humility and self-offering. In my time with you I have
witnessed Christ among you and in you. I have seen the greatness and faithfulness of our God here
at St. Paul’s through the miracles and signs, and in the manner of our relationship with God.
I give thanks to God for the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon Weller. Fr. Weller, your leadership, guidance,
mentoring, collegiality, and most of all your love, has helped me to better understand and live into
my call as an ordained minister. Thank you for sharing your ministry and Christ giving love. My fu-
ture ministry will be forever influenced by what you have taught me. Thank you my dear friend.
To all of you, my St. Paul’s family, thank you for sharing and caring and for your laughter and love.
Thank you for your fellowship, friendship, and most of all for the greatness and faithfulness of
Christ living in you and among you.
Thank you for giving me the possibility, the privilege, and the pleasure of serving you and God in
the place. May God continue to guide you and lead you in your ministry, walking with Christ al-
ways; and until we meet again, God’s Peace and Blessings Always, Amen.
(Philippians 1:3-11, Paul’s prayer to the Philippians, my prayer for St. Paul’s)
3I thank my God every time I remember you, 4constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers
for all of you, 5because of your sharing in the gospel from the first day until now. 6I am confident of
this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus
Christ. 7It is right for me to think this way about all of you, because you hold me in your heart, for all
of you share in God’s grace with me.
9And this is my prayer, that your love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight
10to help you to determine what is best, so that on the day of Christ you may be pure and blameless,
11having produced the harvest of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ for the glory and

praise of God. Amen.

(Continued from “Changing of the Guard,” page 1)

available would be May/June of 2010. Yet even that is an uncertainty. Given our financial shortfall, the
financial condition of the Diocese, and the shortage of available candidates it is just something we will have
to work on.
Meanwhile, we as a parish will have to work that much harder to continue the ministries that we value. I am
confident that we can do this. The curates we have shared have shown us who we are and what we have
become. If we love it, value it, we will maintain it, whatever “it” is.

September 2009

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