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Danella C.

Eleazar Communication III

Title: Typhoon Specific Speech Purpose: To entertain my Comm III class about the things that happened before Typhoon Ondoy, the troubles that it brought me during its occurrence, and the lessons that I have learned from it. Statement: I had a lot of experiences before, during and after Typhoon Ondoy which made me wiser and better. I. INTROCDUCTION Attention Step: It was a slightly rainy morning of September 26, 2009 when my mom suddenly woke me up from my sleep through a phone call. She told me not to go out of the house anymore because the streets were flooded. I was not paying that much attention because I thought she was just exaggerating and making reasons for me not to go to my classmates house for a group project-making. I did not know that the phone call would be the warning of a gigantic problem I was about to face alone on that very day. Clarification Step: The gigantic problem that I was referring to was the said Typhoon Ondoy and the troubles that it brought me while I was alone inside of our peaceful abode. I had a lot of experiences before, during and after the said typhoon, but more importantly, it made me a wiser and better person. BODY The warnings and other things that happened before the typhoon. A. My mom called me up on my cellphone to tell me not to go to my classmates house anymore because the streets were flooded. B. I looked outside through our window and saw an ankle-height of flood on the street. C. I slept again for an hour and woke up with the flood inside our house. D. I started to cry. E. I texted my mom that the house was already flooded and asked her what to do because I was panicking that time. II. The troubles that the typhoon brought me during its occurrence. A. My mom told me to get an empty gallon of mineral water that we had in our kitchen and use it as my lifesaver. B. I also got some of my clothes and stuffed them inside my average-sized school bag. C. I was looking for some food but when I reached our kitchen, the water was already waistdeep and the refrigerator was floating. D. I managed to carry our refrigerator and look for food that could last without spoiling. I chose the two bags of pastillas. E. I climbed up to our roof through the help of an old door leaning on our terrace grills and stayed there alone while I was soaking wet, and crying.

SPEECH PLAN (Speech to Entertain)



F. I even saw our dog drowned to death. Our dog was chained somewhere in our backyard that time. I could not do anything to save the dog. What I only did was to cry. G. Our neighbors who were in their attic saw me and called me. They told me to stay at their place for the meantime. There were dogs, kids, adults and senior citizens fitting inside that small place. H. Evening came and hunger started to strike on the people inside the attic. I was not hungry that time though. I gave the two bags of pastillas to the kids and let them eat. They stopped crying. I. III. I managed to sleep while sitting on the wet floor. The things that happened after the typhoon and my feelings about it. A. I went home and saw our devastated house. I felt like my blood started rushing out of my body because of what I saw. Dead dog, wet books, laptops, computer, television, clothes, everything! I felt like we were going to start our life from the scratch. B. I went to my aunties house and all of my cousins, including my brother, sister and mother were there. My father was in the province and was hurriedly coming home. C. They all thought I was going to die. D. We started cleaning our house, but still, there were smiles on our faces, thanking the Lord for a new day and new life that He had given to each and everyone of us. CONCLUSION Summary Step: These experiences might be the worst experiences I had in my life but from them I had learned a lot of what life has could offer to everyone. I learned to use the second life that God had given to me to become a wiser and better person. Wiser, in a sense of being prepared in times of calamities and troubles that would come my way; and better, in a sense of being a good person, appreciating the joys and sorrows of life, falling twice but standing up thrice and that there is always a rainbow after the rainor typhoon! Visual Aid: a picture of me and my cousins after the typhoon Time: 7-8 minutes