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About this Edition
his Edition adds information on OS3.0 and the new iPhone 3GS. So that you can easily spot the differences the following symbols appear throughout: A feature that has improved in OS3.0 A feature that is done differently in OS3.0. New to OS3.0, (including the 3GS) Only on the 3GS phone


Tip 1

The Fast Way To the Top!

eading a web-page, e-mail or SMS text message? In all of these applications, tap anywhere on the status bar at the top to quickly scroll to the top of of that page. This is especially handy in the Messaging application if you want to call the person who has just sent you a text. Where is the call button? All the way at the top of the page.


Tip 2

iPod Control Everywhere

ou can control music on your iPhone while surfing the web or using other applications. If music is playing through the iPod Application you can double-press the Home button to bring up playback controls without leaving the current application or unlocking the home screen.


Tip 3

I’m Not Speaking To You

ap one of the volume buttons to immediately silence your phone but let it appear to continue ringing for the caller. If you’d like to send a call directly to voicemail, press the Sleep/ Wake button twice, on the top-right of the phone. You can also use the iPhone headset by quickly pressing the microphone button twice. Now you can ignore people you don’t want to talk to without letting your phone ring on and on...



Tip 4

Tap to Scroll Sideways

ee that line of dots and the spy-glass icon across the bottom of your phone indicating multiple pages of applications and spotlight? Most people swipe to move left and right, but you can also tap. This works wherever you see the line of dots indicating multiple pages, such as the weather application and in Safari.

Tap anywhere along this line


Tip 5

Back to Square One

nce you’ve installed applications on your phone, you can end up with many, many pages of icons. Pressing the home button from any screen takes you quickly to the first page of icons so why not rearrange your icons so that all of your frequently used apps are on the first page? You can now get to any of your favorite apps in one press of the home button and a tap! Handy as those four icons in the dock is never enough... Pressing home again will swap between Spotlight Search and your main home screen.


Tip 6

Quick Dial and Launch

inding contacts who are not in your favorites list or launching Apps if you’ve got a lot of them is quicker with Spotlight search. From the home screen press home again and type a few letters of a contact’s name. You can also configure a double click of home to take you straight to Spotlight via Settings, General, Home.


Tip 7

Swipe to Delete

hilst viewing most lists there is a hidden way to delete items. Simply swipe across the e-mail, note (in OS3.0) or SMS conversation and a handy Delete button appears. Sadly, this doesn’t work for deleting individual text or MMS messages...


Tip 8

Restarting Properly

hard-reboot can be handy if you’ve an application that just refuses to start or your phone has frozen. Hold the home button and the sleep/wake button together for 10 seconds, ignoring the slide to turn off ’ message that appears, and the phone shuts down. Now turn on again normally.


Tip 9

Force Bad Apps to Quit

ometimes applications appear to freeze for no reason. Hold the home button and the sleep/wake button together for 10 seconds, until the slide to turn off message appears and then release both buttons. Now hold the home button for around six seconds. This tells your phone to forcibly quit the current application and returns you to the home screen. f you’ve an iPod touch or iPhone that hasn’t been upgraded to OS3.0, simply hold the home button for six seconds to quit.



Tip 10

Start All Over Again...

one something to seriously mess-up your phone? You can reset your phone to its last backup. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable and wait for iTunes to start. Click the iPhone icon and then the restore button to begin.


Tip 11

Use the free alternatives

afari is brilliant - a full web browser in a small package. Sometimes however there are free apps available that provide an easier user-interface: Website
Google Wikipedia Twitter Facebook

Google Mobile Wikipanion Twitterific Facebook



Tip 12

Plain Lazy Web-Surfing

f you’re heading for a .com domain when typing an address in Safari, you don’t have to type the www or the .com. For example, you can type apple in the address box in order to view www.apple.com.


Tip 13

Look Before You Leap!

o see where a hyperlink will direct you simply hold your finger on it for a second. A new menu appears which lists the actual address at the top and some additional options. New to OS3.0 are the options to copy the address to the clipboard and to open the link in a new page.


Tip 14

The Secret Behind .com

hen typing an address in Safari, that .com key hides some additional features. If you hold your finger on there for a second, a range of alternatives appear. Simply slide your finger to the one you want and release.


Tip 15

Save Safari Images

mages shown in the web-browser can be saved to your phone’s camera roll or copied to the clipboard. Hold your finger on the image for 2-3 seconds. The remainder of the page will fade , the image highlighted and options will slide up. Tap Copy to place the image in the clipboard. Tap Save Image to save to your camera roll. Via the camera application you can then use the image as wallpaper, send it via e-mail or make it a contact’s image.


Tip 16

Just the Right Size!

hen browsing web pages in Safari, you can double tap on a column, word or picture to fit its width to your iPhone’s screen. Double tap again to zoom out.


Tip 17

Share Links with Friends

tumbled across a web-page you really want to share? Simply tap the + (plus) button at the bottom of the screen and select Mail Link to this Page.


Tip 18

Create new App Icons

ou can add a new App icon for any website to your home screen. Whilst browsing in Safari, tap the + button and then tap Add to Home Screen. Some websites supply an icon, if not then a screenshot of the current view is used. Tapping this new icon launches Safari and immediately takes you to the website.


Tip 19

Start with a blank page

afari loads the last page it was on when you open it and on a slow connection this can take precious time. However, you can create an icon on your phone to launch Safari with a blank page. Here’s how: 1. Start Safari 2. Tap the address bar and type about:blank and tap Go

3. Tap the + (plus) at the bottom and choose Add to home screen 4. Type in a suitable name for this shortcut This simple, bright white, page also makes a handy, free, torch application.


Tip 20

Two-fingered scrolling

ome web pages contain scrolling areas such as text boxes within the page. Safari hides the scroll bars for these and of course scrolling with one finger moves the entire page. The secret is to use two fingers. By using two fingers at once, you tell Safari to scroll the element within the page rather than then entire page.


Tip 21

Autofill to save time

our phone can remember your usernames and passwords for sites you visit and autofill your details for sites you’ve never visited before: 1. Create a contact for yourself. 2. Via Settings, Safari, Autofill, enable both options and set My Info to be yourself as a contact. 3. When you begin to enter details into a new site, AutoFill is available above the keyboard.


Tip 22

Hold Shift Whilst Typing

ometimes you just need the next few letters to be capitalized. Typing My PC is BROKEN! or upper-case abbreviations such as LMAO. The phone allows you use the shift key just like you can on a computer; simply hold down the shift key whilst you type!


Tip 23

Shake To Undo & Redo

hen typing in any application, or when using cut, copy & paste, you can shake the phone to Undo your typing. Shake again to Redo. Your phone will pop-up a query to doublecheck.


Tip 24 Double-Tap for Shift-lock
he title here says it all, but this feature is disabled by default. To enable, tap the Settings icon, then tap General and Keyboard. Turn Enable Caps Lock On. Now you can double tap the shift key to turn caps-lock on. It will turn blue when locked.


Tip 25

Hold Keys for Extras!

f you hold down a letter on the keyboard, a pop-up appears containing various accented versions of the character. You can do the same with certain punctuation characters to reveal alternatives.


Tip 26

Punctuate Quickly

o quickly enter punctuation or numbers while using the keyboard, press and hold the 123 button and, keeping your finger down, slide to any number or punctuation button. When you release your finger that one character will be inserted and the usual qwerty keyboard will reappear. You can use the same technique to quickly insert singledigit numbers into text.


Tip 27

Alternative currencies

ne of the keyboard’s many secrets is that it hides multiple currency symbols for insertion into e-mails, notes or SMS messages. The default currency symbol depends on your phone’s settings and if you hold your finger on this you’ll get the alternatives. You can combine this with our previous tip to insert any currency symbol with one lift of the finger.


Tip 28

Get a Bigger Keyboard

urning your phone sideways will get you a bigger keyboard in all the in-built applications including Notes, Text Messaging, E-Mail and Safari. In Safari however, once you are editing the address the orientation is locked, so turn your phone sideways before tapping the address bar.


Tip 29

Get a Magnifying Glass

n most apps displaying or editing text provide a magnifying glass which is handy for positioning the cursor in the right place, or selecting a particular word for copying. Hold your finger over the text for a second and a small magnifying glass appears for precise control.


Tip 30

Add to the Dictionary

f you are writing something and the iPhone flags a word as mis-spelled, cancel the correction and the word will be put into the dictionary. If you use obscure words, acronyms or colorful language a lot this feature can be a time-saver. Sometimes you might need to make the correction once for each different application.


Tip 31

Quickly insert a period

f you tap the space key twice, the iPhone will instead insert a period (full-stop for those in the UK) and a single space. You can also achieve the same effect if you use two fingers to tap the space key at the same time. What if you actually want two spaces? Simply tap once then wait for a couple seconds before tapping again.


Tip 32

Turn Bluetooth Off

luetooth adds significant drain to the battery, and if you are not using a hands-free kit then you may as well turn it off. With Bluetooth enabled an icon appears in the status bar. It’s quite hard to see from the home screen but a lot easier against the light status bar used by most apps. To turn Bluetooth off, tap Settings, then General then Bluetooth and tap the on/off switch.


Tip 33

Turn Push E-mail Off

eeping push E-mail turned off can save quite a lot of juice, particularly in areas with a poor signal. Go to Settings, Fetch New Data, and turn Push to off and Fetch to Manually.


Tip 34

Turn Automatic Wifi Off

top your phone from searching for networks anytime you are using an internet application. Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and simply turn it off.


Tip 35

Turn off EQ

qualization enhances key frequencies to suit certain types of music. It also requires a lot of processing power, and you can extend your battery life whilst listening to music by turning it off: On the iPhone, go into settings, iPod and set EQ to off. On the iPod touch, go into settings, Music and set EQ to off. If you’ve set EQ differently for specific songs in iTunes, off won’t work so set EQ to flat instead.


Tip 36

Close Applications

o ensure that your phone is using as little battery as possible, you should press the Home button before locking so that no app remains running. This is especially true of any applications that make heavy use of GPS, such as Google Maps, or the 3G or Wi-Fi connection, such as Safari.


Tip 37

Save Power For Calls

way from charge? If you need a working phone for making and receiving calls, reduce your use of: Applications; particularly those that use the 3G, GPS or both, such as Google Maps. Games; these can use a lot of power. The iPod; video in particular uses a lot of power.


Tip 38

Save Power For iPod

f you want to conserve juice for use as an iPod and you don’t need the phone to be working, put it in airplane mode. This will turn off all the powerhungry features such as the 3G data connection and phone. You can save even more power by turning off WiFi. This will extend the time it’ll work as an iPod.


Tip 39

Keep Your Data Secure

f your iPhone gets stolen a stranger now has access to your contacts, appointments, emails and photos. Applications you’ve installed might grant access to other personal data such as your Facebook account. Setting a passcode helps to protect your privacy. Here’s how: 1. Tap Settings, then General, then Passcode Lock. 2. Enter a passcode that no-one else can guess.


Tip 40

Erase All Data?!

here is additional security for keeping your data away from prying eyes should your phone get stolen. Turn on Erase All Data. Now, if someone steals your phone and tries to guess your passcode, the iPhone erases your personal data after 10 unsuccessful attempts.


Tip 41

Encrypt Your Backup

ith iTunes 8.1 or higher, you can now encrypt the back-up file that contains all of your phone’s data on your PC. In iTunes you’ll see a new Encrypt iPhone backup check box in the Summary pane.


Tip 42

Enable Find My iPhone

f you subscribe to Mobile Me, you can enable a feature called Find My iPhone. To enable this, you need to sign up for a mobile me account at me.com and then enable the feature.


Tip 43

...Find Your iPhone

nce you’ve signed up, you can log in to me.com to locate your phone on a map. The Find My iPhone options are tucked away under the account tab in Mobile Me.


Tip 44

Attract Attention

nce logged in at me.com, you can also send a message to your phone and get it to play an insistent sound for two minutes. The sound plays even if your phone is set to silent but does play at the ‘ringer’ volume which makes it hard to hear if it’s set low.

Tip 45

obile Me brings another level of data security to your phone. If you decide it’s been stolen, you can issue a command to your phone to delete all your data and reset it to factory defaults. Once you’ve done this, your phone will no longer be able to respond to location requests which is a pity as you’ll need to decide between keeping your data secure or giving the police good information on its location. Should you be reunited with your phone, you can use iTunes to restore the data from your last backup.


Remotely Wipe Your Data


Tip 46 Reduce Roaming Charges
G use overseas can be an expensive luxury. Here are a few suggestions on being cost-effective with your phone when abroad. 1. Reset the Usage statistics when you arrive overseas and monitor your data usage. 2. Turn off push e-mail to avoid using 3G and instead use WiFi when available to or check e-mail or browse the web. 3. Turn Data Roaming off. Go into Settings, tap General then Network and turn Data Roaming off.


Look, no hands!



About the Microphone!

he iPhone earbuds have a built-in microphone you can use for hands-free calling. The microphone is also a button - you simply squeeze it and you’ll hear a click! This button provides quick access to a variety of features, depending upon what is currently happening on the phone.


Tip 47

Controlling Calls

ou can use the earbud button to control the phone.

When your phone is ringing: click once to answer the call. press and hold for two seconds, then release to reject the incoming call. You’ll hear two soft beeps to confirm you’ve declined the call. Whilst on a call: click once to end the current call


Controlling Calls Continued

f you are already on a call and another call comes in: click once to switch to the new call click again to switch between two active calls press and hold for two seconds then let go to switch to the new call and end the current call.


Tip 48

Controlling Music Playback

ou can also use the microphone button to control playback when music or videos are playing in the iPod application. click once to pause the current song or video. click again to resume. quickly click twice to skip to the next song. quickly click three times to skip to the previous song, or to restart the current track if you are more than 3 seconds in.


Tip 49 OS3.0 & 3GS Enhancements
n OS3.0, the microphone button also starts and stops recording in the Voice Memo application. he iPhone 3GS microphone has some additional features:. volume +/- buttons control volume of calls and audio playback. click and hold to activate voice control.



Tip 50

Take a Screenshot

ou can take a screenshot from any application in the iPhone simply by pressing the home and sleep/wake buttons together. The screen will flash and the camera sound will play. Such snaps are automatically saved to your camera roll and you can view it via the camera application.


Tip 51

Find Airports

yping in the three letter airport code while in Google Maps will bring the airport up on the map. So for example, London Heathrow is LHR and John F Kennedy in New York is JFK.


Tip 52 Point the way in Google Maps
ap the cross-hair icon once to find your current location as usual, and tap again to switch to directional mode. The map will rotate in the direction you’re facing and a cone appears i n d i c at i n g your current orientation.


Tip 53 Forward and Delete SMS

ou can now forward and delete individual messages, both standard SMS text messages and new multimedia messages. Tap the Edit button, then tap the circles to the left of each message to select them. Then tap Forward or Delete.


Tip 54

Shake to Shuffle

hilst playing music, shaking your phone shuffles to another track at random. Cleverly the phone disables this when listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Shuffling works whilst the iPod app is running, but not if the phone is locked or you’re running another app. You can disable shuffle altogether through Settings, iPod.


Tip 55 Speedier Synchronization
hen you connect your phone to your Mac or PC, try to avoid plugging in via a USB hub or any other device such as your Mac’s keyboard. Going directly into your computer can result in a speedier sync with iTunes. Some brands of PC make the matter more complicated by having different ports on the PC run at different speeds, so it might be worth experimenting to see if this applies to you.


Tip 56

Easier Listening

hree new buttons appear when listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or watching videocasts.

E-mail. Send a link to the current podcast via e-mail. Skip back. Jump back 30 seconds. Playback speed (not in videos). Double or halve the playback speed.


Tip 57

Synchronize Notes

ou can now synchronize the your notes application data with your Mac or PC. Configure this from iTunes. Click the phone icon on the left of iTunes, then click the Info tab. Scroll down to Notes and enable synchronization.


Tip 58

Surf Whilst Talking

f you are connected to a WiFi network you can surf the web whilst on a call, which could be just the thing for conference calls whilst you’re using speakerphone. Just press home before launching Safari and you can surf whilst you talk. Your phone is even smart enough to disable the click sound as you type whilst you are on the call.


Tip 59 Send Multiple Photographs
ingle photographs can be sent via MMS, E-mail and uploaded to Mobile Me. You can also select up to 5 to share via e-mail, but beyond that the share button becomes disabled. You can work around this however, select as many photographs as you like and tap Copy. You can then paste them into a new e-mail.


Tip 60

Zoom Out of Maps

urrently Google Maps is the only application that supports this gesture, but if you use two fingers to tap the map it zooms out.


Tip 61

Record & Play.

hilst using the voice memo recorder You can continue to use other applications such as e-mail and safari. Simply begin recording as usual and press home to exit the Voice Memo application. The status bar will glow red and recording continues. Tap the status bar to return to the Voice Memo App.


Tip 62

A Scientific Calculator he usual calculator provides large, easy to use buttons for basic arithmetic. If you tip the phone sideways, you’ll see a scientific calculator. You can now perform more complex calculations. OS3.0 adds Copy & Paste.


Tip 63

Download wallpapers

ou can download wallpapers from a number of sites, including:

http://www.flickr.com/groups/iphonewallpapers/ The easiest way to get them onto your phone is to use mobile Safari to browse the site. Navigate through flickr until a suitable wallpaper is almost full-screen. Now Tap and hold your finger on an image and select Save Image. Find the image via the camera application and set it as your wallpaper by tapping the leftmost icon and choosing Use As Wallpaper.


Tip 64

Battery Life Percentage

he 3GS allows you to add a percentage battery-life indicator to the status bar. This is enabled via Settings, Usage.


Tip 65

Improve Voice-Control

ost phones contain contacts who are stored by their first name only. You’ll find ‘Call Joanna Smith’ works a lot better than ‘Call Jo.’, so expand abbreviations and add lastnames to your contacts. This significantly improves the ability of Voice Control to understand. You can also create a new contact for the same person as an alias. Using the earbud microphone also seems to improve recognition.


Tip 66

Pause downloads

arge applications or updates can sometimes take a long time to download over a data connection and you might want to pause them whilst you check your e-mail or browse with Safari. To pause the download tap the icon. The progress bar will stop midway and beneath the word Paused appears. To continue the download, simply tap the icon again.


Tip 67 Favorites are not just for calls
avorites and recents are great for making quick calls and returning calls to people who’ve phoned you. But have you noticed the little blue arrow on the right hand edge? Tap here for options to call that person back on any of their numbers, send an e-mail or SMS or add them to your favorites list. And in OS3.0 you can also send contact details via Email or MMS.


Tip 68 Rapid Calendar Scrolling
n the calendar application tapping the arrows to move through months can be tedious. But did you know that if you hold your finger on the arrows your iPhone will rapidly move through the months? Handy for setting appointments way ahead in the future.


Tip 69 Avoid SMS Embarrassment
sually when a text message arrives the iPhone displays it on the screen, even if your phone is locked. To disable this, set Text Preview to off via Settings, Messaging.
Preview enabled

Preview disabled


Tip 70

Have You Noticed?

he iPhone is full of neat little touches you might not have noticed. Here are a few of our favorites: The updating calendar icon: Far from being a static image to launch the calendar, the icon actually updates to show the current day and date.

Automatic Airplane mode. When you dock your phone into speakers that don’t specifically support the iPhone, the phone detects this and

...have you noticed? asks whether you want to switch to airplane mode to disable phone features and prevent interference. Then, when you remove the phone again, it automatically re-enables call features and turns airplane mode off. Automatic pause. This has been an iPod feature for a while, but it’s worth mentioning. If you are listening to music on headphones, and you pull them out of the phone, playback is automatically paused. Sunglasses Support: When viewed through polarized lenses, LCD screens

...have you noticed? appear blank at a certain angle. This means you need to take your sunglasses off to view most phone and camera screens when held in either landscape or portrait mode. Apple have carefully manufactured the 3G iPhone screen so that it appears blank at 60 degrees; you can hold it in either portrait or landscape orientation and see perfectly well. The 3GS is even better, and can be viewed at any angle...



e hope you’ve picked up some tips that will help you use your phone more effectively. If you’ve enjoyed this guide, please consider adding a review to iTunes. If you have any feature suggestions, comments or just want to get in touch via e-mail at: tips@intelligentipublishing.com

Thank you for reading
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What’s new in OS3.0?

It’s like downloading a new phone




pple’s recent OS3.0 is a no-cost update to iPhone owners and available for a fee to iPod Touch owners. It brings many new features to the device - so many that sometimes it feels more like you are in possession of a whole new phone. This chapter gives you the low-down on the major new features.



Cut, Copy & Paste

ou can now cut, copy and paste between applications, including your camera photos, web-pages, Notes, SMS and MMS messages.


OS3.0 Extended Landscape Mode
andscape mode has been extended from just Safari to the Messaging application, e-mail and Notes.



Multimedia Messaging

ultimedia Messaging, also known as MMS, has finally come to your iPhone. This allows you to send and receive picture messages, audio-clips and even videos, although you cannot actually record videos from your phone unless you’ve got the iPhone 3GS. Your carrier needs to support MMS and it’s not available on AT&T in the USA until later this summer. Costs vary by region. In the UK, for example, each MMS message sent uses four standard text messages from your monthly bundle.



Spotlight Search

handy new feature that allows you to search across your phone for contacts, apps, music, podcasts, v i d e o , audiobooks, n o t e s , e-mails, and calendar entries. Just about everything except textmessages!



Voice Memos

here’s a new built-in application for recording audio so that you can capture memos to yourself, meetings or lectures and send them via e-mail or MMS.



Other improvements...

here are a whole heap of other improvements in OS3.0. Here’s a short list of just some: Improved Calendar. You can now create Exchange meeting requests and CalDAV support means you can now subscribe to Google calendars. More things to buy. You can now purchase movies, TV shows and audiobooks from the iPhone. Stereo Bluetooth. Connect your phone to headphones and car kits for wireless stereo playback.

Automatic Wi-Fi login. Configure your username and password for automatic login to commercial Wi-Fi hotspots. Parental Controls. All content in the iTunes store is now age-rated and you can control access to music, videos and apps. YouTube Login. Login to your account to view and sync your favourites. Shake to shuffle. Shake your phone to jump to a random track when the iPod is playing. Find My Phone. Find where you left your phone from the web, and remotely wipe your data.



Internet Tethering

ou can now use your phone’s data connection to get your laptop online from anywhere. Availability and cost vary by region. It’s available now in the UK and due later this summer for the USA. You can connect your laptop to your phone via either bluetooth or the USB cable.

What’s New in The 3gs?

The Latest & Greatest




n Monday the 8th of June 2009, Apple announced a new version of the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. The phone was available in store on the 19th June, two days after the OS3.0 software update became available. The Web & Press have been awash with articles on both, but figuring out which features are unique to the 3GS and which are part of OS3.0 has been unclear. This chapter focuses on features exclusive to the iPhone 3GS.



Video Recording Camera

he camera resolution in the 3GS has been improved and provides a ‘tap to autofocus’ capability but more exciting is the Video Camera mode. You can perform simple edits of the Video on the phone and then send it via e-mail, MMS or upload straight to YouTube.



Twice as fast

he new iPhone 3GS contains improved components including a faster processor. This makes it the user-interface feel a little more snappy to use, applications load more quickly and browsing, particularly on WiFi, seems really fast.



Compass Directions

he 3GS contains a compass so you can always tell which direction you are facing. Expect to see third party apps taking advantage of this for turnby-turn driving directions.



Improved Battery Life

he Battery in the 3GS has improved in a number of areas. Here are Apple’s figures: Talk time. Same on 3G (5 hours) up from 10 to 12 hours on 2G Standby. Same (300 hours) Internet use. Same on 3G (5 hours), up from 6 to 9 hours on WiFi Audio playback. Up from 24 to 30 hours Video playback. Up from 7 to 10 hours




he iPhone 3GS adds a number of Accessibility features, including:

A text-to-speech voice over feature, which reads aloud the text of anything you tap. Zooming - you can zoom into areas of the phone screen. White-on-black mode. Colors are reversed on the phone, it looks a little unusual!



Voice Control

his feature provides the abililty to control your iPhone through speaking commands to make calls and play music.



Other improvements...

here are some other fairly minor improvements hidden away with the 3GS: A smaller power adaptor which has allowed Apple to reduce the box-size slightly for reasons of eco-friendliness. A new feature for viewing battery usage as a percentage in addition to the battery icon. A new fingerprint resistant (oleophobic) coating to reduce smears on the screen.

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