Related Topics: Affection, Freedom, Marriage, Women. 1. God thought of sex before man did, & when man leaves God out of his sexual thinking he is in trouble. 2. The first sexual thought in the Universe was God's, not man's. 3. Burgess Meredith gave the commencement address at Middlebury College in Vermont & his speech was hardly typical. Rather than throwing out the usual bromides to the 425 graduating seniors, the actor had only one piece of advice. "Make love, propagate," he said. "That's what we're here for!" (Dad: Hallelujah! First Commandment! Genesis 1:28!) 4. A sociology professor says that many of Winnipeg's better class prostitutes are suburban housewives who help out with the family budget. Prof. William Morrison, head of the sociology department of the University of Winnipeg, is conducting research in sex-for-hire among housewives. He reports that he interviewed more than 50 prostitutes who said that they were happily married, and many had families. Some said that their husbands know what they are doing and don't mind because it brings more money to support their families. The women and their clients are upper-middle-class people. The housewife-prostitutes actually believe that they are doing service to society. Mr. Morrison says that he sees no reason why prostitution should not be made legal in Canada. He is writing a book that will give the prostitute "a better name than she has been labeled with in the past." 5. Prostitutes make "better mothers" than most women because their flexible working hours allow them to spend plenty of time with their children, an inquiry was told. The inquiry into prostitution by the government of the State of New South Wales heard testimony Tuesday that prostitutes are just like "girls next door," but with more freedom to look after children. Roberta Perkins of the Collective of Australian Prostitutes told the Commission that "most women who enter prostitution don't see it as seedy, wrong or evil--they simply see it as a job." High earnings, flexible routines & lack of steady relations with men allows prostitutes to lavish much of their time on their children & furnish all their needs, she said. "This may shock a lot of people, but when you weigh up all these facts, you can't help coming to the conclusion that prostitutes would make better mothers than most women," she claimed. Ms. Perkins said up to 44% of Australian prostitutes had children & that many were single mothers who regarded their work as a career.

6. The World with all of its sex knows very little about real Love! 7. Ninety-eight per cent of life is not sex! So why not enjoy the other 98% instead of letting 2% ruin all your enjoyment of life & your pleasure? 8. Some are eunuchs made so by man, others are eunuchs just naturally. Others are eunuchs for the Lord's sake, so devoted to His Work & His kingdom that they simply forsake sex & don't worry about it. (Mat.19:12) They fill up their time & strength with things far more profitable than sex! Sex is not the greatest thing in life! 9. Sex isn't necessarily a sign of Love, but affection is always a sign of Love. That's real Love, genuine Love & it can even be sacrificial Love! 10. Dr. Thomas Hackett, Chief of Psychiatry at Massachusetts' General Hospital in Boston, says, "Sex is one of nature's finest tonics. It is not only possible after a heart attack, but seems to help with recovery. People who return to a sexual life almost invariably have a better prognosis in terms of returning to work & to socialising after heart attacks." It is a damaging myth that once you have a heart attack you're over the hill & there's no sense in even talking about sex because you can't have it any more. Hackett is a co-author of a Heart Association booklet on sex & heart disease. He said, "Sex is relatively safe in so far as its effect on the cardiovascular system." 11. Social scientist, Dr. Virginia Satir, says that four hugs a day will help you survive the blues, but a dozen is better. Speaking to the annual meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Association, she said more would make people happier. She says that four daily hugs were necessary for survival, eight were good for maintenance, & twelve for growth. "Our pores are places for messages of love, & being able to have physical contact is very important." 12. Dr. Arne Gjorgov, medical researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, has said that, "Making love is the best way to prevent breast cancer. Sex is not just enjoyable, but the seminal fluid released during love-making seems to play a vital role in maintaining the right hormone balance in a woman's body. Celibacy or other barrier methods of contraception should be avoided. More than 12,000 women die of breast cancer each year in Britain," Gjorgov said. The findings were the result of a six-year research project paid for by the United Nations. Dr. Gjorgov said seminal fluid was probably a primary importance in preventing breast & possibly ovarian cancer. "The seminal fluid has the most beneficial effect, & may prevent 55 to 65% of cases of breast cancer." 13. Dr. Earl Marsh, sexual behaviour specialist, says that sex not only can cure everything that ails you, it can actually help you live longer. "There is evidence that sex can cure arthritis, insomnia, ulcers, heart disease & hypertension." 14. George Ehrlich, of Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia, says that, "One loving act of sex can relieve the pain of arthritis for up to six hours. We're not exactly sure how it works, but our studies show it does work." Ehrlich says there are three possible reasons why sex relieves arthritis pain: 1) It releases cortisone into the body to stop pain in joints, 2) during sex the brain sends out pain-killing hormones into the blood stream, & 3) the act of love provides rejuvenating psychological benefits. 15. Jessie Potter of Chicago's National Institute for Human Relationships, says that, "Studies in European hospitals have shown that even a back-rub has made elderly patients feel so much better that hospitals could eliminate the need for pain killers & other medicines, particularly sleeping pills. Sex is one of our healthiest natural resources, but too many people leave it untapped." Dr. Marsh, Medical Director of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, agrees. He says, "If Americans would get more sensually involved with those they care for they would have less illness, would sleep better & there would be fewer of them in hospitals or in an early grave. Hugging, kissing, touching, anything like that will do. We have found that sex is one of the most efficient treatments in relieving the tension which is the root cause of so many ailments. Once the tension is gone, then the

intimacy of sex continues to cure & remove all the symptoms. Sex in any form works to bring relief to the whole body. The trouble with our culture today is that those over 50 have been conditioned to think sex is taboo as a person gets older. But as people get older they get into a tense mental state caused by things like loneliness & anxiety about the future. That's when hugging, kissing or touching could bring new meaning to their lives." 16. Elderly people who have suffered a heart attack should resume their normal sex life twelve to sixteen weeks after being taken ill, according to the National Institute on Aging. The institute, in a report entitled, "Sexuality in Later Life," seeks to destroy myths about sex in old age & says that regular sexual activity after a heart attack can help to prevent a second attack. George Burns has been named in a surprising list of the United States" "Sexiest Men," published in Playgirl magazine. "We're looking for men who are accomplished & self-confident without being egotistical," executive editor Diane Grosskopf explained. The magazine said that Burns, at 87 the oldest man on the list, still "burns the candle at both ends" & is "still going strong & is sexier than most men half his age." 17. Peruvian psychiatrist Hildebrando Salazar has found that kissing stimulates the heart, which gives more oxygen to the body's cells, keeping the cells "young & vibrant." Salazar also found that kissing produces anti-bodies in the human body that in the long run can protect the body against certain infections. 18. Male fetuses have frequent erections, which signifies that sexuality begins before birth, a prominent American sexologist said in Washington. Dr. Mary Calderone, head of the U.S. Sex Information & Education Council, told an international congress that sonograms have established that male fetuses, like sleeping male adults, have an erection approximately every five hours. This proved that sexual activity is as natural as walking or breathing. 19. The number of women in the United States who either have a child before marriage, or are pregnant when married, has doubled since World War 11, according to a new Census Bureau study. The increase, from between 4.5% & 5.5% in 1945 to 10.7% between 1970 & '74 reflects "social views in the lessening of the social stigma attached to bearing a child outside of marriage", the study said. 20. Some quotes from Playmates, of what they think is their sexiest feature: "My eyes. Eyes reveal the soul. I think my eyes tell a lot. I can seduce a man with my eyes. Or I can tell him 'no' the same way; my sexiest feature is my eyes, I'm able to talk with my eyes, I can tell a story with my eyes. I can let a man know if I like him with my eyes; my eyes have always told the story of my feelings for anyone. A man can always read how I feel about him in my eyes." 21. Psychologists say that twelve minutes in your day could make or break your marriage. The first four minutes are among the most important of the day. And the other two crisis points are the first four minutes when you're home & the last four minutes before you go to bed. "Inconsiderate behaviour in the morning means you won't feel close to each other in the evening & resentments can interfere with your sex life," says one of Britain's top marriage therapists. 22. One of the main problems is that men & women are in the mood for love at different times of the day. Psychologist David Mias says, "Men are psychologically sexiest in the morning when their hormone levels are at their highest. Their hormones are at their lowest at night. 23. President Reagan says he keeps his romance with Nancy alive with little notes. Revealing his secret to romance in his marriage with Nancy, Reagan said, "We've always been very close & have developed over these thirty odd years things that are kind of traditional or have meaning to us. We leave notes for each other. It just depends--on a breakfast tray--& on certain occasions send cards." One way the President exhibits common courtesy to the First Lady, he said, "Is by trying to slip out of bed without waking her when I know she's tired." 24. A five-year study of about 10,000 British men showed that lack of affection was found to be more of a killer than lack of exercise, bad diet & smoking.

25. Men who jog too much are running the risk of affecting their sex life, according to a research team. Pounding the pavement can cause impotence. Men who run more than fifteen miles a week suffer a drop in the level of the male hormone testosterone, which governs the sex drive. The farther the men ran, the more dramatic the reduction in hormone level. 26. Omar Sharif said, "What I dislike about women's lib is that it has made so many women in the Western world less romantic. Many of them don't go for the romantic type of men any more--they go for the straight-to-bed scene. Though apparently it may save time to be so direct, it takes away a lot of pleasure." ... 28. Scriptures against sodomy: Genesis 9:20-25; (19:1-5; 18:20; 19:24,25). Leviticus 18:22-25. Deuteronomy 22:5; 23:17. (Judges 19:15-28; 20:1-11) 1Kings 14:24; 15:11,12; 22:45,46. 2Kings 23:3,7. Romans 1:22-28,32. 1Corinthians 6:9.

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