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TurboCare is a leading aftermarket supplier of support and replacement parts for nearly all turbomachinery in operation today, including steam turbines, gas turbines, centrifugal compressors, thrust bearings, couplings, and fuel nozzles. We command the resources needed to ensure responsive design, manufacture and application of engineered component upgrades and replacements.

Our mission
TurboCares mission is to provide operating improvements to turbomachinery equipment through:

Fast, single-source response

Quality processes Advanced technology

Industries Served
Operating a turbine at optimum efficiency and availability requires knowledgeable responsive service and support. TurboCares approach to turbomachinery aftermarket support begins with understanding differing market conditions faced by todays operators of turbomachinery in each sector:

Power Generation Sectors Geothermal Nuclear Fossil Electric

Industrial / Process Refining Petrochemical Oil and Gas Pulp and Paper Mining All Others

Our active commitment to research and development produces engineered upgrades, which improve availability and efficiency of rotating equipment. From Ethylene to Ammonia, Gas, Steam or Nuclear Power Generation, we make it our business to understand yours.

Features and Benefits

TurboCare, a division of a multibillion dollar corporation and a Fortune Global 50 company is ready, able and willing to secure your interest on this project. TurboCare is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring high quality engineering and company manufacturing. We have a proven record of meeting our delivery commitments on critical projects. We are the worlds leading independent aftermarket company dedicated to the repair and improvement of all makes of critical turbomachinery.

Over 150 years cumulative engineering experience in turbine design, using stateof-art computer assisted tools, managed by the leading engineers in the industry. Largest engineering staff in the industry geared to aftermarket repairs to assist with decision making process for repairs during the outage. Single source for entire project including any engineering required. TurboCare will supply experienced personnel to perform all described activities and technical direction.

Engineering Capabilities

With engineered design, manufacturing and repair experience on over 40 different OEM designs of gas turbines and steam turbines, TurboCare has a proven capability to translate custom engineered design solutions into enhanced products.

TurboCare Advantages
Experience on over 40 different turbomachinery OEMs. Field repair capabilities. Over 5 million dollars in turbomachinery certified raw
material in stock inventory. We use the latest failure analysis and design tools to complete work within promised delivery schedules, reducing costly downtime and repeat component failure.

Technical Resources
Turbine blades frequency testing
capabilities Operating speed rotor balancing bunker Portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM) Airfoil failure analysis and redesign Metallurgical evaluation CAD/CAM expertise Equipment retrofits Rotor dynamic analysis Bearing analytical capabilities


Turbine Efficiency and Reliability Tools

TurboCare headquarters. ISO 9001 certified facility. Production floor space: 44,500 sq.ft.
(4,130 sq.m.) 69 hourly employees. Operation 24 hours/day, up to 7 days/week.


TurboCares extensive inventory of turbomachinery certified raw material ensures quick response and rapid turnaround.

Pins Rivets Screws Keys Studs Nuts Bolts Washers Bushings Retractable packing Packing installation Packing springs Spill strips Valve parts ERA package Inlet seals Fasteners Conventional seals Snout rings

TurboCare Retractable Packing and Retractable Brush Seals

Our Retractable Packing and Retractable Brush Seals are among the most significant developments in turbomachinery efficiency Improvements for steam turbines available. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has recognized retractable packing for its contributions to energy savings, estimating the cumulative effect of retractable packing From introduction through 1997 translates to a fuel savings equivalent of some 52.13 trillion Btu.


Turbine Blade Facility

l l l l
Approximately 26,000 sq. ft. (2,400 m). ISO 9001 certified facility. 83 full time employees. 3 shifts - 24 hour coverage - Normally 5 days a week operation, 7 days a week during outage season. l Full blade manufacturing capabilities. l Over US$ 2 million in high quality blade specific materials in stock. l Over 30 years of blade manufacturing experience.

AIRFOILS: Design to Installation

For three decades TurboCare has been the leader in alternative manufacture of steam turbine blades for virtually every design of turbomachinery

Design to Installation
Rerates and redesign. Material upgrades. Rapid turnaround. Efficiency and reliability improvements. State-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Experience with all OEMs. Alternative erosion protection. Blade installation. Banding. Machining. On-site or OpSpeed Balance.

Typical Steam Turbine Blade Manufacturing

As received

Days later, a full set including hardware

Steam Turbine Blade Manufacturing


Fast lead time jobs start with bar stock. l We stock millions of dollars of stock of various alloys and sizes. l Most common alloys are stocked in bulk form.

Winston Salem, NC

square feet of blade manufacturing. Four and five axis machining Diaphragm and nozzle blocks. Compressor Blades Capable of producing over 24,000 blade styles. Large forged blade capabilities. 6 Shifts 24 Hour coverage, 7 days a week On-time Deliveries ISO 9001 Certified

Steam Turbine Blade Manufacturing l Fast lead time jobs

start with bar stock l We stock Millions of dollars of stock of various alloys and sizes. l Most common alloys are stocked in bulk form.

Steam Turbine Blade Manufacturing l In addition to bar stock,

frequently TurboCare uses composite or envelope forgings. l We own a large quantity of forging dies and frequently stock raw forgings for quick delivery.

Steam Turbine Blade Manufacturing l Most parts are

machined using CNC multi axis milling centers. l In addition TurboCare frequently utilize Wire EDM equipment and other custom made airfoil Machines.

TurboCare East Hartford, CT

The opening of TurboCares East Hartford Facility expands TurboCares dedication to serving the needs of the gas turbine users. Developments in turbine blades redesign, turbine repair, turbine rotor repair, and gas turbine brush seals are further testament to the skill and commitment of TurboCares team of experienced engineers.

Gas Turbine Facility

14,000 sq.ft. (4,250 m). Report to Airfoil GM. Independent staff. 30+ employees. Operational on July 2000.

Modern Machine Tool Capabilities

TurboCare is committed to providing operators of gas turbines with a complete range of manufacturing and repair options including:

Open and close services. Efficiency improvements. Component manufacturing and repairs. Component replacement Replica or advance design. Turbine spares. Turbine parts.

Gas Turbine Products

Gas turbine blades and buckets. Compressor blades and vanes. Inlet guide vanes. Shroud blocks. Turbine spares. Brush seals.

Gas Turbine Coatings


Turbine blades failure analysis
and redesign for reliability Reverse engineering Finite element stress and heat transfer analysis Thermodynamic performance evaluation Rotor dynamic analysis, high speed balance and bearing design Rotating equipment overhaul Technical field assistance STEAM evaluations Advanced weld repair technology Mechanical and aerodynamic design technology


Open and close turbine overhaul facility

New facility operational since
July 2001. ISO 9001 certified. 139,000 sq.ft (12,914 m). Independent staff.

Designed to be an efficient Turbomachinery Repair Facility

h 100 Ton Crane 39 Ft Hook h 125,000 sq. Foot Facility h 60 Foot High Bay

Rotating and Stationary Repair

Rotor diagnostic analysis. Failure analysis and non-destructive testing. STEAM Evaluation for turbines. Advanced rotor and shaft submerged arc welding. Repairs for axial and centrifugal compressors. Repair of turbine blades, buckets and vanes. Operating speed and low speed balance. Diaphragm, nozzle and casing repairs. Stationary turbine blades manufacture & repair. Joint hardware and fasteners. Custom designed and field fit labyrinth seals. Labyrinth seal holder modification. Efficiency and Reliability Advantage (ERA) Upgrades. Complete valve overhaul capabilities. Gas turbines components repair.

Field Services
TurboCare field services delivers highly trained technicians and field engineering support services to reduce the demands placed on plant resources and personnel during outages. Equipped with a fleet of mobile CNC work centers and backed-up by a full team of experienced engineers, TurboCare Field service technicians are available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Main Unit Valve Overhauls

Inspections lReplacement Parts lRebuilds lControls lAssembly

On-Site Rotor Machining

l l l

Portable lathe Low speed balance Shaft & band machining

Shell/Casing Repair & Machining

l Horizontal Joint Repairs l Stationary Blade Repairs l Inlet Area Repairs l Flange Machining l Re-Rounding l Repair and machining of

Diaphragm Grooves

Operating Speed Balance Bunker

Quality Control

Offering Engineered Solutions & Short Cycle Times

Capability u Innovation u Flexibility