The Border Morning Mail and Riverina Times (Albury, NSW : 1903 - 1920), Saturday 25 June 1910, page

to the Jsons had driven- down fishing. the purpose of They spot 'driving an old quiet horse attached were to a spring cart and reached their fishing soon aa As grounds safely. night came had the old horse;, which on, however, -been known never to dojfche like before, and galloped home smashed the winkers in' 3'perfeet frenzy of snorting fear, ward leaving the boys to pull the- cart home themselves. On Sunday morning, in .com with Mr. Underwood, the writer pany visited ih& scene of the tragedy, which Is of the river a few yards from a steep bank of a sweeping bend. An on the outer curve ideal. camping ground, -beautifully situated and well grassed with- couch and trefoil. The exact position of the victim's tent was pointed out by Mr. Underwood, be neath handsome a well-grown Peruvian, the largest of a clump of similar trees which shelter the spot on the southwest side. The position of the victim's head ern appeared to have been close to the tree, he was as supposed to be-in the tent at of the tragedy, and after the the time crime had been discovered a patch of ground, about half the length of tie dead man's found to have been satu body, was also dyed Tated with blood. The tree was with blood and, even sinis dark the now, the back of ter stain cart be detected on A the tree trunk- close to the ground. startling fact that bcl'ies explanation. Is that although grass is growing luxuriantly, quite- three inches long, all round the tree on three sides, that portion of the ground upon' which the victim is said to have been -lying, is absolutely bare of grass-, and Mr. Underwood grass has grown says that no there since the tragedy. So far as feed Is the. whole of the point is better concerned grassed than any other portion of the re night falls,, all stock as serve, but as soon his




THAT' ARE FACTS TERRIFYING. of trie prettiest spots on At one is known what River, near Namoi Lagoon Gurley Point, or the Wire WEIRD



of a mile three-quarters serve, and about below the old homestead 01 --IyaU Tale, on side, a terrible tragedy was the Wee Waa enacted named the who



rnontns Johnson his mate







is now undergoing a sentence servitude in connection with Everybody has head the details of the for a time occupied terrible affair which -State. As the in much press of the space Thomas Underwood, the guest of Mr. whose farm is situated about a mile and of the tragedy, the half from a the scene

death at Williams, of penal the crime.

last visit of this article on Sunday in, locality, to more order actual the vividly understand the appalling happen ings that have been experienced lately by writer ed living persons ing- the spot.

to and

strangers visit

'The remarks
-the river

caller at

the con and Mr. to ;is known Perritt, well who Arthur thoughout the .Narrabri distict, said -that he had previously camped' unknowingly near the scene, and' -his pair 'of waggonette to the showed a horses decided aversion locality, .so much night came so. that -when they forcibly broke away from their teth ers and left the neighbor-hood. After~pass ing a night of fearful sleeplessness, for which .he couM not in any accouEt, way of next early the Perrilt part spent Mr. ?which' found horses,' he Ms seeking day miles away. On Saturday night last, some Mr. 'Perritt again called, asking Mr.~Un Mr. Underwood's
versation tragedy, r'erwood's the near permission to camp in his the horses and to put homestead as Tefused had to go on to'the-point-near the river. Fur thermore, he stated that he did not relish the 'idea 'of again experiencing 'the uneasi







particularly of strangers




had there.



when wood



then told Mr. Perritt that ever since the tragedy no stock would remain 'near the point after nightfall, and shown just recently they had stronger the disinclination than ever to remain on of the tragedy, even the scene point near in. the daylight. Within the past few days

Mr.' Under and the writer

to get away. have camped there knowing nothing about each and has had dis one the tragedy, omvard tressing experience and has moved ex Without congenial quarters. to more ception all persons camping there at irgkt trith horses, have been hiinting round the day. no nest neighboring, country for them ~?rhat ::oo-i -horses matter they may camp These have been hitherto. occurrences, are which for by reputable simply vouched
notare persons, there is something

coincidences, the ordinary,

and of


National Library of Australia


something beyond the ordinary, of nature, producing this terrify uncanny and dumb animals alike. ing effect on men.



the firesides o£ the homes


settlers along the




freeks ago




his wire,

unyoked the'/ strangers to the district, horses near the spot and arranged to camp for the night. Soon aiter dark the horses missing, and all though the night the were ?woman went nearly Taving mad, declaring, of terror, that she 'was in her paroxysms surrounded by and struggling in, a sea of really thought human blood. The poor man 'his wife had lost her -reason, and in -the off to the nearest house made grey dawn he couM find, which happened to be Mrs. M'Kenzie's. Here he related the experi sure ence of the night, 'stating that he was his wife was going to be very ill and asking After being questioned as for assistance. ?to where his campwas situated, the man then .told of the tragedy and he lost was no time in vacating the dreaded spot. Im mediately after leaving the place, his wife began to recover, and by nightfall on the succeeding day she was almost in her nor mal state of health, being utterly at a loss for her frenzy of the previous to account evening. Several other instances are vouch ed for -by persons near by, and Mr. Har die Clarke, of Narrabrij' who camped at the very spot of the tragedy, not knowing It, declares he would refuse all the gold of the Empire rather than go through a
similar all






unseen was night long some power trying to pull the bed clothes off his bunk, and that terrific agitation was going on in the river, just below him, where, he ?has since found out, the body of John stone, with the heavy brake bar attached to It, iras hurled down the steep bank into the river. Facts are stubborn things, and the occurrences chronicled in this article are plain facts, experienced (personally by repu table men and women. Any reader doubt a.T-fmalg have for ing the fear that dumb this lonely and beautiful spot on the river^ has 'only just. to visit the place at sun down any day of the year, and he will see tihe stock, both cattle and horses, silently and swiftly hurrying away. As the shades of .night close round the portion of the reserve, which is rapidly earning an unen still viable reputation, when the extreme of everything and the absence of .all ness animal life is borne in upon the silent: lonely iratcher, a cMH of sheer fear creeps over him, and he wonders not that this portion of- the river is spoken of in hushed

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