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Problem-Solving Skills

Course Specifications
Course number: 088445 Software: Microsoft Windows Course length: 1.0 da !s"

Course Description
#egardless of the s$ecific organi%ation or $osition& our s'ills and $re(ious training ha(e allowed ou to gain em$lo ment in the cor$orate world. )ne thing that ou ma not be ade*uatel $re$ared for& howe(er& is dealing with $roblems. +n a cor$orate en(ironment& using s$eciali%ed grou$s to sol(e $roblems is becoming more and more common. ,eing able to wor' in grou$s to sol(e $roblems will enhance our business 'nowledge and (alue to the organi%ation. -his course will show ou the fundamentals of $roblem.sol(ing s'ills/from defining our $roblem& to $resenting it to the 'e decision ma'ers in our organi%ation. Course Objective: 0ou will in(estigate strategies to hel$ ou clearl define our $roblem& determine and $resent our solution& and monitor the results. Target Student: ,usiness $rofessionals who would li'e to learn effecti(e grou$ $roblem.sol(ing techni*ues. Prerequisites: -here are no $rere*uisite s'ills for this course. 1owe(er& ou might be interested in the following related courses: 2d(anced Communication S'ills&3egotiating S'ills&,usiness 4resentations& and ,usiness Writing: 5rom 6.mail to 4ro$osals. Delivery Method: +nstructor led& grou$.$aced& classroom.deli(er learning model with structured hands.on acti(ities.

Hard are !equire"ents

4entium 70 M1% or higher $rocessor& or Macintosh 4ower4C8. Screen resolution of 800 9 :00 set to ;5: colors.

Platfor" !equire"ents Soft are !equire"ents

Windows 75& Windows 78& Windows ;000& Windows M6& Windows 3- 4.0&
Windows <4 1ome 6dition& or Windows <4 4rofessional. :.1".

Microsoft +nternet 69$lorer 5.09& 5.5& :.0= or 3etsca$e 3a(igator !e9cluding :.0 and 2dobe 2crobat #eader :.0 or higher= 2$$le >uic'-ime 5.0 or higher=

Macromedia 5lash 4la er :.0.?7 or higher= or Macromedia Shoc'wa(e ?.0.;& 8.0& 8.5& 8.5.1 or higher.

-urn off $o$.u$ bloc'ing. !Windows <4 with Ser(ice 4ac' ; +nternet 69$lorer users onl ".

Perfor"ance#$ased Objectives
@$on successful com$letion of this course& students will be able to:

describe strategies for sol(ing $roblems logicall . e9amine strategies for defining the true issue of a $roblem.

identif strategies for sol(ing $roblems methodicall . e9amine business strategies for ac*uiring decision acce$tance when $roblem sol(ing.

Course Content
%esson &: Starting to Solve Proble"s -o$ic 12: -he 4roblem.Sol(ing 4rocess -o$ic 1,: -he 3ature of Arou$s -o$ic 1C: -ools for 4roblem Sol(ing -o$ic 1B: 4roblem.Sol(ing 2$$roaches

%esson ': (dentifying the Proble" -o$ic ;2: Betermine the 4roblem -o$ic ;,: +n(estigate the 4roblem

%esson ): Deter"ining the Solution -o$ic C2: 2nal %e 4roblems Creati(el -o$ic C,: Consider 2lternate Solutions -o$ic CC: Choose the ,est Solution -o$ic CB: Solutions to Arou$ 4roblems

%esson *: +ccepting a Decision -o$ic 42: Sell 0our Solution -o$ic 4,: +m$lement Becisions