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Tips for long life

Early to bed
A study done by the Archives of General Psychiatry revealed that people live longer when they got only 6 to 7 hours sleep.

Laugh often
A reputed cardiologist says Laughing at 100 to 00 ti!es can be the sa!e as rowing or "ogging for ten !inutes. #esearch shows the level of stress hor!ones reducing while heightening the antibodies and $iller cells% activity in our bodies.

A happy married life

&en and wo!an who are happily !arried for a long ti!e can have a greater life e'pectancy.

(al$ing) #unning and "u!ping is good

Living the Country life

People who live in green and open spaces) although living in cities are prone to live longer than those living with the concrete surrounding the!.

Body weight matters

*ne of the !ain causes that increase the ris$ of stro$e and heart decease) speeding the ageing process) also cancers in the wo!b) colon) breast) gall bladder and ovaries is over eating. +f you can reduce your body%s weight by 10 pounds) you can reduce your ris$ of heart decease.

More children
A study done in the psychology of aging revealed that wo!en who have !ore children) have an e'tended life e'pectancy. The reason for this could be that they get !ore contact and support fro! their children and grandchildren as they grow older.

Smoking: An enemy of longevity

+f you want to live a long) healthy life) !a$e sure you%re a!ong the nons!o$ers. ,!o$ing contributes to heart disease) osteoporosis) e!physe!a and other chronic lung proble!s) and stro$e.

-eep learning and trying new activities.

.uild a strong social networ$

/loss) brush) and see a dentist regularly.

0n"oy physical and !ental activities every day

0at a healthy diet

0at a healthy diet rich in whole grains) vegetables) and fruits) and substitute healthier !onounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats for unhealthy saturated fats and trans fats.

+nta$e of green leafy vegetables

1aily inta$e of green leafy vegetables in large 2uantity eli!inates the wrin$les on face. There are instances of people having i!proved their eyesight by eating these only.

Totally avoid Tea and coffee

Totally avoid Tea and coffee 3 They contain to'ic substances) which da!age the liver in the long run. Tea ta$es appro'i!ately 6 hours to digest and plays havoc with the !etabolis! of the body. 4ontinuous consu!ption of tea or coffee is said to result in da!age to !odular oblongata) which lin$s up all body nerves with the brain) and therefore) controls all body functions.

Avoid ,ugar as far as possible

Avoid ,ugar as far as possible) it brings Aging) 4ataract and Acidity

-eep fast at least for one day in a wee$ ta$ing only fruits.

-eep fast at least for 5 hour in a fortnight ta$ing only water.

1on%t ta$e salt in e'cess

6se as little salt as possible. 7ust observe that any food provided by nature is never salty in taste) it is always plain) sour or sweet. 0'cessive salt corrodes our body li$e sea water) which is never allowed to be drun$ even if a person is thirsty.

Ta$e ,un bath

,un light is a big source of 8ita!in 1) which plays an i!portant rule to the hu!an health. +t is also i!portant to avoid the har!ful rays of sun by ,un .loc$ crea!s.

.ris$ wal$ing is the best e'ercise -eep your posture erect Ta$e hot water after every !eals 0arly in the !orning) without cleaning your teeth of !outh drin$ a glass of water so that all the accu!ulated saliva in your !outh goes bac$ to your sto!ach.

After washing your face with water don%t wipe it off. Let it dry itself on the face. +t $eeps the face s$in young and healthy.

Ta$e shower daily

+f possible ta$e shower with fresh water co9 it is friendly to your s$in and does not let it dry.

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