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Kolkata real estate: end users drive property prices | Property Pulse MagicBricks

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Fri, 15 Nov 2013

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Kolkata real estate: end users drive property prices

Oct 21, 2013, 06:44PM IST

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Kolkata Kolkata is one of the very few real estate destinations where demand by end users is driving the prices of properties. +here has been a consistent demand 1rom end buyers, and this has been una11ected by recession" 2ne can 1ind very .ood homes in various suburban areas o1 Kolkata, 3+ -oad 4North5, Chandpur Champahati 4e)treme (ast5, 3aruipur 4!outh5, 6o/rah 47est5, /ith a11ordable prices keepin. in vie/ the lo/ land cost o1 those areas, various commutin. 1acilities, economic crunch overall, .ivin. a chance to anybody to invest in those areas" Investment pattern -a arhat is e)pected to soar on the backdrop o1 1uture 8+ .ro/th story" 6o/ever, due to recessionary economic phase and political many are assumin. a /ait 9 /atch situation" (: 3ypass is another attractive location" 3ased on the report by 8C8C8 6ome Finance 1or F; 2012, the market /ill continue to e)pand by 10'15 per cent 1or the ne)t 5 years" Emerging trends
*o/ cost homes is the recent trend: +here is an trend that real estate developers are also .oin. 1or lo/ cost homes, and also investin. in lands beyond the boundaries o1 Kolkata" 8t is hi.h end'user driven market: (nd'user consumes <5 per cent o1 this realty se.ment" +he city is /itnessin. heavy demand 1or a11ordable housin. apartment units in the ran.e o1 -s 25'30 lakh, as per 8C8C8 research" +his is due to lo/er cost transportation 1acilities that provide better commutin. 1acilities bet/een sub'urban areas and Kolkata" !maller pro ect si=e is developers> choice: 3uilders are interested in smaller real estate pro ects, as it is easy to enter and e)it these pro ects" +his is considered a1ter .overnment came /ith revised land ac?uisition bill that make the takeover o1 the land very cumbersome"
-esidential plot 1or -s 5'10 lakh in :araimalai, Chennai 8ncrease 21 +A- Catches :umbai -eal (state 211' 0uard

Featured Today in Property News !mart housin. 1or smart pro1essionals Consider $arel 1or a lon.' term investment F6ome buyers should stay updated /ith broker>s services>

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Kol!ata D (ntire 7ebsiteKolkata real estate: end users drive property prices Ne/ +o/n in Kolkata inches closer to solar city !outh 3ypass ()t: -esidential properties /ithin -s 25'G0 lakh *ease leash on Ne/ +o/n plots (nd users scout 1or bar.ains in Kolkata !onarpur: a locality under trans1ormation

Key developments Kolkata>s real estate market is boomin. is evident 1rom the 1act that' ,lchemist +o/nship has 20 acres o1 land 1rom 6i.hland .roup in Kolkata and /ill build a -s <00 crore residential pro ect" +he deal /as 1acilated by &ones *an. *a!alle" 0odre $roperties is also launchin. its -s 100 crore suoer'lu)ure residential pro ect in !outh' Kolkata" +his is the second pro ect a1ter 0odre $rakriti in !odepur" +he state .overnment has come up /ith a land use and development control plan 4*@AC$5 1or the proposed -a.hunathpur industrial to/nship on a 2B,000'acre barren and less 1ertile land identi1ied in $urulia" *and policy once made, /ill determine the kind o1 industries that can be set up in the area and at /hat rate prospective investors could buy land 1rom lando/ners" -a at Ahar, $artner, Co.ent ,dvisory The views expressed in this article are the authors own.

Kolkata: $remium se.ment hit but no dip in prices K:C set to /iden property ta) ambit *ookin. 1or $lotsH +ry 7est Kolkata -ealtors ready to e)plore untapped market in Kolkata

*ot Stories -umours panic buyin. o1 salt in 3ihar,, :e.halayaI prices rocket :aldivian president steps do/n ahead o1 run'o11 polls 0avaskar turns emotional, says Fthank you 1or the memories !achin, /e /ill miss you> Nasa mission envisions :ars as beauti1ul ocean /orld

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15-11-2 13

Kolkata real estate: end users drive property prices | Property Pulse MagicBricks

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Kolkata real estate: end users drive""" Ne/ +o/n in Kolkata inches closer to""" !outh 3ypass ()t: -esidential proper""" *ease leash on Ne/ +o/n plots

3an.alore homes 1ind demand in (ast 3an""" 3'khatas is another slippery step 3'khatas re.istration to resume, 1et""" !uper lu)ury homes: 7hat to e)pect i"""

-esidential plot 1or -s 5'10 lakh in""" !even 1actors to consider be1ore buy""" Nanman.alam realty re.isters O0P .ro""" -esidential pro ect launches soar in"""

Aelhi NC-apid :etro in 0ur.aon pushes up rea""" Curbs on land re.istry in G2 villa.e""" 7ith -apid :etro, 0ur.aon .ets a ne/""" Noida: 7ith investors /ary, end user"""

!oma i.uda: ,lternative to 68+(C Cit""" 3uy a home in !outh 6yderabad in us""" 6:A, asked to speed up on.oin. pro ects 6yderabad: ,partments in @ppal see p"""

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15-11-2 13

Kolkata real estate: end users drive property prices | Property Pulse MagicBricks

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