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Traditional Power System is been in industries , For The Energy Markets which is now slowly dieing, as the Fossil Fuels are becoming rare in the world, companies ,countries are looking for a new way to generate electricity energy , while keeping it safe for peoples around the world , keep it way cheap then fossil fuels, Clean energy is demanded all o er the globe so that En ironmental issue should be dissol ed such as Carbon Control, !lobal warming, "owe er such demands comes with challenges , Ad ent of small scale, distributed generators of energy has resulted in the problem of integrating them in con entional electrical power system, which is characteri#ed by large scale, centrali#ed energy generators$ "ence Microgrids Promise a great solution for integrating %enewable sources, in traditional Power system$ Microgrid are semi autonomous and controlled nature of microgrids, especially o ercoming the challenge of balancing demand and power generation, an intelligent energy management scheme is re&uired$ 'efore integrating, the Micro grid with Con entional power system some how its microsources should be tested enough for generation, testing of renewable sources pro ide fle(ible architecture for the Micro grid integrating with traditional power system$ "owe er testing a microsources in real time en ironment re&uires lots of money which is on other end would be problem arising to test the parameter of e ery microsources, Error in test strategy most likely to occur , which is on other end create problem , such as power outage , damage to de ices and microsources$ "ence therefore its better to test the microsources in the simulated en ironment to ensure the better results and reduce the problems on other end$

The Thesis present the Simulation for the most enriched renewable sources, such as) *ind Source and Photo oltaic Source, and other traditional source +iesel !enerators, with there own %especti e !rid System$ The simulation of these sources will predict the outcome of the possible beha ior on these sources, such as power output sources respond with the input of the ,ature system$ The final analysis will show the isual generation of the power as, input to the sources$ A final demonstration of these system output and there manipulation of shown with the respecti e consumer load, how they calibrate its self in Microgrid en ironment using Centrali#ed Energy Manager$ A demonstration of Centrali#ed Energy Manager is shown by the simulating it as Energy Manager for these %enewable sources$


*e Thanks Almighty A--A" for gi ing us a beneficial mind to in est positi e change in society and understanding to understand e erything$ The successful completion of this Thesis . pro/ect would be incomplete with out the help of ,umber of peoples$ *e would like to e(press out gratitude to them$ First of all, we would like to thank our Pro/ect Ad isor, Sir$ *asim 0a aid Somrow, whose ad ise and great interest in this research topic moti ated us in achie ing this e(cellence work$ *e would like to thanks for his 1aluable inputs throughout this research course$ *e thanks our parents out there who were always strong to us and guide us in the real life, ga e us opportunities to study, we thanks the 2ni ersity of Sindh, for benefiting students with such a great opportunities$