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MR/5pecification No

25240-000-3PS- UAOO-00001 25240-000-3 PS-UAOO-Q0002 25240-000-3 PS-UA11-00001 25 240-000-3PS-AFOO-00001 25 240-000 -3PS-AKOO-00001 25 240-000-3PS-AKOO-00002 25240-000-3 PS-A KOO-00003 25240-000-3PS-A KOO-00004 25 240-000-3PS-AKOO-00005 25240-000-3 PS-CE01 -00001 25 240-000-3PS-CE02-00001 25240-000-3PS-CY02-00001 25 240- 00 0-3PS -DB01-00001 25 240-000-3PS-DB02-00001 25240-000-3PS-DB51 -00001 25240-000-3 PS- DD01-00001 25240-000-3PS-DG01-00001 25 240-000-3PS-SS01-00001 252 40-000-3PS -SS 02- 00001 2524 0-000 -3 PS-S Y01-00001

001 000 001 003 002 000 000 002 002 000 000 002 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001

Title Co nstruction Electrica l Power, Ya rd Lighting, and Comm unication Syste ms

Construction Water Const ruction Offices Technical Sp ecification for Arc hitectu ral Materi als and Finishes Performan ce C riteria for the Ad ministration Building Perfo rma nce Criteria for the W arehouse and Maintenance S hops Building Performance Criteria for the Fire Brigade Building Performance Criteria for Miscellaneous Buildi ngs Performan ce Criteria for Construction Management Office Earthwork, Grading and Structural Backfill Exca vation , Backfill , and Compaction of Trenches for Unde rground Pipes and Electrical Ductbanks Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Furnishing and Delivering Portland Cem ent Concrete Concrete Work Design and Construction of a Reinforced Concrete Chimney Purchase of Embedded Steel and A nchor Bolts Purchase and Fab rication of Reinforcing Steel Purchase Of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Steel Erect ion Of Structural Steel and Miscellane ous Steel Con cret e and Earthwork Testing Se rvices


Volume 3C OF 4
252 40-000-K01 -C YOO-GOO01 000 Subsurfa ce Investigation and Fou ndation Repo rt

Volume 3D OF 4
252 40-000-V1A-CY05 -00002 001 003 Final Report for Ons hore Geotechnical Work (vendor document ) Offshore Geotechnical Investigation - Final Report, Rev. A1 (vendor document)

2524O-QO o-V1A-CY05-Q0003

Volume 3E OF 4
@ ACESCo 2010. Contains confidential and/or proprietary information to ACESCo/Bechtel and its affiliated companies which shall not be used, disclosed or reprodu ced in any format by any non-ACESCo/Bechtel prior written permission, All rights reserved .
Exhib it D Pag e 2 of 11 Rev. 0

MRfSpecification No 25240- 000-V1A-CM0 1-00001 Volume 3F OF 4 Figures 1 throug h 9

Rev 001

Title Prelim inary Bath ym etric Data (vendor document)



Subsurfa ce Pro files for Onsh ore Geote chnical W ork - now incorporated into 25240-00 0-K01CY 01-0000 1 Engineering Sp ecification for Electrica l Engineering Desig n Deliverables Technica l Specification For Electrica l Const ruct ion Site Lightning Prote ction , Grou nding Grid , Duct Banks and Cath od ic Prote ctio n Material Requisition For 400V Pow er Centers, Cab les , Raceways A nd Lighting For Boiler Building Material Requisition for 400 V Power centers, Lighting, Cab les and Raceways Material Requisition for Low Voltage Load Center Unit Substations, Distribution Transformers, LV Swi tchgear, MCCs , Lighting , Cables, Cable Trays , Paging & Intercom , CCTV & Security, Lightning Protection , Power to furn ished Buildings Technical Sp ecification for 220V DC Batteries Technical Specification for Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) Site Groundi ng Specificat ion Technical Specification for Electrical Heat Tracing Sta ndard Specification for Isolated Phas e Bus and Accessories Sta ndard Spec ificat ion for IEC Low Vo ltage Moto r Control Centers Public Address and A larm System s Rad io and Pagi ng Systems Te lephone and PABX Equipm ent IEC Neutral Earthing Res istors Standard Engineering Specificat ion for IEC High Voltage SWitch gear Standard Specification for IEC Low Voltage metal en closed switchgea r

25240-000-3 PS-E OO-00001 25 240 -000 -3PS-E OOX-00001 25240-000-M RA-EOOZ-0000 1 25240-000-MRA-EOOZ-00002

002 001 001 000

25240-000 -MRA-EOOZ-00003


25240-000 -MRA-EOOZ-00004


25 240-000-3PS-EDB1-00001 25240-000-3PS-EEC1-00001 25240-000-3PS-EGOO-00001 25240-000 -3PS-EHOO-00001 3SS-EBB3-GOOO1 3SS-ECM 1-00902 3SS-EFPO -00001 3SS-EFRO-00001 3SS-EFV2-0000 1 3SS-EGR2-00901 3SS-ESOO-0090 1 3SS-ESLO-00902

000 000 000 000 00 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

@ AC ESCo 20 10. Contains confidentia l and/or proprietary inform ation to ACESCo/Bechtel and its affiliated
compa nies which shall not be used, disclosed or reproduc ed in any format by any non-ACES Co/Bechtel prior written permission . All rights reserved. Exh ibit D

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