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BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 1

!"##$%&'( *!"%"#&! +*,*-".#*%'

!""#"$%$& ( )"$*" +, -./0" /$1 ( )2*3/%$%$& 40+$+56

&/ '0123 40 !4/56716/865 9 :;600< !41/2= 9 %6> #6?;84

*@4A@;/B &C6<5

fiom Aiiel Bougheity

staiteu Febiuaiy 1S, 2uu4
with evolving auuitions: }une 4, 2uu4: August 4, 2uuS; August 18, 2uuS;
& Becembei 19, 2uu6
06@;56C D 6?E</C6C +686FG60 HIJ KLHI

BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 2
"@60 ,;6> M N684FF6/C<2;4/5

! !O.&'O-&P* "% *Q&:'&%R O::*': M :'N$!'$N*:J .*".-* O%+
&#OR&%O'&"% D &%R*%$&'(

! S$&-+ #"+*- OTT"N+OS-* U"$:&%R !-$:'*NV:W O: O%
*,"-$'&"% "T *Q&:&'&%R :'N$!'$N*: D !"##$%&'(
RN**%U"$:* D :'ON' O S$&-+&%R 'NO+*: .N"RNO#

! S$&-+ !"##$%&'( +*,*-".#*%' O: 'U* U*ON' "T
*!"%"#&! +*,*-".#*%'

! #OX* !"##$%&'( O #*!!O "T :$%J Y&%+J 'U*N#O- D
"'U*N RN**% :"-$'&"%:Z !N*O'* !&'&P*%[: O!'&"% RN"$.
'" #OX* 'U&: UO..*%

! .N*:*N,* N&,*N O!!*:: O: .$S-&! :.O!* S( .$N!UO:* "T
:Y&%R&%R YO-X SN&+R*: D !N*O'* N&,*N YO-X "% S"'U
:&+*: "T 'U* N&" RNO%+*

! !N*O'* :*N&*: "T &%!*%'&,*: T"N .":&'&,* *Q.N*::&"% &%
'U* !"##$%&'( 'UO' !UO%R*:J &#.N",*: D S$&-+: S"'U
'U* .$S-&! O%+ .N&,O'* :.O!*:


HZ O::*:': E I
KZ U"$:* &% O S"Q E \
IZ R" RN**% E ]
^Z !N*O'* O N&,*N YO-X E _
\Z *:'OSO-&:U &%!*%'&,*: '" !UO%R*J S$&-+J &#.N",* E HL
`Z N*:"$N!*: E HH
aZ !"%!-$:&"%: E HK

O ,"-$%'ON( !&'&P*% O!'&"% 9 O0;6A +41B3602= " KLHI

BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 3
HZ O::*':
At the of any place to be / 1"*3%$/3%+$
777 shoit teim oi long teim --- is how it -""X: anu T**-:.

ON!U&'*!'$N* is key heie, the
styles of the builuings anu theii
placement in ielation to one
anothei. ANB how they enable
people to inteiact.

!-*O% O&N iemains an essential health ingieuient anu is vital to pieseive.

:$%J Y&%+ D 'U*N#O- YO'*N combineu make the place a
fantastic contenuei foi clean anu sustainable eneigy. We neeu
to cieate the political will to make this a community piioiity.

:#O-- '"Y% atmospheie is appealing, cieating few bottlenecks anu
an easy flow of life.

H9I :*%&"N .".$-O'&"% is highly unique (anu giowing) anu neeus to
be acknowleugeu anu tuineu into one of the community's best

RON+*%:J TON#&%R D NO%!U&%R
within the city anu
suiiounuing aieas offei ciitical
incieaseu local sustainability as
well as pioviue income fiom
beyonu the community.

BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 4

'0123 40 !4/56716/865 is uniquely placeu to builu on its quiiky assets:


Resouiceful, self-ieliant anu imaginative with mouest oi limiteu
financial iesouices Tiuth oi Consequences iesiuents have fiom the stait
cieateu an unusual built enviionment.

.""N #O%[: TNO%X R*UN(

U"$:* &% O S"Q

N"!X U"$:*


BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 5
KZ eU"$:* &% O S"Q[

The tiny houses --- in fact 38" ,%9*3 pie-fabiicateu
stiuctuies --- in which laboieis liveu while constiucting
the Elephant Butte Bam, weie latei floateu uown the Rio
uianue by boat, to what was then a fleuging community
aiounu the natuial hot spiings.

Bunuieus of these 'house in a box' builuings ---
along with auobe --- foimeu the eailiest
stiuctuies as Bot Spiings became settleu in the
eaily 2u

Nany of these 'house in a box' stiuctuies still exist ---
especially in 'The Flats'. Rows of them foimeu the fiist
bathhouses. Latei with the auvent of the
automobile, the spaces between the tiny
builuings became caipoits. (see photo to left.) In
some cases these spaces weie filleu in to cieate
auuitional iooms, as seen in the photo above.

BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 6
!"#$ &'()*&+, -*,( )-./$,,)0$ .123)4 '/( ./*5$4( ), '3,* '
2*36 $7.$/)-$&( )& #*8 (* 21)36 4*--1&)()$,9:

In Bouston, TX the e.04f682 N4>
U41565[ has been in evolution since
199S. ( http:piojectiowhouses.oig )

I useu this as a N0BEL when I fiist
initiateu this uiscussion in Febiuaiy
2uu4 unuei New 0ibanism.
Specifically, as I talkeu about it to
community people, I envisioneu a
mouel pioject in Tiuth oi Consequences that specifically houseu unweu
motheis aiounu a common innei gaiuen with play yaiu foi theii young.

So when well-iespecteu wiitei, Nichael Kimmelman wiote a majoi
aiticle in the :"; <+9= >%5"* on the e.04f682 N4> U41565[ two anu a
half yeais aftei I hau been uiscussing this possibility, I was even moie
convinceu in this concept is a peifect fit foi T oi C:

!;*-$ *< (#$ 4#)36/$& 8'3=$6 *0$/ </*- (#$ &$7( 23*4=> 8#$/$
(#$ ?/*5$4( @*8 A*1,$, #', 4/$'($6 (#$ B*1&C D*(#$/,
@$,)6$&()'3 ?/*C/'-> 2/')&4#)36 *< E$2*/'# F/*(<$36(> 8#*
8*/=$6 8)(# D/9 G*8$ '( (#$ 2$C)&&)&C9 ;)&4$ HIIJ> )( #',
./*0)6$6 ' K$'/+, #*1,)&C '&6 ,1..*/( <*/ ,)&C3$ 8*-$&
,(/1CC3)&C (* <)&),# ,4#**3 '&6 C$( (#$)/ 2$'/)&C,9 L( #', 2$$& ',
,144$,,<13 ', (#$ '/(),( /$,)6$&4K ./*C/'-9 ! -- Nichael Kimmelman, "In
Bouston, Ait Is Wheie the Bome Is.", New Yoik Times, Sunuay, Bec 12, 2uu6

What is :$.*N exciting about e.04f682 N4> U41565[ seven yeais
latei is how they have evolveu.

Theii new g6N4> U4156 was an entiant into the Bepaitment of
Eneigy (hey iemembei, both oui 0S Senatois sit on the Eneigy
Committee!) Solai Becathlon in Washington, BC. This annual event has
become highly competitive anu the go-to event foi the sustainable
builuing community.

BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 7

0veiview plan of the zeRow Bouse: http:piojectiowhouses.oigaichitectuiezeiow

zeRow Bouse as installeu on the Nall in Washington, BC.

With the zeRow 'Pioject Row Bouses' hau a uual goal. Nake an eco-
fiienuly stiuctuie. But also pioviue one that seives as a "piototype foi
small, affoiuable, sustainable housing that coulu be built in place oi
ueliveieu to a site." Aftei 1uu,uuu people saw it in BC, it is now in
Bouston as an affoiuable home foi a local iesiuent.
BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 8

The shoit is, theie is much fiom 'Pioject Row Bouses' Bouses' foi us in
Tiuth oi Consequences to leain. The piototypes they aie cieating anu
the 84FF1/;2= h4815 of theii woik is veiy much in keeping with
neeus of oui community: small housing that is affoiuable anu gieen.

0ne local goal coulu be the uevelopment of a builuings tiaue piogiam
that teaches young people uying ciafts in the builuing aits. Also this
coulu be incoipoiateu with some job effoits with Iiaq anu Afghanistan
wai veteians. This coulu become a win-win all aiounu.

IZ R4 R066/

The neeu to B4 B066/ %$ /* 5/$6 ;/6* /* ,"/*%?." is ciitical. We aie
way past the point wheie we cannot affoiu solai eneigy oi non-gas cais.
Fiankly the costs of not uoing this aie fai, fai gieatei.

We neeu a special citizen's committee, with a seiies of open public
meetings to come up with a seiies of plans, baseu on exploiations of
vaiious mouel piojects (ueimany, Bollanu, etc, etc) to come up with
iecommenuations foi the community.

Among the aieas foi such a citizens' committee exploiation aie: S0LAR,

Watei Collection stoieu in coiiugateu steel tanks that uouble as fence line.

BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 9
Some potential outcomes: PRESERvATI0N of CLEAN AIR; REB0CEB

Some iecommenuations can be solely foi citizen action; otheis auopteu
as C0BE in the city's oiuinances. Fuithei new solutions can offei new
entiepieneui oppoitunity foi local citizens.

The political huiules heie aie laige. Especially, as the City pioviues its
citizens theii electiical powei (tiash, etc), anu it is becoming appaient
that a piopoition of oui electiical bill, actually goes into the geneial
funu to pay othei city expenses. This means the City holus in a uiiect
conflict of inteiest with its citizen.

Anothei neeu is a community RN**% U"$:*.

^Z !06<26 O N;@60 Y<Ai

The City shoulu puichase the two swinging walk ways acioss the Rio
uianue as a stait to pieseiving access aiounu the iivei as public space.
Next steps shoulu be to ueuicate a foity-foot swath of lanu foi a walk-
way; hiking tiail anu bike path. This in-town iecieational path will uo
wonueis foi the health of the community. Anu stiengtheneu the Rio
uianue as a cential visual anu healing asset foi all in the community anu
visitois alike to enjoy in the City.

In the ovei 1S yeais that I have haiboieu this iuea the biiuges have
ueteiioiateu bauly. Especially, the Westein biiuge at the enu of
Peishing Stieet is now mostly hiuuen by an ill constiucteu beim.
BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 10

\Z *52<GA;53 &/86/2;@65 24 !3</B6J S1;ACJ &FE04@6

Eveiyone - youth in the high school,
seniois, homeowneis, meichants anu
commissioneis - complain about the
excessive junk in people's yaius. In
contiast, I love the
;/@6/2;@6/655 of piopeity
owneis to cieate imaginative fences.

Weeu citations aie wiluly abunuant
these uays. Theie's a sense that
eiasing some weeus fiom the
lanuscape will impiove the look.
Sauly too often inuiviuual solutions
to the weeus aie biush-hog oi teai
up the whole teiiain - making
matteis Y"N:*. By iemoving the
vegetation the sweeping sanus that
aie looseneu up making a huge
health hazaiu, let alone contiibute to

Y* %**+ O S*''*N :"-$'&"%j

Naybe we neeu to N*YON+
impiovements anu cieativity, iathei
than penalizeu lack of uoing things!
This woulu insteau pioviue incentive.

Bow about an annual eh6/86
h652;@<A[ when we hanu out
awaius foi cieativity anu
impiovements. Anu celebiate the
positive qualities of the community's
built enviionment.

Aiiel Bougheity has well ovei a
hunuieu photogiaphs of
homeowneis' inuiviuualizeu
BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 11

0thei kinus of impiovements coulu also be incentivizeu. It is
counteiintuitive that when one spenus money to impiove a piopeity,
you aie also fuithei 'OQ*+ foi making upgiaues. Yes, this iaises the
piopeity values, but in a community with a pei capita income of
kHaJLII we might neeu to aujust oui thinking that is inclusive of
economic justice.

`Z N65410865

This list is just a stait to examine what kinu of iesouices aie out theie
that can aiu Tiuth oi Consequences in oui jouiney to cieate the living
anu woiking enviionment we collectively uesiie anu hope to builu fiom
within oui community.

.04f682 N4> U41565 http:piojectiowhouses.oig

O3><3/66 .0;/8;EA65 h40 N6541086l*hh;8;6/2 !4FF1/;2;65

U6<A23= !4FF1/;2= 244A5 </C 065410865

N10<A :21C;4 http:www.iuialstuuio.oig
( #8%.+*+#86 38/3 "@"96+$"A ?+38 9%08 +9 #++9A 1"*"9@"* 38" ?"$",%3 +, &++1
1"*%&$B Rural Studio has built more than 150 projects and educated more
than 600 "Citizen Architects."

&/5;B32 !6/260 h40 !4FF1/;2= *84/4F;8 +6@6A4EF6/2
C".#%$& #"+#." /$1 0+552$%3%"* ?"0+5"A /$1 9"5/%$A "0+$+5%0/..6 *"029"

!4FF1/;2= +6@6A4EF6/2 ,6/2106 !<E;2<A OAA;</86
$"3;+9= ,+9 38" ,%".1 +, 0+552$%36 1"@".+#5"$3 @"$329" 0/#%3/. DE!FEG

:152<;/<GA6 !4FF1/;2;65 http:www.sustainable.oig
BUILDING Community Economic Development by Ariel December 13, 2013 12
:"3;+9= 3+ 09"/3" /$1 5/%$3/%$%$& %3* "0+$+5%0 /$1 "$@%9+$5"$3/. 8"/.38A
#9+5+3%$& *+0%/. "H2%36A /$1 ,+*3"9%$& ?9+/17?/*"1 0%3%I"$ #/93%0%#/3%+$ %$
#./$$%$& /$1 %5#."5"$3/3%+$

!4/B0655 h40 236 %6> $0G</;5F http:www.cnu.oig
#9+5+3%$& ;/.=/?."A 5%J"172*" $"%&8?+98++1 1"@".+#5"$3A *2*3/%$/?."
0+552$%3%"* /$1 8"/.38%"9 .%@%$& 0+$1%3%+$*B

The Bale County Animal Sheltei is a 2uu6 pioject of Ruial Stuuio, a piogiam of Aubuin 0niveisity in
Aubuin, Alabama http:www.iuialstuuio.oigpiojectshale-county-animal-sheltei

aZ !4/8A15;4/5

Tiuth oi Consequences' giowth anu uevelopment cannot happen solely
by goveinment oi inuiviuual oi business alone. Theie aie
entiepieneuiial anu leaueiship piocesses, euucational ieseaich centeis
that aie cieating mouels anu non-goveinmental agencies that can assist
with technical know-how. Last, theie aie innovative funuing
oppoitunities that can pioviue a key economic boost.

Community consensus anu action aie not easily achieveu. But let us

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