Letter of Retainer

DATE NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE & ZIP Re: Your Legal Representation Dear ____________________: We un erstan t!at "ou esire to !a#e our $ir% represent "ou as "our attorne"s in t!e %atter o$ _______________________& To 'e a'le to 'egin t!at representation( )e as* "ou to rea t!roug! t!is letter o$ retainer& T!is letter is %a e to e+plain )!at re,uire $ro% "ou to 'egin our representation& We re,uire an initial retainer $ee o$ - ______'e$ore )e .an re#ie) t!e ne.essar" in$or%ation an o.u%ents or ta*e an" a.tion relate to t!is representation& A retainer is /ust a eposit t!at )e use $or "our .ase& T!e retainer )ill 'e eposite in t!e $ir%0s trust a..ount an )ill 'e use $or t!e $ees an .osts in.urre in "our .ase& We )ill )it! ra) $ees o)e '" "ou $ro% "our retainer ea.! %ont!& T!e retainer )ill .o#er %an" o$ "our e+penses& 1o)e#er( "ou )ill 'e 'ille $or an" $ees an .osts t!at e+.ee t!e retainer& We %a" in t!e $uture re,uest t!at "ou eposit a itional $un s into "our retainer a..ount& I$( a$ter "our representation is .o%plete "ou !a#e an" a itional $ees or 'ills( a noti$i.ation an a re,uest $or pa"%ent )ill 'e sent to "ou& T!e $ir% )ill 'ill "ou at t!e $ir%0s stan ar !ourl" rates $or attorne"s( )!i.! .urrentl" range $ro% -______ to -______& We )ill also utili2e la) .ler*s an paralegals )!ere possi'le3 t!eir !ourl" rates .urrentl" range $ro% -_____ to -_____& So%e t!ings t!at are .!arge to "ou in.lu e( 'ut are not li%ite to: .ourt appearan.es( telep!one .on$eren.es( o$$i.e .on$eren.es( legal resear.!( epositions( re#ie) o$ $ile %aterials an o.u%ents sent an re.ei#e 3 preparation $or trials( !earings( epositions an .on$eren.es3 ra$ting o$ plea ings( instru%ents( o$$i.e %e%oran a an .orrespon en.e& A itionall"( "ou )ill 'e responsi'le $or .osts in.urre on "our 'e!al$ o$ "our .ase )!i.! t"pi.all" in.lu e .ourt .osts( eposition .osts( tra#el e+penses( an stan ar o$$i.e .osts su.! as postage( p!oto .op"ing an long4 istan.e telep!one .!arges( as )ell as ot!er .osts in.urre in t!is %atter& T!e $ir% )ill 'ill "ou on a %ont!l" 'asis an pa"%ent is ue upon re.eipt o$ our state%ent& Please %a*e "our .!e.*s pa"a'le to 5$ir% na%e6 & I$ $ees are not pai on ti%e( )e )ill 'e $or.e to ter%inate our ser#i.es an )it! ra) $ro% "our .ase& I$ "ou see an" pro'le%s )it! 'eing a'le to a$$or pa"%ent( please .onta.t us to resol#e an" issue& I$ "ou $ail to pa" .osts an negle.t to .onta.t us( )e s!all !a#e a lien on all o$ "our o.u%ents( propert"( or %one" in our possession $or t!e pa"%ent o$ all su%s ue us $ro% "ou un er t!e ter%s o$ t!is Agree%ent& We !ope t!at t!is letter e+plains to "ou )!at "ou .an e+pe.t $ro% our $ir%& I$ t!is letter e+plains to "ou t!e s.ope an .on itions o$ our ser#i.es( )e re,uest t!at "ou sign t!e original an return it

e along )it! t!e initial retainer $ee& A .erning "our .ooperation in t!is %atter is #er" i%portant& Spe.on.u%stan.or s an in$or%ation& 7nless an until )e re.all at an" ti%e s!oul "ou !a#e an" ..ase an respon pro%ptl" to all papers sent to "ou& We loo* $or)ar to )or*ing )it! "ou on t!is %atter& Please o not !esitate to gi#e us a .urre uring "our representation& Date : _________________ 9": ______________________________________________ ACCEPTANCE OF EMPLOYMENT BY FIRM :IRM NAME Date : _________________ 9": ______________________________________________ .es in a.ount $or attorne"s= $ees an .ir.to our o$$i.ts an .op" o$ t!is letter( along )it! t!e $ull initial retainer( )e %a" not 'e a'le to un erta*e an" )or* on "our 'e!al$& Your ..op" o$ t!is letter is en.es .uestions a'out our representation& Sin.ei#e t!e signe .all"( )e as* "ou to *eep us in$or%e o$ all rele#ant $a.e )it! t!e sa%e( an aut!ori2e "ou to use our8%" $un s !el in "our trust a.erel"( ________________________ ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF DESIRE TO EMPLOY FIRM I8We un erstan an agree to t!e ter%s set $ort! a'o#e an o !ere'" e%plo" "our ser#i.o%%ents or .i$i.osts in.lose $or "our re.or an.

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