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Coleman 1 Casey Coleman Simon Language Arts 3-4 H 15 December 2013 Teachers an !

uns Don"t #i$ %& ucators as'( )hat ha**ens i+ , miss-. /Shah01 2ecently3 in accor ance to the un+ortunate e4ents throughout the nation3 our go4ernment has been loo'ing into the *ossibility o+ arming teachers to hel* *rotect the stu ents o+ our schools1 Ho)e4er3 is this really a goo i ea- 5o matter )ho you are3 there is no one hun re *ercent guarantee that an acci ent )on"t ha**en1 A itionally3 )e are in4iting more anger an threat sim*ly by *utting more )ea*ons into the han s o+ un ertraine sta++1 6inally3 )ith the *ublic school system in +inancial istress alrea y3 ho) can )e a++or to train3 arm an e4en e+en our teachers in the courtroom1 An acci ent3 by e+inition3 is a su en e4ent that is not *lanne or inten e an

that causes amage or in7ury1 %8im 9ueermann3 *resi ent o+ the :olice 6oun ation3 sai teachers ha4ing guns can lea to acci ents3 *ointing out that e4en traine o++icers can ha4e a gun acci entally ischarge on them1. /,nternational 9usiness Times01 !uns are li'e anything else3 they ha4e mal+unctions1 Similarly3 users ha4e mal+unctions1 There"s no )ay to sto* it1 ;ou can ta'e all the necessary *recautions an im*lement etaile *olicies< but in the en 3 you can only lo)er the chances o+ an acci ent occurring1 =ea*ons3 in the right han s3 bring about sa+ety an *eace< )ea*ons in the )rong han s lea to increase ris' an *otential harm1 ,t"s +oolish to thin' that a )ee' long3 month long3 or e4en summer *rogram is going to *re*are teachers +or the enormity o+ this

Coleman 2 res*onsibility1 Ho) o )e im*art the s'ills3 the mental stability3 an the esire that"s nee e to success+ully *rotect our stu ents- #oreo4er3 ho) o )e test to ensure that the teachers are rea y +or this un erta'ing- :olice o++icers ha4e in- e*th3 *sychological an *hysical training1 They are traine to not only han le the )ea*ons3 but to han le the in i4i uals3 an the situations1 Target *ractice isn"t enough1 ,+ a teacher misses the target3 %that miss3 is a chil . /Shah01 =e"4e all hear about the school systems +inancial issues1 As' any teacher or school a ministrator an they )ill all agree that the school oesn"t ha4e the money +or its basic nee s< let alone a )hole ne) system +or +irearms1 The monetary nee s )oul be e$tensi4e1 The training3 the testing3 an the +irearms alone )oul be enough to ban'ru*t most schools1 =hat )oul that training entail- Target *ractice3 ammunition3 an coaching- S*ea'ing +rom someone )ho has e$*erience as a shooter< it"s not an ine$*ensi4e s*ort1 =oul teachers ha4e a *ay increase +or the res*onsibility an a itional training hours- =oul this training ha4e an en or )oul it be ongoing- , )oul ho*e it )oul be ongoing3 but that too )oul be 4ery e$*ensi4e1 Has anyone sto**e an consi ere the liability- =ho )oul *ay to *rotect our teachers i+ they en e u* in a la)suit- =hat"s the *rice o+ a grie4ing +amily )ho 7ust lost their son by the han s o+ a teacherAt the en o+ the ay3 i+ )e coul a++or it3 there is no *rice tag too high +or *rotecting our chil ren1 9ut the >uestion is3 )oul our schools be a sa+er *lace i+ )e arme our teachers- =hile inter4ie)ing #ichelle3 a college *ro+essor3 she state that she +eels much sa+er )ith the o o s o+ a shooting at her school actually occurring3 o4er the

s o+ an acci ent ha**ening by an un ertraine sta++ member1 #ichelle also state that

Coleman 3 i+ schools starte arming teachers )here her chil ren atten 3 she )oul consi er3 4ery seriously3 i+ homeschooling )as a 4iable o*tion1 , thin' the e4i ence is clear )hen it comes to3 are schools sa+er )ith arme teachers- An the ans)er is unsha'ably %no.1

Coleman 4 Annotate 9ibliogra*hy De:oy3 #ichelle1 :ersonal inter4ie)1 1 Dec1 20131 An inter4ie) )ith a college *ro+essor on her +eelings to)ar s arme teachers1 ,nternational 9usiness3 Times1 ?52A School :lan( Arming Teachers 5ot A !oo , ea3 :olice !rou*s Say1? ,nternational 9usiness Times 03 A*r1 2013( 2egional 9usiness 5e)s1 =eb1 2 Dec1 20131 This )eb ocument *ro4i e me )ith in+ormation about guns )ith teachers com*are to guns )ith traine *ro+essionals1

Shah3 5ir4i1 ?Teachers Alrea y Arme ,n Some Districts1? & ucation =ee' 32121 /20130( 131 &2,C1 =eb1 2 Dec1 20131 This )eb ocument *ro4i e me )ith a ee* un erstan ing o+ *olicies that alrea y e$ists as )ell as some insight into the sa+ety o+ teachers )ith guns1

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