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Plumbing Companies Virginia Beach - In an emergency, you'll need to stop the flow of water quickly !

o do this, you and each member of your family needs to know the location of the shutoff "al"e for e"ery fi#ture and appliance, as well as the main shutoff "al"e for the house, and how they operate If the Plumbing emergency in"ol"es a specific fi#ture or appliance, first look for its shutoff "al"e and turn it clockwise to shut off the water to that fi#ture or appliance only $ou need Plumbing Companies Virginia Beach !he "al"e is usually located underneath a fi#ture such as a sink or a toilet, or behind an appliance, such as a clothes washer, at the point where the water supply pipe %or pipes& connects to it If the problem is not with a particular fi#ture or appliance, or if there's no shutoff "al"e for the fi#ture or appliance, use the main shutoff "al"e to turn off the water supply to the entire house $ou'll find the main shutoff "al"e on the inside or outside of your house where the main water supply pipe enters In cold climates, look 'ust inside the foundation wall in the basement or crawl space !urn the "al"e clockwise to shut it off $ou need Plumbing Companies Virginia Beach Professional !ip in a Plumbing emergency If you need a wrench to turn the "al"e, keep one, specially labeled near the "al"e so it's handy If the main shutoff "al"e itself is defecti"e and needs to be repaired, call your water company( they can send someone out with the special tool that's required to shut off the water at the street before it reaches the "al"e ) *eaking or Broken Pipe !urn off the main shutoff "al"e to pre"ent water damage +ake temporary repairs to stop the leak !he pipe in a plumbing emergency will ha"e to be replaced as soon as it's con"enient to do so ) ,topped--p ,ink ,hut off any faucet or appliance %such as dishwasher& that's draining into the sink -nclog the sink using a plunger or snake ./0'! use a chemical drain cleaner if the blockage is total

Plumbing Companies Virginia Beach

) 1aucet !hat 2on't ,hut /ff Immediately turn off the water in a Plumbing emergency at the fi#ture shutoff "al"e underneath the

sink If there's no "al"e there, turn off the main shutoff "al"e 3epair the faucet or, if necessary, replace it ) ,teaming 4ot 2ater 1aucet /pen all the hot water faucets to relie"e the o"erheated hot water heater !urn off the gas or electric supply to the heater *et the faucets run until cold water flows from them %this indicates the water in the heater is no longer o"erheated& Close them Call in a professional in a Plumbing emergency to make any necessary repairs to the heater's thermostat and pressure relief "al"e Creative Living LLC Is A Plumbing Company !hat /ffers Free Estimates 1or New Plumbing, Plumbing Emergencies, Hot ater Heater !eplacements, Bro"en /r Lea"ing Pipes, #ewage Lea"s /r )ny Pluming Problems$ Please 1eel 1ree !o Call -s 2ith )ny %uestions,2e ,er"ice )ll /f Virginia Beach& Chesapea"e Va& Nor'ol" Va & Portsmouth VA 4ampton 3oads 5 /ne of Virginia's Premier Plumbing Companies5 2e )re *ocated )t 6 ()*+ Nth ,ilitary Hwy Nor'ol" Va *-.+) 0ormal Bushiness 4ours ,on/ay 0 Fri/ay 1 am 2o 3 Pm 2ith *45( Emergency #ervices )ll of our work is +667 8uarantee/5 2ith a /ne year arranty5 !hank you for "isiting our site www creati"eli"ing"a com /r email us at creati"eli"ingllc7yahoo com )nd we welcome you to schedule an estimate by filling out our Contact 1orm 5 /r by calling us at 9(.(: .1(0463+ )nd Please feel free to 1riend -s /n Faceboo" [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS]