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Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake Adapted wildly from A Piece of Cake, by Susan G.

Purdy via Eat Part One: One Bowl Brownies Adapted from Bakers ne Bowl Brownies ! ounces unsweetened c"ocolate #Bakers c"ocolate, optional of course$ %&! cup #' '&( sticks$ butter ' %&!cups su)ar % e))s ' teaspoon vanilla '&( teaspoon salt ' cup flour Pre"eat oven to %*+,-. .ine '%/01inc" bakin) pan wit" foil, wit" ends of foil e2tendin) over sides of pan. Grease foil. 3icrowave c"ocolate and butter in lar)e microwaveable bowl on 45G4 ( min. or until butter is melted. Stir until c"ocolate is completely melted. Stir in su)ar. Blend in e))s and vanilla. Add flour and salt6 mi2 well. Spread into prepared pan. Bake %+ to %* minute or until toot"pick inserted in center comes out wit" fud)y crumbs. #7o not overbake.$ Cool in pan on wire rack. 8emove brownies from pan, usin) foil "andles. Cool brownies, t"en cut9 t"em into %&!1 to '1inc" s:uares for use in t"e c"eesecake. ;ou will "ave more t"an t"e two cups of cubes, loosely measured, t"an you will need, and 5m sorry, youre <ust )oin) to "ave to decide for yourself w"at to do wit" t"e e2tra. Add cubes to cake batter as directed below. 9 5 find t"at brownies are fantastically easy to cut once t"eyve been refri)erated=you end up wit" nice clean lines, and in t"is case, a s"arp pi>>a w"eel was especially "elpful. Also, brownies taste better cold. 5m <ust sayin). Part Two: Crumb Crust 8ecipe adapted from Gourmet, '000 5 like a doubled crumb crust. 5 cant )et enou)" cookie. Below are proportions for one crust wit" t"e amounts to double t"e recipe in parent"eses. ;ou know you wanna. ' '&( cups or * ounces #% cups or '+ ounces to double$ finely )round cookies suc" as c"ocolate wafers. r C"ocolate ?eddy Gra"ams. * tablespoons #'+ tablespoons to double$ unsalted butter, melted '&% cup #(&% cup to double$ su)ar '&@ #'&! teaspoon to double$ teaspoon salt

Stir to)et"er crust in)redients and press onto bottom and ' inc" up side of a buttered (!1 centimeter sprin)form pan. -ill ri)"t away or c"ill up to ( "ours. Part Three: Cheesecake ?"ree Cities of Spain Coffee"ouse % #@1o>$ packa)es cream c"eese, softened ! lar)e e))s ' teaspoon vanilla ' cup su)ar 3ake crumb crust as directed above for (!1centimeter c"eesecake. Pre"eat oven to %*+,-. 3ake fillin) and bake cakeA Beat cream c"eese wit" an electric mi2er until fluffy and add e))s, ' at a time, t"en vanilla and su)ar, beatin) on low speed until eac" in)redient is incorporated and scrapin) down bowl between additions. -old brownie cubes in very )ently and pour mi2ture into prepared pan. Put sprin)form pan wit" crust in a s"allow bakin) pan. Pour fillin) into crust and bake in bakin) pan #to catc" drips$ in middle of oven !* minutes, or until cake is set % inc"es from ed)e but center is still sli)"tly wobbly w"en pan is )ently s"aken. B"en completely cool, top wit" followin) )la>e. Part Four: Ganache Glaze -rom Purdys ori)inal recipe % o>. bittersweet c"ocolate, broken up, or '&( cup c"ocolate morsels ( o>. butter '&! cup "eavy cream '&( teaspoon vanilla e2tract ' tablespoon confectioners su)ar Grind t"e c"ocolate into powder in t"e food processor, scald t"e butter and cream in a saucepan #or in a Pyre2 cup in t"e microwave$. Bit" t"e mac"ine runnin), pour t"e "ot cream&butter mi2ture slowly t"rou)" t"e feed tube onto t"e c"ocolate. Blend until completely smoot", stoppin) mac"ine to scrape down sides once or twice. Add t"e e2tract and su)ar and process until smoot". Spread over c"eesecake w"ile )anac"e is still warm. C"ill until ready to serve.