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Anania Yeghikian 1231077 Grand Conspiracies, Half Truths and Individual Ethics Monday, November 18th, 2013 Prof

. Larry Lamont The World is Flat because I don’t Care In 1959, the Russians successfully landed an unmanned spacecraft on the moon which triggered the space race between the United States and Russia. However, this time, the goal was to safely land a man on the surface of the moon. The Americans were the first to do so in 1969. They called the mission Apollo 11. The conspiracy claims that the moon landings did not happen or happened in a different manner than NASA claims. Most of the arguments against the moon landings are ideas that have not been given the appropriate time of reflection. The cross-hairs on some photos that are not the actual center of the showed image does not mean they faked the moon landing, it means the pictures were cropped. That is something we do every day on social media sites. Other claims can be explained by the actual differences between the earth and the moon. For example, the fact that footprints cannot be made on sand without water does not mean it cannot happen on the moon. Lunar dust is not shaped the same way as sand; it has more corners and smoother edges which allows the particles to stick together more tightly in vacuum. The waving flag is also an example of this kind of claim. Some claims are just made for the sake of argument while not having any actual knowledge or evidence of the matter at hand. Sceptics claim that there is no way the astronauts could have passed through the Van Allen radiation belts without being cooked alive in the spacecraft. The answer is simple, aluminum. The spacecraft was covered in it and shielded the astronauts from harm. There is no question or doubt that has not been answered or proven to be false regarding the moon landings. Another interesting fact is the behaviour of the Russians. If two people are racing, and one of them loses the race, the loser will try and find a way to prove that the winner cheated. But after the winner does his drug test and it does not turn out to be positive, the loser is only left with sheer defeat. The Russians lost the space race, something they had invested an amazing amount of time and money, and yet, not a single word of protest came from them when the Americans claimed to have landed on the moon; reason being that they could not disprove their claim, as much as they would have loved to. The Russians accepted their defeat and congratulated the Americans for their great achievement. Faked evidence taken care of, opponent eliminated, why do people still think it did not happen? This question has as many answers as the number of digits of pi. Why does the moon landing even matter to some people? Is it because we’re all human and a human on the moon is an achievement of our race? Not really because as far as we know, we are the only intelligent beings and because of this, we are not united enough to feel this way. Taking this into account, the only “race” that should feel proud is the Americans themselves. However, according to

That is one of many reasons why this hoax is so disputed and talked about. An old saying goes: advice to a mad man. either way. The reason why this conspiracy is so important and why it matters to so many is because it goes out to eliminate one of our greatest achievements: we have been to the moon.surveys conducted by the New York Times. it does not matter because the end result is the same. people will believe what they want to believe and find a way to believe it. disproving their every doubt one by one. No matter how much time you spend teaching sceptics about the science behind it all. It could be their ignorance blinding them or their pride. Even some family members of the astronauts do not believe they went to the moon. . 1 in 5 Americans think NASA faked the moon landings. soap to a black man.