and are finding that our teachings. I could engage you at this point in an explanation of exactly what it is that we seek to achieve here in the Earth. all that is required is that they who would best benefit from it add on and embrace . The Devils’ system of control and destruction (white supremacy) has progressed from overt tactics to psychological and spiritual methods to detach us from the reality of our actual conditions and the potential we hold to change our own course by the application of the intelligence of our Supreme Mathematics. abandonment of personal. my purpose in this present writing is to reaffirm that our nation will continue to grow and prosper. and few will remain because their limited scope will not allow them to accept that our Nation is already built. which are.The Father’s Five Percent are now facing the dawn of our 50th year of manifestation. and economic level and which today seeks to disrupt the forward advance of young people. and their rejection of religion and the cultural nationalism (B-lack . As a God amongst the Gods I do have the persuasive powers of rhetoric to capture your attention Yet. as we have shouldered the responsibility of upholding our principles and culture to this point will benefit as we in achievement and prosperity by the living of our mathematical reality.THE DIVINEPRINCIPLE NEWSLETTER . What may appear to the unknowledgeable and unlearned as our teaching and our truth is for the most part lacking in the substance which would exhibit clearly and without doubt whom we are and what we seek to achieve as a national body. Power is the truth. nor retain its integrity (principles). and communal responsibilities. Which is the source of our power. The reactionary impulse to greater criminality. And those who will carry our work in the Earth into the future. For us. hate. NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2013 Peace To All. ITS POWER AND OUR FUTURE. who may appear to be alike in their intentions and avocations are being largely misrepresented to the people. If I desired to. For as long as one God remains to say that “Allah is the God!”. our future to power. who are Allah . especially the young in the wrong direction. political. yet I stand against the system of manipulation and exclusion which contributed to our powerlessness then on the social.ism) which guided many. 2 EDITOR’S VIEWPOINT FROM THE DESK OF GOD DIVINE PRINCE ALLAH PRINCIPAL EXECUTIVE AND EDITOR THE NATION.NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2013 PG.The Fathers Five Percent. who are the Gods and Earths and who will bring forth Allah’s World Manifest through the application of our Supreme Mathematics and the living of our culture which is I God. familial. The Nation of God’s and Earths. Indeed it has always been power of a particular sort. as well as a greater decline into savagery. For many will come. the essence of that which distinguishes us from others. There are not many things which have the ability to weather time and circumstances. neither achieve longevity. We. then that is Allah. and is already perfect. A process which began with the coming of Allah and Justice. I speak against no one. For the record I write exclusively for the encouragement of those who are nationals of Allah .

women and children are for the most part misunderstood in our intentions and in our purpose. science. committed by. the Father’s wisdom is the guiding force of our approach as His Five Percent at reaching and addressing the sensibilities of our people. and still continue to be responsible for such a state of condition and dilemma for our people and their children.) and have. My own experience. The often complex emotional and/or meaningful influences which denote our sensitivity as black people on matters of our individual and collective interests. Many are confused and have throughout the entire course of our growth and achievements misrepresented us in the media (books. prostitution. we the Gods and Earths decided that we would be the Vanguards (leaders) for the ushering in of a different reality for our own people. etc. respected for. history. Often there was engagement in activities which ran counter to our expressed reasons for seeking to unite and unify our communities. literature. philosophy. These conditions were viewed by us as some of the primary factors which were / are responsible for the powerlessness and victimization our communities and our young people have and still continue to endure. savage thinking. and my alikes have been a witness to the steady and progressive destruction of the lives and communities of our own people. misrepresentations and outright denial us as being whom we said we were has worked to drive many away. the increase in rates of patricide. I. high unemployment and underemployment and the lack of equal employment opportunities. Keeping our primary focus on uniting the young who were largely disenfranchised (marginalized.). fratricide (= destruction and/or murder of families by family members). music. alcoholism.) and ignorance of law and the laws of civilization. wittingly or unwittingly confused and divided the people over the issues of our legitimacy as a nation and have labeled us in terms other than what we have worked so diligently to be recognized as and. which had the effect of disabling many from making rational or good decisions. and the outright murder of children. the rise of homosexuality amongst the young accompanied with the steady and progressive decline into savagery. For many reasons we experienced distrust and opposition from those whose children we sought to teach and elevate above and beyond the conditions which had historically always held us as people at bay (back) and placed limits on our potential to achieve the greatness and prosperity we desired for ourselves and our people. the saturation of illegal drugs in our communities. the abandonment of parental responsibilities. . and economic privilege) and faced with the real possibility of their own self-destruction and extinction due to their anti-social behaviors. etc. and still seek to discredit and destroy us. in spite of our desire and need for change and our efforts to resolve the social. the increase of children in foster care systems. birth control and foced sterilizations. the increase in incestuous relationships. and put upon young people. medicine.) within our communities. I understand when he stated to His Five Percent . churches. plice brutality and intimidation of the young. psychological. the increase in criminal activities which often lead to long-term institutionalization and in many cases court-mandated medications. religion. self-esteem. employers. and especially the neighborhood youths who were for the most part largely dissatisfied and rebellious against the established authorities (schools. Also. religious and moral contradictions which were. writing. unwanted impregnations. police. but rather increased in intensity and damage. and debauchery (excessive indulgence in the pursuits of sensual pleasures). deprived and disconnected from social.e. education. political. Being young ourselves and some of us having also been victims and survivors of the same imposed conditions which had lead to the deterioration and disintegration of our overall unity as a people and worked to disable our ability to recover and regain our balance of self-pride. matricide. self-respect and purpose. educational. There was and is a reason for the rise in illegal gang activities. high rates of educational under-achievement and drop-outs.NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2013 PG.“Never mind what they (the 85%) do. their true history and contributions to humanity (world cultures in the areas of language. articles. You just don’t do it”. Giving many of us pause to wonder why we. economic. adolescents and young adults. . architecture. Simple. art. which were the result of their lack of knowledge of themselves. etc. 3 SEGMENT OF INTRODUCTION FROM THE LEGACY OF I. Keep in mind that I have been an active member of Allah’s Nation of the Five Percent since the early 1970’s and the above issues and circumstances (among others) which we the Gods and Earths did take a stand against have not ceased. pedophilia (sexual abuse of children). and more. yet powerful wisdom for those of us who were mindful of wh we were and how we would be successful in all of ur overtakings of building within our communities with the youth who were our primary focus because we viewed them and ourselves as the best hope to bring about the changes necessary for relief from their above-mentioned and desperate circumstances. magazines.THE DIVINEPRINCIPLE NEWSLETTER . even some who once had association with us and made a grand show of proclaiming that they were also Gods and Earths. the increase in veneral (sexually transmitted) and other socially communicable diseases (i. Allah. criminality. the rise in drug addiction. The Father was very specific. etc. This campaign of lies.influenza. GOD 1 A SOON TO BE RELEASED BOOK BY GOD DIVINE PRINCE ALLAH It is a fact that we as a society or nation of men. we were for the most part largely unaware of the opposing forces which had been set in motion which sought.

Whether they be achievements or failures’ it will all serve for a larger purpose in the enlightenment and growth of those who will shoulder the responsibility of carrying our Nation and its government towards the fulfillment of its destiny. and to see Allah’s World made manifest here in the Earth. who understand the importance of our presence and history here in the Earth. for us the long-term and recognized members of the Nation who continue to teach and to build for the fulfillment of our collective destiny we stand prepared for the eventuality and inevitability of our own departure from this Earth’s realm of existence. It is here that the roots of our origin had its start. Righteousness. and the best that our teachings have produced. Each and every one of us can or should be able to recall our beginnings. ONE. As. Bad or Indifferent. We identified them as our educators and other terms of endearment. came from someone. how to cook and clean.Harlem. and how to care for their homes. our initial stages of progression in the process of our growth from the cipher of being 85%ers to 5%ers who would embrace the culture of this nation and add on to build. yellow or white and the oppressed masses wherever they may be found who are seeking relief from their oppressors. hypocrites alike have found only failure in that regard. As determined as they are to discredit us and our truth. We are a positive force for good in a world controlled by forces which are adverse to our growth and development and who are determined to “Kill Allah and His Five Percent”. Good. I am relating to my the experience of the Gods and Earths who hail. Much.. They are expected and we cannot be naïve in our estimations and assessments of how we are viewed by those who would stand in opposition to our nation’s goals and objectives (our mission) for whatever reasons they may avow (assert or. in North America and throughout the 9 Regions of our manifestation make the effort to record your own legacy. children and. and neither pro-black nor anti-white.The Father imparted (communicated. from Region 1. whatever. God Divine Prince Allah.NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2013 PG. Of course. We have endured the loss not only of our Founders . attending the Universal Parliaments in Mecca . . we the sincere. if you will. our introduction into the rudiments (elementary or primary principles) and requirements for being one of Allah . and Peace. It is therefore important to me and my alikes that that our records of achievements and our contributions be remembered for the future generations of Gods and Earths who will continue our work and carry on with the principles. I. Abu Shahid. and. Let it therefore be understood that the culture which I and all who are alike myself is I God and our legacy is ONE. He Allah . the return of many of our most beloved and honored nationals to the essence of Life. bestowed) to the youth and close associates who knew Him best was in many respects largely misunderstood and they did after his untimely demise (death by murder) have difficulty in holding fast to the standards Allah worked hard to implement (put into effect) in his young nation. against crime. yet also how to properly care for their bodies. Granted that some stars do and will shine brighter than others. our teachings. and traditions. did we cease the eating of pork and pork by-products. their young. We did not come into the knowledge and teachings of this culture on our own.The Father’s Five Percent. brown. Earth and Devil. It is from here that our culture. Allah’s Five Percent stand as our Father stood being pro-education. necessary and obligatory. New York City or. 4 Granted.THE DIVINEPRINCIPLE NEWSLETTER . New York City. Peace. as I. openly confess). anti-drug. We must always keep in mind exactly who we are and what we stand for.especially our women and children from the attacks against our persons whether physically or (for lack of a better word) intellectually by whomever. and standards we have dedicated our lives to. Divine request that you. yet also many of our predecessors and others who have stood in our minds and hearts as icons of what this nation represents. as all can witness to the levels of recognition that we have achieved all throughout this country (North America) and other lands throughout the worlds of our planet Earth. and our national agenda (program of things to accomplish) had its beginnings and has spread. which is the State of New York and its surrounding counties. Yet. Justice. authoritative as a command) that the soldiers of our nation stand ready to defend and protect our society . Divine Prince Allah am obliged to give honor and respect to all who in the name of Allah have dedicated their lives to our national cause.Allah and Justice. There was someone who gave us our lessons and guided us in our education of whom and what was God. in Medina – Brooklyn.120 Degrees. Akbar and others known and unknown. as now. We are One. that we give credit for our beginnings and our growth and relevance as a force of positive empowerment for black youth and in fact all young people whether black. engage in regular fasting. we are all stars. the naysayers and. And. It is as a door through which we must all pass. and all of us have our place in Allah’ s Universe of Truth. their Gods. there were teachers of their own gender and originality (black women) who instructed them not only in the science of their lessons. They. Then (whenever that was). and wherever such confrontations will arise. most important what was to be our role in the growth and development of our nation. We understand that we are divine beings and are much more than our physical bodies which have a beginning and unfortunately an ending. I God. For our women as well. the just and true have held our ground against the innumerable attacks upon our culture and our persons. All having the same potential. mastering our lessons . by their guidance and our willingness to learn. Since our beginnings we have faced opposition. It is to Allah – The Father. There is no fear. None of us did. our initial orientation. we were not the only ones who voiced concern over the state of conditions which threatened the mental and physical health and well-being of black people and. Justice C (Four Cipher Akbar). It is imperative (essential and urgent. yet. nor sorrow to be attached to this reality. We. None grater than the next. We have endured within recent years. how to sew.


Within this voluminous and important work God Divine Prince has compiled essential writings by Himself and other nationals of his nation and others whom he considers “worthy of our respect”. God Divine Prince Allah delivers insight and clarity as to the history. 2013 THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK PROUDLY ANNOUNCES . OCTOBER 27. Within the pages of this book the reader is given privileged access into the mind and passion of one of our living predecessors. THE LEGACY OF I GOD . a highly respected and long-term national of Allah’s Nation of The Gods and Earths.BOOK ONE will prove to be a great literary experience to/for All . The National Intelligence Journal.NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2013 MY FIRST UNIVERSAL PARLIAMENT GOD SHAKWEST LORD INFINITE ALLAH AND HIS YOUNG GOD I . Please contact God Divine Prince Allah for book order information 347-940-8465 / sambo7the7@gmail. January 26. 2014.Book One authored by God Divine Prince Allah. Intended by this humble and dedicated warrior for truth and righteousness to be an essential addition to the library of every God and Earth. Well worth the asking price of $ . Focusing primarily on the Gods and Earths of Region One of the Nation’s Government this books release will be held at January’s Universal Parliament in Mecca (Harlem. as well as those who also stand for the “bringing forth of a different reality of existence for the human family of the planet Earth”.RULE SELF ALLAH AT HIS FIRST UNIVERSAL PALIAMENT . A powerful speaker for our cause and a prolific writer whose style and manner of teaching has gained him the notice and respect of conscious persons and governments all over the Earth.IN MECCASUNDAY. the book will prove to be a welcome addition to any progressive and open-minded persons’ storehouse of essential books.THE JANUARY 2014 BOOK RELEASE OF THE LEGACY OF I GOD .BOOK 1 The long-awaited release of : The Legacy of I God .PG. New York) on Sunday. articles and essays written by God Divine Prince Allah from past editions of The Divine Principle Newsletter. 6 THE DIVINE PRINCIPLE NEWSLETTER . Lessons and other Writings of Conscious Thinkers and Activists covering a wide array of subjects from the New World Order to The Dangers of Vaccines.00 the almost 500 page text is filled with colorful pictures. goals and intentions of his nation.

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