General Science Multiple Choice Questions

Iron powder is black in colour and sulphur powder is yellow. A student did two experiments using iron and sulphur powders. The results are recorded in the table below. EXPERIMENT 1 Method Mixed and stirred iron and sulphur together Yellow powder with bits of black in it EXPERIMENT 2 Heated the iron and sulphur mixture A hard gray lump


1. What is the substance observed in Experiment 1? A. a compound B. an element C. a mixture D. a solution 2. What is the hard gray lump in Experiment 2? A. Lead B. Iron oxide C. Iron sulphide D. Sulphur dioxide 3. The earth’s atmosphere is a mixture of mostly A. Carbon dioxide and oxygen B. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide C. Nitrogen and oxygen D. Water vapour and oxygen

4. Which weather front results in short and heavy precipitation? A. Cold front

Which is an example of increasing potential energy? A. Sound waves cannot be reflected 9. Size and mass D. Size and input 8. Glass 10. Twice per week . Twice per day D. How often do tides occur in the Bahamas? A. Sounds are caused by vibrating matter B. Once a day B. Running downhill 7. Stationary front D. How does a machine change a force? A. Hitting a baseball D. Concrete blocks D. Direction and mass B.B. Friction B. Size and direction C. What results when a force causes an object to move? A. Ceramic tiles C. Power D. Climbing a ladder B. Work 6. Carpet B. Matter C. Which of the following statement about sound is correct? A. Hot water C. Warm front 5. Once per week C. What kind of material would be most suitable in the construction of a recording studio? A. Sounds travel faster in air D. Occluded front C. Sounds can travel in a vacuum C.

How many poles does a bar magnet have? A. hold the arm and support the base C. hold it swinging in one hand B. mosses 13. 4 D. ampere B. Wahoo 14. algae B. nitrogen D. marlin D. What is the correct way to carry a microscope? A. jellyfish C. hold the arm and the eye piece 12. How many atoms are present in a molecule of ammonia (NH ₃)? A. 3 C. Which is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere? A. oxygen 17. watt 16. 2 B. 2 . helium C. volt D. Which group is classified as simple plants? A. joule C. 1 B. Which is a unit of current? A. ferns D. bacteria C. Which organism is not a fish? A. grouper B. 5 15.11. argon B. hold the stage and support the base D.

98.6⁰ C C. 7 D. Which pH indicates a neutral substance? A.C. 1 B. voltage 20. 32.0⁰ C B. static electricity D.6⁰ C 19. magnetism C.0⁰ C D. 3 D. 120. 4 18. BJC General Science 50 MCQ’s with ANSWER KEY . 10 Do you want more exam help? Visit the links below to get the Exam Booklet with ANSWER KEY. 4 C. current electricity B. What is the average human body temperature? A. 10. What are stationary electric charges called? A.

BJC General Science 200 MCQ’s with ANSWER KEY .

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