Hrormir Son of Hrorgar Summoned to the Court of Vjindak, Son of Vjinmore, King of Evensnow.

"Mighty caster of magic, charge thee to go to !e"fendor, #or its hoary $arriors do threaten my %and !nd &ring forth their cousin 'emons (o terrify my )eo*"e." Hrormir Son of Hrorgar Heard the $ords of Vjindak Evensnow. "+y cestaff, Sure"y wou"d he"* thee +ut have a"ready a ,uest to drink (we"ve #"agons of Mead in one Hour, !nd then to &ed four $enches, (wice each. So must with grace dec"ine." (he King he did not smi"e !t Hrormir and his jo""y S*irit. "+y thine Honor Must thou aidest my Cause #or must thou takest u* the Sword -f thy Com*anion 'arfang $ho took the ,uest and fai"ed." Hrormir "aughed. ".ow know thou jest. My &oon Mate 'arfang wou"dst not fai". (here &e no finer +"adesman. f thou chargest him, he wou"dst not fa""." " did not say he fe"". He joined the 'ark Kings of !e"fendor !nd &y doing so dishonored Himse"f and thee, his #riend." Hrormir cou"d not &e"ieve the $ords, !nd yet, he knew Eversnow 'idst not "ie. So for twenty 'ays and three rodeth he (o the %and of .ight, the Kingdom of #ear,

(he &oon Com*anions now #oes. (here.ight (he +"ade of 'arfang !nd the Staff of Hrormir 'idst strike again and yet again. for hate thee1" +ut Hrormir was &att"e ready. !nd turned thy $ay from Honor !nd +rotherhood1" "Hrormir1" 'arfang the +"ade didst cry. !nd in the echoing Ha""s of . . !nd either Hrormir or 'arfang May veri"y have won. " dare not trust my Eyes. "My &oon Com*anion1" Hrormir ca""ed in the Ha"" of . didst Hrormir )ass through haunted Countryside !nd frightened Vi""ages. (hey might have fought for a 2ear f there were Sun in !e"fendor (o mark (ime. -ne of us must die. Mighty $arriors and Mages &oth. Shook Mundus with their $ar. +ut Hrormir saweth through the 'ark (he (ears in the Eyes of his former #riend.ight.$here the )easants ever carried Cand"es Knowing what Evi" awaiteth them Shou"d they stray &eyond the /"ow. !nd through the &"ack /ates -f the &"acker Cast"e of !e"fendor. (he Sovereigncy of three 'ark Kings0 !e"fendor. (orch in Hand. #or then wou"dst &e"ieve (hat thou hast joined with Evi". (he three 'ark Kings didst sneer !t the sight of mighty Hrormir !nd summoned they their Cham*ion 'arfang the +"ade. " f thou dost not go now.

Morta" Man1" (he Shadow &ecameth the Hag. +ut wi"" take thine in trade. which cried." (he Hag didst "augh and freed 'arfang.o&"e 'arfang *re*ared to take his 'agger !nd *"unge it in his good Heart." !nd then did 'arfang the +"ade "eave the Cast"e $hi"e Hrormir took the withered C"aw -f the Hag." #or his "oss of Honor. ".ot 'arfang. to thee *"edge . (hou hast the more c"ever Mind $hich my Sons the 'ark Kings need #or a Cham*ion of !e"fendor. . #or though ye &oth have strong !rms. +ut Hrormir stayed his +rother3s Hand and whis*ered. as the Cham*ion -f the 'ark Kings. &ut his Shadow." Hrormir the &rave didst not take a +reath -r *ause &efore he &o"d"y said. !nd his dear #riend3s Sacrifice. "Morta" Man ca""ed Hrormir (he Sou" of thy &oon Com*anion s my )"aything.o. "(o save thine Honor this thou hast done. and *ressed it to his %i*s. !nd so with cestaff. he did strike .!nd then he saweth the Shadow of 'arfang $ert not his own. my Heirs of /ray May&e. #rom her face"ess Shadows. $ait for me at the Vi""age +an4uet Ha"". (hou must he"* them divide !e"fendor. &oon Com*anion. (hy Shadowy Hag and thy Mistress we"". +ent and twisted. "Ho"d. re"ease 'arfang. she hissed. !nd "ove me. !nd thou mayst use me as thou wi"". in her C"oak and Hood. "Shadowy Hag. +ut now thou must &e without Honor Morta" Man. "Shadowy Hag.

ights and three did Hrormir !nd his cestaff +att"e thus. and saw !"".(o on"y honor thy &"ack $ords (o turn my &ack on (ruth (o aid thy 'ark Kings3 !m&ition (o divide their nheritance fair"y (o "ove thee (o think thee &eautifu". S"ee*ing sti"" in her soft +ed.ight Hrormir and the Hag did retire Kissed he there her wrink"ed %i*s !nd her wrink"ed." (hen to the Cham&er in the Heart of . (hen Sweet Kynareth &"ew honeyed $inds -3er the Hi""s and #orest /"ens of !e"fendor. !nd the Caress of warm &"ooded 'i&e""a Coa5ed the +"ossoms to wanton 'is*"ay So that !e"fendor &ecame a /arden -f a"" the Senses. !nd she cried out0 "Morta" Man1" . !nd knew !"" saw her. n the +an4uet Ha"" of the Vi""age Hrormir and his &oon Com*anion 'arfang Em&raced and drank of rich Mead.ight fe"" fast u*on the %and !s the Hag f"ew into the +an4uet Ha"" Casting &"ackest 'arkness in her $ake +ut a"" the Ce"e&rants sti"" cou"d see Her !nger n her monstrous #ace . (he frightened Servants of the 'ark Kings $oke to find there was naught to fear !nd through the once dark Streets of the Vi""age Came the Cries of Ce"e&ration. 6nti" the morning Sun touched her naked #ace !nd she awoke. sagging +reasts. (he Shadowy Hag too was smi"ing. #or ten 'ays and .

My Kingdom cast into the %ight. !nd here. wi"" serve thee so. thou ke*t thy )romise tru"y. (he Hag had said the Kingdom was (o &e divided among her Heirs. "$herest &e thine Hood." Hrormir Son of Hrorgar +owed to the Hag. !nd &edding four $enches (wice each. !nd after drinking twe"ve #"agons of Mead." "! c"ever Mind in a Cham*ion s a much overva"ued (rait.ight. 2et in truth.octurna". . shadowy hag7" "Morta" Man hast taken it from me unaware. my Cham*ion smi"es. $hen awoke. !nd so in the %ight of darkest 'ark." (he Hag re"eased Hrormir3s Sou" !nd he re"eased her Hood. Hrormir was mighti"y amused. 3(i" thou re"easeth me. $ithout her gray Cow" of shadowed . He swa""owed his %aughter n his Mead. My 'ark King Heirs in )ieces cast. Hrormir the mighty did not 4uai".!nd they shook with #ear. +ut !e"fendor had &een ke*t who"e $hi"e her Chi"dren divided. "!nd evermore. Her hideous #ace forced the Moons (o hide themse"ves. 'rawn and 4uartered. my #ace unmasked. #or none shou"d "augh outright !t the 'aedra %ord . his . (o never kee* thy )romise true. She "eft !e"fendor evermore.ueen. 'id 'arfang return to Eversnow $ith Hrormir Son of Hrorgar.

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