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Population Genetics: How To Solve Hardy-Weinberg Problems

Humanitys birthright on this earth plane is the process and progress toward the return to our most natural state, Spirit. The soul evolves through continual renewal and the promises of Gd are made manifest through the individual and collective soul(s) of humanity. This overlighting covenant cannot be broken. It is the birthright of all humanity without prejudice, emotional attachment or struggling mental gymnastics. The veil of unconsciousness and the 'trail of tears' due to unrealized, unfulfilled life purpose and spiritual vision may only hide this covenant. It cannot be distroyed. Evolution do not just affect coloration of fish, they represent the physical and inherent traits that show up as phenotypes. Albinoism is one such phenotype that is not specific to coloration as is temperment. Remember that fish have a long list of genetic codes... the codes in the table above refer to color... but body shape is also a genetic code, fin structure is another genetic code, and the list goes on. When Darwin was alive, there were gaps in the evidence, which had the potential to cause problems for his theory, but as more information is discovered ~ including fossil evidence ~ they support his theory ~ they do not negate it. So all in all, nice and simple right? Well yes, but as with all Pokemon there is far more to learn about the Shinx evolution family than just how they evolve. That would make for a pretty dull game... To say that a fish, or even an ape, evolved into a human, does not mean that a fish or an ape ever 'gave birth to' a human. That, indeed, would be preposterous. Evolutionists do not believe this; neither do they believe that any fish, or even ape, ever 'turned into' a human!. DNA kits consist of things like submission forms, swabs and guidelines or books having the important instructions. Swabs are cotton bud like things but they have longer sticks as compared to cotton buds. A swab has quite a long stick attached to it, as this swab has to go in the mouth to get a sample. In every kit, there are many swabs to make sure everyone gets tested. Moving on to the tests, there is quite a huge variety of tests that can be performed by a kit, including paternity tests and siblings tests. These procedures are not difficult to go through and also the instructions booklets make it all easier. Pedigrees are another part of this unit. Following this text is a link to an explanation on how to do pedigree charts. I will explain key points that you need to know, but I would recommend that you look further into them as they are a hard to understand without many, many diagrams and face-to-face conversations and explanations. The wisdom within the teachings of Master Jesus is asking all of Humanity to recognize,

remember and respond to our Divine Birthright and become the Masters of Light; the spiritual leaders of the 21st Century. We are eternal Mind. May we each take upon us the liberating yoke of Life, whatever religious faith and spiritual practice(s) we cherish as our expression to the world. We are a ...point of Light within the Mind of God... Take up the Cross of Ascension while laying to rest the Cross of Crucifiction and be Born to the Light of your Sacred Self.