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Biko (Sticky Rice Cake)

3x 400ml coconut cream or milk 2 cups sticky rice 1 3/4 cups of water 2 cups brown sugar 1/2 tsp salt (optiona

1. Cook rice in rice cooker or large pot- so add your rice and water then cook. While rice is cooking, in a large non-stick pan or sauce pan, mix 2x 400ml coconut cream or milk, brown sugar and/or salt. Cook in a medium to high heat and stir constantly until it becomes thick and creamy. May take up to about 15 minutes to thicken. 2. Bring coconut cream/milk to boil. Rice should be cooked at this point, so add rice into the mixture. 3. Lower the heat (low to medium) and mix the rice with the coconut cream/milk mixture until it becomes thick but not dry. This could take between 5-10 mins..

Palitaw Ingredients:

1 cup Glutinous rice flour ( Malagkit Rice ) 1/2 cup of water 1/2 kilo Brown Sugar Fresh grated coconut Toasted sesame seeds

Palitaw Cooking Instructions:

Mix until the flour and water the two come together to form a pliable ball of dough. Take a heaping tablespoon full of the dough and roll it into a ball, then flatten it into a pad shape with the palm of your hand. Poach the Palitaw in simmering water until they begin to float (about 30 seconds to 1 minute). Allow the pads to dry out and cool down a little so that they dont turn the sugar into a syrup when you roll it around in it. Sprikle with grated coconut and the sesame seeds.

Pitsi-pitsi recipe

2 cups grated cassava 3/4 to 1 cup sugar 1 tbsp lye freshly grated coconut food coloring(optional)

Mix all the ingredients.. pour into small muffin pans..and steam for 20-25 minutes serve with freshly grated coconut on top

espasol recipe


espasol ingredients

2 cups glutinous rice flour, toasted

1 cup sweet desiccated coconut, toasted cup sweet rice flour, toasted for dusting 2 cups fresh or canned coconut milk 1 cups sugar 1 tsp vanilla essence

Cooking Procedure:

To prepare measure all ingredients and place in separate bowls. First we have to toast the glutinous flour, rice flour and desiccated coconut separately. Toast the glutinous rice flour in a big pan over low heat and continue mixing them until it turns lightly brown. Keep an eye on it coz it will burn the bottom flour right away, and you dont want to have a bitter taste. When youre done with the glutinous, transfer in a large bowl and continue with the rice flour and desiccated coconut one at a time.