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1) The chains are made of --------a.leather b.plastic c.steel d.copper 2) In --------- drive while transmitting motion, slipping may occur. a.gear b.chain c.belt d.all of the above 3) In ---------- drive there is more wear of belt belt belt with idler pulley c.cross belt d. compound belt ) In two shaft are connected in hori!ontal or vertical plane then they can be connected by -------a.v-belts b.flat belts c.circular belts d.all of the above ") The reduction ration of v-belt is upto-------------a.1#$1 b.2#$1 c.%$1 d. $1 &) --------- are restricted to single belt usage a.v-belts b.flat belts c.circular belts d.all of the above %) The pulley on which v-belt is mounted is called as --------a.grooved pulley pulley c.flat pulley d.compound pulley ') The width of flat belt is ------------ than its thic(ness a.less b.greater c.same )) *riven pulley is also called as ------a.tail pulley b.driving pulley c.head pulley d.none of the above 1#) the power is transmitted from driving to driven pulley because of ---------a.inertia of belt b.vibration between belt and pulley c.frictional resistance between belt and pulley d.none of the above 11) speed ratio of belt drive is also called as -----------a.pulley ratio b.velocity ratio c.belt ratio d.none of the above 12) The commonly used prime mover is -----a. +lectric motor b.i.c.engine c. steam engine d. none of the above 13) ,elt, rope, chain etc. are the e-ample of ----------a. rigid drives b. fle-ible drive c. none of the above 1 ) .ears, cam, bra(es, clutches etc.are the e-amples of ------------- drive. a.rigid b.fle-ible c.all of the above 1") /atigue failure is observed in-----------a) shafts b)gears c) springs d)all the above 1&) 0reep is considered while designing of a) boilers b)pumps 1 turbines c) I.0. engines d)all the above 1%) The ability of a material to drawn into wires is called as-------------

a) elasticity b)plasticity c) malleability d)ductility 1') ----------- is the cheapest amongst all alloys. a) 2teel b)0ast Iron c) 0opper d)3luminum 1)) *ue to brittleness cast iron is poor against -------- loading. a) 2tatic b) dynamic c) /atigue 1 impact d)all the above 2#) -------- of cast iron is better than steel. a) 4ibration damping property b) toughness c) 5esilience d) 2tiffness 21) 4ibration damping capacity of -----------is poor. a) 2teel b) cast iron c) 3lloy cast iron d)none of the above 22) *uctility 1 malleability of ----------- is high. a) 3lloy cast iron b) cast iron c) 0opper d) none of the above 23) ---------used in manufacturing of coils, needles, 6ewelry etc. a) ,rasses b) cast iron c) 0opper d) 2teel 2 ) 5ubbers are also called as-----------. a) 7olymers b) elastomers c) 3ll the above 2") 5ubbers are -------in structure. a) 0rystalline b) non-crystalline c) 0omple- d) none of the above 2&) ----------loses its strength at high temperature. a) 5ubber b) cast iron c) 0opper d) 2teel 2%) 740, 77 1 7+ are commonly used----------a) Thermoplastics b) thermosetting plastics c) 3ll the above 2'). 8achine design includea. 8aterial selection. b .manufacturing of components. c. testing of components. d. all of above. 2)). 7roduct needs to be designed fora.functional re9uirement. b.appearance c.user comfort. d.all of above. 3#). /ollowing is not a type of machine designa.product design b.system design. c.element design d.process design 31). *esign of car is an e-ample ofa. element design. b. system design. c.emperical design. d.none. 32). *esign of (ey is an e-ample ofa. element design. b. system design. c. computer aided design. d. both a.1b. 33). In optimum design, cost is a-------a. /unctional re9uirement b. undesirable effect c. effective parameter. d. both a 1 b 3 ). in design procedure, the synthesis always followed by a. analysis b. selection of material c.ergonomics. d. aesthetics:. 3"). In design procedure, last steps is a. selection of material b. definition of problem c. preparation of drawings. d. analysis of forces ; 2- a) 2tate 1 e-plain the different steps in design process. b) +-plain with neat s(etch the following terms i) 2pur gears ii) =elical gears <%) <')