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Health Tips and Facts In this section we present you some interesting tips and facts.

A Balanced Diet - Bioavailabity
A balanced diet is the key to a happier, healthier life, so the mantra goes. Experts ad ise us to eat more fruit and eg! boost protein and fibre intake! make sure we get the optimum le els of itamins and minerals. "ut what actually happens to these nutrients once they are inside the body# $ead more here in this interesting article at ""% &ews. FOOD PREPARATIONS AND THEIR BENEFITS Food Spinach and orange juice Canned or cooked tomatoes Cooked rather than ra! carrots Leafy vegetables dressed in oil Nutrient Iron Benefit Helps prevent anaemia, energy loss, infections Why it works Juice turns iron into more easily absorbed form


Antio idant Lycopene turned into thought to halt cell more readily absorbed damage form Cooking breaks do!n cell !all allo!ing easier absorption Lutein is fat#soluble, so oil aids absorption

"eta#carotene Antio idant


$ay prevent eye disease

Help to quit smoking tips and resources to help you stop smoking
And yep im a smoker '( I did )uit smoking for about * years and then unfortunately started smoking again and think its about time for gi ing up smoking for good now. +o was looking around the web for help and resources on how to best )uit smoking and some tips on how to make stop smoking a bit more bearable and so I thought I will compile some tips and tricks as well as some resource sites on this topic that can help you as well whene er you are ready to )uit smoking also, see this page for more info' Help to )uit smoking

Avoid mosquito-borne illnesses
The best way to pre ent mos)uito-borne illnesses is to reduce the number of mos)uitoes around your home and neighborhood and to take personal precautions to a oid mos)uito bites. How to do that# .ost important is to eliminate all recipients that contain standing water around your garden, house and neighborhood. /ook around if you find anything that contains water like cans, old tires, flower pot bottoms etc and eliminate them or drain them so they dont pro ide the mos)uitoes with a new breeding ground. The 01H 20epartment of Health( ad ises the public to remain diligent in their protecting themsel es from mos)uito bites by following the 34 05s,6 which include'

and impro es cholesterol. Cinnamon %innamon is nati e to +ri /anka. inger >inger root is used extensi ely as a spice in many if not most cuisines of the world. /0/-cholesterol and triglyceride le els. it is actually the rhi:ome of the monocotyledonous perennial plant ?ingiber officinale.icaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus are other repellent options.  Dress 7 8ear clothing that co ers most of your skin. and a spice obtained from the inner bark of this species. %innamon 2%innamomum :eylanicum.En@oy Aour Food.&-diethyl-9-methylben:amide(are recommended. repellents containing 0EET 2&. Dusk and Dawn 7 A oid being outdoors when mos)uitoes are seeking blood. The acti e constituent of ginger is :ingerone. its also known to help with tra el sickness and alle iate a ner ous stomach.  DEET 7 8hen the potential exists for exposure to mos)uitoes. . Our Tip: Hot milk with cinnamon is good for your ner es. Though called a root. or &. Our Tip: >ingertea does help with a common cold. synonym %. %innamon is known to significantly reduces blood sugar in diabetics. . erum( is a small e ergreen tree <=-<4 m tall. which is where mos)uitoes can lay their eggs. Essential Healthy Eating Tips . For many species.  Drainage 7 %heck around your home to rid the area of standing water. belonging to the family /auraceae.&-diethylmeta-toluamide. so @ust add boiling water o er fresh ginger . this is during the dusk and dawn hours.

make sure you have all the ingredients you need for the meals. rice. 'on$t e%pect to eliminate them totally. Eat your meals at regular times.. Lets take a look at some simple healthy eating tips that we can implement straight away. Know your shortcomings acknowledge your weakness for cream doughnuts. 5 a day make sure you have included at least " portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily food intake. it does. prepare the shopping list. Get to know the benefits of healthy eating and consider how your lifestyle and health can be improved.  Plan ahead plan your meals a few days at a time.. we eat for pleasure as well as nutrition. fish and other protein sources. that can at best stop us from enjoying life to the full and at worst ending it prematurely.. By taking positive action now we can prevent and treat some major illnesses and conditions. dairy products... #our daily diet doesn&t need to be perfect. Portion control its easy to think that because you are eating healthy foods it doesn$t matter how much you consume. 'on&t eliminate anything completely. including whole grains. Achieve balance look at the bigger picture when choosing your food. (emember. if your meal is high in fat on one day then make sure its followed by a very low fat day. who may be adversely affected if we fail to take them into consideration. and a big step towards living a healthy lifestyle. but do cut back and try substituting fruit instead. . )heck out the food pyramid *+.or eatwell plate *+. just balance it out over several days into a healthy balanced diet. other cereals. have good health and physical fitness. !s an e%ample. 3ost importantly it is no more e%pensive to eat a healthy diet than an unhealthy one. bread and potatoes. just cut back on the less healthy foods. Variety we need more than 01 different nutrients in our diet which simply can&t be provided by a single food. #ou will feel fuller and the risk of some diseases is reduced. ake changes gradually changing to a healthier diet should be an enjoyable process not a chore.         !re you ready to get started 2 Eating a healthy balanced diet can be achieved by making changes to the way your currently eat and cook. poultry. creamy sauces or whatever your favorite comfort food is. Eating a balanced diet and following these tips is a great way to maintain a healthy weight.Following these healthy eating tips you will eat a healthy balanced diet. !void adding pre prepared meals and unhealthy snacks to the shopping basket.for guidance on the number and si/e of recommended food portions. Eat a good variety of nutrient rich foods every day. everything in moderation. The importance of healthy eating tips is especially relevant for those of us in midlife. thickly buttered toast. Build your meals around carbohydrates more than half our daily calories should come from foods such as pasta. Be informed understanding food labeling can be very helpful in making changes to your diet.

some of us find it almost impossible to refuse re. . however small. with a cup of tea or coffee and your feet up <o2 =ell if you are feeling stressed and hassled :&ll cut to the chase and concentrate on the facts no flowery talk.  !dapt some things that stress us can&t be avoided. there really are some situations that trigger your stress which you can avoid with a little thought if you hate crowded shops and .  Get a good night&s sleep insufficient sleep e. (ead more4 http455www. resulting in physical symptoms such as headaches.  Give yourself a break even if its just 71 minutes for a coffee or to play with the dog.uests for help or e%tra hours at work and then wonder how on earth we can fit things in.tress can have negative conse.eep things in perspective when something stresses you. taking time out will reduce stress and you&ll feel refreshed to face more challenges.uickly before things get out of hand. .(ead more4 http455www. The best time to develop ways to deal with stress is when you are feeling rela%ed and have some time to spare to reflect on the main causes of stress in your life.  Bractice saying D<oD 'on&t take on too much.com5healthy eating tips.com5tips for reducing stress. check off those you have dealt with and carry forward the outstanding items.html6i%//7E08uE9GG Tips For $educing +tress In Aour /ife !se"ul #tress $eduction Techniques : really hope you are reading these tips for reducing stress in a .uates to reduced energy levels which in turn adds to your stress. disturbed sleep patterns. Try to keep to a regular time for going to bed.uiet times when possible.  Brioriti/e stop juggling with too many ballsC : know we women are renowned for multitasking but keeping things realistic and doing important tasks first will reduce stress levels.  !void stressful situations when possible.ueues do your shopping at . >ere is some great advice about how to organi/e clutter around the home. :t&s a good idea to consider checking blood pressure as there may not be any warning signs of a problem here.E much2D 'on&t waste your energy and time fretting over the little things.  3ake a &'aily To 'o @ist& just take a few minutes each evening to jot down the important tasks for tomorrow.html6i%//7E0=B=?@A %& Tips "or $educing #tress $estore A #ense o" Calm and Order to 'our (i"e  Get organi/ed whether in your work life or around home get rid of the clutter not just on your desk or in the bathroom. chest pain. and tummy upsets.healthylifestylesuccess. so make changes.healthylifestylesuccess.uiet. #es.uences if it is continuous without any respite. the clutter in your mind too.  . >aving some idea of the first signs of stress will enable you to act .calm moment. to reduce those really stressful situations. ask yourself D'oes this really matter .

: couldn&t agree more. it can be stimulating and instrumental in motivating us in challenging situations in every day life and our work. se% or nationality you are not alone. That&s not to say these aren&t stressful situations thoughC 3y definition is when circumstances and5or events feel so overwhelmingly comple% or demanding that they are beyond my abilities to deal with.  3akes some people aggressive and5or bad tempered which can alienate friends..(kf! /earn How To .anage +tress Be"ore it Takes Over 'our (i"e =hen deciding how to manage stress. !et "he #acts .. and rela%. Finally a suggestion from )arol Engelman to visit her website4  :n times of stress it often helps to do a little something for ourselves. Get physical fitness. e%ercise relieves stress. fatigue and depression.com5tips for reducing stress. >ow do you define it2 . how to get back in shape and feel better about ourselves all geared to the older women. $egative %ffects  :t affects everyone regardless of age. <otice that :&m not saying &stress free&. get rid of those negative feelings and improve your =ell those are my top tips for reducing stressC : could make the list longer or go into more detail but this list gives you plenty of suggestions on how to deal with stress in your life.  !ffects decision making and can lead to procrastination. family and loved ones. !t this point : begin to e%perience the effects in my body and my thought process. concentrating. make up tips and techni.html6i%//7E0=. first of all we need a clear definition of what it is. physically or mentally.. Postive %ffects . so it can&t be defined as something specific like commuting or balancing your budget.. even panic attacks. smoking or drugs to escape.healthylifestylesuccess. and functioning efficiently when performing normal activities.ues as well as weight management. !t !nti !ging 0 3ature =omen you&ll find mature skin care.  +ltimately stress could make you turn to achohol.  )an lead to problems eating. This is because sometimes it is good for us. <aturally we each have our own ways of reacting to and dealing with challenges that daily life throws at us. do take the time to e%plore all the suggestions here. upset tummy.ome people are much more susceptible to stress than others but there are things we can all do to make our lives less stressful. (ead more4 http455www.nowing the facts before you have to think about how to manage stress will help you deal with it more effectively. sleeping.  )an cause headaches.  )an contribute to high blood pressure and heart problems..

3ake sure you get your " a dayC  :mprove your cooking skills try new recipes.  'rink more water and plump up your skinC Tiredness.D &ow to anage 'tress in (our Life Ence you&ve recogni/ed that stress is causing you problems and not having a positive effect its time to act calmly.  !void junk food prepare some .D says psychiatrist 'r.healthylifestylesuccess.html6i%//7E0=aHa8% )n*oy 'our +ood. hair.html6i%//7E0#0GryH et Active.ues. (ead more4 http455www. @ynne Tan of 3ontefiore 3edical )enter in <ew #ork )ity.chool of Bublic >ealth in Baltimore. think again it can be an e%cellent way of finding peace in your mind. don&t make managing stress stressfulC !s you begin to develop your strategy don&t rush it. when you have to perform. a developmental psychologist at the Gohns >opkins Bloomberg . :f the word &meditation& makes you cringe and brings to mind chanting strange words and joss sticks. weight management.D  DThink about your daily life F when do you get things done2D asks Ganet 'iBietro. and should be irrestible to all of us increased energy.healthylifestylesuccess. don&t add to your stress overload by making a plan that causes you more grief. gently. headaches and loss of appetite are also signs of dehydration drink around I glasses of water a day.uick healthy snacks to have at hand when you need to nibble. #ou want some stress to help you do your best. disease prevention etc. 3editation is an e%cellent way lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Think positive reward yourself for achievements and coping well. !re there any practical steps you can take to avoid these triggers or situations2 . longevity. make your meals interesting and fun.com5how to manage stress. minerals etc.tress is a burst of energy. @earn to use rela%ation and breathing techni. what are the feelings you first e%perience as it builds in you. (ead more4 http455www. D:t$s our body telling us what we need to do.  Eating as many different colored fruits and veg every day is an easy way to make sure you get a variety of vitamins. Think about what triggers stress for you. nails and smile.The following comments sum up the positive side of stress. good to bear these thoughts in mind tooC  D. implement it gradually. more if you are very active. D=hen you have a deadline.  ! healthy diet will keep your body well on the inside and show on the outside in your skin. .  The list of reasons to e%ercise are many.com5healthy lifestyle realistic goals.

&+se it or lose it& applies as much to the brain as the rest of the body. and you both know where to find important documents. .  'elete these words from your vocabulary right now *+m getting too old for this.com5healthy lifestyle tips. and are less susceptible to heart attacks. e%plore new areas close to longer.  =hen you know how to manage stress you&ll be more able to keep a balance between rela%ation. Personal atters ) Practical and %motional  Juality Time needs a proper place in your life spending time with those we value means being there in body and mind. 3aintain your brain yes.eep things in perspective don&t sweat the small stuff. people and activities try a new hobby or go traveling. : mean dealing with life&s problems in a positive and constructive manner.  .  'on&t ignore potential health problems by putting warning signs down to age or being too busy to get them checked out.  E%perience new environments. 3anaging depression will help you optimists are apparently more likely to be healthier.html6i%//7E0#E#(nh . family. or become a volunteer it can be very fulfilling.chedule a regular health check up into your life. stimulation and nourishment too.  :t&s good to share information and decisions about finances etc.healthylifestylesuccess. 'on&t allow typical thoughts about the aging process to affect your lifeC (ead more4 http455www.  'evelop an optimistic outlook on life. with your partner so you both know how things work. rather than becoming pessimistic and negative. it needs e%ercise. 'on&t wait for a disaster to remind you of what really matters in life to you. friends and work.