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830107580 CO 150 Yunmin Choi 15 Dec, 2013

Rational Description Tesla motors build electric vehicles, which has an advantage of having that clean and fuel efficient image. However, electric powered vehicles such as Tesla actually cause pollution unlike peoples ideals, which their customers dont know. Electric vehicles This argument is debatable since there are opposing theories that complain that electric and hybrid vehicles are not environmental friendly. The purpose of this letter is to claim his products positive image and get his response about this problem. Since this is a hard problem to be solved, I thought it will be interesting to hear opposing claim from the owner of the company, who knows well of the condition of his products. My claim is that Tesla should come up with a solution that can reduce the pollution made by buying Tesla products. In my letter I indicated that increased number of electric vehicles bring increased pollution. I made two points here, one is that electricity are generated from burning fossil fuels, and more tesla vehicles and super charger stations requires electric power plants to generate more electricity. I also emphasized that this problem will be visible since there was a constant increase in number of electric vehicles. I used data from online source to make this claim credible.

My chosen audience is Elon Musk, who is a CEO of Tesla Motors. Since this problem claims general products and marketing advantage of Tesla, I thought it would be best to get response from the person who owns the company. I first started my letter by showing respect for his career to convince him to read the rest of the letter. He is in a very high position of his company and has a lot of things to care about rather than a letter from a stranger. Showing respect will help me to get his more serious response to the letter. I would publish this public argument in car magazines such as Motor Trend, Top Gear USA, and Car and Driver since it is an issue that people who are interested in cars would like to consider. I chose open letter to present my argument. Open letter has the highest possibility of getting response from the first audience. Also, open letter is a way to list all the evidences including specific explanations. For example, Brochure, has a limit in being specific when writing explanations. Since it is a letter, I cant cite my sources, which if I do, it will increase the credibility of my claim. Also, there is a limitation in length since it has to be published in a magazine, it cant be long. Letter like this wont be able to be published as a main part of the magazine which the publisher will offer only small space for this letter. Since there is limited space, I can only include limited information.

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