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Ever get the feeling humanity since the onset fades the faster they spin in due process Spinning Wheel making them sitting
ducks when coherent eh? Alas theres the rub!!
Forgive me Lord

Blessed be the ignorant folk
On splendored grass I toke
When not on black go green
Now a socialite headlite
A firebug ... a flash
Where the fuck's my stash

What is what is not of no relevance
For happiness among the irrelevance
Some say all things relative
Never heard from you, but now assuredly blessed
Now Dear Lord
Where the fuck is the cash

Now I lay me down to rest
Yes of course a hood wink
Giving ignorance shot my best
Without a blink
A cheat I know
Awaiting search beneath pillow

Sure Tooth Fairy BS but paid well for the times
Swing low sweet chariot and all that rhymes
A song a dance on yonder swing
From a chandelier I sing 1 ding a ling 2 of 3rd kind
Nuff encountered to see night through
Blessed insanity arms in air once threw

Tomorrow promises more in lieu of sheep
Now in night's tranquility sleep
No more stomach churn oft blew
Blaming on the rain the acid stew
Caring for fools ... I get it Lord
Who knew ... what's new with you
Taking leave artistic license
The one that pays without taxation
Dearly departed before awarded
Catch me not ... catch as catch can
Deer and the antelope also ran
None as fast as uncle Sam

PR-Political Religious front
A PRICK a screw a c
Sorry bub ... It's OK I'm gay
I repeat sorry meaning I'm not
Two way street where's thought police
Doublethink solstice
A taste of think bodes not well
A stone an epitaph others fell
A priest a political behind sell
Up the ass ... some grass
A fast attempting to yell a blast
A coherence flash but don't tell

Blessed be the Lord
Alive today and tomorrow
Found He lost sorrow
Tranquility in persistent quarrel
Survival despite absent morals
The way of nuts and squirrels

The winter of life
Once believed a strife
A gun a sword and a knife
To head heart and throat
A frog a prince a kiss and a miss
Glory part and parcel ancient storey
Feet on ground heads above
12th perhaps 14th floor
A see a hear a speak not
May be floor of the first
13th a verse a curse a hearst
Say again whose on first
Diary of a sad man glad man mad man
A point of view a point of order
A smorgasbord of perspectives
1st 2nd 3rd class
Plane boat or terrain
A suit a smirk a shirt a quirk land lubber eat dirt

Peaceful disarray month of May or manta ray
A thought chanced, but what ... a "difference" ... the hell you say
When in thereof all is without
Do not allow the science breed utter you nonsense
A quill a pen most anything can kill
A pill a still enhances the swill
In go ahead backup excel reach happy medium
No gas no oil needed in neutral vehicle
RPM - Religious Political Media all a buzz about nothing
Someone shit in their grass
A Catholic a Protestant a Moron ... omitted an M? ok
Am Catholic am Protestant am Moron
A gun a sword a knife..... a circle of life

Once in there is no getting Out

According to some theories of democracy, popular sovereignty is the founding principle of such a
system.[3] However, the democratic principle has also been expressed as "the freedom to call
something into being which did not exist before, which was not given and which therefore, strictly
speaking, could not be known."[4] This type of freedom, which is connected to human "natality," or
the capacity to begin anew, sees democracy as "not only a political system [but] an ideal, an
aspiration, really, intimately connected to and
dependent upon a picture of what it is to be human
of what it is a human should be to be fully human."[5]

Right and Wrong
Difference of Opinion Dependent on outlook

So a grade 5 teacher asks the class to draw a picture of
What Is True Starvation
Whats that you got there Mary?

A plate with bread crumbs teacher
Wrong Mary still can eat the bread crumbs

Whats that Robert?

A fish skeleton teacher

Wrong Robby still head and tail to eat

and what did you draw Johnny?

That's an asshole with cobwebs on it teach ... if that ain't starvation I don't know what the fuck is!!!

Johnny didn't get it ... I don't get it, ... I thought he had it right ... In retrospect Johnny did get it ...

It's all wrong says Johnny

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