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MESSAGE #2970 from the Blessed Mother March 7, 2007

My daughter, Pray that my children will repent, for many are living in mortal sin. Many
are choosing darkness because they do not want to obey God.

I say to my children, do not give in to the ways of the world. Do not listen to those who
are making up their own rules. Satan is sly, so be on guard and do what is morally right.
Live the Gospel each new day and live, live your Catholic Faith. Live simply so you have
more time to pray.

Through prayer, you will be led in the right direction and your love for Jesus will grow.
Prayer is truly needed in order to stay strong in your faith. Listen, listen to what I am
telling you and pray throughout the day. Unite your prayers with mine so more turn to
God before it’s too late.

Now, please understand that when you pray, you are drawn closer to God. Each time you
pray and receive the Sacraments, you are given the grace needed to live a pure and holy
life. Please, dear children, pray with me and take refuge in My Immaculate Heart. Pray
and fast and receive the Sacraments with a pure and humble heart. Amen.
MESSAGE #2971 from the Blessed Mother March 12, 2007

My daughter, Believe in God’s love and mercy. Believe that God hears your prayers
each time you pray from your heart. My children must continue to pray no matter what
comes their way. Prayer is what will give them peace. Prayer will truly help them when
trials arise.

Please, dear children, never give up on prayer. Pray, pray each new day. Pray in those
groups that I have formed. Pray throughout the day. Pray and be grateful for each new
day. So many are in need of prayer, so please, please listen to what I am teaching you.
Listen and respond and pray, pray more. Pray and take shelter in My Son’s Sacred Heart.
Pray and love Jesus and adore Him with your whole heart.

Now, please join hands and pray and give thanks to Almighty God. Amen.
MESSAGE #2972 from the Blessed Mother March 14, 2007

My daughter, Be at peace, for I am truly with you. Peace comes from knowing Jesus, so
continue to take quiet time to be with Our Lord. Spend time with Jesus so you are not
tempted to take the easier road.

I say to all my children, take quiet time to be with Our Lord. Take time and kneel before
Our Lord. Come to Jesus so you are led in the right direction. Do not turn your heart
away from God. Stay close, close to My Son so you are fed the truth.

The world will confuse you if you do not trust and hope in God. Many today are being
misled because they are living a lukewarm faith. Please take heed to the Gospel and obey
Almighty God. Let go of your desires and be true to Our Lord. It is the way to peace and
the road that you must take.

The world is no longer safe, so please, please dear children, respond to my heavenly
requests. Respond now or you will suffer in days to come. Join hands and pray so you
truly come to know Our Lord. Desire to change your ways so that I can lead you closer to
My Son, Jesus.

The time will arrive quickly and you will each need to be strong in your faith. Please
listen to My Son and live each day for Christ. Be little children and surrender to God’s
Holy Will. Amen.
MESSAGE #2973 from the Blessed Mother March 16, 2007

My daughter, Allow Jesus to inflame your heart. Trust in His Divine Mercy so you
persevere with joy in your heart. So many today do not trust in Our Lord and they are
choosing the road to eternal death. They are attached to the world and are giving in to
Satan’s empty promises. Oh, how I weep for those who are choosing darkness.

Please, dear children, take up your cross and follow Jesus. There is no middle way, you
must turn to Jesus and devote your life to Him. You must obey each Commandment and
meditate on Our Lord’s Passion. You must pray with humility and kneel before Our Lord.
You must love God and unite yourself to Him. You will not find true happiness in
anything or anyone except God, who will be your strength. Please, dear children, turn to
God so that He can press you close to His heart. Make amends for your past mistakes and
do penance for your sins. Serve My Son with all your heart and keep your focus on Him.

Do not be foolish children, believe that someday you will have to die. Your soul will
need to be in a state of grace. Each of you will have to answer to God. Your conscience
must be at peace and that will not happen if you have not made time to be with God.
Please use your time wisely, for you do not know the hour. God could call you at any
time and you must ask yourself, am I prepared? Do good now while you still have time,
for I say to you, the day will come. The day will come and you must think seriously of
the day of your judgment.

Now, please be willing to suffer now in the time you have left and keep your eyes on
Heaven. Be truly sorry for your sins and pick up your cross and walk, walk with Jesus.
MESSAGE #2974 from the Blessed Mother March 19, 2007

My daughter, Each time you call upon the Holy Angels and Saints, they are with you.
Each time you pray, ask for their prayers and they will truly intercede for you.

Today, I ask that you call upon Saint Joseph, for he was truly obedient in fulfilling God’s
Will. He truly sheltered My Divine Son and myself from the world. Families today need
to ask for Saint Joseph’s assistance because there is so much evil that is taking place in
the world. Please continue to pray as a family and pray, pray the Rosary. Pray the Rosary
from your heart and bind your prayers around the world.

Now, please be thankful for God’s goodness and love. Be thankful and imitate Christ and
strive to do good, just as the Saints who walked the earth. Amen.
MESSAGE #2975 from the Blessed Mother March 22, 2007

My daughter, I am with you. Remain steadfast in your Faith and be submissive to the
Will of God in all things. I am your heavenly mother and I shall truly protect you from all

All who are close to Jesus will suffer in order to be made more like My Son, Jesus. Please
be brave and do what God and I are asking of you. Pick up your cross each new day and
follow Jesus. Persecution is part of the spiritual path that will lead you closer to Jesus.
Through suffering and trials you will be strengthened for the road ahead.

There is so much sin that is offending God, so please continue to write and make these
messages known. All my children must obey God and live, live the Gospel. All must
repent and turn to God before it’s too late. My children are being warned, yet so many
deny that God exists. This must change and all must wake up from their slumber.

I am asking that all my children pray for those who are furthest away from God. Pray,
pray throughout the day so their hearts will soften. Conversion will happen in this time of
mercy if my children join hands and pray.

Now, please move forward and do not fight the cross. Take heed to what I am telling you
in this time of God’s mercy and grace. Pick up your cross and follow Jesus each new day.
MESSAGE #2976 from the Blessed Mother March 26, 2007

My daughter, I am your mother and I will protect you. I will intercede for those children
who take refuge in My Immaculate Heart. Continue to do what God and I are asking of
you and be submissive to God’s Holy Will. I truly want to help all my children, but they
must listen and respond to my heavenly pleas.

Please, dear children, adore Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Spend time with My
Son so you truly come to know His love for you. Please be open to His love and be true
disciples for Our Lord. Trust, trust in His divine mercy and love. Trust and believe that
God has a plan for each of you. Through prayer and commitment on your part, God will
fulfill His divine plan in your heart and soul.

Now, please say ‘yes’ to God and go forth with love in your hearts. Amen.
MESSAGE #2977 from the Blessed Mother March 28, 2007

My daughter, Families must join hands and pray together. They must strive to live
together in peace. Peace cannot exist if my children neglect prayer. Time is moving
quickly, so please have hope and pray. Pray that more families will join hands and pray.

Dear children, it is time now to invite other families to those groups that you have
formed. Through prayer and love towards one another, you will be strengthened for times
to come. Through prayer and true devotion to Our Lord, you will have peace through all
trials and storms. Please reach out now so more come to know Jesus’ love for them.
Many families are truly struggling because they have allowed themselves to become too
busy for God. Many will suffer if they continue to ignore God. Each of you must be an
example to each other. You must love, love one another and help those who are on the
wrong path. Please share your gifts with others so more take part in saving souls. Please
remain committed to those prayer groups that you have formed.

Now, please join hands and pray, for your prayers can help change this darkened world.