Book-Building Process

Book building refers to the process of collection of Bids, on the basis of the Red Herring Prospectus within the Price Band. The Offer Price is fixed after the Bid Closing Date Offer Closing Date.The principal parties in!ol!ed in the Book building Process are" The Co#pan$% &elling &hareholders% Book Running 'ead (anager% &$ndicate (e#ber who is an inter#ediar$ registered with &)B* or registered as brokers with B&) +&) and eligible to act as ,nderwriters. &$ndicate (e#ber is appointed b$ the BR'(s% )scrow Collection Bank-s.% and Registrar to the Offer. The &)B* /uidelines ha!e per#itted an issue of securities to the public through the 0112 Book Building Process, wherein up to 312 of the *ssue -+et Offer. shall be allocated to 4*Bs on a proportionate basis. Out of the portion a!ailable for allocation to the 4*Bs, 32 shall be allocated proportionatel$ to #utual funds. (utual fund applicants shall also be eligible for proportionate allocation under the balance a!ailable for the 4*Bs. 5urther, not less than 032 of the *ssue -+et Offer. shall be a!ailable for allot#ent on a proportionate basis to +on6*nstitutional Bidders and not less than 732 of the *ssue -+et Offer. shall be a!ailable for allot#ent on a proportionate basis to Retail *ndi!idual Bidders, sub8ect to !alid Bids being recei!ed at or abo!e the *ssue Price. 9e will co#pl$ with the &)B* /uidelines for this Offer. *n this regard, we ha!e appointed the BR'( to #anage the Offer and to procure subscriptions to this Offer. Pursuant to amendments to the SEBI Guidelines, QIB Bidders are not allowed to withdraw their Bid(s) after the Bid

of this 'ed (erring Pros&ectus) .Closing ate!"ffer Closing ate and for further details see the section titled #$erms of the "ffer% on &age .

5or instance. :1 to Rs.B&CR*PT*O+ 0A.AB2 31. B*D 4. The highest price at which the issuer is able to issue the desired nu#ber of shares is the price at which the book cuts off. will finalise the issue price at or below such cut off price.>+T*T? 311 0111 0311 :111 :311 B*D PR*C) :.e. Rs. i.112 The price disco!er$ is a function of de#and at !arious prices. :. The issuer. ::. assu#e a price band of Rs.Bidders can bid at an$ price within the price band.112 011. .AB2 :31.'>T*@) 4T? 311 0311 7111 3111 B311 &.111 )=uit$ &hares and receipt of fi!e bids fro# bidders. per share. at or below Rs. :: in the abo!e exa#ple. i.out in*estment through this &rocess &rior to making a Bid or -&&lication in the "ffer) Illustration of Book Building and Price isco*er. The illustrati!e book as shown below shows the de#and for the shares of our Co#pan$ at !arious prices and is collated fro# bids fro# !arious in!estors.OO2 0AA.In*estors are ad*ised to make their own +udgment a. issue si<e of 7. in consultation with the book running lead #anagers. >ll bids at or abo!e this issue price and cut6off bids are !alid bids and are considered for allocation in the respecti!e categories.(. details of which are shown in the table below. :7 :: :0 :1 C. Process -*n!estors should note that this exa#ple is solel$ for illustrati!e purposes and is not specific to the Offer... > graphical representation of the consolidated de#and and price would be #ade a!ailable at the bidding centres during the bidding period.e.

see the section titled COffer Procedure 6 9ho Can BidDE on page of this Red Herring Prospectus% )nsure that the Bidder has a de#at account% and )nsure that the Bid cu# >pplication 5or# is dul$ co#pleted as per instructions gi!en in this Red Herring Prospectus and in the Bid cu# >pplication 5or#.e taken for . the Bids shall be accepted onl$ between 12 a)m) and 3 &)m) (Indian Standard $ime) and uploaded till such ti#e as per#itted b$ the B&) and +&). in consultation with the BR'(.Ste&s to . 0ithdrawal of the "ffer Our Co#pan$ and &elling &hareholders. The cap on the Price Band should not be #ore than :12 of the floor of the Price Band. 9e reser!e the right to re!ise the Price Band during the Bidding Period Offer Period in accordance with &)B* /uidelines. Bid/ Offer Programme: Bidding Period / Offer period BID/OFFEROPENS ON BID/OFFERCLOSES ON Bids and an$ re!ision in Bids shall be accepted onl$ between 12 a)m) and 3 &)m) (Indian Standard $ime) during the Bidding Period Offer Period as #entioned abo!e at the bidding centres #entioned on the Bid6cu#6>pplication 5or# except that on the Bid Closing Date. &ub8ect to co#pliance with the i##ediatel$ . reser!es the right not to proceed with the Offer at an$ ti#e after the Bid Offer Opening Date but before allot#ent without assigning an$ reason therefor.idding/ Check eligibilit$ for bidding.

the Bidding Period Offer Period will be extended for three additional da$s after re!ision of Price Band sub8ect to the Bidding Period Offer Period not exceeding 01 da$s. and also b$ indicating the change on the websites of the BR'( . >n$ re!ision in the Price Band and the re!ised Bidding Period Offer Period. the floor of the Price Band can #o!e up or down to the extent of :12 of the floor of the Price Band disclosed in the Red Herring Prospectus. *n case of re!ision in the Price Band. will be widel$ disse#inated b$ notification to B&) and +&) b$ issuing a press release. if applicable. .preceding sentence.

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